President Obama and the US Congress allocated emergency military man power and a billion to contain the last Ebola outbreak in 2016 only – that roared to continents all over the world and stopped travel blocked economics and killed over 11,000 dead – without the G 20 and Presidential leadership, the outbreak a few years back could have killed a billion and created a global depression. What is the # 1 killer of human beings? Malaria and CEO SPACE physicians have a proven cure with proven stats from former NIH advanced research doctors and neither a nation or the United Nations will save the one million who will die from Malaria this year…when the low cost cure is here in Tennessee right today. Oh we are working on it – and thank God for the President of Nigeria and their team – get them extra bucks folks EBOLA Is on the way.

Last August we wrote about the new Congo ( where it all begins ) EBOLA outbreak and we have written all along the way WHY THIS IS DIFFERENT. We have been advising the US STATE DEPARTMENT personnel to no avail what so ever ( so far ) like in 2015 until we got the Presidents attention – thank God for President Obama’s leadership on that issue. Thank you SIR.

Why is this different:

  • Today Ebola broke from Congo with a child in Uganda – their first and it will spread like wild fire to other nations – just as we reported to you in 2018.
  • Ebola will soon reach planes and trains and ships – we think it has – it often is not diagnosed correctly.
  • The strain is the worst with the highest human kill ratio – almost 80% or higher
  • Over 1500 are dead know in eight months – this is the second outbreak since 1974 that is still growing 8 months later – and it is growing faster than any other why?
  • Congo Violence – military rebels are killing WHO health care workers – attacking the very sites seeking to control the epidemic.

You can’t know how DIFFERENT the military on the ground situation is. So WHO Has to track every infected persons contact circles to expunge the epidemic FULLY OUT OF ANY CONTROL. In Congo major large city where this hit – trade commerce and goods move up and down roads and rivers – and the illness spreads by vectors.

WHO computers tracking all this in remote primitive villages – are attacked – the workers killed or injured or flee and can’t return – the infected run in the mess and reinfect their family and contract groups – the majority of which do not believe there is an EBOLA. No they believe the WEST and the rebels tell them this is true – are brain washing them. That their witch doctors and traditional ways can treat this GOD PUNISHMENT for stepping away from Allah. The records to track Ebola are being systemically destroyed. Not once but over and over and over. Workers have been evacuated and the hero’s out there risk certain death just fighting the MOST CONTAGIOUS PATHOGEN KNOW TO MANKIND. Read the NOBEL WORK “HOT ZONE” and you will begin to see how idiotic human beings are truly and how dangerous this is compared to the Spanish FLU that killed 20 million before airplanes in 1900 only.  Way before city congestions like we have today.

Say some of these Muslims with lap tops and suits infect themselves. Oh they have a month to visit EU and North American buffet lines and infect say one million or so – beats blowing yourself up for those infidels and then a billion blow up. Health care trade banking and commerce stop. Depression. No Black Death Middle ages. That is what this EBOLA item is about – why do you think President OBAMA marshalled the G 20 and stamped it out just in time?

Today we have Nancy Pelosi failing to pass a US budget as required by the Constitution – failing to raise the debt ceiling a mandate of Constitutional requirement for the US congress – but investing endless resources to pull in to closed door hearings this week TRUMP’s children and use his own child to threaten him to resign or they will put his children into prison for the high crime of giving testimony they can document one memory glitch is perjury – perjury traps lawyers set up as land mines when asking questions to walk the party into their pre set traps – in the most mean spirited unethical immoral individually cruel abuse of power – while a HUMANITY DISASTER UNFOLDS – the USA can no longer govern at all. Just like we told you when we said forget POLITICS and VOTE YOUR WALLET. Get caught up in POLITICS and you will risk a SUPER CRASH where 2008 looks like a cake walk due to global SUPER DEBT SUPER BUBBLES bursting.

The trigger can be yet EBOLA. I’ve told you WHAT YOUR GAME PLAN should be as risk are storm clouds gathering in FINANCIAL ECONOMIC CLIMATE CHANGE and if you think it is economic weather as usual – think again. If the worst unfolds and you say WHO is responsible – that is easy – an ignorant ( economic ) voter in America who voted emotion versus economically. They get what they voted for. They wanted a dysfunctional America. They have it. I recall talking to a top mentor in DC on Nancy Pelosi and he said – we need check and balance on Trump ( I said we have it in republican division and debate with democrats ) and he said Nancy will never move to impeach or obstruct. i said yes she will and the risk is a recession or worse for political agenda ( power ) over the good of the people. Right again.

