If you as a regular reader, or new first time reader ( welcome as 1000’s sign up monthly these days and we welcome you each and every reader/leader to our family. Spread the word as more and more of the world population, wish to really know…what IS going on out there?

Today the markets extend last month’s loss streak. The headlines roil with silly Fake News. USA today reported their list of the cities most likely to be impacted by the next downturn or recession in real estate. They put cities like Denver with 70,000 moving in each year – and left out San Francisco which is so costly now it has net negative migration OUT of the entire Bay Area. Marin County my birth and first third of a century home, is the highest real estate in the WORLD and I suspect subject to a huge downturn, as is a 100 mile circle around San Francisco my birth city. My former home not that long ago sold for just under one million and now sells for 25 million …personally….I think that is WAY WAY WAY over priced and could fall back to say 5 million – that kind of ridiculous over pricing.

Also I look at New Port Beach over say Nashville I think Nashville booms for 25 more years. I think pockets all over California the leading red ink debtor state and the most likely to default on forward bonds with Illinois state ( wait for it – its coming in the down turn to follow this boom ) negative population states. States with real estate too high priced and who are losing population versus gaining tax payers, are going broke slowly folks.

It will dawn on people that CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL and a feature of Earth SUPER CHANGE as human’s have never known it. We humans have been on the 4 billion year old earth for less than one million years – in earth clock time a second or two. No one given the earth destroys almost all her species constantly with or without man, and remakes new species constantly with or without man, our ignorance of earth systems and processes we THINK WE UNDERSTAND is a massive odd arrogance. Our capacity to stick a garden hose up our own ass and inhale till we die is weird but we seem to be getting the concept as all children who are good kids finally get, that we the children of the earth need to take care of mom and dad, the PLANET. What a concept.

Since the industrial revolution only one specifies has changed earth terraforming, polluting land seas and air to a point that may self extinct us. Now that is the species that in its insanity and arrogance believes we are in domain upon the earth when we are so fragile to stay in existence it is pathetic really. When threatened with say geology – the earth quiet period in geological terms never seen before, is the quiet period for earth quakes, 3,000 foot tsunami’s, Super Volcanoes ( which cool the earth ) ice ages,  super hot periods, and more, are returning. Humans have left the ONE QUIET GEOLOGICAL PERIOD of the earth in a billion years, and are now returning to EARTH NORMAL. Couple this with the gas remix Humans introduced by taking earth lube from the earth itself ( petro lakes ) and removing the earth shock absorber. Taking all that material by billions upon billions of ton weight – and redistributing the most toxic gas formula possible into the atmosphere by trillions of tons of new CO2 and more – the earth is out of balance.

Think of the earth as a wheel on your car. Balanced and spinning. Now take the following on tara-forming to re-engineer your planet –

  1. Untold trillions of tons of weight of commodities and forge these into trillions of tons of WEIGHT distributed on the outer shelf of nations near the seas – with cities and high rises and parking garages for our pollution distribution machine. In these areas we shed the most toxic long term chemicals mostly from petroleum products in which the FEW ( less than say 10,000 ) earn fantastic wealth by destroying the balance of the planet eco system without a regard to responsibility to the many. Systemic FEW AGAINST THE MANY SYSTEM BY LAW. Also insane no?
  2. All this creates the massive melting of the polar ICE CAPS. The balance of the fly wheel. As this WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION on the top and bottom of our spinning top redistributes in a flash bulb of earth time the earth balance moves. Weather patterns massively shift first as we are in that period now.
  3. Also for the first time in human existence the magnetic pools are dissipating – as our protection against incoming SUPER SOLAR FLARES where one take out all electronics upon the earth ( all ). One Super Solar Storm – as one has never taken place while we have all those electronics up in space but one is coming for sure. Our nations do not regulate space and no regulations require higher cost but shielding for all space electronics – how insane is that. Humans have not existed doing the 1000’s of years magnetic poles shift but we are today and it effects GPS to your cell phone.
  4. Does the rebalance of the earth create a wobble then a polar shift of say 35% of top to bottom of earth spin – say that occurs in an EARTH ROLL because of human tampering – for they know NOT what it is that they do – well what happens next as the earth shifts on its axis – which happens with or without man. Our insanity creates the perfect extinction event for ourselves as a virus the earth requires to cleanse like a bad chest cold – WE HUMANS ARE THE EARTH’S CHEST COLD and she may be about to sneeze.
  5. Earth Shift creates redistribution of weight. Our cities go underwater for the coast. Many others too. What was warm is cold what was cold is warm. Winds blow at 3000 miles an hour for month. We are gone – 8 billion with perhaps 1 million left earth wide – back in the stone age humans. It rains mud and is not breathable for a month or so to clear it all up again. Floods like man has never seen – weather like Mars and 3000 foot tsunami. Planes and trains and things are all gone. Everything is all gone. Most of the million are all gone in man’s self extinction. Most are extinct in first 72 hours – 90% of the remaining one million die in the next two months. The earth scape includes Super Volane’s world wide. The Earth begins anew with a new ice age to sterilize everything for some millions of years and sst up the rebalance. Hopefully an intelligent species will be earth born to care of the mom and dad earth and to bring her magic to the stars. We’ll see.


