Financial Press is just ridiculous today. One of my favorite larger investors who reads this blog, sold 100% of everything on first Tweet of Trade war by President Trump and bought all US TREASURIES.

We told you the market would rise yesterday and it did today. We told you why. We told you how AI Super Volatility is working and how and why here first. We watch the kids report financial fake news on what is going on out there to a track record that is 100% wrong. The economy is new. The economy is all AI now.

The world trades on US dollars as the world reserve currency. China wishes its bogus currency the Yuan to be the world Reserve currency. The kids reporting financial news have mass markets ignorant totally on economic reality. For example China GNP is less than one state in the US. The two worlds largest economies is what you hear all the time. That should read more like:

  2. China tied with Japan India Indonesia the EU and Russia with GNP economies about the size of California less than New York
  3. The tied nations are FOOT HILLS IN ECONOMICS.

The foot hills have to hold a % of economics to trade globally. Daily all trades for currency, most debt, all commodities and goods traded, are settled in US DOLLARS. Nations must sell their currency to get dollars or trade with imbalance as China does in a criminal wealth transfer now being stopped by the smart folks in our center of government Washing  DC finally. Fifty years of criminal theft of our nations wealth is enough.

There are 16 trillion of US Dollars in circulation plus other US assets totalling trillions more.

This world reserve nations must have scores nations winning or losing. China has lost 70% of its dollar reserves in 60 months. Why? China has to sell dollars to support its phony money the Yuan. The Yuan would have long ago crashed without China losing, like in a casino on bad bets, 2.7 trillion of 25 years of accumulated dollars to support its currency from SUPER CRASHING and to assure that China does not have run away inflation.

China warned by the IMF and the US TREASURY is borrowing 300% more than it earns. China running up the biggest debt super bubble in human history – lends its borrowed money to nations – to create DEBTOR SLAVE NATIONS. Policy in those nations with rising DEBT TO CHINA creates influence from the debt grantor China. Recently a 30% increase in the EU debt has taken place in the EU.

The EU wants a single EU bond, like a structured asset in sub prime. The Single EU Bond would disguise the scrambled eggs of junk bond Italy, Spain, Portugal Greece now in Snap elections with all nations moving to the right and many wishing to leave the EU. This scrambled eggs EU BOND is not going to happen as Germany and France the only solvent nations in the EU really, would be stuck paying for the majority of fiscal irresponsible nations. EU nations in super debt like China in worse super debt have aging issues, where the ratio of retired sucking out to the work age folks paying in – is too lopsided to sustain forward operations of the nations themselves. THE EU will implode and China’s bet on EU is going to turn out to be another failure of China economic policy. Communist leaders are famous for such risk mistakes.

China is sinking like a submarine with a ripped out hole in is engine room, from the worlds largest SUPER DEBT BUBBLE. China is losing its world reserve account going under 1 trillion in US holdings for the first time in over twenty years – with too limited an account soon to support is failed YUAN which will SOON SUPER CRASH at 15 to 1 dollar just as we told here here over and over. THE RUN OUT OF CHINA BY COMPANIES – TRADE – COMMERCE – AND FORWARD INVESTMENT is rising to 5 trillion total since the trade war began – that is a money capital ocean moving OUT OF CHINA. The sub is sinking backwards and those on the bridge say….captain I can see land we are almost at port. The land they see is in fact a mirage and there is no land whatsoever – so diluded is China.

China built its economic miracle on the following principles of economics:

  1. Debt Super Bubble – largest in history – borrow way more than you earn – build entire cities no one lives in at all and more
  2. Loan fantastic sums to nations and assure your mineral supply is never ending
  3. Buy up the commodities bidding up price as you hoard and stock pile global commodities to dump assets into nations
  4. Run investment and economics on the worlds most advanced AI never seen before
  5. Steal IP by hacking in Digital WORLD WAR III and steal the most advanced AI and plans – then advance forward from those starting points to superior military and AI – then everything else from Amazon to Alibaba from McDonalds to Iphone to Huawie
  6. Steal all data on all nations for all people – intelligence to win the digital wars over time
  7. Bankrupt the west by digital attacks on markets where you make more than sanctions and tariff’s attacking core economics

Asymmetrical warfare China was entirely winning until Donald Trump who understands high economics and firewalled the 1 to 7 all at once.

