It remains OUR OPINION the single most negligent NATIONAL SECURITY FIDUCIARY BREACH AND DERELICTION OF DUTY at the DOD at the NSA at the Us Treasury at the White House in the committee’s at congress remains the failure to engage Kevin Freeman author of THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN and myself author of REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION AND SUPER CHANGE because our Plan for MARS – Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION is the one and the only Super Bullet to save the entire economic system of the world today. The AH and Box Top rules bringing about LED ( Liquidity EVAPORATION DAY ) LED DAY – is AI ECONOMICS – DEBT SUPER BUBBLE ( IN BOND MARKETS ) – BURSTING – DEFAULT CASCADING – ALL DIGITAL – TRIGGERING MARGIN CALLS WITHOUT LIQUIDITY TO OFF SET THE SUPER CRASH AND LIQUIDITY SYSTEMIC FREEZE UP.

Super Bond Theory working as the one and the only silver bullet – inserting TIME to the RISK of the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE – gives us time to develop and execute MARS not only in the USA but for all nations in the G 100. Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION in digital AI economics.

Folks no one is thinking through the core risk to our NATIONAL ABSOLUTE SECURITY is the increasingly accelerated SUPER CHANGE to the all new AI ECONOMIC SYSTEM which took over everything else in 2014 – all outside any regulatory frame work.

For example – Larry Fink at Blackrock has more economic influence upon the global system today, than all the central bankers combined into one. Read that sentence again. He and Carlyle – two of the less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS – less than a decade ago passed one trillion dollars in money under management – as these pools consolidate to abject warnings this week of systemic melt down and collapse by Christine at the weekend economic summits – as to new AI RISK IS NOW FULLY ON from what we are telling you all ( again and again ) here. Two leading Hedge Funds with Larry FINK as far more influential to the core system than CHAIRMAN POWELL OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD – as Larry controls with Carlyle ( now that is just two largely unregulated global super money pools ) a decade later – 13 trillion circulation dollars rising to 20 very soon. At no time in history has such WEALTH CONSOLIDATION occurred into largely unregulated super money pools with zero alliance into rule of law or nations – only rule of profit – driven by AI and wild never seen before market speculations for greed outcome and profit. Until revised at core systemic levels as called for in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Without the fix called for in that work – the system must fail completely. THE DOOMSDAY ECONOMIC CLOCK is in its final minute of time today.   Kevin and I have led this charge for five years and now the IMF Get it. Our legal counsel and father of SUPER BOND THEORY at Hughes and Hubbard leading sovereign nation bond fund packager – are also advising Christine with her leading team so she is banging the SUPER RISK bell ( and no one has listened for half a decade ) . No one listens now so blinded by AI greed and profits they only believe they are creating RISKLESS RISK markets when in fax that theory is a real oxymoron joke in core economics anyway.

Delusional. Economics. Ignorant politicians not seeing the truth within unlimited donations to fly forward wearing money masks.

As always to the SUPER RUN UP before the total system killer crash. Lucking ahead now where. IN GLOBAL BOND MARKETS.

All eyes are on Japan in days.

Will XI with his hard liners and press – create a dopey jujitsu pull down with Trump ( after all XI”s bestie and best best buddy as he said in press last week while sitting like a Little Chinese boy in his best gay boys lap is PRESIDENT PUTIN his mentor and grand master in judo anyway. Pull your enemy down flat with their own weakness and momentum.

As George Bush said so unwell to the world on Saudi once…full me once and you full me….full me again and I fool myself.

All eyes on Japan. IF XI has some way to revise a year of work, 1000 folks creating agreement on 150 pages all signed off on, and then to finish it – with maximum USA insult and hugs and happy dance with PUTIN and all their allies – XI sends a cable to Treasury and the White house – a cabal – no heads up – no courtesy respect or phone call and the cabal setting up the final week of negotiation based on the JUJITSU lessons from PUTIN to XI – pull Trump flat to the mat – hey no deal on any of those 150 lines – April FOOLS in May – jokes on you silly idiots – commies win capitalist lose. And what can TRUMP DO as we have circled TRUMP with Biden and Nancy whom we made a deal with as we manipulate US ELECTIONS TO GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE as Trumps team have our criminal dial up number….can’t have that can we. GO NANCY – little more surgery and she’ll look like an older Chinese woman and can move. Best outcome for America.

