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Retail sales have been the worst for the first quarter in more than ten years. Why? Really it was the CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER. The CLICK OR BRICK wars continue as well. When its 28 below zero in Sun Belt Georgia and worse in white out Minn. or Ohio folks do no mosey down to the MALL. So the first quarter is a WEATHER WIPE OUT. A pent up demand is showing up in May and June numbers. We anticipate from a new ten year low in retail from Gap to BEE BEE’s – we will see steady improvement from the low all year into a record Holiday season – sans weather events along the way. Its all CLEAR SAILING AND UP TODAY.



Libya is in the 1970’s with this huge lake of oil – largest so far in Africa – was pumping three million barrels a day in the 1970’s. Today we are under 1 million and trying to level at around 1 million. MBS is doing everything to Fake News oil higher. Lying about every single statistic. So the truth. We told you oil was going down the rabbit hole due to demand crashing – like not going down gradually but crashing. When you read that:

  1. Oil based plastique is being banned globally
  2. Plastique straws are out across the EU
  3. Oil power plants are moved over to cheap renewing no pollution natural gas today – GE has the forward gas turbine market
  4. Oil for transportation is moving to electric recharged by natural and renewable
  5. Toxic oil products are being cut out forever never to return 11,000 of them
  6. Oil for pesticide and fertilizer ( both toxic to humans ) is being removed at record demand falls to all organic today or natural
  7. America production has risen to off set all Saudi cut backs while Opec is shattered and no one is residing in MBS quota’s

The PR machine that create FAKE NEWS OIL RISING has failed. The last card was MBS attacking himself ( but not too much just FAKE NEWS DAMAGE ) his PR machine blamed on Iran. Just like the COUP in Turkey MBS planned and executed but failed, as MBS has 100% failed on every plan policy and cost Saudi over three trillion in 2018 and 2019 rising now to five trillion. All that money all that power to secure higher 75 dollar oil price to pay his greedy war bills as he lost those wars entirely in Yemen and Qatar now the JOKE of the mIddle East. Everyone is talking about the Emperor MBS waving – has no clothes on and is politically naked.

Today American oil fell 5% on the weekend to $ 53.00. MBS still says his oil is 68.00 dollars but no one is paying MORE for OIL from Opec. If OPEC won’t match US prices they lose MARKET SHARE. Saudi in 60 months – less than five years – has lost OVER ONE TRILLION IN OIL CUSTOMERS WHO ARE GONE FOREVER as MBS drove them away to his enemy due to failed oil policy and all policy. The SOCIOPATHIC OIL PUPPY KING. A temporary blite on the markets soon to disappear in a Saud bon fire. The SAND CASTLE IN SAUDI is in full on CIVIL WAR and until the Saudi CIVIL WAR is over fully – no one is investing not really. SAUDI is in SUPER CRASH as oil plunges the only thing that will fall is Saudi Credit rating and the only thing that will rise is Saudi debt. You heard if first here and the experts telling us how high oil would go – where wrong – and our experts telling you about the blood bath in oil and margin calls if you bet LONG INTO OIL – is actually here and the biggest loser – SAUDI and SAUDI oil investors – who are eating shit for lunch in oil markets today. Just as we told you. Told you FIRST. Right again.


The EU is an economic house on fire so you can no longer see the structure. The core structure is burning on a house of crackers or super debt bubbles. There by bad design – by founders – ARE NO FIRE “ESCAPES” inside the EU design.

The UK is leaving to step out of the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE for their people and endless costly Brussel Rule making that make EU membership too costly to support in economic black and white. If you can do fourth grade fractions in math you can figure this all out. A rising tsunami of debt that now Germany and France can not pay for the criminal debtor nations.

