Nancy Pelosi I believe invented and patented H&R Politics. The platform of HATE THE OPPOSITION versus work with them. Her private brand – H&R THE POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISRESPECT – her invention and she leads it to this day. ( Trade mark owned by Nancy I’ll check next ? )  Though the majority of her followers have now run for the hills. As her invention is the politics of shame and blame. A great insanity in fact.

Going in to the Nancy Pelosi work to derail the ANNUAL STATE OF THE UNION address and embarrass President Trump I was CEO SPACE economic and both sides of the isle. I am still CEO SPACE Small Business both sides of the Isle. I am now Against Nancy Pelosi NEW POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISRESPECT. I agree today with President Trump that Nancy is a sorry bad loser and a political self interest that is single handedly shattering her own party and destroying versus building futures. Her politics make no sense.

Today Nancy returning from over sea’s was predictable. She labeled and sought to tarnish President Trump with her SOCIALISM. I switched for OUR CEO SPACE BUSINESS PLATFORM – WE OPPOSE NANCY PELOSI AND JOE BIDEN AS ABJECT SOCIALIST WITH ZERO AGENDA FOR THE FUTURE OF 39 million SMALL BUSINESS that CEO SPACE represents as point of the spear. Other Democrats we include and love and appreciate – the majority of them – those rally to the PELOSI MAY POLE we oppose into 2020.

Today Nancy suggested Trump was a terrible leader of the United States. She wants open boarders.

This week the rising immigration is a monthly total of 164,000 we know of and double that we don’t. That is a city of 3 million invaders we have to pay roads, power, water, housing, sewage, garbage, schools, health care, social services, language schools, crime costs ( proven that ISIS is sending terror into this easy kill zone ) the USA.

A city of 3 million a year. 30 million a decade. A trillion from USA tax payers and what it will do to America is create a socialistic outcome Nancy Pelosi dreams of.

In the state of the Union Nancy Pelosi sat and directed her POLITICS OF HATRED any replay can see – look at her face – and her politics of disrespect to the leader duly elected – never at this PEAK of personal abuse of powers in office – in my long history anyway. Some of her team broke ranks and stood as they had to support the President one victory and milestone of the boom expansion after another – and Trump even said twice – your not supposed to stand on this – and THANK YOU – he bowed and thanked them and meant it emotionally. Nancy was hatred to her own folks and the President just hatred and disrespect.


Every Republican shot out of their chairs to full standing ovation. The entire gallery shot up applauding. For the longest applause of the entire session. No democrat stood at all. They all sat for socialism. At that visual and divide – CEO SPACE ENDORSED DONALD TRUMP FOR BUSINESS AND HIS TEAM FOR ECONOMIC POLICY FOR 2020 WIN.

TRUMP IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS says Yale democrat Schuller and CRAMMER while they both say BIDEN and NANCY IS NOT.

HATRED AND DISRESPECT at this level …I”m out.

Nancy stands to throw her own SHIT fresh from her own toilet – into Trumps face with her own hands if she can. He just won. He noted that AMERICA CANNOT STOP illegal immigration invasions of 3 million folks annually without MEXICO closing its eight lane freeway which includes ISIS and more coming in. LEGAL IMMIGRATION NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Nancy wants UNLIMITED ASYLUM – lets process MILLIONS INTO ASYLUM and build a nation no longer AMERICA at all ….socialism imported and she has her own dream.

If you want to see the failure of this politician – go to my birth city Nancy has no history inside of but failure. HISTORY LESSON.


Pat Brown is Gerry Browns father as Governor. When I came up I knew Pat and Mayor Allioto. My family the DOHRMANN FAMILY HAS THIS HISTORY IN OUR AND MY CITY MULTI GENERATIONAL GERMANS:

