The Peace Plan for Israel. Our INSPIRED WAY FORWARD for the great PALESTINIAN NATION AND ITS PEOPLE AND ISRAEL AND ITS GREAT HOPE AND PROMISE in humility is what  we now lay out in general terms below as a  fresh PLAN FOR PEACE A FRESH BLUE PRINT  IN REGION. The Bible – prophecy – and writings modern and ancient wisdoms all  suggest Armageddon at Megido will be the MOTHER OF ALL WARS between humans, ground Zero being Israel and I’ve walked that very valley manh times alone at sunset. Its energy is too wonderful – filled with wonder – to move forward into insane outcomes  if there is a better way forward.  With 50 years of in nation contribution and to the Gulf states and peoples and community we at CEO SPACE  have been master students of the Region and its enormous asset which remains  its truly amazing vibrant people. The Trump plan for peace was dead on arrival. The leader of the Palestinian people said last week that he was only impressed by Kushner’s massive naivete’  A business deal is not possible in this war zone for 8,000 years of history in our opinion. Only a GREAT POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC MARRIAGE of new inspired IDEAS – real inspiration can resolve the deep mulit decade old issues. RESPECT must guide the process and INTEGRITY MUST RISE TO RUN THE ANY NEW PROCESS. A great forgiveness of the past in a great FRESH start to turn the page must be made in the human heart. It is for humanity what makes impossible possible.

An INSPIRED WAY FORWARD is not a business plan nor can it itself economic or intellectual and a  head plan, or a plan that fails to include the magnificence of our enormous hearts together. The plan must be economic to secure the politics of all and the economic outcome must be a frame work that resolves the political impossible with what is in fact possible. As always one new idea and you do not go bankrupt. One new idea you do not get divorced. One new idea and your child recovers from drug addiction. One new idea and nations under Nelson Mandela forgive the worst of humanity with the best of humanity –  an prosperity in ways only moments before was deemed impossible at all levels became in fact possible at all levels. We have been part of those historic ideas and times in THIS VERY GENERATION. One set of new ideas and PEACE is possible versus impossible for the two greatest peoples. WE NOW PRESENT an INSPIRED WAY FORWARD as one idea.

If you wish to study AIA and design of monuments of the world go to Israel. If you wish to study history at core of humanity – go to Israel. If you wish to study faith and religion GO TO ISRAEL. If you wish to Kiss the Dome of the Rock, walk the Golan Heights or Masada, or place your hand on the real WALL versus ( Game of Thrones Wall ) simply go to Israel. If you wish to study politics go to Israel. If you seek the most advanced technology upon the earth go to ISRAEL. If you wish to study museums go to Israel. If you wish to feel the HOLOCAUST inside your very bones go to ISRAEL. If you wish to see the most advanced environmental break throughs of tomorrow today go to Israel.  If you wish to study Arab culture working across all faiths and tribes as one in peace and progress GO TO ISRAEL. if you wish to see beauty in nature, from sea to desert, from mountains to lakes to shops and art of the world go to Israel. If you wish the foods of the world go to Israel. If you seek the most beautiful men and woman of the worlds melting pots go to ISRAEL.If you wish to experience camps and abject poverty Go To Palestine. If you wish to see a lack of hope and promise go to GAZA. If you wish to know terrorism at a blood cell level go to ISRAEL. If you wish to study the most advanced weapons of war go to Israel. If you wish to study the smallest nation with one of the largest nuclear arsenals on earth go to Israel. If you wish to study in human history that which is truly impossible go to Israel. It will take decades to understand all that I have written in one paragraph here and there is too much more to write.If you wish to know the human heart in all its possible expressions yes go to Israel. If you wish to know if God is real or the soul is forever go to and walk in Israel. If you wish to see a people who will shape the entire world and its futures go to Palestine. And When I say GO TO ISRAEL I mean both as if they are and represent one in all these aspects our our Humanity I mean PALESTINE for the land is only both and the people are both as well. The future is possible and the impossible’s time has come to an end…..GO TO PALESTINIAN ISRAEL…for the wonders of our humanity just go.




CEO SPACE has developed with our best teams, a plan for peace for Israel & PALESTINE we call  as we move toward 2020 we feel is the year of possibility the INSPIRED WAY FORWARD.. We have attempted for five years now to bring this very plan to BIBI in Israel over a lunch or dinner, with our own investment to fly in and provide no fee consulting as a contribution to the people of Palestine. We have been unable within as you have seen the ever increasing mean spirited politics in Israeli factions over this period, to fix a time to have on meal to simply present this plan. We have shared the plan elements with the highest minister of nation. We have hand carried its elements to MBS in Saudi Arabia. The outcome has been the GREAT SILENCE. Changing the world ( and we actually do that work ) takes decades.  We watched the TRUMP PLAN come together with predictable outcomes. We attempted to be expert included in that plan but failed to rise to the level of inclusion of that inside circle of interests.

We as CEO SPACE the largest business community on earth, with members in Palestine and in Israel since the 1980’s as CEO SPACE  have no interest but for the people of both nations. I have been in business in the region and theater from the 1960’s learning – under masters who were kind enough patient enough to spend the time and years to educate me to have some tie to the dirt and soul of the people and land itself. You have to walk the dirt to know anything about peace. If the dirt is on your face and dripping from your nose…you begin to know and those in the space begin to hear you ..and only then will they hear you. Trust me on that investment of a life time. We are not naive to the impossible.