AH – you are waking up are you not to the news – which is all FAKE. You have to be informed with new eyes in the mind washing of media today. AI controls even the sound bites you read.

SUPER AI is coming – self aware and a billion billion times smarter processing than say any human – our most complex game theory humans now lose and AI IBM pre quantum computer wins over humans every time. THE REAL AI IS RISING AND COMING and no nation has any rules of any kind related to that AI. Will that AI see us as threat and we created our own extinction without a thought in the world? Inside reality – versus illusion – A CEO SPACE community of leaders is working outside the illusion in far safer terms within REALIT:Y. THEY KNOW. They KNOW THAT THEY KNOW. You may wish to step up to a better way moving forward as NOW IS THE TIME that I suggest you ACT if you keep coming back. Two points repeated here define your 2019 and 2020 success. Remain in the SUPER RISK of fake news and markets or step into REALITY and help one another in our own self reliance stepping ahead of SUPER CHANGE together. Nothing wonderful happens until a leader ( you ) makes a decision… you will know what to decide upon.

Now let’s talk in human terms about the ten cities most vulnerable to down turn crashes like New York and Chicago. Thats my life not USA today. We’ll see who is right here. On the real economics.

Also the press is filled with “investors flee to safety ? Who are these investors moving the markets? I ask because 96% of all cash is warehoused today in Electronic Fund Super Money Pools and most of the 4% managed by human’s is moving over. Humans are giving up and AI is taking over management of human money pools remaining. It is all AI to AI today. AI at Morgan and its pools – AI at Bank of London and its pools – AI at Credit Swiss and AI for Norway soverign wealth fund – AI is now starting to monitor AI – all ETF money pools and AI is repositioning into best performing AI money pools and AI is reselecting diversification.

Massive flows into the US dollar are taking place by AI seeing the FED is not lowering interest and with higher interest the SOARING US dollar looks good as safe haven. The Pound the Yen and gold are spiking. Only to fall later. If you read our news item on SUPER VOLATILITY then you know or thing or two about all this. If you acted you protected peak profits and you now profit maximally inside the SUPER VOLATILITY. If you did nothing – your nest egg lost a bit in the present weeks of turmoil.

China is playing election manipulation at a level of 50x to 1 what Russia did in 2016 – no comparison. China:

  1. Set Trump up in bad faith negotiations it knew it was going to pull the plug on putting the finger up Trump’s ass.
  2. Then their PR machines attempt to blind the world to the AMERICANS are the bad guys.
  3. While China seeks to preserve a MOB RUN NATION of CRIMINALS AT THE TOP – we steal all your shift and then we compete with those we let into our nation and next  drive them out of business in our nation . Like Amazon.
  4. China invests in Biden and backing a new anyone but Trump who is dealing with China as criminals today.
  5. China and 90% of media owned by less than 50 super wealthy – as you well know want Trump out and socialism in as it was. This class warfare is going on world wide today as voters decide. Either we rise into a new world order or we sink into wars and then a new world order. Whats your bet on HOW HUMANS WILL UNFOLD IT ALL with sanity or insanity as is our pathology?