Today EBOLA Reaches UGANDA – just when we said – in about the month we predicted – and now it will spread this summer and as it reaches the USA and the EU we will have the single WORST OUTBREAK THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN. Why? Continuous attacks on WHO health care post that CONGO can’t keep secure. Failure to track vectors. Ebola is out of all control – and the epidemic August 2018 to June 2019 is OUT OF CONTROL and spreading like a raging wild fire with no accurate count on infected or on deaths. The kill rate is especially high. Experimental vaccines with side effects are being administrated and local populations are told by their leaders not to take it. As with measles reaching new epidemic highs in the USA this year – because of fake news on protecting children and elderly in the USA – consider how much worse the fake news is in CONGO.

We now predict more than 11,000 will die setting a new EBOLA record. We predict EBOLA will now move to other nations where quarantine and front page news and the called for ( here ) EBOLA CLOCK on all NEWS CHANNELS with time of infection from August and/DEATH TOTALS appear on that clock in all world news channel – no story is more economically important. IF ISIS infects and spreads it the world of commerce trade and markets stop. All markets crash to levels unseen since 1929 and because twelve apostle crazy brains use EBOLA as a weapon. Even if they do not EBOLA will spread to the world now and NO ONE CAN OR IS TRYING TO STOP IT.

What is required is President Trump or the President of France as two hopefuls or President PUTIN or XI would rally the world – and G 20 to EMERGENCY COORDINATED SUPPORT OF WHO as the EBOLA CLOCK is ticking and will soon overtake all other factors in economics upon markets. We have time but the RAGING EBOLA is roaring and soaring and the counts become exponential first it 100’s than 1000’s than 10,000’s of thousands than all at once millions. Stops all movement trade and commerce cold as a stone dead rock. Nations close borders. Why? FAILURE TO ACT NOW.

Who is crying out about this in time and loudly enough? Like last time in 2015 – it seemed it was up to us. WE ARE CRYING OUT to the Capitol and will do all we can but the RISK to OUR and to YOUR NATION is Ebola. The problem remains this which Kevin Freeman documented in GAME PLAN a book all my readers are so frequently encouraged to read given the thousands of new readers coming on because you SHARE THIS BLOG so fast.

And it is FREE to subscribe and always will be.

So as Nancy Pelosi gets her hair done for the next sound bite on Donald Trumps child, the world is at risk.

EBOLA is out of control. You think it is 10,000 miles away in some primitive ( which CONGO IS NOT ) community and that – how does this effect me? Well last time it effected you in every port and travel fell 1/3 as did economics and trade. Folks OBAMA saved the world and perhaps his greatest global contribution was not America prestige in taking out Bin Laden and dumping his crazy ass brain ( DNA has his crazy brain son out there now but he’ll be joining his father soon enough ) no it was EBOLA. We remember Mr. President we remember and thank you all over again.

CAN TRUMP inside NANCY PELOSI DOSEY DOE rise to the world threat fast enough and who up there understands it? Joyce Marshall at US State perhaps and a few others but who is asking them? The ones that really know as lifetime career vets who were engaged in this all last time? No one listens to them at the top of the food chain today at least and so far at least. NO ONE HAS A GAME PLAN FOLKS TO SAVE YOU. NO ONE IS WORKING ON IT.

WHO IS ALL ALONE and WHO IS FAR FAR FROM ENOUGH just like last time. So we wait until OUT OF CONTROL FAR WORSE THAN LAST TIME EBOLA reaches our shores ( again ) like last time. Our cry out?

