FANG – the HIGH TECHNOLOGY STOCKS THAT ARE THE PRIDE OF AMERICA. As an investment banker economist the old saying WHAT IS GOOD FOR GENERAL MOTORS AND FORD is good for America is still pretty much true. They are not doing so well – though Auto loans are at peak highs this Spring. Today more to the Super Change past decade WHAT IS GOOD FOR FANG IS GOOD FOR AMERICA and they are not doing so well.

What keeps me up at night is what is really going on out there. So we know that FANG is the leading IT in the world. How can we shoot our own America economic feet completely OFF?

Well let’s have the United States Government now serious investigate FANG STOCKS for monoplogy practices. Let us at the tipping point into recession from Trade wars going into an ELECTION YEAR where crises in economics is great for Nancy Pelosi and her Dosey Doe with Biden whom China now is backing for President. Lets introduce real long term into 2020 election uncertainty into FANG STOCK value in the market and even futures if they were broken up into a bunch of small firms no longer leading the world as America icon’s.

Now lets look at opinions I alone I”m sure hold, as a world student and researcher in economics as to what IS really going on out there. To a firm the FANG STOCKS poured 100’s of millions into electing Hilary and defeating Trump. To a firm the institutions including Amazon have been against Trump and its been vicious. The Billion DOLLAR FANG cabal of technology against Trump. The founder of Priceline a rare exception.

So now comes a PAY BACK. The Trump administrated Federal Trade Commission is opening all at once Monopoly and unfair trade investigations for legal actions ( which will cost enormous sums to defend over years of time and for even their very structure and lives as going entities as they are today for:

Alphabet and Google

Apple as a stand alone BAM

Amazon Bezo now divorced and Washington Post

Apple facing a China next level of trade war could loose another factor to its value.

If the investigations that left Microsoft intact, forced Bill Gates to RESIGN as CEO, and created shifts and penalties fines and cost to their shareholders and the embarrassment – suppressing share price as one example – as we see public open hearings as we did with microsoft – as a model the Government IS LIKELY TO FOLLOW – why change what works – bringing share price down the rabbit hole. Shares of FANG went up this week. AI doesn’t get it yet.

Humans do but they are not in charge of price.

Why is this important? IS Trump punishing the FANG OPPOSITION to his Presidency before Biden gets all those big bucks? Ya think? Nah? That would be silly of me I”m sure.

For example what is my advice to FANG CEO’s?


Boys, I would suggest making a deal and quick. If it were me ( and thank God it is not ) what I would do for my shareholders is put right and wrong in the caboose of economic decision making and truly  decide and evoke the 11th commandment – PRINCIPLES COST FORTUNES. In business we might wish to act economically versus emotionally or politically.

Also I would tell myself in the mirror – stop taking advice from idiots who lack capacity to advance the agendas you wish.

Now if it were ME what I would do ( speaking for myself and what do I know boys as Chairman of the worlds leading small business institution of CEO’s buying your profit lines globally ) – I would engage Hughes and Hubbard in Washington DEC for 100 million or large say…no rush…. THIS FRIDAY before the weekend by a zoom call. I would hire their senior law partner in security law and markets – my mentor – the team and brain that can change history for you all – Roel Campos former SEC Commissioner. No brain strategy with access matches my own choice for mentor trust me on working with sovereign nations as Chairman of CEO SPACE globally – no solution brain comes ahead of Roel Campos but hey – look up his resume which fails to tell 85% of it the influence and creative outcome genius. Ask around I don’t share a recommend at this level of play lightly.

I would seek to have a private non press meeting in the Hughes and Hubbard conference room, with the President and FTC commissioner off the record. I would discuss with the FTC team and Trump your absolute agreement to work with the FTC, that a modification to operating rule sets will be achieved without breaking up the firms in FAANG and every effort will be made to assure AMERICAN LEADERSHIP remains UNCHALLENGED. As an outcome of that meeting this month.