  1. My great great grandfather is the surgeon general to the KING of Denmark a GERMAN ROYAL BARON as am I as the oldest Male inheriting that title. Old proud German stock. His son arrives with a broken arm on the barbery coast of San Francisco.
  2. He and his son create the largest resort out fitter in the world DOHRMANN HOTEL SUPPLY. This was the MACY BUILDING In Union Square until 2014 proud and tall for our family
  3. A causeway connected the EMPORIUM DEPARTMENT STORE CHAIN Headquarters for that multi state west coast leading big box store chain – my Grandfather ABC Dohrmann was Chairman.
  4. Grandfather rebuilt the Saint Francis Hotel in Union Square and I’ll meet you at the CLOCK in the lobby is how I grew up in the 1950’s – Grandfather put in that CLOCK.
  5. Grandfather owned the largest newspaper – part of Western Airlines – cold storage and served on the board of the National Park Service put in Yosemite to protect it forever and built the Yowani hotel. The new owners kept a tribute to ABC Dohrmann still to this day from 1937 on a walk around outside in 2020.
  6. The family co founded the symphony the opera and the Bohemian club .
  7. The family and I build huge investment firms – my uncle Hamburg and Quist underwriting Apple and Silicon Valley – I created publicly trade INVEST AMERICA – INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND and we employed thousands in the bay area for decades. Bringing in enormous attention economy and growth.

I move to forge CEO SPACE for small business in conservative SPACE CITY HUNTSVILLE ALABAMA to roll tide and raise my second brood in more conservative Christian innocence by choice – great decision. After twenty years we moved CEO SPACE to Tampa Florida as our GLOBAL FOOT PRINT enlarged still and always with founding CLUBS serving Small Business in SAN FRANCISCO. Today standing room only events occur sponsored by a global insurance carrier hosting CEO SPACE club meetings in San Francisco.

Our contribution, legacy and pride in SAN FRANCISCO includes my own mentorship and economic help for decades to so many leaders in SILICON VALLEY from the 1960s to today. Nancy has not paid untold millions in federal and state taxes and my firms have and I earn my stripes in CONTRIBUTION generationally with a foundation family to the CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO my birth city and my children. The Dohrmann name goes on with my brothers INSTITUTIONAL REAL ESTATE NEWS for REITS and other sibling major and minor pay it forwards to our name. And credit.

During these years until I departed Pat Brown created:

  1. The # 1 transportation system
  2. The # 1 education system
  3. The # 1 lifestyle
  4. The # 1 entrepreneur friendly state
  5. The # 1 infrastructure in the world and nation

Under a generation later with Nancy and Pat Brown’s son as Governor we see:

  1. A declining 20 something decaying transportation system with road rage and average speeds of 5 miles an hour in many locations.
  2. The crash of education also now down from # 1 into the high 20’s and falling into the 30’s. Horrible trend.
  3. The worst lifestyle on many charts in the United States and often the world.
  4. The Most Hostile state and city for business in the world.
  5. The most costly place to reside in the USA with the declining worst infrastructure.

Under decades of Nancy San Fransisco as Donald Trump correctly reported – is the example of the worst homeless in the nation condition the worst drug problem the worst crime levels and murders all rising and – aides and illness – and health care dropping off a cliff – all on NANCY PELOSI SOCIALISM’S WATCH. She has created sanctuary cities to defy the federal government to humanitarian aide ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who broke our laws to break into our nation and are breaking them daily to remain in the nation.

So this FAILURE LEADER with a politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT is melting down completely. She now bashes TRUMP for his Tariff on Mexico which FIXED THE PROBLEM and in ONE WEEK the MEXICAN NATIONAL GUARD ARE BLOCKING OUR BORDERS as they damn well should have been doing when President FOX was President. RULE OF LAW is the future – lack of rule of law is chaos. NANCY is a DESTRUCTION TO ECONOMICS 101. Just that. Horrible.


Nancy Diane and Biden just last week came out with a PRESIDENT PLATFORM to ban all federal abortion funding in all fifty states. While opting for open borders with 3 million coming in with unlimited new unwanted births. Woman democrats noted the vote switch to TRUMP ( a pro life guy who respects the holy right of a woman over her body the state should not intrude upon ). Biden and Nancy changed horse seeing the LOSING HAND THEY PLAYED in 72 hours and came out next with HEY SCRAP ALL THAT WE ARE BACK ON GAME ( whatever fools the voters ) with THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT. No change sorry.

Biden and Nancy stand for the largest TAX RAISE IN AMERICAN HISTORY raising taxes to tear out our energy guts and models to secure 1.7 trillion estimates – which means unlimited socialist spending for self sustained much higher priced energy. Gasoline in Florida is found for 2.18 cents a gallon. Gasoline in NANCY LAND is around 4.87 cents a gallon or over 2.50 a gallon or 25 bucks every ten gallons more in SOCIALISM ENERGY. California now has the highest water cost in the nation raised in draught. When the draught is over and it is all over – no one lowers the price back from the highest in all fifty states. Meanwhile 76% of the fires creating annual trillion dollars of damage are ARSON.

