China and the IMF and others all report different CHINA GNP numbers. We report China lies. China GNP is crashing down to 4.25 and is no where near the adjusted number of 6.1% everyone is downgrading China into. China economics are in free fall. The US is doing much better in a trade war of 50 states where China economic activity is almost the size of the economy of one USA State say California. China has zero hope of winning this trade war. If China allows time to go by the fantastic lending to keep China from a FULL ON SUPER CRASH will not be enough. The AI economy understands the enormity of risk in CHINA without a trade deal. The USA will soon slap tax on 100% of remaining China goods as not even a final nail. Meanwhile over 3 trillion dollars in capital has run out of investment and capital in China. A red ink migration not seen in China since Nixon in the 1970’s is running OUT OF CHINA. Investments, plants, jobs, business shutting down in China ( BIG BUSINESS ) and small business – the breaks slammed on to anything new going into China. China has stopped and as a rail train and is sliding backwards down the mountain and the only thing occurring since President XI and his team committed FRAUD in US negotiations playing the China long game – back Biden and do everything to get TRUMP OUT so we can STEAL AS USUAL. The risk for China in this DISHONORABLE Bad Faith Dealing with the United States of America is the failure of the Communist party in a total economic SUPER CRASH and China economic depression. As China is in denial about it’s real state of affairs, as is the IMF in our opinion today, our forecast remains if China has no reversal in messing with US elections for economic advantage, the outcome for China is bleak. The game with the US ending in May when China made its final bet with a losing hand in economics. Trumps smile could not grow larger as XI sinks into a world of self inflicted pain as XI discovers his advisers Fake News HIM on the economic possibilities. Trump in May smoking a nice cigar with a diet coke on the White House Porch before going to bed for four hours, gently knocked President XI’s chess piece flatter than a door nail and said in his quiet voice…CHECKMATE.

The IMF is doing what it should do as the bank of last resort to the world. THE IMF is trying to prevent panic that is sinking Banks in China like Dominoes. The banks going under are picking up speed in June as one bank after another is taken over by the PNC. Billions here and billions there and we are soon enough talking PANIC real panic by Chinese running out of phony sinking free falling YUAN – which as we reported will break 7 yuan to the dollar next floor target and free fall from there – while the IMF says its all contained. WE SAY there are so wrong and the panic is no longer containable in China. THE RUN OUT OF CHINA is vastly picking up speed absolutely shocking Chinese planners trying to infuse confidence in a system where their leaders, dealing or a year in bad with the USA – agreeing to 150 pages of terms and conditions as pure fraud in negotiations criminal negotiators – that is right CRIMINAL NATION CRIMINAL NEGOTIATORS – never intending to honor one of those agreements – with a cable no phone call no respect – canceled in shocking dishonor to between nation dealings – flipped the USA the bird backed Biden and kicked TRUMP in the nuts seeking maximum humiliation for TRUMP with a full on PR blitz how awful Trump was. For what – placing false trust in XI. Trump acted appropriately and shocked China by slamming tariff’ s on the nation as he said he would – 24 hours after digesting the CABLE OF HORROR FORM CRIMINAL CHINA. Today this site and others tell the truth. China can no longer hide from its people who are honorable how dishonorable their leaders and police state truly are. China their tiny state of California economics is so under water in a sea of debt, that the debt crash is creating SUPER CASH dynamics in China. WATCH FOR THE CHINA SUPER CRASH as all remaining items in CHINA are taxed next by the USA. China is truly in check mate and Trump is truly sad the high ground was lost. Now everything improves for the USA as for Trump its game on. Unlike most world leaders….Trump loves the art of the deal. Check Mate XI you dishonored the wrong NATION in May. If you have an abacus as your team XI to give you a true report on the dominoe of banks going bankrupt your taking over rising from May’s record to new records in JUNE. Your going down without an emergency trade deal XI one bank failure at a time. SUPER CRASH – it begins as your banks fail one after another like a necklace of SHAME for your team and people. That is the IMF contained story today. IMF simple statement – shame on you.

Did the IMF read the small print from China. The communist seeing banks fail like dominoes why? Because the bad loan account of the State Run Organizations – owned by the communist central government – can ‘t pay 100 trillion in loans back – and the banks having customers ( deposit money ) running out the door in cash – as a run out of banks by Chinese IS taking place for Chinese who acquire the TRUTH versus the lies – seeking to protect themselves before it is way too late – have a new policy. The Central Government the PRC – evokes a policy TODAY that Banks who can’t get loans paid back from tens of thousands of SRO’s swap bad loans for bad stock and take stock in the bankrupt firms wiping out the loans that will never repay and hold stock that is worthless as full value for the loan plus interest on the phony Chinese BOOKS.

