Congress has by passed the US constitution by failing to pass a US budget. Also within antique rules Congress has by passed Presidential authority on Foreign Aide. This is why since Ronald Regan all US Presidents have asked for and failed to get LINE ITEM VETO POWER on legislation. Unless you lobby for decades into the beltway ( for say American small business and the world of small business outside of America ) as CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL DOES and has DONE – you can’t see it. Not really.

For example the US CONSTITUTION was by passed when a US CONGRESS from Senator Derkson ERA passed laws that foreign aide is passed as a house and senate conference committee final package – where the % allocated to a nation say Israel of Pakistan is fixed and may not be RE-ALLOCATED By the President or anyone else in Congress. Its a take all or take none with each nation – don’t touch ours do NOT TOUCH OURS as they contribute so much of their total back to the congress committee seniors who hold the purse pencil.

I view this as yet another Nancy Pelosi congressional crime where Congress makes RULES that by pass CONGRESSIONAL LAW and no one holds them IMPEACHABLE FOR HIGH “CONSTITUTIONAL CRIMES” AND MISDEMEANORS ( all of them ) IN PUBLIC OFFICE. Congress with a 6% approval rating to the Presidents 50%. The President’s approval is rising rapidly one Mexico victory after another – one mile of wall after another – and so it goes. Against opposition united Press bashing and nasty H&R Pelosi ( Hatred and DISRESPECT ) Politics. When the Press reports ” here is another Pelosi H&R Political moment – as Nancy stands for impeachment herself for many many constitutional real crimes and just plain garden vanilla criminal evidence and actions US Justice has a room full of hard evidence and growing witness testimony as Nancy insiders jump ship like rats running down the ropes to protect themselves from jail…giving her up – videos’ – audios – paper files – a mountain all gathered so fast really – no wonder she spins around like the Play Annie Oakley firing blanks into the forests 360 degrees till she is out of ammo having no idea as the sound is so loud – she has not hit anyone and all her rounds are fully blank. She’ll understand soon. Soon enough. Nancy Queen of worst middle class melt down, worst poverity rising, worst homeless problem, worst arson and fires, worse negative net migration, worse business climate in the nation, worse tax cost in the nation, highest cost of living in the USA and WORLD, soaring, catering to her liberal SUPER WEALTH insulated in her ivory tower of power having no clue the JUSTICE LIBERTY BELL IS RINGING in 2019 and in 2020 it is RINGING FOR YOU NANCY failure in politics but great on face lifts – it is ringing for YOU NANCY QUEEN NANCY – staff and circles I have a tip….from DC….RUNNNNN !

Now then Nancy and Pakistan – she just made a nice trip telling how they could count on HER FOREIGN AIDE NOT CHANGING. NANCY needs to before she is put out of office and into prison secure her wealth by patenting H&R poltics her invention and licensing it out to parties world wide and nation wide as she is not getting paid enough ( just 100’s of millions today ). Nancy you can personally make BILLIONS OFF H&R POLITICS Your invention – as you MAKE AMERICA BAKE AGAIN….one California wild fire after another with a trillion dollars of damage and rising. Your doing great work honey making AMERICA BAKE AGAIN. H&R POLICIES TO SOCIALISE AMERICA KEEP CONGRESS FROM GOVERNING AND WIN THE WHITE HOUSE FOR OLD GREAT GRANDPA BIDEN – NO FEDERAL FUNDS FOR ABORTION – oh my bad. BIDEN. GO GIRL YOUR H&R TEAM is right there by your side – all four of them. Look?


Pakistan contrary to fifty miles around a Burger KING under educated Americans – is not Rhode Island. NO NO. Pakistan is a nation as LARGE AS THE USA. Pakistan has a larger POPULATION than the USA over 360 million. Pakistan is a huge NUKE power. Pakistan is a complex nation of diversified humans in every context with lots of American’s living and doing business in Pakistan. Pakistan is A NUKE NATION AT WAR WITH INDIA and pointing its weapons at India. Pakistan was India but divided out in independant days with Gandhi – MUSLIMS IN PAKISTAN majority and Hindu Buddhist in Charge in India – Hinto Modi just winning big time.

