Nancy Pelosi leads a cabal of her deep state House dominated attorney law makes and legal teams, pouring over Trump every word. Their objective is to put Donald Trump into Federal Prison. This weekend Nancy Pelosi out of the country – departed stating – FUCK IMPEACHMENT I AM PUTTING DONALD TRUMP IN PRISON. This behavior is In fact immoral, illegal and unethical if not itself illegal. Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump enjoy Federal Immunity from PROSECUTION while they are IN OFFICE. It is likely as when President Nixon left office, that upon leaving office the tradition of the next President to PARDON the President leaving of any crimes he could be charged with, would repeat. The likely hood of Nancy Pelosi rising to a rage of almost insane proportions actually doing anything outside POLITICAL THEATER and playing to her core base in San Francisco, who just hate Donald Trump in a way no modern President has been hated, is remote. In fact Nancy is aware all the polls including CNN and media polls that land on Nancy’s extreme Political Theater, report that if the election were held today, President Donald Trump is UNDEFATABLE AS AN INCUMBANT being Re-elected.


The Democratic Party is shattered. There are more candidates running and still more declaring creating a vote fracture that is so un-unified it is the worst position of the party I have seen since World War II. In odern times it has never been this shattered and scattered. The republicans are united in ways almost impossible to imagine based on agenda, the economy, and circled wagons on to what to the republicans is a Nancy Pelosi democratic led into USA Socialism or communism in political thought. Their favored leader former Vice President Biden seems himself so scattered in policy it is a Presidential run already that has become a SIT COM. Biden comes out this week with:


  1. I oppose any use of Federal Funds for Abortion when I am elected President.
  2. I will spend 1.7 trillion not on infrastructure but to retool USA energy entirely, and I’ll pay for it by reversing TRUMP and creating the largest TAX increase in living memory for Americans.
  3. OH NO – I back up on that Abortion thing as all the woman voters are leaving to vote for Trump – my Bad – reverse that – Sorry.


Biden appears un-electable. An asset for the republicans. A dividing shattering scattering further of the Democratic Party. Those investing in Democratic agenda’s ( Socialism ) are pouring cash into a loss position. If they are having fun losing money to hear all those sound bites going no where, then my hat is off to them economically. IF however, they would reposition that money into Las Vegas at the Casino of their choice – say two billion Nancy is raising up, I think they would have more fun by far losing their money on the STRIP. Fun is important. If they are having the most fun losing that two billion with Nancy Pelosi more good on them. Either way its two billion down the rabbit hole.


Nancy left us this week with her tippy top leadership statement – FUCK IMPEACHMENT ( TRUMP ) I WANT TRUMP IN PRISON ! It is time for a new commander in chief.


Meanwhile Barr is investigating NANCY for crimes in office, including the Russia investigation, which is WHAT IS CAUSING ALL THIS FUSS. That’s right. Listen the game is afoot as Sherlock Holmes might say. Having stone cold lost on the two year witch hunt – which is the Nancy Bobbi Boy Mueller POLITICAL THEATER gone bad play, turned out to be. NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSSION which means in America you are INNOCENT. That is the law. Nancy and Bobbi Boy Mueller are the worst losers I have ever seen. Bobbi Boy Mueller was caught between an indictment and a hard place. If he failed to write NO EVIDENCE he could be indicted. The issue remaining:


  1. When did Bobbi Boy know the investigation was POLITICAL THEATER and a FAKE NEWS ITEM?


Because it may incriminate BOBBY BOY, FBI Leadership Justice Leadership and Nancy Pelosi and her staff. Of HIGH RIMES AND MISDEAMENORS IN HIGH OFFICE. Nancy Pelosi when Barr is done may well face criminal prosecution after NANCY PELOSI HERSELF IS IMPEACHED FROM OFFICE. That is a rolling steam roller. President Donald Trump has more evidence collected on NANCY PELOSII than Nancy PELOSI ever had collected on Donald Trump. As the Sherman Tank of US JUSTICE has turned 180 degrees from the POLITICAL THEATER Of really bad men leading that stage – all out now – and really good men are now as the GROWN UPS In charge again, Old ( and she is so old ) Nancy is well – moved from actually scared to in fight TERRIFIED.


The way she is acting ( losing it ) is to use a shot gun to fire and fire all her bullets all at one. These bullets are sanction Barr, hold Trump team at the top in CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS, impeach Trump, investigate Trump, investigate his children, his wife, his dog, ans shout scream and pound her fist on the shrinking base of extreme insane hatred driving the woman.