So what do you DO inside the sea rip tides taking place – as unhappily POLITICS IS RUNNING ( RUINING ) ECONOMICS VERSUS ECONOMICS RUNNING POLITICS ( INTO PROSPERITY ).

Be we are insane in competition. The virus on human consciousness ( there is only one – competition itself ) which is mind pollution – first pollution – what we desire is the total ABSENCE OF COMPETITIVE THOUGHT IMPULSE leaving us only cooperation, integrity and collaborations. Do you see on any scale we are moving from insanity into sanity – from competition into cooperation – or moving from cooperation more tightly into competition?

Against all this SUPER CHANGE from the earth SUPER CHANGING while insane folks sleep on the watch towers and or human insanity while we all sleep on the watch towers ( in America fifty miles from a Burger KING go large and a milk share oreos and cookies and cream please –  large on the fries too ).  Lets rent a streaming series and binge watch till we die together ok? OK WITH YOU?

Super Change. HOW DO YOU ADAPT INTO SUPER CHANGE swirling all around YOU and making you increasingly uncomfortable? Read my new book on HOW releasing this holiday season. I’ll let you all know first as this work is the BOOK OF THE CENTURY for all of us.

Second – disregard what you read in news – as bought and paid for news is anything but news and you do not KNOW WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. So read this site several times a week – and share this BLOG URL with your walls – postings – blogs – boards and social and by email to those you CARE TO SHARE because you love and respect them in your own circle. HELP THEM KNOW WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

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CEO SPACE gathers numbers. Numbers of awake leaders into islands of SANITY inside the oceans of competitive insanity. If you wish to move forward with your family into every compressed competitive oppressions, stay outside CEO SPACE. You swim in those shark invested competitie seas, alone, as you are prey and food, versus safe and secure in life.

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In summary. The markets report investors flee to safety.

In fact AI is repositioning based on SOUND BITES each day and AI to AI review of what AI “thinks” other AI will do in the AI wars of money flows. AI not investors control daily movements and AI is speculating inside a giant world unregulated first ever market – an new AI ECONOMY – in which all old charts and DEATH CROSSES ( see Boeing stock today ) and related historic tools can be thrown down the economic garbage disposal. AI economics do not work like pre AI economics as a new economy is here and the first declaration of that TRUTH against media FAKE NEWS – was right here in 2014 when over 50% of economic flow dynamics had moved to AI economics.

The SUPER CHANGE Of core economics in the world, occurred way to rapidly in TIME, to accomodate regulatory or state adaptation. As the rules of the old economic are still being applied, but have zero influence or effect on the new AI economics it appears as if reporting on it all is done by idiots. So out of touch even lay readers can see SOMETHING IS BIG TIME WRONG OUT THERE with 100% wrong forecasting. This blog has been 100% right forecasting over decades and our long time readers now trust the outcomes more faithfully when they read it because we don’t tell you WHAT we also tell you WHY – missing in FAKE NEWS or old economics which is like a BROTHERS GRIMM FAIRY TALE with a very unhappy ending. As those reporting the news read tele prompt information which is not news today – and there is no theory of nation yet – for NEW AI ECONOMICS we are caught in the rip tide of SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS overwhelming human systems to adapt – passing our capacity to adapt at all.

You my readers know this truth is reality.

You are awake and see the FAKE NEWS AS SILLY.

If you see attacks on IRAN ( which are fake news and not deserved by the IRANIAN nation or its people – who just defeated ISIS with us – my readers ask WHO IS PAYING FOR THAT BASHING? We do this on world leaders being bashed. We do it on bias news which is not fact but seeks to influence us with reporting bias against one or another – usually socialism is applauded and free enterprise is derided. The world is dividing into two voter blocks:

….government is the solution to all of our problems…..

…government is the source of all of our problems – via its lack of regulation or because of over regulations  –

Two views taking place dividing humans world wide.