The IMF says the issue is contained? The IMF understands the last stage of an economic implosion correct? Phony shell game accounting. Bad loans for Bad Stock. GAME OVER CHINA. The end is nigh and you have lost without a trade deal your prosperity your future and we believe we are seeing the end of the PNC. Full blown panic may follow. Riots civil unrest and implosion are coming. China is hanging by a trade deal thread and guess what – the idiots are cutting that thread off. That is CONTAINED IMF? Please don’t throw bull shit to our readers – the truth is economic and IMF you have lost it when you accepted the YUAN into the basket of currencies. CUT YOUR LOSS IMF and take the YUAN out before your own prestige and cost for not doing so kick you so hard in the ass – like we said it would the day you let them in. CREDIT RATING AGENCIES – Bad stock to wipe out bad loans – really PNC truly? Time to downgrade China debt of rating agencies misleading AI market investment – TRULY SHAME ON YOU. The time is this week down bubble.



In talking with Advisers to Presidents of two Gulf Nations last night – again confirming our first report to you – MBS attacked his own ships and oil with drones in Saudi in a weak rather predictable attempt to yank oil prices up. The Puppy King has failed in 100% of his oil policies. Today his oil cut backs are removing market share from Saudi as demand is falling off a cliff and much faster than OIL LIAR PR would tell. you. To show you just how bad it all is – the so called experts wrong 100% of the time now – and this news site is right 100% of the time now as our readers so well know – predicted a fall in US oil supplies this week of almost a million barrels or 867,000 barrels going down. Instead as WE SAID – we added almost another 500,000 new barrels to our almost 500 million barrels locked up in storage. Really we need half a billion in locked up storage and thats why? I said we should dump our storage and bring oil to 37.00 dollars. Oil is the cost of everything.

With oil going DOWN we think Powell should HOLD IN THE GREAT PAUSE AND NOT LOWER INTEREST AT ALL. It is not needed. US interest is historically low and the GREAT PAUSE was just in time and its enough – more than enough for right now.

Russia wants to break with OPEC ( as we said ) and pump full out. Following MBS over a cliff Russia has and is losing market share as customers who got contaminated oil are not returning to buy from Russia. Russia and shattered OPEC producers have followed SOCIOPATHIC PUPPY KING MBS off an oil Niagara falls. First they lose market share by cutting back supply as buyers turn to non OPEC for supply like America with over ten dollar cost cheaper to refine oil. Second the shattered OPEC idiots still in for any reason – lose their price. No one is paying the MBS idiot price – no one. So to get customers a huge OIL PRICE WAR started by failed policies of the mentally ill Puppy King in SAUDI has created – a crises in SAUDI economics. A civil war is taking place in the Sand Castle. Now MBS is costing SAUDI in 36 months over five trillion dollars. What more can he do to hang on to power. Really going to war with IRAN is about it but that would really end MBS. How much more do the SAUDI ROYALS PUT UP WITH? Today we have OIL falling another 3% in an absolute blood path for anyone following Saudi investing into going long in Oil.

Fact: MBS Bombed himself to raise the price of oil in May. Fact everyone knows that. Fact Saudi invested in going long feeling oil prices would rise and stay higher. Fact Saudi lost untold wealth in the WRONG SIDE of that bet and those loses are soaring today bringing 3 trillion of capital loss to Saudi in 36 months to over 5 trillion. A trillion there and a trillion here and how much is one puppy king’s life worth again in the sand lot?

Finally Congress is working to block arms sales and nuke plants to the SOCIOPATHIC KING who is shopping in Pakistan and India for a Nuke. If a nuke with those nation signatures on it – as like finger prints no two nukes are identical – reaches Saudi all hell will break loose for the nation that sold them. Further we would be assured Iran would get Nuke Protection from RUSSIA and the Puppy King may see Russia own his oil fields. The loss of prestige for the USA and the rise of prestige for PUTIN already soaring in Region would be steller. The PUPPY KING has the United States Congress clear about an ally relationship with the SAUD family one that no longer includes MBS. FIve Trillion down bubble as SAUDI economics now face a true SUPER CRASH as global capital is running out of Saudi and OUT of China collectively as never seen in modern history. That you can take to the bank. No economy can prosper failing to understand the new box top rules for AI economics which reside insulated from politics all together.


How is trade war effecting the USA.

Jobs are driving growth.

The experts expected with winter passing an uptick on average of 270,000 new jobs.

America created a bit less – 90% less – now thats so far off AI will take a bit to adjust its massive sell on that number. BRACE YOURSELVES for an AI weekend of surprises we can’t predict.

27,000 jobs – are you kidding me. The canary in the USA mine shaft – fell down dead this week.

Anyone who fails to digest the news on that PLUNGE OFF A CLIFF of USA Growth has missed the impact taking place of a Global Slow Down as the economics in the USA are hitting a wall.

How do you know THAT.

Jobs have fallen into the sea.

In the mid week that is how you know.

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We have no more to say at the mid week.