Our decades with offices in Israel doing a business in Antiquity sales across the entire Region of Gulf States and investment Diamonds ( 50 million US dollars a month 1960s to 1980’s ) we learned the heart and soul of the peoples. With CEO SPACE representing the worlds largest small business voice and community, including lobby work  on small business legislation presented our teams with political expertise and experience in resolution on complex public policy, unique over so many countries and decades of tireless public service. Personally I have been in Israel in both past wars which is post graduate experience in and of itself as to my own lesson books and courses in region. I have had meals in Rachel and Moshe Dayan’s homes, while days later dinning with Jordon and Gulf leader village chief’s  in their  homes, learning the landscape of views and entrenched postures over generations. Our appreciation for the magnitude of the problems grew massively from decades of the back and forth cultural learning, from the most poor to the highest in wealth across these communities,  as such a unique expertise from such lessons to DARE TO BE WORTHY of presenting an INSPIRED WAY FORWARD BELOW, in this most historic of all parts of the world. Many of my most important teachers both Israeli Politicians and Rabbinical scholars as well as community leaders across the Gulf from prior Kings of Saudi Arabia and the Shah of Iran to Muslim Mullahs instructing me on the Faith in Torah and Koran are dead today and I thank them always on the other side in massively humility for the lessons they have presented into my soul and spirit forever…I thank them in all ways – as I try and honor them in all ways on this sacred day of consecration to a fresh starting point, something truly new and complete, that your reading now. I’m hoping on line for the first time you will circulate this work into Palestine, the United Nations, the Gulf Leadership and into Israel and Bibi today into 2020. I sense the year of possible.

This peace plan published for the first time on line is designed to circulate as an inspired solution- a new idea – and a new fresh INSPIRED WAY FORWARD –  that we believe could unfold between all parties to work into as a fresh starting – a fresh beginning still far from a final completion and ending of course. A blue print to work from and upon.  We apologize for our failure to date to bring the master plan to the sponsorship of champions in our choice for  the great KING OF JORDON for Palestine and to BIBI ( whom we have met more than once )  as champions potentially for this  historic moment in Israel and Palestine and its magnificent people.

Now we publish in public and let our massive readership, as our tribe and leaders are the  parties to  circulate and copy this URL –  as they now will with our request – into  leadership in region, as we all together pause, in an energy to come together again  on PLUS and IMPROVEMENT to the INSPIRED WAY FORWARD presented here as the ideal takes on a new life of them and unfolds and evolves itself from this BLUE PRINT into a final form,  suspending competition as s thought form, ( so insane and toxic ) , as competitive thought  impulse form occurs from  the mid reptilian brain lower function of our brain stem,  and to over come such lower brain function,  with the high leadership possibilities of cooperation where cooperation is a higher brain function of our cortex and frontal lobes most sane and evolved form of human thought. My book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION sets up THINKING modeling for a team to embrace an INSPIRED WAY FORWARD finally in collaboration and integrity without the distrust and negotiations of the past history, using higher brain potential and defeating impulse now identified from lower brain function.  If across humanity today COMPETITIVE  thought form is the master virus on human collective consciousness – a form of core inanity in human thought itself – embrace cooperation intregirty DNA to Collaborations,  as the higher function thought form in which all human success is in fact achieved in the history of our own greatness whenever cooperation is fully applied. If humanity can step upon the moon then humanity in 2020 can step forward in world peace together.




