Tony Robbins following his rough spot with Theatrical Journalism you can scroll and read about right here – set an all time record this weekend – upgrading STATE OF BEING for some 35,000 Germans !. As A German Royal ( Baron ) May I say – WAY TO GO GERMANY. Beating Moscow early this year in human potential with over 20,000 and that was dead of MOSCOW WINTER. Tony is investing in Koby Beef without the COW. What is THAT IMPORTANT? Well 50% of climate change gases come from producing chicken and beef with high technology, incredible human toxin’s from antibiotics to STEROIDS not to mention toxins from polluted feed stocks unless you pay more and buy organic – which we do for our kids protien. GAS pollution from live stock mass production is taking the planet down. Personally I wish Tony would just run for President in 2024 or so? You? Opera for Vice President. That team would change world consciousness. Would they not?

Now BEEF and produce of the highest organic quality is being manufactured ( still too expensive for your local WAL MART ) but this trillion dollar CLIMATE CHANGE solution will make Tony Richer than MUSK or Mark Cuban. Just that. He invests in the best of tomorrow for us all and leads that charge too as a thought leader. What a joy to be mentored by this GIANT over the decades – and to mentor back. Theatrical Journalism comes to all of us who lead world change. Celebrities get more because WE SELL COPY to help create income from the merchandise of ( news that is not news anymore ) all to sell consumers reading mindless crap. In the insane competition where “one rating point” can be tens of millions of dollars per minute – the sensation of using MUSK or CUBAN or ROBBINS or DOHRMANN or name recognized copy PELOSI or BIDEN to sell copy – works. BIDEN GROPED WONDER WOMAN ( fake news ) stops us on the page. Even if the copy says no he did not. Today reading spoon fed, spin developed, mind manipulations, we call news, is well a long ways from what used to be called and known as the Federal Trade Commission setting STANDARDS NOT SENSOR-SHIP.

Thats right. Listen to me. Just when I grew up we did not have sex on Game of Thrones and entire families could watch together without deviating from our moral standards in our private homes. Long before say Friends. We did not have bad language. News was unbiased fact reporting and we made our minds up. Good NIGHT CHET. This is Walter Cronkite Good Night AMERICA. ( For those with long memories to when news WAS news and REGULATED ). You never heard from news presenters…WHY CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT ! Or the newscaster telling us what to believe….nor did they present fact with a skew and desire to effect public opinion at all. WE MADE UP OUR MINDS FROM THE REAL NEWS.

I grew up when those in elected office held citizen respect. Everyone KNEW the official elected was a PUBLIC SERVENT and was doing the very best they knew how. While that is still true in fact, the public now believes the elected official is a bad person, and is a liar, and has an agenda to tear our nation to shreds. Hatred of one side or the other is real hatred today. Citizens have shot public officials playing a game of ball in the nations capitol and President Reagan getting out of a limo. This was not really since Lincoln the America I expected.

My famous father taught his nine children….always work for what is right in America and ( your nation ). Always be active and stand up. Always respect your opposition in policy or views as they have great information you must consider and they are doing the very best they know how. Never disrespect those in elected office even if you disagree with their policy or position on one or another matter – on others you will agree just fine. Also in our nation stand up for anyone who speaks against what you hold dear and respect them unless their voice harms or hurts others in a direct or indirect way. Stand up to oppose that. ( Meaning physical danger or harm not words ). Also he taught his nine children…

IN AMERICA THE PENDULUM ALSO SWINGS BACK. After the most significant reforms in America in 100 years are completed in 15 years of so I expect the landscape will calm into one of the GREAT ILLUMINATED PERIODS OF AMERICA’S FORWARD CENTURY. I have such hope and promise for the world sans the RISKS you know also exist and which I write about so you have solutions and options. THE PENDULUM in America not only swings back it does so faster than any nation upon this earth. Which is why on just one BOARDER ALONE we as the one place it happens most have just on one border side alone – over five million trying to get IN TO AMERICA each YEAR 50 million over ten years and that is not all four sides of our nation borders that is just WALK I TRAFFIC. No nation in history has more humans trying to get in for the HOPE and the PROMISE – from Tony Robbins and show me the Koby Beef without the cow – to the future Tesla and MUSK are bringing to us on the ground and in the space race – it is AMERICA that is the lighthouse of HOPE PROMISE AND THE FUTURE unfolding…never forget that when it comes to the idea capitol of the Planet space ship earth. The rest hack us…we do not hack the rest.