Just the press output of a statement both sides agree to sign off on as final from FTC to Press secures stock price roaring all year.

Second, I would meet with Trump privately. I would indicate with his support into mutual industry understandings each FAAN would contribute 250 million to the RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN ( made easy and easier because BIDEN can not win as polls all show – his take Federal Money from Abortion just lost the woman vote this week and his take back 100% of Congress Passed Tax breaks for environmentally new agencies and cost tipping us into recession – lost all large and small business with a brain and tipping points him to President loser status – why back the loser )?  A billion and cooperation versus competition is economics. Lowers the billion in legal fee’s from a long break up battle that may end in pay back and break up.

I’d make a deal. But I don’t own FAANG. Roel will present far better options I’m sure …but maybe not. As I know the boss team.

Shareholders need a unified FAANG deal.  Global new AI markets need a deal.  America needs a FAANG DEAL to remove the uncertainty at root cause. Without one – given the Trade War with China ( backing the loser biden ) is not resolving anytime soon. XI just met with Putin for about the 30th time stating PUTIN IS HIS BEST FRIEND AND MENTOR, as they sign enormous trade packs between land joined and communist trading partners with bankrupt nations awash in oceans of debt like the world has never known before. Two naked ( economically ) emperors bowing and strutting around before their home base – as they hug and go to shows both FIDDLING while the nations melt down in debts that will never not ever be repaid without our SUPER BONDS ( also a Roel Campos invention ) as my mentor to resolve sovereign nation debt.  If I where either nation I’d engage Roel Campos to structure SUPER BONDS to reset sovereign nation debt and infrastructure into one jumbo SUPER BOND – a new class of bonds for sovereign debt reconstitution an economic invention to add in TIME to the economics which heals all wounds. In fact. But time is not on the side of delay which is far too debt costly to PAY for the host nations.

Hey what do I know.

I’m sure Trump is not on pay back to the biggest funders of his own opposition war chests ? NAH? That could not be what is really going on out there? Is FAANG the SWING in power today on elections in fact? Manipulation of elections could not be occurring not from Russia as pennies in a wishing well but in back room FAANG deals on Paks and policy they wish for themselves on their own politics of power and creeds?


Lets make a deal?


Time is not on your side once these actions become entrenched and court filings are the tipping point in 2020. I would take it on the CHIN boys what is GOOD FOR FAANG IS GOOD FOR AMERICA.

Hell..if it were me and you hired me to consult – I’d work to get you into Roel’s office Friday without delay.

But really what do I know?

Why use Meg at Hewlett Packard or Elron Tesla or Mark Cuban or CEO Spaces attorney what do we all know you don’t?

Is my TOP MENTOR in a league of brain power – strategy and solution options – unmatched in the world today?

Nah we are all silly in choosing him as is Jamie Diamond or anyone else. But Jamie really for the stock price don’t you think its worth a zoom call? For the billions in stock valuation?

Or is that a too old retired investment banker globally working with heads of nations just too old too out of touch to have a clue on the reality.

Before this train leaves the station my FAANG price and joy for America I’d look into invisible options too many to name here and I’d MAKE A FREAKING DEAL.

That keeps me up at night as taking advice from idiots is not going to get you to the destination outcomes you desire and you’ll spend all these somes paying the idiots. For years.

But then thats me. I’ve paid them you see and like Farmers Insurance – we know a thing or two….

On what is really going on out there.


Trumps Immigration Czar ( commissioner ) noted to Mexico today the hard numbers. The boarder of the USA is in full on invasion and the twenty lane freeway Mexico presents to its own and South American neighbor nations – hey walk right though and let America get an economic kick in the balls no sweat off our economics as you buy water and shit walking through and a buss ride or two.

Immigration is good solid business for mexico for their toll road business.

