Do not hold your breadth on Powell lowering interest rates. WRONG MOVE Follks. Yes China has XI as its own FED CHAIRMAN and controls all their fully bankrupt banks. With wrong advice his RISKS are now enormous if he follows bad advice into a NEW AI Economy. Make a deal or KNEEL as China economics go down in a  SUPER CRASH that will be heard around the world. Remember you heard all that here as the FUN OUT OF CHINA moves from mild to FEROCIOUS coming up from Japan. The box top rule with communists that is historic – never not ever – consider they will do what is in their own best interest.



The world is locked in revolution. FREE CAPITALISM or SOCIALISM. Right and popular governments are rising up. Socialists are rising up too. In UK and EU. Germany moderates and right side are going down. Greece now is back on EU threat zone with SNAP ELECTIONS Called right now. Italy may be right behind. Then SPAIN whose socialists are threatening the same. In banks that are bankrupt – in Italy Spain and in Greece the RISK red line is so narrow if the leaders make mistakes. As these leaders back up from EU agreements and any move to right may mean EU opt OUTS the EU could well fall apart a RISK we have warned about as systemic and global.

China is moving its currency where it gets trade advantage – making price off set – tariff costs if currency goes down by the tarif sum – Trump wants the DOLLAR DOWN which happens with lower interest – but the DOLLAR is soaring up in these times as the WORLD SAFE HARBOR SPACE for 440 trillion dollars. Flight into dollar safety in TRADE WAR real economic warfare – is THE ONLY SAFE HARBOR. We told you and Today GOLDMAN tells you – that – The FED WILL NOT LOWER INTEREST anytime this year.

We agree. Trump in TRADE WAR would like the have the FED Help him to pound victory into markets but really we don’t need that WEAPON YET and if and when we did POWELL WOULD STEP UP but it is not really now or yet.


Our opinion? Guidance? We have asked you to explore with licensed insurance professionals. We suggest diverisifed insurance investing a term the industry can’t really use themselves for regulatory reasons. Why?

In 2007 we told our folks as we did in 2016 your at Mount Everest Base Camp. Only this time the risk is worse and larger. Look at ECONOMICS 101 without economist jargon and terms: here is what we know. We are in the final phase of the longest boom expansion in recorded history We know there is a relationship to the length of the boom, the height of the boom ( largest also in record keeping ) and the “correction” decline that follows each expansion period into contraction….

Your at base camp.

Do you take your money up to the summit and fall off a cliff in the economic avalanches that follow inside the steeper correction historically likely? You have read all the risk head winds. You have been advised to seek safe harbor. We have stated you might explore with licensed advisers helping –

Back up from lower performing parking stalls where you hold resources parked today – sell high. Always. It is time. Sell early. Always. Yes you meet the final Peak rushes but you never lose at all in the Super Crash and Margin calls as you will if you remain in your under performing volatile up down parking stall shaking your muffler pipes off.

No no.

Back up your money car and move your resources over to principle guaranteed no risk of loss of a nickel – sell high. The philosophy of fully SAFE HARBOR is to earn the largest compounding returns on money permitted by law with principle guaranteed from loss any loss. To make a higher return ( any higher return ) you expose your money to total loss and an inability to get out due to liquidity traps and they have occurred as recently as 2007 2008.

We suggest as no one and we mean no one can predict how long this boom has.Given EU nationally destabilizing events – Italy- Greece and now Spain and UK – I would say risk is rapidly rising. Given Trade wars in China – japan yet and EU still – risks are elevating. Given AI speculations in core markets RISKS are flying off all older charts. We advise our CEO SPACE COMMUNITY:

  1. Back up under performing and market RISK assets now – selling out high to cash.
  2. Reposition income fixed assets into a superior current annuity product with principle guaranteed.
  3. Reposition growth assets into INDEX products same firm for the highest returns permitted by laws where principle is guaranteed to far greater security in our opinion than FDIC say. Do it now.
  4. Reposition saving and liquid cash you need any old time to permanent insurance product lines – with many times more than banks CD and underperforming earnings where – with superior life production thrown on in – and you can get your money by bankwire in less than 72 hours anytime you need that fund.
  5. Create SAFE HARBOR and with the turbulent crazy times that lie ahead today – who cares of you miss some sumits and new highs – you made your ENOUGH MORE THAN ENOUGH and in SAFE HARBOR versus at risk for massive loss upon the seas because you stayed IN where you are parked NOW.