AI as we told you would profit on the way out of the market on NANCY PELOSI sound bites and then profit on the way back up in the market on Donald Trump brand defense in reply. The SUPER VOLATILITY we warned you about is reality now and profits are made at each point on the trading rope – up or down – and the market is doing just fine. Why? Well why is the WHY WE TOLD YOU. The only downturn of any kind was WINTER. The worst climate change winter in recorded history now moving to where – CHINA. As we warm up and floods still haunt so many of us – record floods – and fires again in California with 29,000 having power turned off to PREVENT FIRES – I mean really thats 2019 our best folks – turn the lights out for 29,000 ? When I grew up accidents where accidents. One was not held legally liable for an accident which occurs because power lines can cause powers – it happens. Sorry but it happens. Keep the power on.

So the markets are doing great. EU car markers now out of winter have rebounded as our car folks like no one saw but our readers knew – SPRING FORWARD. We told you. The boom is going to rock into the summer and surprise into year end. The market is calling FAANG “dead money”. FAAAN BREAK UP – well that is legally ot likely and would take twenty years in court. What is likely is changes to their process of doing business and fines, as regulatory agencies today are largely and increasingly funded by a COST OF BUSINESS WRITE IN that FAANG and PHARMS and FINANCE and too big to jail put in – so billions are funding agencies who assess their own GET OF JAIL FREE ( well not free ) GET OF JAIL FEE cards to business. So fines that mean zero to FAANG Value long term will rise or not rise over years of time and negotiations with those who are in regulatory agencies tampering with the leading industry in America. Who is likely to slow down our leadership – not our ingenuity and industry – more like our own folks putting salt on our eagle tails. History teaches how that all works – see Bill Gates and Microsoft. What went wrong there? Competition complained to the government as they could not out invent MICROSOFT so they used the nation to get more customers slowing MICROSOFT DOWN. It works. Microsoft and Bill forgot as they grew so fast to sprinkle enough money in states and in the paks of all parties to assure they were insured against such non-sense.

FAAANG Failed to learn that lesson decades later. No one teaches it. So I think FAANG is under valued and those who go long term FAANG just on AI alone will find – the impossible occurs. The upside still leads the entire market index. We said it first here – take note. Now we’ll see.

The experts all say FAANG IS DEAD STOCK ZONE For GROWTH.

WE say the experts and short sellers as occurred in BEYOND MEAT today – when 400 million in short selling side bets was DEAD MONEY and LOST completely – how those shorts on MUSK TESLA and FAANG WORK OUT. We see a blood bath as the weather and markets warm up.

We wrote Chairman Powell to not raise interest rates. Why? We KNOW from our data it is the wrong time and the wrong move even in trade war. The FED needs to get core interest up to window level of 5% to shock absorb the Super Crash pending in CHINA – as her policy errors related to her debt load and crash in valuations across her asset classes are just fractions of what is coming. CHINA has not learned the core economics are unforgiving for policy error even if the leader believes the FAKE NEWS is real and makes policy in error on faulty bad data.

The market does not care if data is bad. AI does not care today. China investing – in equity – in bonds – in any form has been among the most God Awful bets to profit in – in the world today. Invest anywhere else – Japan or India or Indonesia and come out better. CHINA has lost so much for so many and the loss has not even begun if they trigger the next round which is likely based on their bad faulty data. The next round goes past sinking China which is occurring right now. Business as usual BAD FAITH DEALINGS ( 50 years of that now ) is not going to fly with President Donald Trump and his team. Change behavior as a PREDATOR NATION or the next round DESTROYS CHINA economics. China thread today is lower cost oil – as oil spiking to 100.00 dollars is not fun in America but DESTROYS CHINA in absolute terms.