Jimmy Carter GW BUSH Bill Clinton and OBAMA unite and come together to STAND FOR EBOLA CONTAINMENT NOW AND A G 20 FULL ON RESPONSE. That would be a tipping point for the world living leaders. Consider THAT. Those who enjoy access call them – share this blog – they know me. They know for sure one thing about me – integrity in my facts is absolute. You book mark right? For your own GAME PLAN BOOK MARK THE WHO EBOLA SITE and check back often because in news and media today tracking Pelosi brutality to Donald Trumps children using a child as a political Nuke weapon – Nancy fiddles in her Rome while all of Rome is without a US budget burning – and Ebola is the fire – and the news on that side political theater is missing the economic killer threat – there IS NO EBOLA CLOCK ON 24 HOUR NEWS ACROSS THE WORLD and until we see media put up THAT EBOLA CLOCK media is failing to discharge its core job – you alone stand on the watch tower folks and POLITICAL THEATER IS NOT THE STORY….EBOLA REACHING UGANDA AS PREDICTED HERE IS THE MATCH NOW LIT TO THE SPREAD ACROSS AFRICA AND THE WORLD. EBOLA IS FULLY OUT OF CONTROL …in 2019. No one is DOING ….anything to contain it not really as required ….so now watch the fire. And the deaths soar and keep in mind you heard it all FIRST right here and ever single time. Right again.


So today the failed MBS Yemen border nation to Saudi WAR – took a turn. So MBS has bombed schools in sessions – residential neighborhoods – churches – mosques – shopping malls and centers – schools in session – all at peak times – killing in war crime after MBS war crime – too many for the world to keep count of yet – making the King of Syria look like an ark angel in self defense from monsters – where in Yemen KING MBS is the monster – and today they struck a souther Saudi airport with missiles- indian pakistani or russian too accurate for IRAN – and hit the airport and killed civilians in precision strikes. THE CASTLE Is for sure next. Saudi has lost the YEMEN war economically and on humanitarian war crimes it/s just the worst.  The great SAUD family and my mentors are getting very tired of lying to protect the KING which I can tell you has never been their way – they pride on integrity – and MBS has lost all of that integrity. MBS is a sociopathic King a mentally ill King a ruler who should be removed for the welfare of all. MBS has taken our most advanced weapons into Yemen against his contract terms and allowed those weapons to fall into Yemen hands for reverse engineering by Russia. Violating the USA worse than any enemy. MBS Is not our friend. MBS press machine whacks out lies about Iran. Iran is not the source of Regional instability Saudi is. Iran is not the source of TERROR in the world SAUDI is. Iran was not involved in 9/11 SAUDI WAS. Iran had nothing to do with Taliban or ISIS Saudi financed them and BIN LADEN the son of Saudi’s largest construction firm a defacto royal in Saudi – IS. Everything the EU and America knows about Iran is lies.

Trump knows this. Thank God.

Now then how does the world respect the SAUD family and not brain damaged dangerous Nuke Shopping MBS? MBS has created a secret missile site in his desert only everyone knows about the site. He has acquired missiles for oil from every evil seller. He is now pointing that missile fleet at Iran. Iran will take over Saudi in a week if they fire those missiles. Mentally ill Puppy King is trying to buy nukes now from Pakistan North Korea Russia India and South Africa and even Israel ( who would sell them the nuke but they know after Iran their nukes would return from MBS to Israel ) so no go there. Not with Bibi at the helm if he stays – if not – who knows. Dangerous damn world. MBS seeks to set Iran back so they can’t be a regional power threat to SAUDI leaving only SAUDI as MBS seeks to create the OTTOMAN MUSLIM EMPIRE without Iran – and IRAN just wants prosperity and to be free of sick SAUDI crap once and for all.

Now then Iran ( in perfect politics and face saving ) with the tap dance of TRUMP last week – saying hey I want to meet Iran – we just want a good Nuke deal and we will turn on the prosperity pump full blast – and Iran has said – no preconditions and Trump said fine fine – no preconditions and no regime change thrown in – can’t wait to meet – and now today IRAN SAYS ABE FROM JAPAN ( Trump just left Abe with that Trophy bigger than Trump is to the sumitomo champion ) that:

….we are ok with Abe mediating with the USA ( so now we begin real talks ) to get to the big deal meeting with Iran and Trump…..which leads to a future of stability in the gulf beyond imaginging on a host of issues into tomorrow….and my comment – IRAN’S LEADER SHOULD BE ON THIS ALONE TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR TO THE WORLD – and…