  1. A Palestinian State is border  map created to the present map ( with some new solutions wait for them ) as established and recognized by the parties and the world. Permanent two state respectful solution for all .
  2. Constitutional government in Palestine is under authority of the Palestinian people.
  3. Occupied territories except for Golan Heights are governed by a joint Israel Palestinian/ISREAL NEW AGENCY known as COOPERATION AGENCY CA – PANAL OF SEVEN  – three economist panel members each leading non political economics from Pastestine – three economist non political panel members from Israel –  and a tie braking economist from NEUTRAL SWITZERLAND where free majority vote places rule of law in each now occupied geographic zone under Palestinian Law or Israel  RULE of Law as its own people in each Zone Defined by majority of popular vote in each zone – all legal disputes of law as  final rule of law is governed by majority vote of a SEVEN ON THE COOPERATIVE AGENCY ( CA )  PANEL Supreme Governing Board the COOPERATION AUTHORITY. Economics run politics and politics do not run economics. Solutions are rule of law by charter to the CA as to their governance and guidance the FRAMERS engineer to final form and solution.
  4. Treaties and Trade between the parties are approved by the COOPERATION PANAL in occupied territories permanently ruled by popular rule of law ( as to which rule of law system majority vote for ) in a one time  PEACE vote of their populations – and ratified by state governing bodies as final form of treaty for occupied zones and final treaty between nations by legislative final majority vote establishing  a FOREVER Peace for all peoples under rule of law. If in Occupied CA area the population vote for Palestinian law that law applies forever in that CA administered area if Israeli law by vote Israel. The people are respected as one and travel and trade freely by treaty laws the FRAMERS set to final form. The compromise of returned land to Palestine is created by FRAMERS and where FRAMERS fail to agree that territory defaults to the CA SOLUTION – the missing mechanism to make the impossible in fact possible with prosperity security and peace for all.
  5. The USA leads a G 100 nation defined contribution of 1 trillion dollars paid as investment  for Palestinian economic development, ( over a 25 year period of infusion by G 100 pledge nations ) and  no part of which may indirectly or directly go into military. The 2020 MARSHALL PLAN for Palestine assures economic prosperity elevating the people into assured self determination with economic security and prosperity assured for centuries inside the peace prosperity unfolded by the G nations of the world as their cost of peace dividend. All funds would be grants assuring a debt free Palestine with all Palestinian debt paid off upon treaty execution within 30 days of signing by first infusion for infrastructure massive jobs programs and national economic development starting with DEBT FREE PALESTINE. Israel will see all its economics lifted by this economic 25 year flood tide into region as will all Gulf nations in theater.
  6. Administration of spending will be invested in infrastructure – venture development – education – 5G – tourism – transportation – warehousing – high speed public transportation – green power –  via the COOPERATION AUTHORITY ( CA ) managing the money,  where control work is completed and corruption is moderated via rule of law. Master plans for fiscal budgets and use of proceeds from the Swiss Escrow of fund administration, would be defined by the Palestinian leadership and their chosen big eight accounting firm defining use of proceeds for the 1 trillion capital investing master plan developed over a 25 year pledge nation model with penalties no nation can delay or not pay their PEACE DIVIDEND as all G 100 nations profit from the return on investment as preferred nation trading partnerships – and – their nation industry investments private sector into region as the FRAMERS create both state PREFERRED G 100 trading privileges for 25 years from signing.
  7. Defense of Israel would be assured by treaty via the United States as it is today and Israel self reliant military.
  8. Defense of Palestine would be assured by the choice of Palestine to Russia or the Gulf Nation of its choice including Iran as protector or US as Palestine choses to trust. Palestinian state profits can be invested in defense of nation as with any nation for its own defense industry, where both Israel and Palestine treaty to never wage war with one another as rule of law. Israel and Palestine will act as one in regional defense of their respective economic zone partnership if ever required as per treaty framers model to final form. Palestine agrees to not be a nuke nation and Israel agrees with Iran peace in treaty with USA, to over 25 years de-nuke turning nukes over to the USA. The peace de-nukes the HOLY OF ALL LANDS Forever. Nuke nations pledge to never target or use Nukes – upon the Gulf Nations and holy land..all nuke nations.
  9. All Gulf States would ratify the peace plan as set forth to final form by the two states and with authority in occupied states as proposed by the new  COOPERATION  AUTHORITY ( CA )  to final treaty and form by the framers.
  10. Appointment of the COOPERATION AUTHORITY would by founding charter reside on integrity with appointees embracing cooperation as expression of human sanity and competition as expression of human insanity. Cooperation Authority Panel members would be non political economists and would assure economics ran politics and policy and would report to no other agency acting as a SUPREME OOURT for the Region and its two state system. Appeals for political issues unresolved by the two states may appeal for final SUPREME COURT decision on dispute issues  between the two nations to the FINAL JOINT COURT of THE NEW CA AGENCY  for absolute outcome always economic and CA DECISIONS ARE FINAL To both states. Panal appointment would be for ten years and economist must be age 50 to be appointed with base line expertise an experience and without political bias as to character and background by the head of state duly elected for each of the two sovereign states and approved by each state legislative committee so appointed for purpose. A dual congressional panel review of FIRST AND ALL SUCCESSOR PANAL to follow ( from death or retirement ) of ten palestinian leading member of legislature and ten from Israel would review new panel appointees and vote by majority to approve each for economic expertise and lack of political bias with character and integrity to represent solely the WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE of both states. Free and open travel between nations would occur within each nations normal pass port controls and restriction of travel between nations would be precluded by treaty and war between the nations would be precluded by treaty upon its ratification.

The details of the INSPIRED WAY FORWARD TO PEACE TREATY FINAL FORM  would flow from the published master  plan frame work set forth as a wire frame to begin evolved from this blue print by the FRAMERS, as will be by appointed economic non political committees for each nation as set forth to final form of treaty between the parties over a three year TREATY CONFERENCE FOR A TWO STATE MASSIVELY SECURE PROSPEROUS OUTCOME PEACE DIVIDEND COMPLETION AND  SOLUTION.  The framers would be economists not politicians. Israel would place occupied territory exempting Gaza into the settlement outcome expressed herein. GAZA would remain Palestinian National territory as Golan Heights would remain Israel.  The ONE TRILLION DOLLAR G 100 Swiss escrow, in non equal payments weighted for year 1 to 5 more heavily than year 20 to 25,  as established to final form by the framers and administered by the CA, and administrated within this CA new PALESTINIAN MARSHALL PLAN for economic devleopment, expressing itself to include the  new  COOPERATION AUTHORITY and its territory  zones as those areas impossible to resolve in return by Israel and desired by Palestine as a new solution,  governed by rule of law the people in each zone as those populations voted for as a true rule of law  “people consideration” terms’  that would issue instant duel pass ports to Israel’s now under Palestinian law by vote of that CA ZONE CITIZENS under rule of law they voted for  Israeli and Palestinian pass porrts for those voting to apply Israel rule of law by its people in zone get Israeli and Palestine get Palestine or duel passports as CA defines in each community and as per FRAMER FINAL FORM treaty law.   Each vote would be respect and executed to accommodate inclusion of both peoples with outcome favoring INCLUSION and OPPORTUNITY for the people who will not change daily function or opportunity as they now live,  with peace and new ease of travel. Super Rush documentation without delay where no citizen is caught in bureaucratic “traps” would be mandated to rule of law freedoms for the people in all permitting and travel documents with cooperation absent competitive harassment in any form between states upon final vote in CA territories. The people decide versus having anyone decide for them in a new frame work option.

