FAKE NEWS ECONOMICS – the new normal. FNE. The problem with FNE is it is a lie. First those lying to themselves and to you – believe their own lies. THAT IS TRULY DANGEROUS in core economics. Second as we reported first and consistently the world economy has moved from human and systemic economics into a casino capitalism that makes 1929 look like a child wading pool by comparison. Even worse the NEW AI ECONOMICS surpassed the capacity of national systems, of economic leaders and of human beings in core capacity to adapt to the PACE OF THE SUPER CHANGE. The AI new economy is evolving multiplying and growing beyond human influence -human control is already lost. The founders who unleashed this demon – CONSOLIDATING WEALTH IN SUPER MONEY POOLS fully by passing regulatory firewalls of old and now dead economics everyone thinks still exists – while no one – no one – has new theory to manage the unfolding AI economics. The OWNERS as we call them – conspired to create RISKLESS RISK. A bit too complex for this blog right now and includes lots of jargon. Suffice it to say the premise today is not worrisome to me as an investment banker economist having actually run global PUBLIC brokerage firms – it is now terrifying. Those tampering with core economics and system abuse via the leverage that created 1929 ( only much worse today ) SUPER DEBT SUPER BUBBLES growing at pace levels never seen before – a giant shell game – fail to see the end game. They postulate.

The lies they believe. We are not in a new AI economy where all old rules fail to apply. We have engineered with AI riskless risk in all asset classes. Recession corrections no longer apply at all. Fed Policy can preclude recession by turning on free money to fuel casino betting at no cost at all. Companies can grow endlessly without making a profit. The Gov will always bail out the bad bets for institutions too big to fail. The supply of resources is endless. The liquidity is endless. The OWNER SUPER MONEY POOLS now control stability versus nations and central bankers. Central Bank easing like breathing can remove a recession risk. We can have growth and economic vitality without inflation of any kind to drive it. Old chart warnings from the triple witching and cross warning in October to yield curve inversions applied once but have no meaning today as in no warning bell at all. It is good economics for interest to be lower forever why not? Why should money not be free in economics?

These insane violations of economics terrify me. Why? I believe economics must rebalance all abuse. I believe over optimism on value is a bubble in itself and must accommodate a GREAT REBALANCING.



I believe 100 trillion in bank bad debt, never to be repaid, held on global banking balance sheets ( exempt by law from FAIR MARKETING ACCOUNTING we all are required to use for ourselves ) – held and shown as good performing assets is THE LARGEST CRIME IN HUMAN HISTORY. Those engaged in the theft of the wealth of nations via fractional banking are criminal cabals that make the MAFIA look like a game of marbles by four year olds in comparison. That 100 trillion of bad debt in the worlds largest historic SUPER DEBT SUPER BUBBLE soaring in size – expanding with a billion water guns pouring new debt money into the bubble – no end in site. Take EU Italy and Spain with bankrupt economics – they are having their new loans to pay old loans they can’t pay in fact reduce interest cost as the credit risk of these nations SOARS but the cost to borrow money dives down to the floor boards – keeping them alive by FREE MONEY. The bankers want to assure they do not rebalance those bad loans as like DOMINOES the entire system liquidity dries up. Who knows what is real and what is FAKE ECONOMIC NEWS FEN? Well AI is learning and learning fast. You see it in the DAILY now this is daily folks almost 6 TRILLION DOLLAR (DAILY) CURRENCY MARKETS. The shock flash AI trading reversing pricing is defining a systemic liquidity crises brewing. This warning bell is panic city for IMF and Central bankers. Those not in the core of this nuke engine to the world currency value and markets have no clue on how over 5 TRILLION A DAY works in fact. We do. The warning is catastrophic signaling LIQUIDITY TRAPS in which core liquidity thresholds of the entire systemic model are being exceeded – and these FLASH CRASHES are occurring with Volatility never known before ( NEW AI ECONOMICS ). Without a G 100 RE-REGULATORY UPGRADE the system at core is at risk to liquidity evaporation day and now its minutes LEM but soon LED days versus minutes. The laws are local in the new economy to old economics all gone and dead. The trades are all in the new economy with Legal DIGITAL LOOP HOLES so the laws no longer apply to the crooks who OWN THE GLOBAL CASINO. Once again all bank reserves are fully deployed in side bets on price manipulations engaging AI. The Digital LEVERAGE and the digital asset class coverage are beyond anything known in the depression casino. The trades are in the GLOBAL CLOUD where no G 100 digital rule set to AI yet applies. Regulations from our SEC to moderate UNBRIDLED EXCESSIVE SHORT LEVERAGED INVESTING are fully by passed because – the pace of SUPER CHANGE in new AI economics took place too rapidly for regulatory frame works to keep up. I submit the pace of change has passed CORE CAPACITY FOR HUMAN ADAPTATION ITSELF. Humans are unable to leap ahead of the SUPER CHANGE we ourselves invented. My terror in the night is a trigger event to the SUPER DEBT SUPER BUBBLE will create a DEFAULT CASCADE EVENT – in which all liquidity is gone and the entire system fails. All financial institutions go bankrupt and close over in the depression 72 days – in the new AI economy 72 hours. Soon 72 minutes. That keeps me up at night – though while the CASINO operates its all a good time as everyone slams down their next bet in an economic drug coma with no reality or foundation at al. The ECONOMIC FAKE NEWS is the 90% and the truth is hard to come by – worse those reporting the FEN believe their own lives…absolutely. You can’t teach them. Half the year is gone. Do nothing? Take action I suggested for Safe Harbor ( Scroll ) ? Or have the dealer in June…hit you with new cards?