The EU currency has fallen by the largest % measured since the GREAT RECESSION. Down Down Down. We told you to get out of the EU at peak of 1.40 cents to the Dollar versus in real markets it is now not even 1.00 US dollar to 1 EU as traders are trading 1.00 US dollar for 90 cent EU’s. The EU is crashing as we said. If you trusted lying law makers in Brussels actually overhwhelmed in SUPER DEBT PANIC – that things are ok do not get yourselves upset hold your EU – you just had a huge % of your wealth egg taken from you in the SUPER CRASH OF THE EU. Now the EU folks are smart and they are running out to protect themselves before the EU is value less.

We stated the EU would blindly negotiate with politics leading economics. This means economically Britain who buys things from the EU in many times more ratio than the EU buys from the UK – the tail is the EU. The DOG is the UK. Economics 101. The EU dealing in very bad faith has three options:

  1. Deal with their favored trading partner doing whatever they require and desire on exit – get enough – not more than enough.
  2. Deal to show an example making cost to exit has high a punishment to the UK as you can for EU wealth transfer on exit.
  3. No Exit from UK because # 2 is disrespectful economics. NO DEAL EXIT sets up THE EXAMPLE as the EU debt implodes

The UK is protecting its people from 100 trillion of rising bad debt in the EU creating an economic implosion. In this matter the EU is worried about a real estate bubble. There is none. The housing explosion to create one is absent from 2007 to today. There is no REAL ESTATE BUBBLE. The Bubble is the RUN OUT OF EU into Real Estate because the EU is SUPER CRASHING world wide and its buying power has trashed. Super Inflation may follow before it is all over. For sure moving EU into Real Estate stops the blood bath oif the currency. A massive new wave out of EU into real property is likely into 2025 and even this is not a bubble. It is a store of value. You heard it first.

Oil is crashing as we said and inflation with oil crashing does not exist. Today we have accomodation economics in the EU and we have solid floor pathology on economics. The winter gave us slower than normal EU numbers. The second half of 2019 we anticipate very good numbers from the EU if a trade war does not require reciprocity tariff’s so the USA stops criminal wealth transfer due to subsidy economics from World War II that needed interruption in the 1980’s. Yesterday is already too late to stop unfair wealth transfer out of America due to criminal trade policies and costs of nations to America. That day is over no matter who is President. The world revising its trade pathologies breeds prosperity and no nation left behind. Without it the world system and order remains at risk. Why?

Leaders fail to understand a new world economy is in play today – the new AI GLOBAL ECONOMY where AI controls not humans any longer 440 of fully leveraged speculating wealth consolidating capital flows of over 440 trillion in circulation.  Leaders make the choice and it is horrific in error on economics:



Getting that always wrong critical errors are made ( as the leaders flying the plane are blind with headphones listening to the theme song of the WALKING DEAD over and over ) flying the economy of state into a mountain dancing in their seat to the end.

Forgive them Father for they know NOT …what it is….that they do…..( say in China ).

China this weekend following our reports of last week bank siezures for failing banks in China – coming up like popcorn. So the bank debt defaulting in the worlds and in histories worst ever – DEBT SUPER DEBT SUPER DEBT BUBBLE – THE CHINA SUPER DUPER DEBT BUBBLE OF ALL HISTORY – spending 300% more than China earns in an economy so small it is less than the dubet for their nation of say California carrying a debt load greater than the United States – such debt ( larger than our nation and its income and carrying power as ratio ) to China a small little dink economy less in size than CALIFORNIA AS A STATE.

China has the oldest population to work force in the world. Unless AI robotics rise up fast enough China one child five decade birth policy where they killed or adopted out the girls – now has too few young in birth years and 1 woman per four men – which has its own problems. China has more than half its entire population elderly leaving the work force with zero young to replace those leaving. Without wars to bring in ladies and change demographics Chine economics implode in DEBT CASCADE DEFAULT IMPLOSIONS.