America at war with Taliban and ISIS and seeking a stable Afghanistan has encountered the RUSSIA PROBLEM as Russia tried with our opposition – where we created TALIBAN AND BIN LADEN ourselves. Oh yes Burger King American generation who learn no history whatsoever that matters anymore. Bin Laden worked for our CIA and was trained by us to slaughter the Russians. Today the Russians pay the opposition to slaughter American’s as pay back is simply history. Now our twenty year war has complications.

Yes our ally – and that is in quotation marks ( our “ally ) Pakistan is getting over ONE BILLION US DOLLARS one way or the other – top five Foreign Aide Nation – ( MBS just did a 20 billion dollar deal with them this month – think he is our buddy buddy ? Shopping for a Pakistan NUKE by the way ). Then MBS gave 100 billion to India so when Modi is in he can pick up his five nukes to lob them at Iran. Only Iran is in with Modi as well for oil Modi needs at lower prices for better oil than sociopathic Puppy King who gets screwed in all his deals until the Saud Family have had enough more than enough. That is coming too …wait for it.

So in Pakistan we have a nation that is diverse with creeds and races and belief’s from the melting pot – 10,000 at my ministers rally’s Jarad you see on Face Book Walls ( if you follow me – I’m at 5000 friends sorry say the month Face book started smile ) – and you see how non violent all that is. Pakistan is the mineral basket and a manufacturing alternative to China.


Trump has cut back Pakistani support because in leadership those taking our money hate us. The majority of our foreign aide is stolen. The leaders in Pakistan fail to wipe out the Taliban and ISIS prevent staging them to kill us in their neighbor trade partners and profit massively from these wars. They do not wish to see stop for economics. They hide and shelter BIN LADEN who slaughters us in TWIN TOWERS and in nation and all theater regions until we without notice to them KILL BIN LADEN. Next we will kill Bin Laden’s son who is Bin Laden II now trumping the hills fully protected and safe from Pakistan as yet another Saudi after the USA in uniform.

So the US POLICY – keep Pakistan divided – no Muslim leadership united – controlling those nukes – and we to the extent money has leverage – get bases – over fly the nation to stage in Afghanistan – and theater – and know at our highest level how Pakistan nukes are contained and not sold into Iran or the Saudi crew under insane oh King MBS a mentally ill hitler ruler – who just attacked his own ships and fields to get OIL SHOVED BACK OVER 70 bucks a strategy MBS has lost and lost and failed upon since 2014 – in OIL WARS that shattered and destroyed OPEC forever . OPEC is about of contour sheet grown ups – spitting sound bites the AI economic market place has weighted as ZERO. Oil goes long after their sound bite from MBS investing alone upon which a bloodbath of more loss – now passing 5 trillion of capital loss in SAUDI and rising to the 10 trillion danger point fast ( failed state status ) as Saudi debt – super debt bubble MBS is spiraling into – rises putting SAUDI DEBT Into JUNK BOND STATUS with credit rating agencies ….wait for it as they are so late already …wait for it…and then you’ll know once again the sacred truth of economics….we are right again.

So if America is losing 1 billion a day in Pakistan – and Saudi pledges 20 billion in deals to get a Nuke – and America says no nukes to MBS – who wins? The 500 billion to 20 billion? Ah I think so folks. As the 500 Billion assures in what a world what a world ( Nancy resides inside of ) that – no nukes flow to unwanted places.

India now with Strong Man MODI absolutely consolidating power ( as not seen since India became independent not ever ) dealing up with America Russia and the world and EU – Pakistan has a point blank choice coming up. Get out of Kashimira as disputed once and for all – or its go time and we’ll pick you up after the nukes boys in sheets. Oh its not said like THAT but it is being said and it is real with both nukes at BAM level right now and if you think that is over stating ..folks….wait for it…and remember …right again.

So today Trump cuts billions of aide out of Pakistan ( symbolic ) as the world offsets that all in one month – no biggee there. Congress and Nancy rise up – YOU ILLEGALLY BY PASSED CONGRESS – which as administrator in chief WASTE is OK to stop and as commander and chief with National Security with NUKE DEALINGS he MUST REPRESENT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE not Nancys deals to send our big bucks where she wants them in return for capital returns to BIDEN PAKS which is the real deal she just made outside this nation. CRIME?

So why is PAKISTAN lager in land mass, so wealthy in its great people ( whom I just love and adore’s ) potential – and futures a FAILED STATE?