MBS has two problems that threaten he and his fathers life. Problem one he has cost Saudi 5 trillion and that cost is soaring right now and Saudi can not pay its bills outs more debt borrowing as its credit rating moves toward junk status. Yes Saudi. Lies versus reality. We told you MBS a sociopathic King attacked his own stuff to get oil prices up as they were falling through the floor. So MBS can’t sell his oil in volumes he desires and in selling less he is paid less. Much less than he requires. Today two events crushing to SAUDI and MBS took place showing how much MBS lost. And he knows it is coming in advance. First Abe from Japan sets up the TRUMP DEAL with IRAN who MBS HAS FRAMED. Iran is not the bad guys Saudi are the bad guys. Hiding in plane site. 9/11 to todays oil bombing – Saudi not Iran. So what happens. Today SAUDI itself – which is like a Shark on its tail being caught frighting for its life and freedom it actually throws its stomach out of its mouth – did you all know that tid bit? MBS threw his stomach out of his mouth today when SAUDI reported – demand for oil is falling off a cliff – all year they said Demand was growing – and oil markets are rebalancing. WE told you THAT was a Saudi lie. Stomach out of his liar sociopathic mouth – WE WERE PROVEN RIGHT AGAIN TODAY in oil market economics. RIGHT AGAIN. They had to say it. Then ABE reports meeting the leader of IRAN all over the news – setting up the TRUMP IRAN PROSPERITY DEAL OF OUR CENTURY – THAT – the leader stated to Abe – Iran is not developing nuclear weapons nor will Iran ever be a nuclear target or nation we only want peace in region and our nation. BAM the SAUDI 1 billion  US OIL DOLLARS to frame IRAN 2014 to 2019 shown to be a full on lie. Absolute lie. A frame job. Also The Presidents Son just left MBS and Saudi with a summer frosty reception – the peace Plan the King has said – twice he opposes – dries up support for the PROSPERITY PLAN no stand alone Palestinian State which Israel just loves and which for the diverse Palestine population is a NO GO. Trumps team baked BIBI in the plan work and the Palestinian community is united against it. The idea the movement and its people are WHORES to be bought off with money is going to create unity and huge backlash against America and Israel. Every Israeli knows such a plan can never fly. The Trumps fail to appreciate the complex depth of issues and you can throw common damn sense on both sides out the window. Both sides must compromise big time to reach real lasting peace. Competition is insane. Cooperation is sane. If BIBI falls in Israel ( likely now ) Than the TRUMP TEAM this time got sucker punched betting on the wrong damn TEAM just like ten Presidents before HIM – easy to do with beltway logic into a middle east matrix one must study for five decades working in the community as I have to SEE THE TEA LEAVES with respect and clarity. Trump PEACE PLAN – buy you folks into submission – is dead on its arrival before this week. Saudi just killed it and Kushner is confused to say the least. MBS only tie to Israel is hating Iran and Iran is about to make a real deal with TRUMP which will pay MBS back for madness. Than MBS disappears.