So XI is advised a) he has all the silver bullets and b) his economy can’t really be hurt by the USA and c) Trump can’t reply hard line because Trump will lose the election.

Now then to Trump – if he can only lose the election he earns two billion more first year out of office in wealth. Listen to me. Thats right. It cost Trump billions to donate his small six figure Salary to Charity….which he has done as PRESIDENT. The largest individual pay raise in the history of FREE CAPITALISM is Trump losing the election.

But he can’t. Trump will win by a landslide and Nancy is in a whirlpool of shit going down her own bath tub drain into high crimes real evidence and Nancy will be out before all this is done.

One thing is constant since 2014 – and for 30 years before.

If you attack DONALD TRUMP – his family or his brand – DONALD TRUMP ATTACKS YOU BACK WITHOUT MERCY. if you are lying and Donald Trump is telling the truth – you die out there Nancy. Nancy you wore STORMY DANIELS INTO THE RIP TIDE OF YOUR OWN SHIT STORM OF FRAUD FAKE NEWS AND LIES – caught with say 1000 absolute lies since 2015. Now with Stormy stating I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH DONALD TRUMP via her what is it 999th legal counsel ( they don’t last but for a chat room term of time ) – one can see the suffering of his family one FAKE LIE COSTS. Does the PRESS APOLOGIZE OR DO ANY RESPECT. No sir. The bought paid for and press – owned by less than 50 HATE TRUMPERS move into NEXT FAKE NEWS.

There ought to be Justice reform – campaign finance reform and most important revision of slander liable and privacy laws for anyone in public service.  THE THIRD ESTATE was the PONY EXPRESS at the time of the US CONSTITUTION. The third estate can legally have STANDARDS not censorship and CHECKS AND BALANCES in digital fake news space and time. There is no consequence for political manipulations far beyond a few face books from rogue Putin teams….are you kidding me…..Nancy is failing to govern creating a planned SUPER CRASH and setting up the end of the west and America as we know it – her plan is working. Is it a crime?


So children let’s do some third grade economic question and answers for real national security. With NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND in K to 12 education it is gong to be on your F-CAT examinations children. Listen up. This pop quiz defines your nations economic welfare and security or we all see financial institutions ( only insurance institutions will be fair best ). Your law makers and leaders can not answer this POP quiz which is the DOOMS DAY NEGLIGENCE OF THEIR LEADERSHIP – lack of economic wisdoms.


Answer: By many times greater than the Mortgage Market itself is the in nation and between nation and global BOND DEBT MARKET which manages over 100 trillion of circulations that is the economy that creates liquidity and financing for everything from food to 5 G to transportation and energy communication and entertainment and innovation from health care to IT.


The BOND BOMB became armed and the global economic system killer in 2014. Since that time the teh spiral into AI controlled fully leveraged bond investing has become a sink hole for liquidity to global market risk. So lets think of Sub Prime as the Mediterranean Sea of liquidity and money circulations. What caused the 2007 world wide SUPER CRASH and the world wide GREAT RECESSION that almost closed all financial institutions and shut down the world of trade worse than in the 1929 Great Depression? Do you know? If you don’t now how can you make new laws and protect national security for your nation?


Super Change was the first cause. The advance of unlimited leverage, and AI to allow the stable mortgage industry globally of 100 years to become a casino of wild speculations. To make profits – the industry leaders – as soon in 1999 in the last three hours of the BILL CLINTON CONGRESS before Christmas break – congress votes unanimously ( all voting for our doomsday ) – crashing 100% of the wise safety net DEPRESSION LAWS of the 1930’s into the dust of history. In the first 12 months this creates such casino capitalism with super leverage into technology stocks, we have a DOT.BOMB CRASH driven in part by technology bond failures into defaulting cascades the world never saw before triggering MASSIVE MARGIN Calls to the new DIGITAL AI leverage.

Then the consolidating casino OWNERS –  1.5 million super money pools in 2001 – became less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS by 2008 and controlling more wealth circulations ( 440 fully leveraged into every single asset class ) with AI doing the driving – as new economics – AI new economics. No one had experience with. In the MID 2001 to 2007 we see SUPER CHANGE IN MORTGAGE CORE MARKETS spreading like an ECONOMIC EBOLA globally, and to our knowledge we remained the FIRST BELL WARNING FOR YEARS ON THE UNEXPECTED BUT FOR SURE OUTCOMES TO FOLLOW.