Bad education does not help us or serve us well either.

Folks none of this is YOUR FAULT.

We are in the waters washed this way or that by 440 Trillion Dollars – the ocean floating all nations and all economics – now for the first time in human existence ( which is not long anyway compared to say the mosquito ) – AI runs the entire ball game and humans are OUT. All for profits by the hour AI in control. Is that healthy economics? A casino capitalism? The side bets on which way price for everything goes -controls price itself – and is many times larger than the market of money in the economy. More money by 1000 dollars to 1 dollar is now flowing on SIDE BETS INSIDE CASINO CAPITALISM to influence price than real investing in economic growth. Until that wealth recycles into new regulatory global frame works to moderate unlimited wealth consolidation and price speculation – the world is in a death spiral of repeating old patterns into a SUPER CRASH system destructive event we call DEBT CASCADE AND SUPER CRASH a world systemic killer. The system freezes up and dies.

Now with all that said we have a lot of time and right now are in GOOD TIMES economically but destabilizing fast. SUPER CHANGE the new age we reside inside of and can never get out or go back – requires of us to be prosperous and happier:

  1. We come together in July as community and help each other – we show the world the new world order – US -we do commerce with one another and keep each other safer. There is safety in numbers. Stay out in the storms or come to SAFE HARBOR IN DALLAS. Decide for yourself. To my CEO SPACE member readers I encourage you as in 2007 – get under the umbrella of CEO SPACE with your entire family without delay. UPGRADE YOUR LEADERSHIP software far more important than Tim Cook and Apple software today in the news. Know the difference as your UPDATE and UPGRADE is July. Do not go forward without that – members just don’t risk it.
  2. You operate in NEW SAFE HARBOR with sea walls protecting US from the raging waves and financial storms that no longer effect or apply to US at all…..or you sink. Your choice.

Humans are weird though. They know a FORCE 5 hurricane is coming and they still fail to evacuate and die.

Super Change is the challenge facing you. We all have to calm down to catch up. July is when and how you do that.


What fake news.

There are no investors. All the money is invested in AI electronic management of capital – and leveraged maximally and invested in wild casino speculations by AI seeking profit by the minute over an hour. The flows in and flows out are starting to exceed system core parameters meaning there are more sell orders in some markets like Chinese Yuan then there are buy orders and even China central bankers can not stop the Yuan from moving to 15 to the dollar from todays 7 – barely.

Less than 10,000 Super Money pools investing in flash trading by the minute monitoring each other have been adjusting FROTH out of the market pricing and realizing fantastic PROFITS repositioning wealth into safer position diversity while moderating prices to profit all the way back up. ALL THE WAY BACK UP IS COMING NEXT after this sell in May and GO Away seasonal adjustment reality.

AI money pools control all the money. AI now moves your money between AI in FUND OF FUNDS AI investing = all without any legal regulatory frame work. Which is our why – that you – turn off fake economic news – following fake news are your own great financial peril. We have stated our advice to sell at the peak and invest in diversified insurance investing – where principle is guaranteed better than any FDIC in our opinion – the market that paid when banks closed. For real folks. This plan protects money for the HIGHEST LEGAL RETURN PERMITTED BY LAW WHERE PRINCIPLE CAN NOT BE LOST AT ALL. Insurance money managers are the best and LIFE PROTECTION is a free option of the far far safer money management. Fixed income moves to Annuity – Bank savings and liquid assets move to PERMANENT INSURANCE MONEY MANAGEMENT at near 5% annual returns versus your bank CD at 1% or 2% legal theft when inflation is higher than your return rate. Yesterday is already too late to move. Growth assets in INDEX PRODUCTS returning from 11% to 14% in recent years – enough and superior to loss you may have right NOW. Why? You read but you fail to heed – you keep coming back but you fail to act.