He and Trump just flipped the birdie finger to MBS and I hope Jeff Bezo will shove his finger right up MBS ass for hacking his phone and emails and after Khashoggi not being enough – leaked all that to Jeff’s wife – as MBS is the worst just the worst. I suppose you believe one of the smartest and for sure the wealthiest most powerful of young men among us all – JEZZ BEZO is forgetting MBS and forgiving him he and his wifie ( they remain fast friends for life ) . Ah no. I call on WASHINGTON POST TO WITHOUT MERCY REPORT IRAN IN TRUE PROPER LIGHT WITHOUT MBS SPIN AND BULLSHIT – MBS= MORE BULL SHIT – AS YOU WELL KNOW KING OF MORE BULL SHIT – ON OIL ECONOMICS AND ON EVERYTHING – MBS ATTACKED HIS OWN SHIPS TO GET OIL UP AS MBS HAS COST SAUDI FIVE TRILLION NOW AND THAT SOON WILL BEGIN TO BE TOO MUCH FOR THE ENTIRE SAUD FAMILY. WAY TOO LATE IN MY OPINION. THE WORLD NEEDS A MAGIC TRICK. NOW YOU SEE MBS…HEY NOW YOU DO NOT.

So today if nothing derails Iran being TOO BRILLIANT for my praise today – ABE GOES IN – with authority to mediate directly with his buddy buddy TRUMP just as Trump will meet PUTIN on Iran – and the deal is already in really – and now the politics to theater it all up – and in the future SAUDI loses it all – and IRAN wins it all – and that took place folks today while the world watches Nancy new hair doie thing – as she readies to use Trumps children as political weapons with media to distract that Nancy Pelosi is now the direct TARGET of full on ABUSE OF POWER AND CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS as US JUSTICE reforms purges and upgrades itself from her mis-use of agents inside. A real crime. To keep attention off her shattered party and her declining support – Nancy the MEDIA POLLUTER AND CHIEF will throw out machine gun sound bites – as to what goes on inside her tiny secret caucus she calls it ( the real caucus now occurs without Nancy Present so reduced and declined is her power base for Nancy under real personal criminal investigation with her entire team – real crimes real evidence – is like POLITICAL EBOLA now and no one else wants to catch a conspiracy indictment – as Nancy IS going down down down the rabbit hole she created herself ). The only question now is will she bring the nation and economy down with her – as she like MBS is a pure House of Cards sociopath. Watch the series on Netflix. In the opinion of a growing number of us out there.

I would say sorry Nancy but after her tragic economic outcomes in San Francisco for twenty years and California economics for twenty years – and only toxic harm to the USA – I submit – it is a crime against the US constitution for congress to fail to pass an annual budget as required by law and those who failed to pass our budget and protect our nations credit rating standard should now be held accountable for congressional impeachment – all of you -because of Nancy and we move out 5% approval rating falling to 3% worst in 400 years – we all hate you guys – and start over fresh.

So the news: the economy is doing great in the USA and with trade deals with China very unknown and uncertain yet the outcome is dicey with EBOLA being the monkey wrench only early action can moderate – the recession risk coming up – is not trade war folks – it is EBOLA.

Trust me on that item…as we move to watch DEMOCRAT self destruction as they attack the children of the President of the United States as a first in political agenda. The majority of American voters will not forget or reward politicians for using the CHILDREN AND FAMILY as political weapons as pure political theater all Americans in majority understand full and well. A minority cabal of Nancy Pelosi shrinking democrats – the few AGAINST the many majority great democrats including past Presidents – do not and will not approve – using family as political weapons – Nancy you led your tribe to slaughter when you crossed the double red line – we all wish you JUSTICE and Jail honey is not for Donald Trump honey no no – ask not for whom this bell of Justice is now tolling as history will only record….this bell tolls now for thee…

NO MERCY NANCY just as you display …no mercy what so ever. Stand by Nancy? At your own great risk.


PS: Risk? To distract the on going criminal investigation of how Nancy Pelosi and her teams and insiders in US Justice and the FBI formed a criminal abuse of power cabal to frame Donald Trump – Nancy may set up a US SUPER CRASH caring only about her get of jail free card. As she now attacks one child of the President after another Child to keep herself from BEING THE STORY. Media do not be fooled – NANCY PELOS “IS THE STORY – next to EBOLA CLOCKS the only story.