In the shortest time China is losing ( not selling because it wants to ) but losing their dollar reserves required to trade and settle. No one wants their YUAN for oil or even a snickers bar today. The Yuan can not stand at 7 to 1 US dollars for long and is under world attack.

There are 440 Trillion Currency dollars moving in dynamic fully leveraged trade globally ( so says former US Secretary of the Treasury ). Rising over 96% is controlled by AI today and less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS including Sovereign nation Wealth fund – my attorney represents the largest number of in DC. So our readers know a thing or two.

China today advised and warned its citizens on travel to the USA. Because they could have delays? Not likely. We had warned earlier our citizens to be careful going to China because they may in fact never return – increasingly likely.

China is losing billions in US tourist dollars and the EU is going to win those dollars as the Dollar and EU move from 1.45 EU’s to the Dollar to 1 EU to 1 dollar and soon 1.20 Dollar to 1 EU as the US Dollar rises again.

The market is pricing in a Fed interest rate drop. As such policy is a huge mistake by the FED – we are writing Powell to HOLD THE GREAT PAUSE no more is required. No signal of weakness is required as we are not weak. The WINTER NUMBERS are climate change winter. Lets see how Asia does with their season – as India fries in record heat waves with cities passing 120 degrees. No air conditioning and worse air quality on earth. Modi has some work to complete.

Russia is watching all this – in recession – with oil plunging due to MBS failure on oil policy since 2014. When MBS declared oil war with America he said he WOULD CRUSH OUR ENTIRE OIL INDUSTRY. That is who we sell weapons to and are friendly with ? Our oil was a bit over 4 million barrels of daily  output. Over the years to follow our reserves exceed 1 trillion barrels and are rising to Saudi 264 billion barrels and falling fast. America is reaching 13 million barrels a day. Saudi has fallen from 11 million export barrels a day at over 100 dollars a barrel to only 8.7 million barrels a day at a world price set in America of 53 dollars a barrel and Saudi tries to sell for 68 dollars but no one – not anyone . is buying the MBS PRICE or MORE BULLSHIT SAUDI PRICE. MBS has cost Saudi 3 trillion in capital flight out of nation – investment drying up in nation – and oil market share imploding out of Saudi and MBS failure in the oil war has killed OPEC like an Alabama Duck shot by Roll Tide 100 shot guns all at once. Only feathers remain for OPEC.

Oh the kiddies still report OPEC PR – and oil price will spike a few cents for 48 hours then as we reported last year and this the blood bath for those who went long in oil or short on dollars is now history. RIGHT AGAIN.

So the kids report silly charts graphs and fake news on economics.

The reality is alarming. The market in five years moved to 96% AI and that spiral is rising tighter toward 100%. New AI is evolving faster than human DNA.

Still the SUPER CHANGE taking place in the new economic world of AI – a humanity first ever – is being exceeded on the kiddies programing for AI by the market of SUPER CHANGE. The NEW and we mean entirely new economic theory ( throw all University economics out the window they are as relevant in SUPER CHANGE as a horse shoe to a inner tube tire )  – roll tide. The rapidly evolving ever changing AI in full on money and economic AI WARS between AI super money pools — have created a world wide casino capitalism.

From Jamie Diamonds perspective his tribe has as Larry Fink might describe it created a new stability economics. A riskless risk economics. Where sufficient price range stability is secured by massive price point investing – such that AI moderates swings our of defined price range as no one has the capital to unwind those ranges. One platform of the new AI ECONOMIC THEORY – riskless risk by AI engineering.

However the parameters Jamies kiddies have applied, are being stressed BY SUPER CHANGE. I’m sending Jamie a copy of my new book in October and President Trump for his Treasury Secretary. SUPER CHANGE IS NOW BY PASSING HUMAN BEINGS CORE CAPACITY TO ADAPT TO THE CHANGE ACCELERATIONS TAKING PLACE TODAY FROM EARLY FIRST GENERATIONS OF AI. FUTURE SUPER CHANGE AND FUTURE AI CHANGE STRESS IS PASSING THE PRESENT CAPACITY OF AI TO ADAPT which is and will reman until RE-REGULATION OF THE CORE ECONOMIC FRAME WORK OF THE WORLD IS FULLY ENGAGED – either post crises as business as usual or pre crises as leaders wake up to the core issue and problem in time.