Pakistan is a NUKE nation. Pakistan was selling NUKE TECHNOLOGY and is the WHY rocket boy has big Nukes. That is all TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER FROM PAKISTAN TO NORTH KOREA. Their last before we stopped them – as they had made those big NUKE BAZZAR technology transfers to the EU, to South Africa, to Israel all of which made the technology better – North Korea much better – Russia Grade WORLD KILLER HYDROGEN weapons. Will Putin give Rocket boy those 20 minute delivery weapons? Why not if things don’t go well with Trump. He can change the world order by export.

So economics has to run stability. We are working to invited levels with Pakistan leadership so urgent is this matter. Modi as well whose victory we so applaud for the future of the India economy passing China next year to be # 3 as Japan stays # 2 an Indonesia is a tie to China in # 4 really. All about the size of California no where near close to the USA.

Not combined in fact – Russia in recession and falling fast is in decline in sanction and trade war from Ukraine which cost Putin and his leaders some 3 trillion in growth since he did what? Well cost Russia 3 trillion dollars. Reforms in Russia stopped cold. Putin controls ( and owns personally ) the oil mineral and banking ( banking is in such trouble as majority of Russian banks are bad loan bankrupt and the Russia SUPER DEBT BUBBLE IF UNRESOLVED  ) is failed state fatal as well.

So no nation.. self sustainable in AI new economics outside policy to stimulate long term continuously rising internal consumption driving revenues to nation and tax base via the wide diversification and policies to rapidly develop their entrepreneur in nation class to secure the economics of ever rising internal consumption….as boom bust social unrest economics always occurs from import/export modeling…as in China and Russia….today……

CEO SPACE seeks to permanently resolve the problems of core economics for these host nations through low cost retainers to:

  1. Reset the entire sovereign nation debt account of current account payables into one SUPER BOND.
  2. Reset forward infrastructure into the SAME and only ONE globally underwritten SUPER BOND for that nation.
  3. In the Gulf we seek to favor the King of Jordon and Pakistan as our examples of economic long term prosperity.
  4. CEO SPACE coordinates SUPER RUSH entrepreneur laws frame work and development in nations
  5. AI turns on UNLIMITED CAPITAL moving forward for nations with such sustained economic modeling.

Why is the time running out of Pakistan on FOREIGN AIDE budgeting which can turn on a political dime?


Lack of INCOME.

In a nation rising rapidly to 500,000 million in population trading with Asia and China and the EU and the USA, Pakistan is being mineral raped and under traded with in fair market terms. Before the infrastructure to elevate all that upgrades, stability in floor accounts must be released. Why?


AI economics is new economics. No one has theory for the unfolding pace of AI Economics and SUPER CHANGE. Nations better develop theories fast as your economics are now at risk when driven by older models of economics which are dead, buried and gone – no longer exist – but nations make fatal policy based on University antique retired economic theory – as the only software on the brains of their advisers. The WORLD is now inside a NEW CASINO CAPITALISM where every price and capital flow is controlled by AI moving 440 trillion around the globe with no humans – a first for human beings – all new – never tried before – an uncontrolled unfolding economic market distortion outside all central bank and regulatory control let alone real influence.

….today bad brains…old economist brains….advise nations on old retired policies fully outdated and no longer working….at all…and policies are being made between nations and in nations from this bad obsolete mental software on the brains of advisers who diluded fully just KNOW THEY ARE RIGHT…when outcomes if your reading demonstrate the experts are wrong…over and over ….as in the last jobs report in America…wrong by 90% wrong – now thats WRONG…folks…and POLICIES are made with zero appreciation as new brain software is not loaded on the adviser super computer above their necks – and flashing IVY LEAQUE DEGREES around today means – you are not a MUSK SUPER CHANGE BRAIN and you are left in the dust of real market plays – as Tesla again hands short sellors a blood bath…experts wrong we are right again? Why? We wrote the BOOK SUPER CHANGE releasing this OCTOBER and decade of blog tracking – first and leading – that – we are INSIDE A NEW ECONOMIC – AN AI ECONOMIC FOR WHICH THE WORLD HAS BEEN LEFT BEHIND as a new serious danger rising to our markets failing…at least so says the IMF this weekend if you scroll…and how important is THAT say to Nancy first grade…..with her ladies at recess….Oh Donny can’t play with us I don’t like Donny… comparison?




No state can prosper and survive unless its 350,000,000 grown ups pay voluntary income tax to support transportation, sewer, water, growth investing, warehousing, power grids and more. NO NATION CAN.