The OWNERS created Super Mortgage pools – to buy mortgages with point discounts into the pools that would administrate the mortgage pool to profit – to full term and banks – or lenders of all forms including 1000’s of new shadow banking unregulated MORTGAGE LENDERS ON LINE NOW stiffing our regulatory oversight – in all nations – engaged in the wildest mortgage speculation of all time. This profit making masking is still taking place zero change. LISTEN TO ME. THATS RIGHT. No one has fixed anything not at core systemic level.

So no risk to banks. Or lenders. They sold the mortgages into the SUPER POOLS and with fresh cash became a feeder for profit to the SUPER CASINO POOLS. To upgrade profits in the new developing first time ever digital AI leveraged global market space, the OWNERS authorized SUPER POOLS. Now localized mortgage pools buying retail mortgages packaged by lenders for resale say in the New York State Market – could sell into pools spreading risk over NEW ENGLAND AND MID ATLANTIC REGIONAL SUPER POOLS. Pools sold into SUPER POOLS. It became given the speed of these fully STRUCTURED ASSETS NOW to from a credit rating or analyst review – tell say the buyers of such SUPER POOLS – often pension funds and sovereign nation wealth funds – what the real credit standing of any one SUPER POOL was to market. The Super Pool industry was an economic SUPER CHANGE EVENT. The Super Pools had no “there there” . The structured asset landscape was like MLM marketing plans. This one is better now this one is new and even better and it all moves to never ending Super Changing evolutions. No more there there. All rated AAA MORTGAGE SECURITIES by criminally conflicted credit rating agencies – paid by the OWNERS then and paid by the OWNERS TODAY to secure the ratings the OWNERS WISH because ah hem – they the OWNERS PAY for the ratings in the first place. A obsolete system devoid of integrity – a competitive versus cooperative capitalism ( read REDEMPTION FOR NEW TERMS IN AI ECONOMICS ) – where the WOLVES AND THE LIONS are paid to guard the economic chickens….how’d did that work out again? But we keep it all going why?

This was become a system mortgage stretch to breaking point already when the OWNERS INTRODUCED in 2015 SUPER DUPER POOLS. Now the Regional Pools went into fully NATIONAL and GLOBAL SUPER DUPER DUPER POOLS. In this fully AI leveraged shell game spiralling up 100 trillion too quickly for regulator agencies to keep pace with – like in any ponzi shell game – those holding the final pools only held pure crap in ever highest % of defaulting paper. To save the nations and institutions of the world for side bets that cost over 100 trillion in pure loss – nations secured their own debt – 11 trillion in the USA alone – to save the core system by tax payers underwriting the CRIMINAL OWNERS from LOSS OF ANY KIND.

Now in economics this abuse of core system must one day rebalance. Keep that principle children in your F CAT score testing.



You are ignorant of the cause still? Well how would you ever hope to avoid repeating that cause? If you think the THEY OUT THERE understand the cause and THEY ARE PROTECTING US ALL – you fail to appreciate the economic ignorance and the fake news and denial of the OWNERS to assure blame never sends the OWNERS into prison. The fix is in to pay small fines and make it look like punishment when it is really CRIME PAYS MOST when CRIME IS LARGE ENOUGH TO SCALE.

The SECRET WEAPON by Kevin Freeman years after our blog reported the news on the first crash day – that – the AXIS OF EVIL had taken advantage of the SYSTEMIC SPECULATION BY THE OWNERS and they fired the first – fully hardened – digital economic weapon – into the market place of the bond world. THEY ATTACKED THE WORLD MARKET with digital UNBRIDLED SHORT SELLING. Depression laws to outlaw such short selling were collapsed at Christmas in 1999 and signed into law by Bill Clinton. The result in 2007 was a FIRST EVER DIGITAL WARFARE ATTACK ON CORE ECONOMICS seeking to end US DOLLAR RESERVE CURRENCY TRUST AND CONFIDENCE – first – collapse and close financial institutions as financial stability and liquidity evaporates form the system, liquidity froze the system  and only the G 100 cooperating versus competing – and way way too late did what we told those at the top – and via this blog – over and over – TEMPORARILY MAKE GLOBAL SHORT SELLING ILLEGAL – which they did and when they did it the ECONOMIC DIGITAL WEAPON STOPPED COLD. Stability and liquidity returned.