Today the kiddies make you feel things are stressed but ok. The AI leaders are confident.

The truth is AI is being exceeded to core parameters by Super Change and Super DEBT BUBBLES.

The bubbles bursting de-leverage globally at speeds AI can not adapt into. The crises is AI created by program exceeding capacity to adapt ( unintended consequence of failure to see all variables in time ) when Liquidity Evaporation Day arrives. MARKET DESTABILIZATION IS TAKING PLACE WITH INCREASED FREQUENCY IN THE FIFTH YEAR OF AI DOMINATED NEW ECONOMICS GLOBALLY. As a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE BURSTING WILL TRIGGER LED DAY – LIQUIDITY WILL DISAPPEAR AND AI LITERALLY WILL NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO – PROGRAM IS EXCEEDED – WHEN AI MINDLESSLY SELLS WITHOUT HUMAN INPUT FOR IMPLICATION AS AI CAN NOT SEE HUMAN UNDERSTANDING FOR IMPLICATION ( YET ) . China bank failures are unfolding like popcorn – one is state taken over than another failures – it is occuring at a pace never seen before in China as the chinese are digitally running out of their banks which lack liquidity and fail – like dominoes falling – just as we warned about.

So the race is on.

LED day or smart enough AI to catch up to SUPER CHANGE the AI wars are bringing about.

Gates and Gods of Tek just invested in light chips for new AI.

We see these are obsolete and yesterday investing. New GRAPHENE MOTHER BOARDS in fully quantum computers using light are the future and silicone is lacking design engineering capacity to keep pace with SUPER CHANGE. The new GRAPHENE world puts a Cray computer in your smart phone. Not long either ..wait for it.


The world of AI driven by sound bites without human capacity for IMPLICATION, dropped technology as Google Face Book and Apple have complaints from big tek firms that their policy is anti competitive. Blocking them all out. The Federal Trade Commission asleep at the wheel of US commerce – has helped 1% of Super Money own more wealth than 99%. Today the industry leading the world is under attack by foreign nations? Well YES. But worse by our own nation. WIth their hand out for fines and penalities.

AI will figeur out what we humans already know so well. That is:

  1. The government march stall into courts and takes forever.
  2. The government is not going to break up these firms because they really lack powers to do that step today.
  3. The government will negotiate more cooperative versus competitive policies – as cooperative capitalism is unfolding globally.
  4. Huge fines will pay these agency outside congress budgets to profitably challenge all firms too big to pay bail.
  5. Then they pay their get of jail free money – avoid break up – and AI rewards with record market price in the end.


So – we have manufacturing down ( not much ) in April but ( HUGE ) in China down as the fire hydrant in China is turned off now. China is dying without a trade deal at speeds of death China planners are going to be STUNNED BY. The next level of Trade War where Trump taxes 100% – balances our budget – and asks Americans NOT TO BUY MADE IN CHINA is economic death for China as a foot hill no where near a mount everest. Look at the poker game this way. We buy many many times more from China buys from us – illegal wealth transfer USA into China.

If we stop buying Chinese – made  in China  – we get all that economic back and jobs and prosperity while China has no replacement for Mount Everest buying power – as in ZERO SUM GAME. China residing in denial of new AI economics – lacks mental agility to accurately assess the RISK to their implosion. Trade deal prosperity soars for centuries. Delay trade deal economy implodes in a SUPER DEBT SUPER BUBBLE TOTAL CRASH – deleveraging China for five decades – within a blood bath of red ink – hyper inflation and for sure civil wars and civil unrest and faster than PRESIDENT XI can imagine. The cards China holds are two – two’s a two of hearts for their people and a two of spades to dig their economic grave with.