Today in June at mid year we see what in Pakistan? Keeping in mind in our own voluntary system try out not paying your taxes. The consequence is the IRS will track down a single mother, yank her out of her car, impound the card perhaps or not giving her the child in the back ( may go to child services ) and they will collect their back tax with penalities and interest. THAT IS VOLUNTARY INCOME TAX IN THE USA. Hence not wishing a city of 5 million illegal alien invaders coming into the USA as a new annual city of costs – no one can pay for as they do not as undocumented pay social services they just consume social services.

Imagine the cost of aging everything in Pakistan. Imagine the social cost of aging and care required. Soaring. Imagine a major nation defense cost with rising radical muslim mayhem everywhere nation wide? Imagine security? Imagine its contest with nations – chose me – no chose me you Nuke leader chose me.

Americans as your cornerstone concept know NOTHING ABOUT PAKISTAN and its beauty history and cultures. YOUR FAKE NEWS on Pakistan as large and rich as the USA is false and really just FAKE SPIN – follow the money on that. Much of it India.


  1. In Pakistan less than 1% pay income tax and 99% pay zero.
  2. Today the Prime Minister and leadership begged their folks to pay income tax and declare income and wealth?
  3. Such begging is the END folks not the start. PAKISTAN is stating WE CAN NOT SURVIVE AND GROW.
  4. Without causing PANIC Pakistan is stating if you fail to comply and pay ( until we can AI and make you pay ) we can go bankrupt. Why?
  5. Same reason as failed state China. SUPER DEBT BUBBLES and bad loans at banks – the majority of Russia and China assets in the communist nation of economic core abuse for decades – is now critical risk to institutional fail when any run out of financial sectors – which IS now occurring in China ( as we alerted you ) and IS now spilling over into Pakistan – hence this begging to pay taxes – which is a joke to those in Pakistan – they are not paying.

So the FAILED STATE in AI economics can no longer rely on the bulk heads sustaining core bad economics or abuse of system via leverage – stealing loans to never repay them over decades of time – piling up bad paper as good assets until the day you just can’t do it any longer…what happens them – without our own SUPER BOND solutions? Which are frankly not easy or uncomplicated either to reach underwriters well in an entirely new SOVEREIGN NATION BOND CLASS of global assets coming to market? Curtains folks.

The only missing item is the AI TRIGGER EVENT when the Tsunami of SHORT SELLING AND CAPITAL FLIGHT unfolds the nation’s Super Crash and core system failure. What China fails to appreciate in reading its own TEA LEAVES is the SPEED which which AI can reverse its own best laid plains from old sick brains with old obsolete economic software both advisers and XI’s team rely on as fact and accurate – when it is all in economics in reality – FAKE NEWS. Trump knows THAT and is trying not to create undo panic to sink CHINA but he can and he yet may.

In Pakistan the trigger event is negative red ink with 99% not paying any tax in nation. This economic reality is a receipt in a Nuke Nation for Nuke War. Will Pakistan sell some nukers – say 100 billion – a trillion for ten – to Saudi – and other rogue nations like Iran? Iran can sign Trumps agreement – why make NUKES they can sanction free just buy NUKES – or ring RUSSIA protection all around themselves like a warm blanket and Russia needs those bucks to off set its bankrupt financial sector AI could take down in 72 seconds.

Russia can hit the USA in 20 minutes next year.

The USA reply removes Russia as a people and as a nation in 60 minutes from firing.

AI takes Russia down or any nation like Saudi down to its floor boards – all markets and banks close up – or Pakistan in 72 minutes.

Economic confidence is now more important as policy than economic reality.

Pakistan could use some NEW AI ECONOMIC OPTIONS as the way forward because the old brains advising her leadership are wrong and the cost is beyond Russia and China as ill with economic EBOLA kids themselves in economics, have only one way forward together. Truly.

MAKE DEALS WITH THE USA and make them very fast indeed.

The risk to China and Pakistan is – China fails to see the truth and acts in Japan on old obsolete Fake News economics as if that economic code is in fact accurate and real. Said another way XI fires off his strength to only discover later his team loaded him ( just like Nancy;s team ) with not silver bullets but with real and true BLANKS having no power at all.

Trump then fires STEALTH ECONOMIC EMP weapons into China and AI removes market liquidity in 72 minutes later this year and China SUPER CRASHES. The recovery time from this CHINA SUPER CRASH is a new world order and consumes five decades ( SEE JAPAN and its 30 years following its crises ).