Now children the 2007 – 2010 digital attacks were TESTS by enemy nations who earned trillions which the west lost. They won every battle. They made ungodly profits. In old times we used military and soldiers to reposition asset wealth between nations ( real wars ). Today we reposition asset wealth with the first ever DIGITAL WARS. The Digital wars wealth transfer without any bloody body count. In this first war we know the following children:

  1. Who did it
  2. How they did it
  3. Why they did
  4. Where they did it
  5. How they would do it again


Law makers of the world are largely attorney’s as in the UK. These law makers fiddle while ROME BURNS. The fires are all digital. The war is in the clouds. The Dark Web. Ever new AI doomsday software – AI attacking AI. Everything in test mode since 2007. And the surprising ECONOMIC PEARL HARBOR EASY WIN – almost closed it all down. In a first ever test only. Since then these weapons have been so hardened.

Every AI software has been hacked. The Owners of the WEST now have hacked all owners of the East. The Owners of the EAST have hacked and are hacking all owners of the WEST.

Cooperative capitalism if it evolves within new integrity can fix and save the economics of the world.

Failed obsolete competitive capitalism/socialism is on last tightening spring to SUPER CRASH IN DEBT BOND BOMB EXPLOSIONS. Time is not running low…time is running out. The cause is leadership ignorance as SUPER CHANGE is too fast toay for human customary adaptation. WE HAVE PASSED OUR HUMAN ABILITY TO ADAPT TO THE SUPER CHANGE WE OURSELVES INVENTED. For five years Kevin Freeman and CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL the world’s largest leading Entrepreneur community have been ringing the bell for SOLUTION AND FIX in the hallways of leadership in DC. Everyone says we are right. No one says it is my job responsibility and we will take ( As Tony Robbins teaches – leadership fails in endless consideration and succeeds with MASSIVE ACTION ). World wide we have massive consideration and zero action. Politics lead economics off a cliff.

Today the SUPER DIGITAL WEAPONS ARE FAR MORE DANGEROUS THAN 2007. Children you all appreciate that is true right?


The spiral of wealth into global SUPER DUPER DUPER POOLS NOW INCLUDES:

  1. Loans on all asset classes and fantastic ever rising margin credit – to fully speculative side bets in markets.
  2. Bonds are the lubricant where 1% of the OWNERS hold more wealth and bonds than 99% own or hold.
  3. All the 100’s of trillions of leveraged bond trading is conducted now by leveraged maximally AI including margins on the actual Super Pools – Super Duper Pools and SUPER DUPER DUPER GLOBAL Pools that include what?
  4. Mortgages – corporate borrowing – car loans – student loans – consumer credit out of control – structure assets B to B and individual to B and individual to individual – family corporation transfer to ETC AI – deposits at all institutions bar none but insurance trillions ( safest ) are in fully leveraged AI safe haven bond positions. 66 BILLION moving over last week – and rising. Out of equity bets into BOND SAFE HAVENS which it is not.
  5. Now pure bond crap on auto defaulting up to 33% worse in global criminal student loan scams, consumer credit, sub prime, other commodity asset classes – junk corporate paper all inside AAA RATED GLOBAL SUPER BOND POOLS. The worst fraud lies and bond pools in CHINA. Now defaulting like dominoes.



Well Trump contrary to hater FAKE NEWS is the first President having ECONOMICS run politics not the other way around which for America is working in time frames never experienced before. Trump will likely delay if bluffed into it – and for shorter delay than last time – new tariff’s. Markets will soar and SUMMER BOND WEALTH WILL ROAR and ratched up by 100 trillion more in wild speculations in bond bets. AI will run it all up.

Then XI will with Putin JuJu pull Trump flat into 2020 election year – saying privately with his Chinese team laughing oin mats on the floor – SUCK-AH.