California has net negative migration in 2017 – 2018 and way up in 2019 and 2020. Those who want AMERICA and FREE ENTERPRISE and an ENTREPRENEUR NATION are departing by millions from California. This move OUT leaves how do they pay the bills? Why TAX EM MORE on everything. The NANCY PLAN.

The income for California is going to crash.


  1. The recession and oil embargo of 1973 – gas on your odd or even numbered birthday – remember those days?
  2. Recession in the 1980’s and 1990’s.
  3. The SUPER CRASH of Nancy DOT.BOMB global market collapse from San Francisco speculations on her watch 2000.
  4. The real estate SUPER BUBBLE San Francisco and Nancys district the worst and the hardest hit – prices went down 70% in the Chronicle – for all to see the 2007 SUPER CRASH – she did nothing to prevent worst world wide in HER CITY IN HER TOWN.
  5. The worst crime violence street homeless population and hard drugs in the nation today and escalating. Nancy wants 3 million at her own border – welcomed in as illegal immigrants seeking asylum to her city.

Boarder Chairman stated the boarder is in crises.

Trump not NANCY fixed it with boarder walls she blocked – border barriers she derailed – boarder walls she went to court on and still does – OPEN BORDER NANCY – with no clue how to pay for all that in any context or how America with 30 million more all ILLEGAL under Nancy politics – socialism – welcome in ISIS welcome in Saudi welcome in TALIBAN why not take out the SALES FORCE BUILDING NEXT – oh you won’t because we are a sanctuary city protecting the terror keeping our federal laws from applying at all to SAN FRANCISCO.

Is that what iS REALLY GOING ON WITH this wicked wicked witch of the west? You bet.

Nancy rallies the tribe of socialism capital, to 100 million at a whack raising up two billion to cement her election desert of ideas. Her platform is:

  1. Hate Trump

All the while evidence is rising to impeach NANCY PELOSI and her entire team and circle and put them in serious prison after she is out. CRIMES have been committed. Not by Trump. BY NANCY. And she is in panic to distract the media from her sorry tail as the US JUSTICE POURS SALT UPON IT SOON ENOUGH.

Real crimes real outcomes.

So Nancy will ballet dance around in her San Francisco media totoo too too – ballet dress ( she’s a very bad dancer ) and is getting really too old for all this ( you can SEE the toll hatred and disrespect are having on her face ).



Anyone can frame a person into perjury traps and income tax issues that are civil but you make them criminal. Nancy did all that with BOBBI BOY her Kings Hand – taking Trumps circle into Jail. Now Pay back IS coming …did you think it was not?

  1. Obstructing Justice with Clinton.
  2. Presenting fake news as evidence to launch the special prosecutor – that is a crime.
  3. Using Justice ( evidence ) to prosecute politics of hatred and disrespect H&R POLITICS.
  4. Failing to pass a required annual budget for the USA.
  5. Failure to pass a raise to USA debt ceiling on already congress passed spending. Crime.
  6. Using US process to put the President into jail to distract Nancy herself going to jail – which is coming wait for it.
  7. Using manufactured and fraud docs to advance political H&R politics Nancy invented which debase America.

When A PRESIDENT IS DULY ELECTED – any PRESIDENT I was brought up if not my guy – we all rally round in respect for that leader and we support our leader as one nation. On policy disagreements we advance with:

  • Respect
  • Debate
  • Compromise
  • Common ground
  • To well govern the United States OF America

In the State of the UNION ( watch it ) Donald Trump stated he would bend he would compromise and he asked that the CONGRESS RISE to pass infrastructure, entitlement repair, health care repair, and immigration solutions. AT TRADE WAR in DIGITAL WARS AND IN REAL WARS he asked for Congress to rise to greatness.

He stated progress could not be achieved through politics of DISRESPECT AND HATRED OR INVESTIGATION. He said we can not govern together in a process of never ending investigation as this is not how it works.