Given the horror of the holiday attacks on Israel Syria agrees to permanent loss of GOLAN HEIGHTS  in exchange for a treaty with Syria to foster Palestinian and Israeli peace and commerce with the King of Syria treaty with both nations brokered by the KING OF JORDON . The G 100 agree to assist to rebuild war torn Syria while assuring Israeli in spoils of war secures its permanent borders with GOLAN HEIGHTS  high ground precluding surprise attacks ever again upon its people as a geographic cooperation to the prosperity concession between all benefiting States. The United States as a peace concession opens embassy’s with the King of Syria and itself opens reconstruction prosperity in Syria given the USA investment and lives to secure an ISIS free terror Free Syria for the world. A FRESH START on all borders is inclusive to the INSPIRED MASTER PLAN FOR REGIONAL PEACE. The King of Syria by G 100 is immune from warcrimes in his war against radical muslim terror in the world and his victory is acknowledged by the G 100.

The King of Jordon joins the UAE as principle PEACE BROKERS to the GULF NATIONS supporting without condition the process without influence by agreement to the TWO STATE SOLUTION  working in the THREE YEAR TREATY PROCESS to desired outcome, and G 100 Full funding irrevocable time line pledging of the Swiss MARSHALL PLAN FOR PALESTINE ACCOUNTS under the big eight budgets for use of proceeds year to year over 25 years of sustained development.

Abe from Japan Putin From Russia and the UA and King of Jordon would together secure a IRAN USA embrace for the master plan a deal on Iran forward security and prosperity without nuclear weapons opening Iran investment and support for Palestine with TRADE with ISRAEL and a collapse of all competition between nations in the NEW INSPIRED PATHOLOGY FOR PEACE as ONE PLAN including all the parties.

The treaty in final form would mandate a culture of CELEBRATION for all State Populations in diversity, celebration of race and faith and lifestyle and freedom for all peoples. Punishment of diversity in any form including political diversity would be a crime in society where hate is outlawed as a form of insanity. Punishment versus CELEBRATION OF HUMANITIES DIVERSITY OF EXPRESSION would be cultural, instructed in all ages of education where cooperation and celebration of diversity is INTERESTING and never again punished by a virus of the mind – insanity.

Competition would be culturally precluded under rule of law seen as insane where any form of human expression in diversity is punished with hatred and disrespect as an insane mid brain virus of brain and fully  discouraged by law culture expression. ll diversity that is not hateful is a tapestry of human richness to be only CELEBRATED between various belief’s. Education in both nations would teach views as wonderful and rich  cooperation versus any form of insane master inclinations for virus thinking of insanity toward fully insane ideas of a race  or inclination of a master faith or division of humans by punishment of humanities diverse expressions in all forms,  – our core richness will be be education and culture only celebrated and respected by all in cultural  inclusion. THE NEW EXAMPLE OF THE WORLD both states presently in fact display at core in their people working beside one another in day to day inclusion one see’s when you walk the streets anywhere at ten PM on a weekend.

Cooperation and celebration of diversity would be a culture of new re-tooled education formating, in both states,  of the peace community and its prosperity where the principles of cooperation are instructed in private and public schools and no education would instruct punishment of human diversity in any form as insanity an insane thinking error, versus celebration would now peace forward  instructed for all human diversity as desired culture outcome to good citizen behavior. A reconciliation court could following Nelson Mandela’s model improve this fresh cooperative  NEW 2020 BEGINNING  model, ushers in a fresh start future, and forgives  the pains of the past and all abuse and human error in thinking as we turn the page and forgive ignorance of prior generations trapped in lower mid brain thought errors we simply did not understand at the time.

Terrorism would be a capital state offense against all peoples of the community.

BOTH STATES AND ITS PEOPLE WOULD WEIGHT THE SUFFERING BOTH PEOPLES HAVE ENDURED – ISRAEL FROM ROME TO THIS DAY AND PALESTINE FROM ROME TO THIS DAY AS THEY BOTH NOW AGREE AND FINALLY 2000 YEARS OF PAIN AND HISTORY “TURN THE PAGE” OF HUMAN DESTINY – AND POTENTIAL – THE IMPOSSIBLE “IS” POSSIBLE – and  TO  BURY THEIR PAIN AND CELEBRATE ONLY THEIR UNBORN GENERATIONS AND THE JOYS THEY WILL GIVE THEM ALL NOW IN 2020 AND FOREVER FORWARD BY CHOICE – SHEDDING COLLECTIVELY “ALL- BLAME” ALL JUDGEMENT FOR THE SINS OF HISTORY AND YESTERDAY IN CREATING THE FUTURE FOR ALL UNBORN GENERATIONS ON OUR WATCH TOWER IN REAL WEALTH AND FUTURES – OUR OWN LIFE – “TIME” – THE REAL WEALTH TO PRECIOUS TO SQUANDER IN LOWER BRAIN EMOTIONAL HI-JACKING INTO PATTERNS OF PAIN AND SUFFERING AND WE NEVER “KNEW” WHY NOT REALLY. WE BURY IN OUR REAL GAME OF THRONES THE “WHITE WALKERS” IN OUR OWN MINDS AS WINTERS OF THE PAST HAVE COME AND GONE AND THE SPRING FORWARD IS OUR “NOW HIGHER BRAIN COOPERATIVE AND COLLABORATIVE WITH INTEGRITY IN ALL THINGS TOMORROW –  WITHIN OUR SUPER FOCUS AND FORWARD DECISIONS IN A NEW “FRAME WORK ”  WHICH 2020  OBSESSES ONLY ON THE FUTURE  WHICH REPLACES THE “WHITE WALKERS” OF OUR MINDS AND ANYTHING IN THE RED LINE OF THE PAST. Competitive impulse in emotion is replaced with COOPERATIVE HIGHER BRAIN FUNCTION of the potential of humans rapidly evolving ourselves ( as our awareness on our WHY is growing )  to remove threat of all future war and engineer a  forever peace in our minds and in rule of law where systems replace trust. THE NEW INSPIRED WAR FORWARD IS 2020. WE EXIST IN THE NEW HUMAN GOLDEN AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. THE TIME TO SUPER CHANGE PEACE AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL OUR UNBORN IS 2020. NOTHING WONDERFUL HAPPENS UNTIL LEADERS MAKE A DECISION….a decision to just begin this process….is filled with wonder….wonderful…….as the example only resolved by Palestinian and Israeli leadership – with zero input by the FRAMERS outside those two nations – where that example – ends the “mental idea” any nation of people is an enemy to another nation of people – as we resolve collaboration in respect for our disagreements with Russia, and USA with China and USA and EU with EU and USA with North Korea and Iran and all the world – as we depart from lower brain functions – which will arise but we now have tools of mind to delete buggy god awful repeating pattern SOFTWARE of primitive human thought converting any lack of agreement into THREAT – and that insane thought impulse ( competition ) perhaps relevant when raptors walked the earth – is a bad code in human mental hardware that for the first time is identified – known – and easy to fire wall into quarantine – whenever human problem solving occurs. With agreement to firewall and quarantine – any emotional mid brain threat or competitive thought impulse – replacing it with – how would I come at this with respect – with cooperation and cooperation to endless options and solutions we can discuss till we both like one in compromise and seal the deal line by line…that new model creates the future of all humanity……