Deflation is a bitch to modern economics bluffing against SUPER DEBT SUPER BUBBLES which require only one AI trigger to fully and finally burst.

All the CENTRAL BANKS AND THE IMF can not repair this humpty dumpty fall and Pakistan gets WIPED OUT from China spill over as China money and trade just stop. COLD like a walk in freezer to the world of circulations.

Competition is the first display of human insanity.

Listen to me.

Thats right.

COMPETITION is an insane human thought impulse – the next generation of humans are fully removing.

Yes its true.

Now imagine heaven is the complete absence of competitive insanity – everyone is sane in conditional integrity as immortal spirits who read each others thoughts – interacting with only integrity and unconditional love co creation and support.

Now imagine hell is eternal insanity – absent all integrity – or cooperation – or unconditional love and support.

Which do our brains model as good…and from good…upon the earth?

This science is documented for WORLD LEADERSHIP TEAM SOFTWARE in the five star always backordered hard copy world wide book at Amazon ( REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION BY BERNY DOHRMANN ). All past Presidents have it perhaps you should read it. The blue print for your home work space nation and faith is inside those pages.

NATIONS IN NEW AI ECONOMICS compete and they perish.

Nations in NEW AI ECONOMICS cooperate and they THRICE.

As AI has a count and timer going we have between now and 2025 to upgrade our mental softare.





ONE SIDE TAKES MAXIMUM ADVANTAGE OF THE OTHER – which sometimes must stop by cost – red lines and economics to force SANITY into the mix.

Pakistan – 1% pay income tax.

Unless the economics the CORE ECONOMICS move into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM – China Russia and Pakistan are frankly going to fall and fall very hard.

The world is working so they see the way up and the way out.

However their leaders must change their mind – as their software frankly is buggy awful code and leads to destruction of what they themselves all wish for…the sustained prosperity that is so close…if they can upgrade their core software.

My Monday note to leader readers world wide:

…all prices and markets are under control of new AI economics the world has never known before – evolving so rapidly no frame work of nation to control moderate or regulate the new economics exists or is even being planned today – so rapid is the SUPER CHANGE – where the CAPACITY OF HUMAN BEINGS AND THEIR CURRENT GENERATION OF SYSTEMS has been exceeded – capacity to adapt to SUPER CHANGE has now been exceeded – and not seeing that this reality has occured Human beings default into – denail and that is the way we have always done things around here….which is fatal to unfolding AI economics which beyond laws and politics reward economic reality ( sound systemic modeling ) and punish in time frames and VAM ( VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM ) punishments of capital dyring up – institutions who are out of integrity – say in the EU Italy Spain Greece and Porteguel as unsutained economic states and China Pakistan and Russia in SUPER DEBT “SUPER BUBBLES” The size and scale of bad loans held as sham good assets in economic institutions – MUST SOON REBALANCE. We propose SUPER BONDS to save the nations from their own debt abuse as our authorities in markets state – SUPER BOND THEORY INSERTS SANITY AND TIME TO WORK IT ALL OUT – and without that TIME that precious new SUPER BOND TIME LINE ( itself running out of not fast tracked ) – the JIG IS UP AND AI WILL COLLAPSE NATIONS AND THE CORE SYSTEM GLOBALLY FOR US ALL. Who says? THE IMF THIS WEEKEND….did you read it – we reported it first as always here for our readers.