Vote your wallet. if you voted Nancy and HATRED AND DISRESPECT POLITICS Nancy plays like a Philharmonic Maestro to media, needing the next sound byte whose owners hate Trump anyway. Why we don’t know as their revenues have never been higher because of Trump not in spite of Trump. Seems short sited to trash their income.

We told you PUT IN NANCY and get:

  1. Impeachment for sure
  2. Grid lock for sure
  3. The end of the boom for sure
  4. A Super Crash risk from PELOSI DOESY DOE in bad economics – her track record is unintended consequence
  5. Politics of dysfunction and down grading US credit costing Tax payers all of us trillions over time – the bill is a Pelosi socialism.

Who stood to say WE WILL NEVER BECOME A SOCIALIST NATION – all republicans.

Who stay in Hatred and Disrespect all demorates.

Trump is stopping DIGITAL THEFT and wealth transfer to China and other nations once and for all.

Trump is doing a good job for small business and a great job for the economy.

Nancy is doing F grade and Biden is doing F minus – below F grade.

The democrats are shattered into dozens of candidates and platforms without unity.

The republicans are fully united and circling wagons now convicted NANCY PELOSI IS MENTALLY ILL. Insane.

Democrats bow to her and step back. Her circle is scattering as the criminal elements of UNITED STATES JUSTICE come into play focused totally on NANCY HERSELF for her CRIMES real crimes.

She is melting down and in total  panic. Everyone in the belt way knows it.

World wide they know it.

Backing up like MBS is seeing ebb tide.

Donald Trump was not fully organized in 2016 and had his lunch ( education ) handed to him in learning his way to winning. Today Donald Trump 100% of polls state – CAN NOT BE DEFEATED FOR RE-ELECTION. Nancy will turn Trumps victory into a landslide why?

American’s will vote their WALLET and end the insane disfunction. We want a budget and orderly solutions flowing.

We want RESPECT AND HONOR to replace hatred and disrespect.






Failed Nancy San Francisco as a FAILED LADY LEADER with a track record of worst everything as set forth here – listen to the GREAT TRASHING HER DISTRICT DECADE AFTER DECADE. Wiping out her own middle class – wipe out.

Nancy has a run on support.

They see her crazy brain.

Trump has marginalized her and refuses to work into H & R Politics. I think CONGRESS COULD GO REPUBLICAN coming up so great is the NANCY BACK LASH. I think Congress may see Nancy go to prison herself.

For very real crimes not framed up stuff like we all just saw from Nancy’s HAND OF THE KIND Bobbi Boy ego servent in HATRED AND DISRESPECT FOR CAREER FAME MUELLER. What a duet. Criminal conspiracy ? We’ll see its coming. Wait for it.

So what you are seeing is NANCY IN PANIC firing 36 as Trump pours buckets of water on the wicked witch ( insane really ) of the West – who is in fact screaming with her wizard of oz self melting down in smoke these days all her circle can see….


….oh my god I”m melting…I”m melting….what a world what a world what a world…..the song from Wizard of OZ the WITCH IS DEAD you might wish to re-learn – because soon every democrat will be singing it AS AMERICA GOES BACK TO WORK AGAIN.

The pendulum i this nation …ALSO SWINGS BACK.

39 million business owners – vote your waller not H& R Politics.

My weekend Nancy update on what is going on out there is simple as we end – noting I have a longer better history of contribution in her district than she herself has….which is…


Berny Dohrmann – Hey you get what you voted for – you want a Super Crash and Recession – Nancy is working on it for you voters 


PS: As a fifth generation family in San Francisco Nancy Pelosi may not speak at CEO SPACE but Fortune SUPER STARS for business and coaches to Fortune CEO’s ( surprise super stars )  will – we stay on the high ground in COOPERATION COLLABORATION AND SANITY FOLKS …that. SHOUT OUT Tony Robbins set a record in Germany this weekend with 35,000 attending his gig – I did the happy dance for my brother in the work….GO TONY ROBBINS TEAM another record after 20,000 this winter in Moscow – COOPERATION IS WINNING OVER COMPETITION VIRUS OF THE MIND……..insanity. THAT IS WHAT “IS” GOING ON AS TRUMP TRIUMPHED AGAIN AND MEXICO DID WHAT…when held accountable they did the RIGHT THING. Nancy wants to roll it all back – OPEN BORDERS Is what is going on in her insane brain.