WE COOPERATE WE PROSPER TOGETHER – WE COMPETE WE PERISH TOGETHER. For over three decades CEO SPACE has revolutionized work spaces with shifting culture from the largest 100 Fortune institutions, into the new unicorns we ramp up into massive employment and success stories globally – every sixty days. The leaders of the world are gathering July 20th in Dallas 2020 – again in October – December and every sixty days commencing in March 2020. CEO SPACE is working increasingly with sovereign nations to reform systemics – remove corruption where systems replace trust – where integrity is the glue of Cooperative National communities who govern, and CEO SPACE Is assisting Nations globally – who wish to reset their entire sovereign nation debt accounts while infusing enormous sums for growth infrastructure and prosperity building – coupled to CEO SPACE LEADING RAPID IN NATION DEVELOPMENT OF “ENTREPRENEUR CLASS” AS THE NUMBER # 1 PRESS RANKED EDUCATIONAL COMMODITY TO RAMP UP ENTREPRENEUR CLASS IN NATION – WHICH BREEDS CONTINUITY TO EVER RISING CONSUMPTION AND SELF SUSTAINING IN NATION TAX REVENUE GROWTH. A new Class of Bonds CEO SPACE invested with teams of global economic super brains – some gone now such as Galbraith a mentor – and others – ( David Rockefeller a mentor ) – George Witter ( a mentor of Dean Witter founding family ) – thank you – as SUPER BONDS resets prosperity for any nation without delays and is game changing to jobs, employment and national stability over time. CEO SPACE has on the ground been working to resolve PEACE IN THE ONE SPOT WE ALL HAVE REASON TO WISH PEACE FOR – gaining in-put for the plan set forth here – as frame work only – to the leadership as YOU CIRCULATE this PEACE PLAN – with half a decade of work to elevate this proposed frame work. From Parviz Nazarian to an Iranian Jew co founder of Qualcomm – to Ministers in the Palestinian nation and village leaders – from agriculture to industry – to secure input on what may work. No magic bullet – simply a FRESH START for the FRAMERS.

We suggest decades of political failure – why not – isolate the discussions to the leading economists who are men of non political agenda – who wish greatest prosperity in the final frame work for all peoples of both states – and who forge a final frame work politicians can debate and with suppressions of unwanted emotional threat reaction as mid brain competitive to easy quarantine to fire wall such base thoughts as they rise up as reptilian lower brain electricity of our minds –  a non – reality chemical expression – into higher brain function. One can see from the press the suppression of all media into endless loops to harden the lower brain competitive “war causing” thought impulse which is itself a non reality illusion.  Any disrespect or threat thought impulse in media – lacks integrity at core editorial bias – and is old brain pattern driven to acquire bias brains of like mind to hold audience ratings – for each power hour – for my liberal – moderate or conservative rated viewer to assure I get maximum pay days for selling mindless crap to my base. This is not news today nor is it wise to brain program for agenda and political weaponized media. One day new laws will third rail media to present data in cooperative value modeling for all societies. Todays combative media is an expression of human insanity. John Chancellor Walter Cronkite and Edward R Morrow ( of a past generation of news – Ed brought down the horrors of Senator McCarthy abuses )  were examples of back to the future. By Woodward the FBI has become an agency defined by power to control media and law and to end a President as an agency gone insane by competition thought impulse. The cause of all corruption is insane thought impulse in the collective perception all made possible because we mis- educate super learners to learn rewards occur from expression of insanity – as we fail to educate our super learners to ever advance the potential of our higher states of thinking – finally firewalling the unwanted mi brain until the hippocampus is reprogramed by evolution we influenced in the new age of SUPER CHANGE.

Middle East Peace is a state of mental insanity we humans chose to perpetuate and for the first timing with a rising more full human  understanding – being aware of of our insane choice to embrace insanity itself – or – we humans step into Super Change and adapt with SANITY ( the only way ) or we rapidly go extinct as insane seeds of the earth that failed to shed our own insanity by choice. Sanity.