Can’t take that step?

Do recall when your blood bath is washing over you – you had an out and option for SAFE HARBOR and you chose to sail upon the storm plagued seas today. HAPPY SAILING and do not get sea sick folks but enjoy the ride its going to be rough.


Competitive failed capitalism and socialism is dying.  The past couple hundred years have proven these failed models for economics operated on THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY. Elites own more wealth than 99%. The majority of 8 billion folks reside in abject poverty. Competition is a one wins the other loses as a feature of thinking that is itself a display of insanity.

The more competitive you are the more insane you are.

The more competitive you are the more you display lack of integrity as part of insanity.

The more cooperative you are the more integrity you adhere to personally and with others.

The more cooperative your economic system them more prosperous that community becomes including nations.

Nations are presently in MIND SET SEA CHANGE. Nations are becoming far more cooperative and COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM is being forged by the ALIGNED NATIONS.

The more competitive and non aligned your nations the more your on the brink of insane collapse.

As many non aligned nations are insanely self imploding in economic denials.

The new AGE OF AI ECONOMICS AND SUPER CHANGE punish lack of cooperation and reward cooperation while punishing economically competitive states and systems.

The unfolding new COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM withdraws resources from competitive system models and rewards system models that are more cooperative. This process is SUPER CHANGING NATIONS AND ECONOMICS. Change that would take 100 years is taking 100 months.


Super Change.

Investing in the SUPER ASSET PRICE CYCLES as SUPER TURBULENCE IS NEW NORMAL in all markets investors either gamble into AI casino capitalism and believe they can time the market of Super VOLATILITY or SV – and we caution you can’t and no software in evolving AI can out perform to your safe removal of risk. You will in moving forward be entering a period of SUPER VOLATILITY AND SUPER RISK WITH SUPER CRASH RISKS – the entire system may well lock up.

Yes we have time.

You can play and gamble and have fun and make some and lose some. If that is your life as a gambler.


  1. Your NEST EGG and retirement plan under passive AI management is at risk to principle loss
  2. Moving forward risk rises exponentially in known forward conditions you are seeing yourself
  3. Selling HIGH ( right now this week ) and repositioning over to SAFE HARBOR INSURANCE investing
  5. If the system fails which it well might truly – top tier depression insurance firm’s paid when banks were closed.

We invite our readers to move right now to a far safer posture and out of the HIGHER RISK parking stall your nest egg sits in today. Why?

YOUR MONEY IS TIME. Your LIFE – “TIME” IS YOUR WEALTH YOUR REAL AND ONLY WEALTH”. If you think your safe and invested well and your not – you lose your LIFE TIME. You can’t get back the YEARS and YEARS to get that money in the first place. We wish to see YOUR MONEY WORK AS HARD AS YOU WORKED TO GET IT IN THE FIRST Place. We want no one losing principle and your LIFE “TIME” which loss in money is – your time is lost. How do you get those years back.

Keep in market investing in traditional ways the funds you can afford to lose. YOUR INVESTMENT IS NOT SAFE. State and nation disclosures IF YOU READ THEM state you can lose ALL OF YOUR PRINCIPLE – thats ALL FOLKS and many will we believe.

If your active yourself in Real Estate and you allow for 60% down turns and your not over leveraged and you can hold for a decade in bad times – your good as another safe harbor. Avoid leverage real estate passive investments is my suggestion but check with your licensed insurance professional.

If you can realize super high compounding NO RISK returns why would you ever want MORE THAN THAT?


Give your head a shake.

I’m not going to write much about all this – and you can follow pundits in CASINO CAPITALISM and invest on your next roulette spin of the CASINO CRAP DICE ROLL one kiddie sound byte at a time with a PELOSI DOESY DOE hitting market prices for no reason at all – and enjoy each turn at the table – CASINO CAPITALISM is fun folks…right up until it is not.

My wish for all my readers HIGHEST RETURNS NO RISK SAFE HARBOR INVESTING – world wide move it over to insurance options and check them out with your own in nation licensed authority and just explore get the options and ask them if they think I AM RIGHT?


Sea Wall or wave after wave eroding your home investments of your LIFE “TIME”?

Sell HIGH and move to SAFE HARBOR and this week is an ideal time – before JAPAN folks trust me.

IT is going to get worse before it all gets better…in my opinion.

Competition is insane as your about to see and never assume the competitively infected will act in their own best interest – they never do. Folks they never do.