The issue is the Press. The PRESS has the world – the entire world – which makes me believe the Press is making too murch FROM CHINA as the OWNERS who really run things ( and you and are not THE OWNERS ) have the press as a candy bar to control your thoughts and ideas. The PRESS and the OWNERS have you believe America and China are two equals on a SUMITOMO JAPANESE WRESTLING MAT like we Saw Trump witness in Japan. Equal weights.


China economics is less than the economics of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA. One state. Get over it. This is a LANCASTER DRAWF in Game of Thrones and America is the SUMITOMO wrestler. No contest. None.  Press play fair. Lay out the truth of it. India with Modi landslide passes China in 2020 as the # 2 economy. Japan rising as China is falling so fast moves to # 3 almost tied with India. Indonesia the now # 4 may hold and China may be 4th or 5th not in some future time frame – NEXT YEAR. That slide in stature will SURPRISE THE WORLD because – the PRESS has you believe the OWNERS have you falsely believe this trade war is between equals. This is AMERICA and more than cuba but not that much. Russia economics as a SUPER POWER ( had they not stolen nuke plans and our missile technology from hacking ) is only the size of one state NEW YORK. They are not equal to the UNITED STATES and when they speak as if they are – China and Russia are not equal not really to those TWO STATES California and New York. Folks the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GNP and OIl is growing so fast we have opened up distance – as NEW YORK and CALIFORNIA are growing again and China and Russia are contracting and getting smaller ( again ). Hence their noise.


Oil the cost of everything up slightly today. Why? Always the same. No reason. Just OPEC talk. Oil went up on talk. Oh we will keep the cut backs going. They have to KEEP THE CUT BACKS GOING BECAUSE THERE ARE NO BUYERS FOR THE OIL. Again the OWNERS won’t tilt news to upset their core advertisers – as oil is the cost of everything else.

Including the cost of news itself.

53 dollars a barrel in America.

68 dollars if you love to buy more costly to refine oil from the Gulf and failed OPEC.

Oh no one buys at that price they all buy contract rate to match America in a phony baloney OPEC duel standard price model no one pays any attention to at buyer levels outside speculators losing billions on MBS lies in market. So real oil off market is about 4 million barrels a day. Demand is in fact falling. They report it is falling due to slowing economics. Not true. It is falling ( demand is falling ) forever – because we are moving away from oil for packaging transportation and power. The pollution extinction event of our time from OIL and the industry that is killing us all – is dying. OIL demand is falling forever. Long in oil is economic suicide.

The supply of oil is greater than users can use oil.

Everyone is waiting for summer drive good weather news that finally after adding tens of millions of barrels all year to the American oil reserves now up by 100 million barrels to almost 500,000,000 barrels of no one wants to buy it oil the nation just supports the OWNERS by buying the oil for storage tanks at way too high MBS price ( accent on BS ) of the M for MORE – and finally we may have oil stocks slide down a bit in summer vacation first drive weeks. Given the climate of trade wars Americans in record numbers are not going to China or to the EU. No AMERICANS are going to Yellowstone.

Booming AMERICA as dollars are roaring and despite China warning there is nothing but welcome to Chinese tourist in America and from Hawaii to New York city the Chinese visiting is UP way UP and the warning by China ( who in fact have American tourist detained on departure ) is not taking place in return here. Our welcome mat remains open in the land of the free and the home of the HOPE AND THE PROMISE FOR ALL.


What do the OWNERS ( I know most of the owners ) want?



Does this mean one world culture?

No it does not.

It means a UNITED EARTH FEDERATED GOVERNMENT OF THE NATIONS a replacement of the United Nations whose one recent President on leaving told us in person in his UN Office in New York City – Berny it is a DEN OF VIPERS IT IS SIMPLY A DEN OF POISONOUS VIPERS STEALING ALL THE MONEY ….what does a failed experiment look like – THE UN – better than nothing – but not much really. We would have a better world directly sending funds to nations. Unless the UN CHARTER IS REFORMED and soon.