This weekend:

  1. China growth has stopped and is crashing.
  2. Manufacturing is crashing.
  3. Stocks bonds and markets are crashing.
  4. Capital is running out of China never to return ever.
  5. A nation of mobsters stealing the IP of the world – has been firewalled completely by Trump

China does not have TIME to wait for an election polls today state Trump wins on all polls checked last week. Incumbent power.

China has one way to reverse her own economic submarine crashing to CRASH HULL DEBTH when the system implodes. All the leaders said – DO NOT PANIC WHILE WE TAKE OVER THESE FAILED BANKS POPPING UP LIKE POP CORN NOW – THE STATE WILL PROTECT YOUR DEPOSITS ( up to 50,000 x say ) – many are losing their savings this weekend – panic is spreading and China ideas of how to stop that panic are not working. THE RUN OUT OF THE YUAN IS NOW LED THE CHINESE WHO ARE SMART AND GET THEIR LEADERS NEGOTIATED WITH THE US IN TOTAL BAD FAITH FOR A YEAR AND NOW KICKING TRUMP IN THE BALLS – HE SHOT CHINA IN THE HEART POINT BLANK AND HIS NEXT SHOT GOES TO THE BRAIN.

China economics has the following choices and faster than anyone in China expects:

  1. Emergency trade deal making to finish to restore prosperity while time exists to do so – running out so fast now.
  2. Stay in Trade “WAR” China has already lost and their core economy implodes into SUPER CRASH taking five decades to recover from and a possible war assuring China unity breaks into multiple nations versus one from the failed leadership.

The truth is this: China over taxed and protected its markets by criminal policy of theft and price wars to nations of the world. Profiting its own people with massive state policy to effect wealth transfer into China in an economic asyemmetrical war with the west – READ KEVEIN FREEMAN “THE SECRET WEAPON” and you’ll have documentation on CHINA WAR PLANS for 30 years now. China won all the battles. Now that CHINA HAS LOST THE WAR in a SUPER CHANGE TRUMP EVENT SERIES they never saw coming they deny the lost the entire war but economically the war is over. CHINA LOST.

Now the question is how bad will that loss become?

If China does not restore GOOD FAITH VERSUS BAD FAITH TRADE DEALINGS with the US China Super Crashes which will effect the world order.

Never assume crazy brains infected with rage and competitive thought impulse a form of insanity – will act in their own best interest.

The 1 and 2 choices are presented here. China is politically hard lining any forward trade deal having set the US for PR falls – negotiated in bad faith – changed 100% of the agreed upon deal sucker punching the Trump Team after a year of ball breaking work, and then PR moving that the US is the bad guy. In a nation where face and respect are at the top – XI s team sent a cold cable on the weekend before SEAL THE DEAL meetings in DC were planned and with no respect zero phone call – zero warning – China cabled all agreements we have made to date are fully changed and we in bad faith set you up and we are not doing any of those agreements and this cable lets you know China hand gesture – FUCK YOU AMERICA AND FUCK THE HORSE YOU ROAD IN UPON.

Trump took 48 hours to assess the USA strength for CONSEQUENCE to criminal bad faith dealing in which all trust or reliance on China ever making an agreement and sticking to it will lead to further imploding on China economics:

  1. The USA will tax the remaining goods in China chilling China to a stop in effect globally.
  2. The USA will ban China theft into our markets – the Yuan super crashes and China unemployment soars and implodes
  3. China can no longer recover – this takes days from now not months as China is falling off a cliff

Today central bankers are in panic. Currency markets they once controlled as they print money – is now out of their control. 440 Trillion against their billions has central banker policy as spit to the SUPER MONEY POOL AI ECONOMIC HURRICANES.

Today currency markets in the quiet time between market close in the west and opening in Asia see’s unheard of VELOCITY and trading FLASH TRDE FOLUME crashing a target like EU and China currency – seconds before markets close. These market manipulations by short sellers betting on crashes in China Yuan go past what China central bankers can support. China central bankers are taking over failing banks in a SIGNAL THE CHINA BACK BONE SUPER DEBT BUBBLE IS NOW UNWINDING due to stratgic error of China criminals in BAD FAITH DEALINGS WITH THE USA.