Today in MAY alone we have 165,000 in one month trying to illegally enter the USA. This is a CITY of 2,000,000 a year. How does American tax payers faced with an illegal invasion of what we can count, plus illegal crossing where there is no fence and wall of another 1,000,000 a year or 3,000,000 in 2019 a CITY of enormous cost bankrupting the USA. We have to construct for illegal invading immigration with open boarders lacking rule of law:

  1. Cost at the boarder of billions for illegal invaders
  2. Cost of housing for the fastest growing city cost of the USA – a city of 3,000,000 where – is the housing?
  3. Water
  4. Sewage
  5. Power
  6. Schools
  7. Security law enforcement
  8. Social welfare cost
  9. Langage training
  10. Churchs
  11. Food
  12. Education beyond normal school – trade craft and more
  13. Culture adaptation
  14. Social services
  15. And endless more

A trillion a year in totally illegal invader cost to every single American.

HOW CAN AMERICANS PAY FOR A TSUNAMI RISING OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION COST rivalling US military and Social Security budgets with total real cost not even available from anywhere. NO ONE HAS THE TOTAL COST. WIth crime and terror alone the cost is TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS we could rebuild our nation with. The Wall is invest a dollar and get back 1,000.00 dollars in savings on these immigration costs.

The soaring cost of crime from the pressure of absorbing 3,000,000 a YEAR coming into to our fastest growing city we don’t have at all – IMMIGRATION. The cost of death rape crime drugs is trillions more all going down when ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS CONTROLLED.


As Mexico profits from the immigration and opens the welcome mat right up to our boarders  – laughing all the way to the bank ( not our problem ) Trump correctly put forth – hey you’ll pay for the problem with tax tariff the FREE LUNCH and LAUGHTER has stopped on a time in June. The Trump JUNE BUG BITES.

The President is not concerned with Business profit issues as they are small in fact. The President is stating to Mexico economics not politics. The Box Top Rules go something like this:

  1. Stop illegal immigration freeways across your nation cold right now or
  2. You pay for the Wall and you pay for the entire cost of sending them all into your nation where you pay the trillions and GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.
  3. Mexico sinks in global depression not recession say this summer or they close the immigration FREE WAY. They now profit from.
  4. So give up a dollar to make a fortune with the USA or lose the fortune and the dollar if you do not
  5. Trump is not messing around and the error Mexico makes to not close the FREEWAY is survival economics.

Full House For Trump as President XI ( best friends with PUTIN ) is about to discover as mentorship from Putin will not end up taking China or Russia where they wish economically. A bit of self delusion on the economic front going on there – just as ego is a big over economics for FAANG in our  opinion ( we know a thing or two ).

News? On what is going on out there? Well all bought and paid for press releases from one side or a leak to manipulated media by big bucks today. Bought and paid for news all spun for the ability to hold audience into super niche markets to get rating points to advertisers to sell more mindless crap and toxic pharms drugs and Wall Street. Or twinkee’s.

Free reporting on news as to what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE CAN BE addicting.

Why is America not 100% behind the UNION OF ALL OF WE TAX PAYING LEGAL CITIZENS to stop an ILLEGAL INVASION OF A CITY A YEAR – 30,000,000 million New York to San Francisco over ten years we tax payers have zero way to pay for. Trump and his team united in the CRISES without any support from Congress outside – bring them on folks have a heart – as to HOW WE FREAKIN PAY THE COST.

Trump is looking at foreign aide and leaks in the American bucket with our multi trillion dollar budget congress never passes any more. HE is TRYING TO PLUG THE FREAKIN LEAK HOLES IN OUR AMERICAN TAX PAYER BUCKET. One leader has saved more hard billions than any recent President since Eike in the 1950’s. LEAKS IN OUR BUCKET. Congress is doing everything possible to open new leaks starting with:

  1. Not passing a Budget last September as required by constitution a legal breach of congressional duty – TORT LAW SUITES ANY LAW FIRM?
  2. Operating on emergency funding that US treasury runs completely dry of funds this summer. Again. As congress refuses to execute its constitutional duty – all can be impeached by a legal TORT and new elections called for. How united would we all be on THAT class action for US all?
  3. Government shut down likely before the fall with continued Pelosi dosey doe GRID LOCK in total obstruction politics into election year on the democrat Biden Policy – no fed funds for woman abortion transfer tax dollars to environmental crushing cost to industry in America taking us back 5 decades. Pay tens of millions who wish to not work a living wage. And more policies that socialism is the future and government is the solution to all problems.
  4. Credit rating is lost and goes down from congress ( again ) and the cost to borrow on debts congress approved sky rocket to trillions in new interest cost because Nancy is Fiddling while Rome and infrastructure burn to the ground in America to win a socialist pathology over a FREE ENTERPRISE pathology our nation was founded upon.
  5. Block every forward business of the nation – investigate in the Political core platform of frame up Trump – hate Trump blame Trump ( easy target of course ) inflame voter base one investigation of his presidential team, his appointed leaders, himself, his children, and his wife piling on political weight to impeachment until it break Trump to forced resignation as POWER is from the DEEP STATE teaching the BIllionaire a value based lesson – do not mess with the DEEP STATE or reform it – you can not win you just can not – did you see how we used the FBI ? Just a taste of the HOUSE OF CARDS that is coming big buy. We don’t care Stormy said she DID NOT HAVE SEX with you we have plenty more FAKE NEWS where THAT CAME FROM – guard your children big guy.

So the most mean spirited, non respectful, hateful, combative insane competitive, as competition and competitive thought impulse is the one virus on human consciousness – lacking any integrity – where competition as expression of human insanity now has insanity running the nation and many nations. Cooperation the insanity virus removal tool forged on integrity itself is out to lunch with the insanity of leadership today. Is this our example of AMERICA and a model of government we would wish on our unborn generation?

Let’s pretend every elected official or appointed – less than 1000 that run everything in the largest critical economy on earth – are doing the very best they know how. Let’s pretend all had a THREE DAY CONFERENCE on Cooperation hosted on capitol lawns in tents Weds to Friday – and everyone went back to run things after that. Bob Proctor of THE SECRET myself from the worlds leading Business Community CEO SPACE, and Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup, and John Grey of Men From Mars, and Gred Reid from WEALTH HACK and 3 Feet From Gold and Sharon Lechter from Rich Dad Poor Dad taught the lesson tools and tactics – and with COOPERATION BOX TOP RULES AND INTEGRITY we had an AMERICAN FRESH START.

Could we do better?

Do we want to do better?



If not us then who?

If not now then when?

The leadership development of the thought leaders of this century providing outcomes to you and options that are invisible would could must upgrade mental software for core process to return a model of leadership that becomes the envy of the world.

To do THAT WE MUST CHANGE OUR MINDS for less than 1000 leaders on the core frame work process of the crises of integrity and respect in public office. Inside out revolutions of the mind itself.

What keeps me up at night is we have no plan for doing in 72 hours what would improve outcomes for 72 years.

The insanity of ..this is the way we have always done in within a SUPER CHANGE unfolding acceleration appears to me, to be insane in fact.

What if the example in Washington became the model for leadership world wide?

Can we do better?

Why don’t we?