Compared to Nancy on her silly H&R POLITICS – hey FUCK IMPEACHMENT I PLAN TO PUT DONALD TRUMP IN JAIL me myself and my last face lift folks – after all my district is an economic failure why not extend my multi decade horror in economics from California ( the worst DEBTOR STATE IN THE WORLD ) into say – THE USA. Why bring down my district and my state. Diane and I can before we check out to the Alzheimer funny farms why we can unite HATRED AND DISRESPECT into new H&R POLITICS the market ( her scattering market ) loves – just loves and can not get enough of obstruction and HATRED as the NEW POLITICS IN AMERICA – taking Obama to a new standard – they GO LOW WE GO TO THE DEBTHS OF THE DEEPEST GLOBAL TRENCH UPON THE EARTH UNDER WATER WE ARE SO LOW UNTIL WE ALL CAN NOT EVEN BREATH OURSELVES ( indicted for crimes in the pure insanity of competition mental expression versus cooperation. THE ECONOMICS PRESENTED HERE IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT and The TRUMP TEAM is well working on all these complex issues – bringing it together in fact – ITS IS COMPLICATED AND ITS NOT EASY TO BRING INTEGRITY BACK WHERE IT IS LACKING IN DEAL MAKING…..Nancy inside insanity …is just a mess expect her complete failure to appreciate or understand the RISK TO AMERICA in her AI ECONOMIC dark hole of any intelligence on this reality …an old brain fatally looped in old buggy non performing software of the mind – capable of her 20 year invention the POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISRESPECT – H&R POLITICS NANCY PELOSI. The sit coms are getting it all finally. Mentored by Reagan himself my sound bite to the failure of Nancy Pelosi as just a mess ..every time she sits out her H&R Platform is……OH THERE YOU GOOOO AGAIN WITH THE PELOSI DOSEY DOE. Media WILL even on her tribe by the OWNERS increasingly use these tag lines – as the truth and because hey – she is insane truly.

THE WORLD NEEDS SANITY AND SUSPENSION OF H&R POLITICS today. Putin is doing way better than most to bring the world back together and in his world he is winning with his circle – anyone notice. His muted words have power as he suggests truth.

Fake Putin news – they are not manipulating our elections the want good trade to rebuild RUSSIA.


Reagan brings down the wall and the SOVIET UNION dissolved into modern RUSSIA.

A deal is made. Nations wishing to be independant we’ll let them but they may fail economically and many are in fact doing just that. These are our speakers culture and world war II influence zones – you agreed by treaty not to influence into. With wall deal Reagan agreed Nato would NOT MOVE EAST into our trading spheres that was and is our deal.

Then GW Bush moves Nato East.

We complain big time you broke your deal. GW BUSH and I agreed and the NATO CREEP STOPPED.

Obama moved NATO EAST To Ukraine.

As UKraine a largely RUSSIAN economy for gas transport to the EU and now a not EU friendly President duly elected wishes a RUSSIA PACK ( as was always agreed to our influence former member of the Soviet Union ) the West would OT MOVE NATO EAST but Obama tore up that agreement.

Obama helped take the RUSSIA UKRAINE FRIENDLY ELECTED PRESIDENT OUT because he would not join Nato nor join the EU. PUTIN Had WARNED THE USA since the Reagon Deal – Bush Daddy – Clinton – BUSH SON –




Russia no longer amused at our ouster of the elected UKRAINE PRESIDENT moved into their Russian Speaking Russia wishing – population in the North ( and say TEN BILLION OF PORT ACCESS FOR SHIPPING TRADE AND WAR TO THE MEDITERRANEAN ) all under threat from ousting ( USA OUSTING ) the Russia leaning PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE who won the election – he flees to RUSSIA and Russia takes over NORTH UKRAINE stating – any more NATO CREEP BREACHING YOUR AGREEMENT Is going to cost you AMERICA by the trillions – which it has while RUSSIA made it all back anyway in the 2007 digital attack on our markets – and their digital attack to our markets now is so much AI more advanced than 2007. They are not firing save in little min battles to let us KNOW as they want to make a deal.

China and Russia wish to make deals to be INCLUDED IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER PLANNING WITH AMERICA AND THE EU. That is the agenda.

If it works out we all prosper.


AI economics will punish anything less and reward anything along this outcome – and nations have no influence over that PUNISHMENT OR REWARD ANY LONGER.


The punishment is beyond history in VAM today.

Instant VAM.

So with Pakistan so NUKE VITAL to world peace – how does a failed economic state running completely out of TIME the final asset reform to prosper?

We say SUPER BONDS waiting for the plane ticked. We’ll keep you informed ( after the confidential in nation work unfolds to benefit the 350 million wonderful human beings in Pakistan – with prosperity and peace – with the one and the only solution we see today ).

BEGGING FOR the 99% to please pay their income tax – how is THAT working out for you boys? Think AI is going to take a pass on that sound bite – think again. VAM IS COMING AND IT IS COMING FOR YOU – such sound bites are fatal in new AI economics where perception is economics today.


More to follow – as my readers know more than many leaders….as you rely on one phrase….RIGHT AGAIN !

Berny Dohrmann – & TEAMS ON WHAT “IS” REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE – Nancy is melting trust me power shed !