Heaven in all faiths is the absence of competitive thought impulse.

Why not bring heaven into the Peace Process? Why? Because it is so easy to be sane and we can do it only if we leaders change our minds. We agree to change our minds and we work on this together – as our mid brain is in charge because why? Because truly we are just too lazy to look accurately at ourselves with required objectivity. Setting up economists who embrace these principles, who read the self correcting tools and tactics for cooperative organization theory in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION have capacity – first human evolved to this point  new human competency you are starting to see everywhere globally  – to remove in real time with our own aware brain filter – the one virus on our mind – the mid brain insanity virus of competitive thought impulse and its emotional toxic excretions that lead to all human insane conflict as insane decisions have zero integrity and sane decisions rest on absolute integrity. The CRISES IS COMPETITIVE THOUGHT IMPULSE TO RESOLVE PROBLEMS & THE BREACH OF SANITY IN INTEGRITY ND RESPECT WHEREVER YOU WITNESS – HUMAN HATRED AND DISRESPECT – SUCH SOFTWARE OF MIND IS EXPRESSING HUMAN INSANITY IF YOU JUST SEE THE VIRUS IS IN CONTROL AND THE HIGHER BRAIN IS HI-JACKED.


The final form model of the FRAMERS evolving the blue print and adding miracles to it, will see the FINAL FORM  ratified by majority of both SOVEREIGN STATES  in popular vote or modified until ratified by popular vote simple majority, as the final voted on TREATY OF THE NATIONS –  become a GLOW TO GO TEMPLATE OF IMPOSSIBLE “IS” POSSIBLE – model for the entire world into  a new hope and  new promise of  our best human potential. Negotiations would be cooperative without competitie undue influence. The COOPERATION AUTHORITY would lead the negotiations to final form the board chosen for its cooperative leadership and its absence of competitive mind sets as set forth herein. The BOOK REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION RESOLUTION would be used as guidance for a new INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS frame work for systemic modeling on form collaborative discussions versus competitive negotiations ( sane versus insane – game theory versus threat and combat insanity )  of finding common grounds within a new MODEL FOR LASTING PEACE –  pathology frame work engineered as new invention or PEACE IP presented for the leaders in the TWO STATES to just explore as a BRAND NEW FRESH 2020 –  STARTING GATE to a three year design process that works as the FRAMERS come together ( or less ).




The structure for a SOLUTION OF HOPE PEACE AND PROMISE for the entire Region is set forth in the Peace Plan

We simply failed to gain the leaders attention to INVISIBLE OPTIONS we as experienced professionals in the two nations sought to make visible to the leaders. We believe NOTHING TRULY WONDERFUL WILL MANIFEST IN FACT INTO THE WORLD UNTIL INSPIRED LEADERS MAKE A DECISION. Today our vast reader community circulates to In Gulf Contacts – today copy the URL with your emails – and to Israel – and the viral will reach the right brains to THINK. To embrace a NEW THOUGHT.

A eight lane freeway – will that leader – lead the others as there is zero traffic as the higher power awaits sanity ….

Having talked to leading business largely funding both sides in the two nation dispute we find a unique common ground inside this frame work via our half decade evolution of the: INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS. The new frame work engineering outlined in this PUBLIC SERVICE FRAME WORK – puts JERUSALEM as forever Capitol for both STATES  PALESTINE AND ISRAEL WITH TWO COOPERATING CAPITOLS – WE ALL WIN BY YOUR EXAMPLE. The FRAMERS design a  rule of law by the city vote for that zone into rule of law of its people by majority living there now  – by vote and then the new  COOPERATION  AGENCY CA – as a fully NON POLITICAL BOARD will govern the HOLY CITY BOARD for all –  supervising the community as a solution that has potential promise into an impossibly zone where now a possible template forward exists always with the people themselves choosing occupation zone rule of law under CA dispute settlement for leaders on the ground over time. Far from ideal for both sides politically, but not impossible for both sides politically. A possible INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS..on the most challenging issue of them all.  The Palestinian Jeresuelem CA zone and the Isreali demarkated CA Zone have their own people vote on which rule of law the desire – Palestine State rule of law or Israeli Rule of law which the CA Board administrates as per the vote – and day to day the folks on the ground are fully secure nothing in commerce trade or action changs as all are grandfathered in permits and time – with data transfer to agencies and no new cost fee’s or change for men and woman making a living and business – and religion and not for profit – everything is grandfathered in time not to change for them in their activity – while disputes and rule of law violations are under the law voted for and CA administrated. The impossible becomes possible by massive discussion on the ground with leaders from both sides – their ultimate IP not ours – we just saw the common outcries from the brains who saw it all first. They live there.

In cooperation an imperfect new solution may become over a three year regulatory frame work made far more perfect. One must begin to move the Peace Cart one wheel revolution at a time. Given the rejection and failure of the TRUMP plan frame work lacking a TWO STATE resolution for the new partners versus  the old model of threat by two state enemies -( insanity of mid brain hi jacking higher brain thought for sane thought forms )  it may be new leadership in Israel and PALESTINE closing the door on one plan may raise up in this value based IP solution matric and  can advance a new agenda in fact. The hard lines from al weary and tired mid brain loopedl opponents to peace  process in the past, are far minority in number – the FEW AGAINST THE MANY versus the many for the many –  to the soft line of the vast majority of populations we know so well who wish a FRAME WORK….that CAN AND WILL IN FACT WORK.