To Which Trump will say once again – CHECK MATE. This time into 2020 China will Super Crash. The whirl pool run of 5 trillion dollars of industry, investment and capital from Chinese bond and equity markets will beyond Communist to manage. They lack liquidity to manage LARRY FINK protecting just Blackrock let alone all the 10,000 global super money pools acting all at once. The bath tub train in China economics is a whirl pool sucking sound going into winter. Down employment. Down exports. Down manufacturing. Down Down Down the economic rapid hole from the XI last economic mistake and error. His advice and advisors were wrong and fail to see their own risk. Now banks are failing as are SRO’s like dominoes. There remains insufficient systemic leverage in China markets to successful return to stability.

China wheel wobble into SYSTEMIC INSTABILITY is so massive the IMF warned this weekend new AI ( from CHINA ) can manipulate markets into a system killer event. DARPA gives out multi million dollar grants to study why the rare sand darter species should not go extinct ? WHY THE FUCK NOT?

Darpa has no millions for MARS and MUTUALLY ASSURE “RECONSTRUCTION” without MARS our system and way of life end in 90 minutes from the next DIGITAL WARFARE ATTACK INTO OUR ECONOMIC MARKET – AI TO AI WARS.

In five years we are told and told again – you have the only solution we have seen – but we lack AUTHORITY to study and execute. So no one does anything—- hence KEVINS BOOK GAME PLAN – get your own because your nation has NO GAME PLAN. They will not save us all. They are too ignorant of the economics staying with Crammer when such economics are systems dead and buried in 2014. THE NEW AI ECONOMICS has no oversight – regulation – governance – box top rules – is super changing every 90 days – way too rapidly for regulatory authorities without a complete RETHINK to even fabricate congressional budget and tool upgrading to secure new regulatory advances into the ever accelerating SUPER CHANGE. Gomez hire Kevin and I to advise your appropriation emergency bill to save the rest of us? NEW REGULATORY IP IS REQUIRED FOR NEW AI SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS.

So the trigger as the IMF warned this very weekend – is:

  1. AN AI DIGITAL WEAPON fired into the BOND MARKET to which we have zero defense.
  2. Deflating the over leveraged over risk in contaminated bond markets – think of the bond  market as sub prime bonds in fake news triple AAA packages of credit crap. THE BIG FUTURE SUPER SHORT WEALTH – WORLD BOND MARKETS.
  3. Likely possible outcomes – XI AND TRUMP make FAKE NEWS NICE markets roar – Fed drops interest which they should not do – markets ROAR from free phony money speculation into casino bonds and equities and future markets – XI slaps Trump again and so does PUTIN after a honey moon set up to hurt Trump in his election – as BIDEN is bought and paid for now with Nancy – to get TRUMP who has the enemy clearly in the cross hairs OUT if possible – when TRUMP closes CHINA DOWN and turns Russia into a recession PUTIN has never known before.  XI and PUTIIN focus internally on riots and revolutions.
  5. Markets seize up into a world depression beyond 1929 – no trade – EBOLA spreads world wide and all travel stops – all economics stop – and anarchy civil wars – and marshal law rule the end of the OLD POST WORLD WAR II WORLD ORDER AS THE NEW WORLD ORDER develops into real shooting wars as human extinction may flow from this AI last battle in which the winner may be AI not humanity.

The risk is absolute.

This is the cause and reason.

We compete and we perish in Super Change and developing AI economics.

We cooperate and we PROSPER TOGETHER in Super Change and developing AI economics.

Nancy empowered by total ignorance of all this and unlimited XI and PUTIN support and money now – unites all populations of Russia influence citizens USA and Asia citizens USA to vote BIDEN and hate TRUMP OUT. This will fail as the truth will show Nancy is losing her crew and is melting down for real crimes and evidence against HER now – and frankly this dealing she just did outside the nation is another crime against America. NANCY IS BREACHING HER DUTIES TO THE CONSTITUTION by failing to pass a US BUDGET – damaging our credit rating – which can not be blamed on Trump – and in doing so commiting a congressional crime. Failure to discharge constitutional required legislation in a timely set manner.  HER LOOP HOLES ARE CRIMES.