The UNITED EARTH FEDERATION OF NATIONS – UEFN – is a real government with its capitol say on the BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII – free of global interest as you can make it – coming from ALOHA to us all.

The idea is:

  1. One world trade rule set
  2. One world tax plan
  3. One world defense
  4. Planet wellness assured
  5. Human extinction avoided
  6. One currency
  7. Within sovereignty for all nation STATES – from the United States to the EU to China to Russia to All. Cultures are preserved and the tapestry in cooperation versus insane competition we CELEBRATE versus punish.

Human diversity is not punished but celebrated by UEFN culture an education.

The weapons we invest in taking wealth from all nations to improve how we mass murder one another stop on a dime. The resources re- distribute in two years of UEFN – for global food security health wealth and shelter security. Poverty as we once understood it is a primitive concept we looking back can not believe how ignorant we were. The environment cleans in years not decades. There is no hacking. There is no integrity breach. There is no competition. Imagine a world with the full absence of competition and only cooperation collaboration trust mutually and respect for all our peoples as one.

That is what the OWNERS ENVISION.

There are billions who want things to remain as they are.

Education appears to be the great divide on concepts here.

Both views have considerations and the debate is not open but in private between the OWNERS. The OWNERS are generally united in their common vision.

The majority of the OWNERS feel such outcome will occur only after THE EVENT. The EVENT is an insanity trigger removing in a day billions of us from life itself on the planet and using Nukes to reset environment and stop human pollution and explosive population abuse of the water planet itself.

THE OWNERS have world wide COMPOUNDS – enormous under ground worlds to survive THE EVENT. They are now hiring thought leaders ( US .) to advise them on how to protect the COMPOUNDS IN WORST CASE INVASIONS – invasions by say US who survive THE EVENT.

You don’t read about the press on all this – though we have reported it all to you. It is not science fiction or a movie. Why are the OWNERS building out with billions their COMPOUNDS TO SURVICE “THE EVENT” they feel is on count down right now. INSANITY is the EVENT the highest form of human insanity itself.


So invest ..as you wish the market is roaring up this week. I expect a pending NANCY PELOSI DOSEY DOE soon to derail all that with AI profiting on the down loop – or something else.

Up and down up and down.

Or do what I posted. GET OUT AT THE NEW HIGH and move over to diversified SAFE HARBOR investing – scroll in my last blog on the HOW TO EXPLORE WITH TRULY LICENSED EXPERT ADVISERS the only way to make smarter profit an far safer SAFE HARBOR INVESTING at the end of a boom cycle – we are at the end no matter how far it goes – final third is NOW – and the time to move over is MOUNT EVEREST BASE CAMP in profit gains – ( thats now folks ) and create your OWN SAFE HARBOR SEA WALL PLAN from the gathering financial storms.

I want my readers and their circles as safe as they can be for what is coming likely next – miscalculation of the OWNERS THEMSELVES.

That folks is what is going on OUT THERE and you now have a little better perspective to plan and execute in the seas the OWNERS leave us free to do so within – and as you know all this anyway – but you lacked words to actually define the facts as clearly – now you have the words.

Final Tuesday note from this weekend – BUZZ FEED and news thanks for helping my dear buddy Tony Robbins set an all time record of over 30,000 in Germany this past weekend – I have the film clips from him – as his work inspires more souls than any thought leader upon this earth today and his own records are now the only ones he can break moving forward and thanks to FAKE NEWS he is doing it all over again….the OWNERS love Tony Robbins is one WHY. THAT !  Well and me too……smile.  ( Tony grads scroll and read my blog for brother Tony and spread that word to the tribe and community its record all year for our thought leader and I’m fully in helping inspire those records one after another after another why? TONY SO DESERVES IT is the why – as in webster passion means sacrifice and no one does that more for others than TONY ROBBINS and in that…I’m fully in the know experience. WOW ! What an example ). Wish he ‘d run for President when he’s. TONY ON TRADE DEALS come on…folks….the rest are too damn short….like me. Smile again.



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