Meanwhile NANCY PELOSI Is breaking the law in my opinion. The United State Constitution demands, requires, no wiggle room, regardless of WHO is in POWER that – the congress MUST by law pass a timely US BUDGET OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE as to the money the US CONGRESS already voted on and approved. It must fund the budget of the people. If the congress spent more than the congress imposed debt ceiling – then CONGRESS ALSO must Pass debt ceiling elevators to accommodate the approved budget spending. What Congress can not do is endlessly FAIL TO EXECUTE ITS DUTY FOR WHIH IT WAS ELECTED. Nancy’ s insanity has a brick wall on the US CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. IT is a DERILECTION OF DUTY AND BREACH OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW ( in my experience and opinion ) to endless fail to pass a timely budget, to fail to fund the US government, to fail to approve timely orderly debt ceiling authority for the US Treasury. NANCY PELOSI is going to create more than a government shut down in her rage to avoid her own responsibility for her crimes in office.


Nancy Pelosi – is going to create a constitutional crises by failing to discharge the duty of Congress which by the US CONSTITITON can not be delayed or delegated under constitutional law. Nancy Pelosi is going to create a constitutional crises, a fiscal crises for the Untied States of America, a Global Fiscal Crises, yet another criminal government shut down as a crime now, and Nancy is going to lower the credit rating of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – not republicans not Trump but Democrats – and the borrowing cost to the United States will soar by trillions – as the Markets Super Crash by more trillions than 2007 creating a recession in the entire world that can lead to wars, all because NANCY knowing the evidence Barr is securing to put her out of office and into real prison is so enormous – her only defense is to cloud the entire matter with endless DISTRACTION FROM POLITICAL THEATER. He way forward to GET AWAY WITH IT is to use politics to refocus the issue away from her constitutional and behind the dirty politics law breaking, and crimes, to get into a rattle snake mode and strike and strike and strike until she herself is taken down….which now after this week we predict is inevitable.


NANCY PELOSI is a danger to the United States of America and soon will be treated as such be both democrats and republicans. There is only one remaining question given the facts here in my opinion:




American’s it is your nation your government – don’t get into issues – just address not in your head – not in the double golden doors opening for your pure heart my fellow Americans but inside those doors in the pure essential one ness of our white light our very SOUL BEING AMERICAN…..ask that question and then answer it. I don’t think in voting there is a larger issue than to TAKE HER VICTORY FROM HER when you vote in private. ENOUGH POLITICAL THEATER IS ENOUGH – it is time to make real deals and govern the nation globally and domestically given the work ahead we need to do rising  up the American experience.


Nancy will destroy the economic prosperity to blame that destruction she herself insanely created to win an election which in fact will not work anyway. Keep in mind the train rolling toward NANCY PELOSI is the Attorney General of the United States she is seeking to diminish, discredit and disqualify. Barr is gathering more and more evidence – mount Everest of PELOSI evidence – and this unlike Russian COLLUSSION is high crimes real crimes and misdeanmenors in public office – Nancy’s office. The red line has been crossed and the behavior of DEMI GOD Nancy Pelosi shows in the end this week in her rage and her hissy fit, not a leader for a GREAT NATION LIKE OUR OWN but a sad, little person, who is hanging her true nature and colors out for the most skeptical to see. WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE THIS WEEK – Nancy Pelosi is losing it.


WATCH what unfolds as you heard the factual truth of it perhaps for the first time and believe me inside the beltway Nancy’s base and power is slipping away like an ebb tide in our nation’s capitol. Personally I’ve never seen anything backing up away from Nancy so it does not hit them an indictment pie in their face and district. The PELOSI dominoes are falling fast in Washington. Again I’ve never seen anything like this. Real crimes and now that which is under the red carpet ( Nancy piles of shit ) are coming to the United States JUSTICE FILES as evidence. She is terrified. That is what your seeing this week. NANCY PELOSI Is losing IT.


Her cabal can well be a circle of indictments as in Trump world of Justice – pay back is truly a dish Trump is famous for serving without mercy. Just as it is being so richly served upon Trump and his family which Trump does not go there – but Nancy does. When they go low we go higher ( Obama ). When Nancy goes LOW there is NO BOTTOM …none what so ever. Nancy had such promise and now she missed the fact of life. What lurks in the debt of the deeps where she is traveling – IS PREIDOTR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP much older wiser and more well equipped to protect his own family once and for all. The CURTAIN ON NANCY PELOSI THEATER IS coming down – and the PRESS in the WORLD  is about to shift the story FROM Nancy Pelosi as Barr in 2020 rises the second act of POLITCAL THEATER where Nancy Pelosi has BECOME the central act of the POLITICAL THEATER. The story of our time. You heard it first here – trust me on this accuracy. LOSING IT ..WOW like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz – all I heard while the Press failed to get the sound bite was….I”M MELTING OH MY TRUMP I AM MELTIG….WHAT A WORLD WHAT A WORLD OH WHAT A WORLD ( see the movie ).