SAFE HARBOR DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING as we into 2025 approach potentials for a NEXT SUPER CRASH made closer by TRADE WARS as China planners are living in delusions within old economy rules that no longer apply globally at all – AI is punishing China for its errors to the tune of so many trillions moving out of China its very survival is at risk without a trade deal. Keep in mind we told you THAT here, and first. CHINA is flying into an economic mount everest in clouds and can’t see the damn mountain at all. The SUPER CRASH in China effects all markets and occurs with zero warning. The canary in the mine shaft already fell over dead ( economically speaking ). No one smells the mine gas before the economic implosion – driven by AI liquidity drying up China options – occuring right now this week.

AI is massively profiting from China making mistake after mistake and losing the economic digital wars China started in the first place. Now China is surrounded. By the entire world. Change economic crimes against humanity – or perish. As old brains have buggy bad software the advice to XI comes from that buggy software and is wrong. HOW LONG BEFORE XI see’s the advice is in fact wrong. It is all so simple. Sanity versus insanity. WE EITHER COOPERATE AND PROSPER TOGETHER OR WE PERISH TOGETHER.

Now how hard is THAT EQUATION. All investors seek safety today? THERE ARE NO INVESTORS there are only less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOL AI controlling 440 TRILLION DOLLARS into casino side bets to set market prices – the steak holder market is only 4 trillion and 440 trillion to one – skews market price to the HOUSE as the 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS are the OWNERS of this planet earth and the OWNERS Call all the shots and they own all the media you read – with their brain washing you to hold don’t fold and keep your money in their AI pools. DO SO AT YOUR VERY OWN RISK as you are the FEW who have the way forward – protect yourself no one else is or will – diversify insurance investing is the safe harbor better AI for keeping principle from loss versus profiting maximally with principle risk accepted as a policy of weaker AI risk taking that is now MASSIVE and margin call risk FANTASTIC.

Stay in super leveraged AI Super Money pools and you will learn this truth answer to the question of Super Change economics …..HOW CAN ONE LOSE MORE THAN EVERYTHING? Read my blog on MARGIN CALL.

institutions to grandma wealth – consider back bone security in DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING and if you keep coming back and you fail to act on this….the outcome for failing to have one drop of courage greater than your fear is you can lose more than everything….watch the AI markets in casino capitalism will show you that losing hand soon enough.

SUPER CHANGE IS SPEEDING UP whether you have tools to adapt or not…SUPER CHANGE is the new rule book.

May we download the operating manual for SUPER CHANGE to leaders in July in Dallas.

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You’ll profit if you act…..


Note: AM news today – markets would go down – what AI markets did was GO UP on bank and financial stock earnings and Apple Keynote – as Apple is only down on FAKE NEWS as its trading range will hit 250 this year – watch. AI us making record earnings in the SUPER VOLATILITY it manages and creates. Record profits down the rope and record profits back up the rope – in casino side betting the SEC and regulatory agencies of the world once put folks in PRISON For doing. In AI the trades are in the wild wild west of the cloud – and nations can only regulate global trading with a G 100 new box rule regulatory RE-THINK – since 2007 we have called for the G 100 to conduct an ECONOMIC CONSTITUITIONAL CONVENTION the blue print for law makers and leaders is in print – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION master plan for reform of regulatory frame works – without that folks the Depression past history we now repeat is far worse due to global counter party agreements and structured asset fully leveraged SUPER RISK the depression years never experienced – pouring PHOSPHOROUS onto a BON FIRE of RISK. Diversified insurance investing everyone. Call 256 850 4715 and ask for Victoria licensed insurance professional and CEO SPACE Platinum member serving those who wish to KEEP THEIR MONEY versus lose their money. Email victoria to just EXPLORE ask for an EXPLORATION CALL to get better data for your entire retirement and nest egg moving forward – keep coming back and fail to act ? It is on YOU now……..risk rising……VICTORIA will educate you on diversified insurance options, and she can help you world wide as the majority of my readers reside in the 150 nations CEO SPACE serves in our fourth decade of public service to those who own a business or a practice. Or those in transition…we serve YOU today. Be safe out there. Victoria serves leaders in famous Silicon Valley and now YOU. You’ll be so grateful for this much safer option…LEARN EARN AND RETURN is our culture at CEO SPACE and this news site for your circle. Share us.