You kicked the United States and all its people in the nuts.

Our President shot you in the heart – seems pretty stupid economics – but never bet criminals will act in their own best interest. Change or die.

Economics 101.

The game of WEALTH TRANSFER is over China. Your hope and promise is now an urgent emergency trade deal. Failing that your military alone will sink the nation into DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE and super inflation like venezuela enjoys today will not hold China together. When 1 billion people who digest the truth against the lies from Beijing determine how bad the system is in fact how wrong the decisions have been ( for no reason but preserving a criminal nation culture versus a rule of law culture globally ) .

Lets pretend China planners at the top have a Lake Tahoe view of the world of economics.

Now lets pretend the world economy is actually the PACIFIC OCEAN which was not hear in 2014 and which all rained in in five years and the Chinese planners think – oh – our Lake Tahoe water level has risen to full from draught when their entire Lake is all borrowed funds.

Now consider 7 TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT LOAN REPAYMENTS half by the debt sink hole SUPER BUBBLE CHINESE NATION ITSELF to IMF Loans which must be paid by June to August. Now think the DEBT to be paid in 90 days is greater than the water in Lake Tahoe. The PACIFIC OCEAN you just kicked in the balls – will not lend you one dollar to save you from defaulting on your debt.

Against this 7 TRILLION DESTABILIZING DEBT SUPER BOMB GOING OFF RIGHT NOW THIS MONTH IN CHINA – CHINA GOES INTO SLOW DOWN CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER THAT JUST KILLED OUR FIRST QUARTER. WINTER IS COMING like they say on the old Game of Thrones Show.  Think of Ai economics with new reading glasses we’ll give you right here and right now:


  1. China corporate industrial and government debt SUPER BUBBLE repayments – the day of judgement – must be made with US dollars primarily exceeds 7 trillion US dollars this summer – 90 days. China has less than 1 trillion of Dollar assets lost having lost in 60 months 3 trillion supporting its own PONZI scheme failed communist economic system through debt abuse now rebalancing.
  2. China is super crashing.
  3. Three trillion has run out of China since last year and that pace is picking up – companies are leaving never to return again
  4. 440 trillions in Ai flows are betting against China in commodities – currency – in trade – in their future over powering planners
  5. China is in PANIC its leaders its bankers and its people are now panicking an unwanted outcome of their bad faith dealing for a year with the USA lying to their faces with a smile. TRUST HAS BEEN SHATTERED BY THE CHINESE LEADERSHIP not just with the USA but with the entire world so both Atlantic and Pacific capital oceans are moving OUT OF CHINA forever.

The reversal of liquidity – too many sell orders not enough buy orders – on everything in China today. Lubricant to the Chinese economy liquidity is drying up – banks are failing like pop corn more this weekend – where all central bankers say on media – hey we have plans do not panic ( we are in panic ) but don’t you all panic too…but they – all of the they – are in full on panic across China today. Lake Tahoe is going bone dry with 7 trillion taken out of liquidity or the largest debtor nation default occurs soon. Panic on that.

This is the truth as China is shot in the heart by Trump and with more PR to make the USA the bad guy globally for CRIMINAL BAD FAITH DEALING BY THE COMMUNIST LEADERS – Trump will next shoot in the LUNGS – as the heart and soul of China economics is pushed off cliff for continued very BAD NATION BEHAVIOR this time ….it has failed to get away with in any context. Game over.