It goes without saying that insane factions engaged in combative emotional capital all fake news of the mind based on a reptilian mid brain pure illusion of insane thinking by untrained brains – need to have a great pause of thought – and reboot their brains into cooperation and collaboration entrusted to the FRAMERS ON BOTH SIDE with a joy to support FRAMER OUTCOME from fully new sane processes: which include:

  1. The light switch of the brain – is down to insanity for mid brain combat and threat emotional capital impulsing – which is sent to its very insane immature padded room in our minds – as we say to self as if screamed out loud – S-W-I-T-CH and the lightswitch of mind resets into higher brain function and sanity as you SEE YOUR INDIVIDUAL LIGHT SWITCH MOVE UP TO COOPERATION WITHOUT COMPETITION IN YOUR HIGHER BRAIN CIRCUIT BY CHOICE.
  2. Chose Communities of integrity – sane thinkers in cooperation who decry competitive buggy mental software code.
  3. Tell any leader or group with zero emotional capital – we have to S-W-I-T-CH. No discussion no replies no defense -blocks are tabled – everyone smiles and # 2 is performed inside each persons mind as they smile. Control is restored to higher brain function sanity.
  4. Escalation loops are seen as mid brain insane – all discussions depreciated into negotiation warfare – are tabled – deleted entirely – and a 48 hour time out occurs – with only recreation to reset weary leaders in long discussions – to return to the table with zero threat – all prior escalation energy was DELETED to QUARANTINE of our minds – and only positive plussing solutions occur in the return new agenda to a forward outcome.
  5. Two individuals or following input in any COOPERATIVE DISCUSSION those making contribution are safe – no side out speaking occurs. A talking stick is used and only the person who has the stick can talk. Others can raise hand to get and return the stick. No body cue of mid brain lack of support is made to others – everyone is engaged in unconditional support for all input. All input is made with integrity honor and respect. Those giving input state did you take that as a plus. If the person took the input as criticism the reply is WOULD YOU REFRAME. The Reframe is made until the person says – NOW I TAKE “THAT” AS A PLUS. If agenda’s deteriorate into escalation of negotiation ( enemy and threat ) the insanity is adjourned to dispel the mid brain massive emotional chemistry of group mind and the positive solution options are PLUSSED in when the discussion versus negotiation ( sanity versus insanity ) Begins. ( This works for a couple – parents and large organizational systems wherever adopted. Lacking sane new RULES OF ENGAGEMENT for integrity cooperation collaborative discussions the oxymoron remains – peace can never be achieved anywhere in the world on an enduring pathology residing on lower brain competitive insane function of thought itself. Sanity = human extinction – sanity = human longevity and prosperity. We all have to change our mind. I ask my TRIBE TO WIDELY CIRCULATE A NEW MODEL FOR US ALL.
  6. To defeat and give all private thoughts of WHY WE CAN’T ( 85% of human thought ) entirely insane mid brain.
  7. To S-H-F-T mental higher better code software of your more evolved super computer – into HOW WE WILL ! Until HOW WE WILL is 85% of your thinking and WHY WE CAN’T MAKES YOU LAUGH. See lower brain thought and insanity as a mentally ill 7 year old who never matures as YOU IN FACT HAVE and send that retarded brain software mini you – to their room – GO TO YOUR ROOM. Watch the difference just reading this will make in your own life. As everyone who is a member of CEO SPACE already know.

I especially call on MY MEMBERS into my own life work. Would you as a community maximally circulate this URL dedicated to the Two States so Effected today – on our own JULY 4th HOLIDAY celebrating the theory of America as a never ending ( far from perfect ) but always unfolding to get better – story. We hope this will help America. CEO SPACE please email to your communities in nation – to your leadership in the Gulf nations – with our special desire to have the King of Jordon and the UAE leadership embrace the notion of becoming the champions to evolve this phase 1 – IP invention for peace into a more perfect final form. CIRCULATION BY ALL OUR READERS IS SO IMPORTANT we will post no new – news for a time – as we also ask you forward this URL to your PRESS IN NATION. I’m available for sound bites zoom or audio by phone – set up with CEO SPACE 256 850 4715 – for my schedule or email with your request for MORE.


Now I ask friends of both communities to circulate a NEW MASTER PLAN FOR 2020 PEACE IN THE REGION to their respective leadership. Our teams remain available to consult to both sides upon desire for further input. The entire plan is too complex to present on line of course. We leave it to brilliant FRAMERS selected by the two nations where the outside nations step into collective support of the two nation process – the day the process to explore the INSPIRED WAY FORWARD is agreed upon by the two states. No competitive thought to influence in any way the far more sane process now have a chance just an opportunity …shall we not all see? 

THE FRAME WORK PRESENTED IN THIS REPORT assures Palestinian economic power and removal of poverty in the community coupled to a MARSHAL PLAN for the Palestinian people whose economic and political  tide lifts up a century of prosperity to Israel and to all  Gulf states inclusive of every state – as well.  The great compromise is to advance a CA Board and allow the people of each ZONE of occupation to chose their rule of law in ZONE ( as really the outomce of peace is there are all one really ) just choosing a rule of law form and celebrating all faith and culture regardless of majoirty vote outcome. Considering just America invested a trillion dollars in TARP 1 to save criminal banks from their criminal bad bets;  the proposed G 100 Investment  of 25 years – a trillion Palestine development dollars weighted into the first ten years – is the low cost for peace investing  and free to the sponsor nations given the cost of war which is on going in region.  The return on investment in trade with the two now prosperous nations – is a very high return on money via trade  and commerce. The model of cooperation set forth inside this new frame work once digested sets up a  new MIND SET inside a ENTIRELY NEW FRAME FOR IP IN PEACE TECHNOLOGY -IN AN  INSPIRED NEW PEACE PROCESS .