  1. Trump says after Asia Summit he’ll decide on massive additional China tariff’s. If XI stays in bad faith posture with no way to return to the 150 fraud agreements China played Trumps team as a sucker for entering into – bam. The world tips on that this summer and markets may really crash as it comes upon the world.
  2. IMF reported Tariff’s from US will not tip world into recession. As they have bee wrong every single time we disagree with the IMF.
  3. Putin shatters OPEC Thursday setting up a glow to go meeting with TRUMP and telling MBS and Saudi enough of loss from market share with your phony OPEC Russia is setting price your day is OVER – well in political speak – Russia and Iran and China ( paying way to much for oil ) just economically – today – said – OPEC Is humpty dumpty ( failed KING MBS five trillion in cost and capital runs out of Saudi dying economically ) – and Humpty DUMPTY ( PUPPY EGG HEAD KING MBS ) just got pulled off the wall – TODAY DRIVE YOUR CHEVY TO THE LEVEI AS THE MUSIC DIED FOR OPEC – BAM the MBS egg shatters – he needs Oil at 75 bucks to remain solvent and oil is 53 bucks and going down ( thank you America and now Russia ) and the EGG HEAD and OPEC died on today’s date and shattered – Russia Iran and Trump pulled MBS and OPEC to the concrete – trust us today OPEC SHATTERED perhaps you think this is not a XI and PUTIN Deal and MBS cost to the SAUD family is beyond calculation. Something has to give in the SAND CASTLE CIVIL wars first and continuously reported here. Jeff Bezo’s we suspect IS following this story after MBS HACKED JEFF AND GAVE HIS FILES ON HIS GIRL FRIEND TO HIS EX WIFE AND PRESS. I’M SURE Jeff stopped reporting what a sociopath MBS is like RIGHT?
  4. EU IS IN PANIC although Ai brought the EU up and it will fall again – because the EU central bankers did not raise interest again. They can’t. Italy is about to SUPER CRASH In debt and political inability to manage Debt the biggest bankrupt EU nation to fall next. UK is so lucky to move out. Economically. Holding EU’s. Well watch how that works out for you folks – the run out of EU’s is just unstoppable. AI and the smart money knows the future here.
  5. Saudi wants war with Iran and is working to frame Iran. Iran is assuming correctly that Trump has MBS dial up number but like Iran wishes the long game with the SAUD Family a more wise mature future for Saudi. Trump said today that Iran is failing as a state economically but he could almost INSTANTLY TURN THAT AROUND and Iran frankly with US as both want to save face – find a way to make a deal. A bit of paper work replacing a 15 year temporary nuke weapon policy into a permanent nuke free Iran and Iran rises to pass Saudi as the POWER HOUSE ECONOMY IN THE GULF – and pay back for Khashoggi has been an MBS cost unseen since Napoleon.

NOTE TO THE SEC: The SEC installed new rules for broker conflict of interest where your broker must elevate fee cost disclosures on suggested diversifications so you as an investor really know now how much of your money is working and how much is not paid in fee’s of one kind or another so the clear conflicts are now in AI economics made from opaque to fully transparent. This rule set we have long sought for our business owner community is a JOB WELL DONE and sets a higher bar for the market place of the world in ever higher AI compressions of managing capital flows by artificial intelligence 96% AI over all global market dynamics in all asset classes versus human control as it was before 2010. SUPER CHANGE is compressing as the pace of change itself is warp driving at velocity acceleration momentums VAM creating SUPER STRESS to our own human capacity to adapt into the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE ( title of my Book coming this holiday to you ) – where we can not get out of SUPER CHANGE – and we no longer can well adapt into SUPER CHANGE so rapid is the acceleration or VAM for SUPER CHANGE. VAM drives SUPER CHANGE Pace which now places we humans in the new SUPER STRESS of our own adaptation to the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE we ourselves invented.  Do you all resonate with that ? Can you feel ME now?

SEC GOOD JOB you set a new Super Change market transparency where our dollar and economy lead all over again because of your very smart vision. JOB WELL DONE STAFF ! WELL DONE !

The SUPER CHANGE is flowing and one must follow the money to appreciate what is really going on out there.

I so hope this helps my readers today to just think through what is really going on and why. Keep in mind I believe every single leader is doing the best they know how. We present economic foundational information ( data ) to resolve why to whats so YOU CAN MAKE MORE INFORMED DECISIONS. This blog is addicting making it one of the fastest news information sites ( you share globally ) in the world today – 1000 of new subscribers joining by the click. To our 2019 new readers – huge numbers – welcome and thank you for sharing with your circle. If you comment I will always reply to you myself no screens. Its go time into your weekend – have a great one. Next CEO SPACE Business GROWTH CONFERENCE Dallas July 22nd – register at our web site for a pay raise serving 150 nations today.