Everything you hear contrary to this panic and truth is pure lies by China PR machine in trying to swing BIDEN UP and Trump DOWN with Chinese election manipulations. This lie will be illuminated by trump as lies as no one TRUST CHINA today – their bad faith dealing is legend and their disrespect of America economically is now imploding the China way of life and miracle. China is a once off economic mistake – an abuse of core economic principles must one day rebalance. THE GREAT CHINA REBALANCING WITH LIQUIDITY DISAPPEARING AND


Get ready for the CHINA HARD LANDING and the SUPER CRASH as banks failing already – many a week now – are just the canary in the China Economy mind shaft. The debts to shadow banking and non reporting sources in China have summer repayments of trillions more and liquidity to make those payments does not exist in China. The LIQUIDITY OF LAKE TAHOE TURNING TO A DUST BOWL with only crashing yuan to exchange for ever rising dollars is TRADE WAR CRUSHING DEFEAT FOR CHINA. China had a winning hand 150 pages ago but today – having SHATTERED TRUST and showing Trump – hay that discomfort your feeling Trump old boy is our Chinese fist plowing up your billionaire ass hole – and Trump not enjjoying that pain – took John Snows Sword a collector edition and CUT XI”s DICK OFF. ( Economically ). SHOT IN THE HEART but a dead man still walking thinking with all humpty dumpty’s men and all humpty dumpty’s horses the XI BIG EGG at the top is not fallen off the wall – shattered into a million pieces economically just like the Asian Crises plaguing Japan for 30 years now – as XI wakes up one morning to just KNOW hey all my circle are deluded and their data was wrong – as XI now resides in endless crises to keep his SUPER DEBT BUBBLE BURSTING so that the system does not utterly fail – and it might. CHINA IS PANIC MODE TOP TO BOTTOM THIS WEEK.

PANIC like you have never seen occurs when, the people KNOW they have been and are continually lied to and manipulated from the truth. Chinese will not tolerate such lies regardless of reason.


That keeps me up at night. You heard it all first here – MBS with oil plunging all his plans even blaming IRAN did not work as everyone gets the emperor has no clothes and appears only as a naked puppy King everyone sees as mentally ill – a sociopath – and a puppy king with 100% loser track record – costing SAUDI another 2 trillion in runs out of nation for a cost of 5 Trillion of Saudi wealth evaporated. AT what point is the cost ONE TRILLION TOO MANY. You’ll know when surprise surprise this news outlet is right and the Saud family outed MBS never to be seen or heard of in history or again and never to be remembered whatsoever at all.

MBS influence on the peace process in the Middle East killed that process and plan from day one…Trump’s will learn.

Liquidity in Saudi liquidity in China will trash their nations credit rating in June we suspect or very soon. Borrowing will soar and cost to borrow will SKY ROCKET for these high risk debtor nations.

Without a Trade Deal China now risk system installation and freeze up into a internal civil spring in China. More mistakes in economies and communist rule is at core risk to the system of itself collapsing. A blood bath in China with civil war can not be ruled out as the truth of just this blog is getting out. China rulers had 27% annual growth. The down graph for two decades has growth falling below 5% but China lies a full 1% point – growth is plunging and a RUN OUT OF CHINA is taking place as capital flight is unstoppable. CONFIDENCE IS LOST because CHINA deals without trust and honor. Politics run economics a fatal formulation for the future of any economy.

China planner advisers have wrong data and deny there is a new AI economy running the show. They still think they control things. My reply to that insanity – as your remaining cash sucks out of the bottom of your drain how do you repay 7 TRILLION starting this week over days lacking liquidity to do so – as you see defaults or negotations to reset time for repayment ( a default by another name ) you see PANIC in CHINA LEADERSHIP real panic….Trump has moved point blank range to the criminals lungs …next shot point blank. THEY BROUGHT IT ALL ON THEMSELVES DID THEY NOT?



PS: Buddy: Kenny Rogers at age 80 is in a Georgia Hospital this weekend – prayers for the singer – my China song – you have to know when to hold them and you have to know when to fold them – Kenny told his 50 million fans – do not worry I an’t dying I”m just rearranging my song……see you soon. Prayers work so send them…to brother KENNY