I believe MBS facing a free fall in oil today – again bombed his own stuff – to assure although no supply changes at all took place in markets OIL went up by a % today only to go down AS AI concludes – oh this detail IS FEN and has no impact on price supply demand or anything its a human price manipulation that is FAKE ECONOMIC NEWS only. Bam oil falls on demand plunging with SAUDI REPORTED TODAY. How can demand plunge and two oil ships holding a thimble of oil to oceans of oil in market  – effect oil price. A thimble in the ocean? Really? Its all Saudi smoke and mirrors and Iran whom Saudi wishes to suck into a war with the USA – is working on PEACE DEAL with the USA. Donald Trump has MBS dial up sleeper bed number….and its firm son its firm now. LIAR. I think he believes it was ok to bring multiple GONE SAWS to the Turkey Embassy – and when he said Khashoggi left the embassy – he knew he was telling the truth. MBS told the truth when he said I do not know where Khashoggi is right now let us all wait. Because Khashoggi left the embassy just like MBS said in how many bags of parts we will never truly know and where they buried Khashoggi no one knows and those who did it all – why they are dead of course as well. Round and Round the merry go round goes in the oil patch – oil is going on the one way street DOWN and the OPEC gang is in a world of pain long term a world of DEBT PAIN as the cost of their loans will soar when market normalization occurs. THE OWNERS wish for free money to control price ranges and inflation into riskless risk. In AI economics and in any economic theory riskless risk is a concept of self deception. That keeps me up in the night. Saudi has made arms deal with nations. Like France. As they do these deals, they demand the country buy their oil and stop buying IRAN oil. This has taken IRAN oil business away. Iran has made this business up through in falling demand times with China, China neighbors, all of Indo Asia and India contracts. But wait for it……another Saudi economic domino – falls this week. Said in economics – the longer MBS heads Saudi Arabia the longer the rebuild time for the economic blood bath MBS has inflicted on Saudi and the people have yet no clue how bad their “State” Of affairs is – but hey MBS opens a night club in the capitol so all must be ok – 5 trillion in capital holes and falling off a mount EVEREST – largest cost to Saudi in 7 decades – one Puppy King the economy killer….goal and fourth MBS goal and fourth? Facing death that is MBS WHY for the oil attack to blame IRAN and because he is no NAKE and the emperor has not a stitch of bed sheet remaining – why the world is what – LAUGHING AT MBS and now SCREAM LAUGHING.


If human controlled economics and markets as they did in 2010 the markets would just SOAR TODAY as a peace dividend. The biggest impact on forward economic trade and prosperity is the unfolding PEACE DIVIDEND from North Korea and Iran re-joining the full world system. We have two milestone events:

  1. A private Letter from the leader of North Korea to Trump assuring a forward work it all out in unity. The AIA of the deal is being worked out off press and media in the diplomatic backgrounds between both sides. It is coming together.
  2. The leader of Iran has opened direct TALKS via Abe from Japan now IN IRAN and confirmed for Trump once and for all – IRAN is not NOW nor will IRAN be in the future a NUCLEAR POWER. The deal flows from THAT and now for sure.

The largest change in world modern history – IRAN PEACE AND INCLUSION AND NORTH KOREA PEACE AND INCLUSION. The nations of the entire world are moving into COLLABORATION IN DISPUTE VERSUS COMPETITION.

China remains a wild card. Why? Well because one can never assume when POLITICS run the ECONOMICS that decisions will be made that are in the actual best interest of the party making that decision. Also CHINA is residing in FAKE ECONOMIC NEWS and what is fatal for China so far behind AI ECONOMICS in fact – like stone age behind – is that THEY BELIEVE THEIR OWN FEN. Thats right. Listen up. The leaders make choice based on bad data.

The facts are:

  1. China economics are no longer sustainable without a US trade deal. Period.
  2. China DEBT SUPER DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is out of all control and will burst from trade war extension.
  3. The DEBT BUBBLE BURST will not cripple China – it will actually terminate China as an economic anything.
  4. The risk of such reversal is compressing as a 5 trillion capital sink hole has occured from trade war drying it up fast
  5. The ebb tide is rolling out all capital while a DEBT SUPER TSUNAMI of 9 trillion in summer loans must be repaid in China starting with the IMF. No trade deal no roll over or extension – trade deal the TSUNAMI fades into the sea

China is facing an END game by making a choice based on FAKE ECONOMIC NEWS. Keep in mind the China 1000 around XI believe their lies and fake news is real and in so believing XI may have no way forward that is not delusion and illusion. This week trade players refused to accept Yuan as payment. The Yuan is crashing and the short selling on the Yuan passes China central bank core capacity to hold support at 7 yuan per dollar. We told you the Yuan would super crash to 15 yuan to the dollar this summer awash in potential debt defaulting. WHERE is the cash starved nation with under 1 trillion in total USA dollar reserves ( almost 4 trillion a number of years back now 3 trillion has been lost with bad bets on commodities and the YUAN and those loses are just taking the rest of reserves out like a butchers knife in speed ) – to offset 9 trillion in summer loans all coming do all at once in China?