So in the past couple years natural has has gone up a bit. 48% of energy growth – demand for energy has been NATURAL GAS with US leading in supply. Now not reported is that natural gas is replacing OIL. Oil is going down by the biggest plunge in known modern history on demand. In this falling off a cliff demand for OIL as we all move to natural gas for electricity, soon transportation. As transportation moves from trucks planes ships and cars to electric what drives the electric is natural gas. Again oil use and demand is in fact just dying. So Saudi can’t pay its bills at oil prices of under 70.00 dollars a barrel. So Saudi tries to raise the price above that number. It does so by PR and sound bites telling us why it is keeping supply off the market. Saudi oil policy is the worst policy failure since Napoleon and that’s a few years back. Saudi has lost market share by trillions on oil customers leaving Saudi forever. Why? Their oil is always priced higher than other markets. Saudi has one truth though – SAUDI LIES. When they can’t raise price they get others to cut back. When that fails and oil keeps going down MBS bombs his own ships and does fake news ( nothing really ) attacks on himself to blame Iran and get a nice war going with Iran. War with Iran is MBS Goal. That is the one and the only thing that returns oil to 100.00 so the play boy king can well you know play King.


How can he keep paying  18 man hit and  i slaughter teams to bring bone saws to a wedding permit clerk office if he doesn’t have the really big  bucks?


The sociopathic puppy King rolled out his minister of oil ( like for time 50 since January ) to say – hey we are likely ( we think ) to keep the cut backs we have today ( doing nothing as oil is free failing ) in place all year now – so we can get less per barrel and sell so many less barrels because we all at OPEC give up our customers to America and Russia and others as they leave us and crash OPEC to a shell which is only a name now and has no power of any nature over oil price at all. If MBS increases cut backs only Saudi gets destroyed financially as OPEC is paying no attention to SAUDI FAKE NEWS and LIES on oil. SAUDI LIES. Fake news. The oil market see’s it as last gasp Friday and a desperate SHOUT OUT that makes Saudi Oil minister the butt of cartoon and jokes today.


So China the big Saudi customer is with Xi best friend President Putin. They talk about failed MBS Saudi policy on oil which hurts China who does not want cut back or lower oil price. Or to be forced I trade war to buy from America. So Putin is saying ( given his contaminated oil crises they say is ALMOST MAYBE POSSIBLY NEARING AND END SOMETIME SOON ) HEY XI we’ll sell you whatever you want in any volume you wish and we’ll replace Saudi higher priced oil with any price you wish how is that old buddy XI best friend old buddy my buddy my friend – how many billions you wish to buy from us as I own the oil company. Smile Smile. Then and TODAY:

The political oil theater as SAUDI MINISTER talks oil price up on nothing but air out of his mouth – hey we’ll keep our cut back no member is following but us alone in place till year end or maybe summer end but some time and more time and hey we will keep oil restricted. Son – OIL DEMAN IS FALLING OFF A CLIFF – American supply is soaring beyond any expert expectation – America is passing 500,000,000 barrels in storage – and if you guys cut back your 9 millions barrels a day – get out an abacus Contour Sheet Stylin dudettes – and calculate our long can America put out 9 millions barrels a day at 30 bucks say with 500,000,000 barrels in our tank rising at 4 millions barrels a week and sometimes much more per week – stocking up for a rainy cut back day from you all. ANYONE who invented Math understand this equation. Meanwhile non OPEC and OPEC suppliers are all fighting for market share they are stealing from silly SAUDI Failed oil POLICY. As an economist I have never not ever seen a nation shoot its core economics off its own feet. MBS is truly an mentally off.


Putin puts the nail in the five trillion dollars MBS has depleted out of SAUDI since 2014 in his failed policies on every single item. The Saudi economy is super crashing while MBS spends money like an out of control drunken sailor on drugs. Putin says after he gets his market share from SAUDI with those enormous Chinese dollars now moving from SAUDI to RUSSIA – that and while the hot air of oil political theater is rising from the ordered MBS Saudi Oil Minister – stop the oil slide in price lie do whatever – stop the down slide  – as Putin after the hot air from Saudi is cooling ….says


Hey Russia no longer agrees Saudi price for oil is right. WAIT TILL AI HITS THAT ON OIL Monday in the markets. RUSSIA is not only pumping outside quotas as OPEC shatters on output – but now with both Iran and Russia OIL shatters completely on PRICE. OPEC DIED THIS WEEEKEND …perhaps you missed it all.