President Trump drinking a cold diet coke and blowing smoke rings on the White House Porch – under a full summer moon in Washington DC…looks at his cards and see’s a FULL HOUSE ACES HIGH an unbeatable hand. He watches XI bluffing and putting more and more chips to lose completely on the table. XI’s chips are running out  – Trump has 440 trillion dollars of chips – and has used only a few chips so far – smiling at XI and saying – when can we play golf – why this is too much fun – do you want another hit from the dealer – and XI ( a tell actually ) looks at his cards and nods – he gets a 3 of spades.

XI is done.

Trump has won.

It’s all over but the CALL and SHOW ME THE CARDS.

China is told – warning on travel to the USA. China tour operators know thats silly and it changes zero as there is no place like LAS VEGAS or NEW YORK CITY or HOLLY WOOD or say YOSEMITE. NO PLACE LIKE USA IN THE WORLD. DISNEY LAND FOR GROWN UPS. Plus we have the NEW STARWARS PARK.

WE tell US folks be in caution going to China they may not let you back. Now that again is a ratio of say 1000 to 1 in dollar tourism.

Two Two’s.


The AI market of SUPER MONEY POOLS is betting short on CHINA and a full run of capital in this silly trade war CHINA SET UP to effect Trump election to get a socialist leadership in they can deal with – theft as usual. No problem.

China bet wrong. They are CRAPS on the table. Trump is going to re-elect and by a landslide including Nancy’s congress why? SOCIALISM or AMERICA?

That is the WHY even for those who hate Trump the cross over for the guy standing up for the nation is a majority.

CHINA Is losing billions supporting the BIden cause and manipulating our elections and no SPECIAL PROSECUTOR on that why? Those who call the special prosecutor are in bed with China on election manipulation for real.

Understand that is economic not political.

Follow the money you’ll see yourself.

SO CHINA delay in trade war to trade deal – is risking a CHINA DEBT IMPLOSION as we told you first here and why.

This summer a necklace of popcorn known as CHINA BANK FAILURES AND TAKE OVERS Is taking place as digital runs on China banks is taking place. How do you know outside the opaque reporting on a fraction versus all of the Banks going out in China right now?

You know when parades of China leadership come forth saying – don’t panic everything is A ok in China.

This means there is A RUN ON BANKS as Chinese want out of YUAN crashing and into Dollars and EU rising. THE RUN is exploding by failed Chinese policy to make a honorable trade deal. YOUR BROKE THE DEAL XI and every Chinese KNOWS what dishonor looks like – and the dishonor is upon President XI and his bad faith team of criminals and bandits. The day of ECONOMIC WEALTH TRANSFER AS A CRIME IS OVER CHINA. DEAD BURIED OVER.

Make a deal – or seal the deal and die. That is economics AI ECONOMICS 101.

Ai reads this blog.

AI weights accurate over time to WEIGHT news reporting.

Our blog is highly weighted on accuracy.


The crises is failure to adapt properly into SUPER CHANGE. Ask Jack Maas.


TIME is an asset or a huge liability in the SUPER CHANGE MARKET. Time is now the most important asset.

CHINA is losing sufficient time ( in economic policy error creating internal crises ) and may be sooner than YOU SUSPECT irreversible.

The kids reporting economic speculations or opinion they have are defining data from an old economy that does not even exist.

100% of news stating the USA is being hurt by trade war is FAKE NEWS.

The USA is so prosperous in trade war it has us out pacing all nations on earth. AMERICA IS GREAT AGAIN. That is true.

We win on each raise and call in the trade war game. We only win.

TIME creates greater loss for all who oppose our winning hand.

We invite them into fairness and ethics.

Their failure to rise up to the higher new integrity required of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM defines their failure.


AI economics is breeding integrity based COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM which envisions no nation left behind.

The elite economic old brains who fail to adapt will be left behind….in …NO……”TIME”….at all.

Those who adapt rapidly will in time enjoy the new 300 year prosperity with no nation left behind.

COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM we advanced as theory in the 1980’s is in the 2020 moving forward a FACT.

That GAME OF THRONES turns all the 7 Kingdoms to Washington and the one world reserve currency now and into the foreseeable future.

All enemies have been defeated as the USA has 9 dragons.

We win.