This blog is economic. Oh it may seem political but the opinions drive economic future outcomes we want our readers to know about. As Chairman of a leading world wide BUSINESS COMMUNITY in over 150 nations – CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL there are billionaires and millionaires in our MEMBERSHIP. In serving our enormous diverse membership of BUSINESS OWNERS and owners of PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES including larger LAW, Medical, CPA, Engineering and AIA practices to name a few categories we serve globally. Our higher end business owners are seeking real time information in working with their professionals to mange their resources wisely and to make forward business plans against what they see are trends in a now ever more compressing SUPER CHANGE DYNAMIC.

Our reports on political issues seek to draw attention to RISK in markets. We have reported:

  1. We believe the FED will not lower rates and we think that is solid as a rock for reasons we have reported.
  2. We think the trade deals will get completed but it won’t be instant or easy and volatility will be higher.
  3. We reported summer liquidity is lower with reduced trading volumes as we discount summer patterns entirely.
  4. We reported global risks as possible SUPER CHANGE Game Changers to track like EBOLA and WHY.
  5. We reported the economy is stronger than is reported and like KUDLOW we believe the boom can and may last.

We encouraged our business owners to invest in growth in the second half of 2019. For those needing some help, some tools tactics and improved options to grow faster, we suggested a tax mini vacation by registering into CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL July 20 Sat to Sat BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE. Owners bring their families – in business and their children taking advantage of once a year special pricing. Phone 256 850 4715 for details if interested.

We noted coming together in community creates momentum and safe harbor to financial storms gathering into an election year always market dicey. We suggested GROW & GO into the second half without hold backs. INVEST time and resources into faster growth. The momentum IF YOU DO THAT STEP will help ride you through future downturns.

If you do not own a business – start one. If you don’t know how use CEO SPACE to transition into one, and to ramp it up faster. We also help inventors those in transition and those seeking to enter into a business but they don’t know what. We help you with capital options. We help you grow faster.

The tools and tactics. In Volatility hold for sixty months versus sixty hour trading cycles. In Volatility gamble if you like gambling and use your best stop loss and software to moderate risk. If you want to peak out at the high and move to safe harbor investing we suggested diversified insurance investing as a explore and check it out.

This site presents menus.

This site helps those world-wide to excel. Invisible options are made visible.

Readers know more often much more ABOUT WHAT “IS” REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

Readers know the TRUTH.

You know the truth when you see it.

Today that is rare and precious to my readers at least.

This blog is well shared and thousands of new subscribers are joining all the time. Thank you for sharing.

What do I think? I think you can make fortunes in this market but there is equal risk moving forward.

I’m not a gambler myself.

I prefer diversified insurance investing. Safe harbor but I’m older and thats me. A tribe of you are glad to have the option – if you scroll you’ll see more on the option.

I’d be watchful for changes as the market SUPER CHANGES today but Id be confident in the future …like Kudlow.

Thats what I think today.