CRIMES NANCY IS NOW IN TARGET BY Attorney General Barr and a fully rallying JUSTICE DEPARTMENT to finally REDEEM ITSELF from the crooks – and those career professionals GET IT and are GLAD to unwind the politics from real JUSTICE.NANCY knows well she is about to BE THE STORY with no let up at all – and lose her office powers and herself and team go to prison. AS HER TEAM get indicted and called in one by one they will RAT HER OUT with emails – with files – with tapes – she has no clue that her own team made to keep their ass out of PRISON. 50 years of inside work in Washington and we journalist have our own fully protected sources. Feel free to reach out on your burner phones to me – 256 850 4715 and they’ll set up calls no one knows about. Keep those leaks coming – as the truth is melting NANCY down. What does panic look like? When large teams of leaders are in for an end to their CRIME SPREE in office? A CLEAN HOUSE TRUMP PROMISED WHEN HE SAID – WE WILL DRAIN THE SWAMP.

Nancy is the lead alligator in that mud pond and she is surrounded by others going down or turning on NANCY. Children how do you think that will all play out in markets as the Putin XI team use all that to STRIKE US AGAIN AND HARDER THAN 2007?

While NANCY works on the Politics of H&R – HATRED AND RAGE as DISTRACTIONS to diminish Justice Giants who are coming just for her teams. NEXT.

That is what is going on in DC and the world.

When you see everyone run into BONDS it is the DOOMSDAY FINAL BREAK when bond defaulting cascades overwhelm China in Massive BOND DEFAULT and runs out of all BONDS. Today China has lost the ability to manage bond liquidity in its crap bond markets. China opens its crap markets to foreign investment. Trillions are sucked into the profits of China absolutely casino bond markets. Say China 100 institutional bonds. Then a couple weeks back – as a one day story the communist off like T Square day – in their AI brain washed 1 billion Chinese – but the west gets the story. Auditors of the PUBLIC TOP 100 Chinese Fortune firms – have in two of the audits – lost – as in disappeared and no one knows where- SIX BILLION DOLLARS CASH from cash accounts. Now those firms paying their bonds with all their cash moved by criminal insiders, criminal bankers, so all tracks are covered to auditors in less than 12 months – SIX BILLION – SIX THOUSAND MILLION IN PUBLIC CASH IN BANK ACCOUNTS DISAPPEARS? GONE?

The Super AI money pools roar into CHINA opening bond markets providing missing liquidity into China CRAP bond markets all up to the final minute – the liquidity evaporates day – LED DAY. POOF it is all gone and the world now loosing 100 trillion – in an hour – stops cold. Who is the THEY getting a solution? NO THEY no GAME PLAN.

Who is assuring we have MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION? To save us all?

NO ONE. Why?

Economic ignorance – the speed of SUPER CHANGE ( my new book in October ) and the outcome is now certain.

What can YOU DO? Well protect yourself.


Get rid of any investment strategy by SAFE HARBOR. Move over to diversified insurance investing a phrase LIFE FIRMS can’t even use but I use it.

  1. Move fixed income to annuity positions next week.
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  3. Move liquid savings to far higher yield in high return permanent insurance money management products.
  4. Enjoy the highest money returns permitted by law – with principle secured – with life insurance free from money management.
  5. When the system failed in 1929 the top leading insurance firms paid monthly saving wealth for insiders who knew.



You’ll die over time economically.


You’ll thrive over time economically.

READ KEVIN FREEMAN GAME PLAN he spells it all out for you as a leading Super Money Pool OWNER himself.

Folks it is time to get serious.

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Anything less – and your butt is blown off economically with all your feathers while your long neck beak is in your hidy hole every ostrager in denial choses.

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Remain in the casino corporate investing and personal investing in ETF AI and your at risk for a blood bath. We told you June 10th 2019. Always remember our date and our predictions….then we’ll see.

The light at the end of the Tunnel is the pressure wave of the AI NUKE MELT DOWN OF THE BOND BOMB EXPLODING IN CHINA.



PS: Actually I think Larry Fink should buy 50% of CEO SPACE – pre IPO – and advance SUPER BOND solutions and MARS to market ramping up another ten trillion of fain into his own lake…but what do Kevin and I know….hey they know it all…today. Smile. Cooperative capitalism blue printed in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION we all win globally. Competitive Capitalism socialism we all move to SYSTEM SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR – human affairs as usual – ignorant to the bone.