China can talk as tough as it wants to hold a policy WE WILL STEAL GLOBAL IP TO SURVIVE OUR POLICY IS CRIME PAYS – while the world RING WALLS China and IP theft is out and CHINA needs a new policy to survive. China consumers are pulling back and with massive stimulation including releasing banks from holding reserves as safety nets ( LAST GASP HERE FOLKS )  roaring the worlds largest historic ever – SUPER DEBT SUPER “BUBBLE” In CHina – to a BUBBLE BURSTING IN AIR POINT if Chin walks out of Japan with no deal. NO DEAL and new tariff’s and China frankly can’t pay its bills. THAT IS NOT FAKE ECONOMIC NEWS THAT IS THE RET – THE REAL ECONOMIC TRUTH.


Bet accordingly – we told you GET OUT OF ASIA In 2017 if you did it you peaked at the high and avoided the CHINA BLOOD BATH taking place in all China markets in 2018 and 2019. A BLOOD BATH ritual. And the DEBT BUBBLE BURSTING requires last person out of China turn of the freakin LIGHTS as no one can pay the power bill in the worst pollution cities known to man kind. CHINA makes a DEAL or China will wake up and SQUEEL.


That keeps me up in the middle of the night…never assume in politics running economics folks will act in their own best interest is the golden rule.


The politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT – H&D POLITICS to manipulate voters off key issues – say for Congress – failing to discharge constitutional duty – such as timely passing a budget for the USA and debt ceiling increase for already authorized spending is ILLEGAL AND A CRIMINAL BREACH OF LAW AND DUTY TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE – so that folks are distracted by the DISTRACTOR IN CHEIF OF THEM ALL Queen Nancy Pelosi. Does she wear those under pantis that preclude and absorb FARTS each time she bends over and FARTS Donald Trumps name into a CNN waiting camera and its rapidly shrinking audience ? Lowest ratings of any broadcaster reporting fake news in the world? Who will pay CNN bills as their ad rate cards becomes a joke today?

So Nancy the QUEEN OF ALL HYPOCRITES – who accepts all incoming dirt on Trump off shore on shore from nations from anyone and uses that information in the cement of POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISRESPECT slams Trump why? Because of law breaking or law taking? Trump told the truth yesterday when asked – if a foreign nation agent gave his party dirt on Biden or some candidate would he use that dirt – and he said as they all would the truth – I probably would use it – hey they would use it on ME. And they DO they always do.

Nancy bent over and farted out – WHY CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT MY GOLLY BY GOSH. What I have today is can you believe what he said there. Not that any laws are broken in telling the truth. Nope. Nancy implies in H&D ( HELL AND DESTRUCTION POLITICS ) POLITICS ….THAT….HOW AWFUL THAT “SOUNDED” – WHEN THEY ALL DO IT EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Business as usual. Only Trump told the TRUTH.

Gosh Nancy caught Trump in the Truth – again  – today.

What does Nancy do when the truth hits her in the face…..why she bends over and farts in Donald Trumps direction.

The voters no longer listen to Nancy save for her small circle and that is shrinking of core HATERS she can always play to the haters – heck she created that tribe and cabal and she leads it. Her last quick sand sinking – melting – what a world what a world…is as she snuffs out completely….well ( FART ) …can you all believe you that…by golly…well can you?

That no longer keeps me or anyone I know up in fact Nancy these days puts us soundly to sleep.

So there is THAT by golly….( return fart implied ).

H&D POLITICS hey folks across the world….. can we do better folks….why don’t we? I know we all can. Lets raise the law makers up by voting mind set and values and stop the vote to H @ D put them out…of office. Hatred they are out – lets have lift us up politics on issues not personalities….you shall know them by their works and sound bites…vote accordingly…and vote. Thats the future – there there – good nights sleep it all be better I’m sure ( for me anyway ).


PS: Sovereign nation hack – nice try we got your number – but nice try…….never going to happen again….smile. Bam.