OPEC is in price war – market share war – and oil is going to FREE FALL because supply is rising faster than demand can use the supply and that is going to get much much worse as the world economy is moving to slow – slower and damned near stopped – because NANCY PELOSI has ceased to Congressionally govern the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as required by the US constitution – in her breach of legal obligation. That is not political nor is it FAKE NEWS. It is constitutional law.


The consequence is a global super crash in markets with a trigger away in debt defaulting. OIL crashing is a possible glue to hold off that inevitable outcome of NANCY PELOSI strategy to distract the outcome upon herself. In the end NANCY PELOSI Not Donald Trump is going down…..the magathyalon is rising from the deep folks in all this. RUSSIA set up Trump and China in a CHECK MATE MOVE on OPEC and MBS on Friday perhaps it shot over your head as to what is really going on out there. MBS just got totally utterly betrayed as a kid by the adults XI AND PUTIN – great job boy. I saw it coming. AI will take oil DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE watch.






The weekend numbers in China are terrible to worse. The shadow banking and bad loan in China banking is rising to 14 trillion dollars. China suggesting these banks swap bad loans that can never repay for bad stock ownership in the bad failed SRO’s or State Run ( FUN ) and Controlled ORGANIZATIONS – works like a shell game. Walnut shells. So China owning the bankrupt borrower firms by the thousands of firms, also owns the banks that have the bad loans out. Now by shifting the entry – from a bad loan to a solid equity value China just inks a value to – the balance sheet of the bankrupt bank is brought to a number China says hi fiving phantom economics – is SOLID AS SAY BUBBLE GUM. Hope this fools the every day folks and they don’t run out of Yuan and click out of these banks.


But they are running on the banks and this has China leaders sound biting in their POLITICAL THEATER. This is like POLITICAL THEATER ON OIL the only proess to get oil up for 72 hours or less before it goes down down

Down the rabbit hole. DOWN DOWN DOWN too much oil not enough demand. With the Yuan – no one wants the YUAN. AI is going to get soon enough – YUAN is worse than OIL. When AI runs out of the YUAN world

Wide …we predict the next SUPER SHORT TRILLION DOLLAR PROFIT PLAY – SUPER SHORT THE YUAN. One reason – to see this many China Central Bankers saying over and over as they take over banks failing – hey

Its all good – do not panic ( I can’t count the ten day sound bites on DON’T PANIC ) its all good – we have a PLAN ( they don’t tell you what plan ) and well – DO NOT PANIC and if you SHORT THE YUAN THERE WILL BE

BLOOD BATH – oh really. The Yuan we said is moving past the hair whisper support line the RED LINE for AI SUPER SHORT of 7 yuan to the US DOLLAR to 15 Yuan to the US dollar. You heard it first here when it occurs

Remember where you heard it.


You are getting close to some total absolute after JAPAN crazy bat shit SUPER CHANGE in world Yuan and Chinese economics. Trust us on that prediction.


Friday was Nancy Pelosi day out of the nation while her crimes are filling up a high rise building in US JUSTICE and ATTORNEY GENRERAL BARR is patiently assuring that ever single T is crossed and unlike BOBBI BOY

MUELLER this is not POLITICAL THEATER and Queen Nancy is loosing it – because on Friday she knows – this PETERBULT DOUBLE LOAD IS ROLLING DOWN THE GRAPE VINE AT 90 UNSTOPPABLE MILES AN OUR IN






PS: Donald Back from EU ignored Nancy in tweet on her homeless – raging drug – welfare – vanishing middle class in soaring out of control costs in San Francisco – suggesting she focus on her district problems while she remains free of prison herself.  Trump said he has stopped dealing with Nancy’s bad faith set up meetings and political theater noting she is consumed by rage hatred and obsessions that define a sad state of leadership failing and a really challenged mental condition that the world is now starting to actually see. Melt Down Nancy this weekend. The peak of her power exploded like a volcano and she is poof – on decline today. Her Cabal is shrinking everyone is backing way the heck up…for good cause. America …..


…..what does failed leadership look like….it IS Nancy Pelosi Dosey Doe and Bobbi Bad Boy Mueller – sore losers ……