In all areas of dispute by frame work modeling systemically by popular vote by CA administration and final form from the FRAMER for those box top rules of law to outcomes that are sustainable the possible in fact becomes possible.

As an investment banker economist who has over time contributed billions into the welfare of Gulf Nations I call upon those who lead in all Gulf  Nations  and especially the two sovereign states effected and their neighbors – as most effected to delete competitive emotional reactionary response to the 85% of hard wired brain function to anything fresh or new – even when electric light is superior to whale oil lamp light – which is brain hard wiring reaction to WHY WE CAN’T mind sets. I ask you to as leaders over power such mid brain and lower brain function to not see NEW as THREAT and to switch – to SHIFT your brain function to the 15% that creates all outcomes you treasure – SWITCHING FROM WHY WE CAN NOT into …the highest brain state of co creation as to….HOW WE “WILL” . Just stay in HOW WE WILL as you read and explore for a time.

ALLOW THE BABY TO DROP as you digest the step by step ( make some notes of THINGS TO DO in your print version ) as there is more than you suspect in this PEACE PLAN 2020.

Finally I invite full partnership for women. it is our opinion from experience the left brain problems male thinking has created are not longer possible to resolve without intuitive RIGHT BRAIN PROBLEM SOLVING – involving female higher brain function. As in the old movie GHOST BUSTERS the portal to the futures our unborn desire and most require must now include BLENDING OUR MALE AND FEMALE THOUGHT STREAMS. I invite leaders to have woman involved in the process of HOW WE WILL asking for female input on this reading to frame work of:INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS. We ask the FRAMERS BE BALANCED fifty fifty woman and men working together. We suggest the CA be 100% women only.


…it is so true…with life TIME being the wealth of our minute today…..yesterday is already too late to stop Paleistian suffering for no reason by mid brain hoodwinking. I invite leaders in all factions to S-W-I-T-C-H and turn the page into a new model entirely of thinking. You now ( finally ) actually and proven and truly – understand – the HOW.

Palestinians will enjoy a future like post war impoverish Germany and Japan from those MARSHAL PLANS AND MIRACLES OF GLOBAL MERCY AND COMPASSION  EXPRESS IN THE INS{IRED NEW WAY FORWARD – starting from a higher space of MIND and mental code. The  future security of both states via IT and new technology from camera’s and AI assure the future is peaceful for both states within a prosperity that lifts up Lebanon Iran Jordon and all peoples of the GULF in all nations into  a new cooperation where the idea of competition is suspended for positive outcome without the drama of the past or its entrenched emotional capital that:  economists leading the debate versus politicians tend to preclude in deliberations.

The three year COOPERATION AUTHORITY PERIOD –  to develop the final treaty form assures that the COOPERATION AGENCY ( CA )  PANAEL is equal – Palestinian and Israeli and the tie breaking vote is always SWISS. Swiss trusted and neutral. The ONE TRILLION DOLLAR PALESTINIAN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT  FUND is escrowed an administered to payments into Palestine, for real progress work performed in Palestine ( where every dollar works like five outside corruption wasting of the peoples resources )  by its invoicing approving CA staff agencies under the final treaty rule of law –  payable  by SWISS BANKERS appointed by the COOPERATION AUTHORITY. All “issues” too hot for political resolution by either state are delegated by charter to resolution of the CA the missing mechanism as the final missing agency or Supreme Economic COURT assuring outcomes are economic not political over time – always landing on the best interest of the people of Palestine and Regional TWO STATE cooperation collaboration and respect. Hated and Disrespect would be culturally banishing as unwanted and a form of insanity in reality.

The tie breaking vote being SWISS within assured neutrality where outcomes remain maximally benefiting and  ECONOMIC benefiting the always maximally the PALESTINIAN  people, now assures INTEGRITY versus a lack of integrity  in all forward  CA voting outcomes. Swiss banker administration of the new PALESTINIAN MARSHAL PLAN help assure reduction of corruption and every dollar works like five via bidding process in in all master plan executions developed budgeted and designed by Palestinian authorities and BIG EIGHT ACCOUNTING firms they chose on plan budget development and execution. . Donor nations now have an economic process they all can trust. Political compromise resolves finally with the new PEACE PLAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FRAME WORK expressed here – that finally NOTHING CHANGES ON THE GROUND while in fact EVERYTHING CHANGES ON THE GROUND to the welfare dignity and outcomes the Palestinian people and the Israeli People which both  so richly deserve.

After a ten year administered period all border WALLS would in celebration be torn down within a CELEBRATION FESTIVAL WEEK OF COOPERATION between now fully partnering two states into massive forward mutual prosperity and rule of law in respect for all.


The present TRUMP plan in our teams opinion was dead on arrival for many complex reasons before Saudi Arabia betrayed the Trump team ( once again and so predictably ) and pulled the Arab rug out ( in fact )  from under the plan authors. The Trump plan further divides the Region. Trump has invested over one year on their peace plan. Our team has invested over ten years on our peace proposal as a FRESH NEW STARTING POINT TO BEGIN FROM.  Our team humbly proposes a discussion frame work we label in final form here:


As 50% of our readers in the 100’s of thousands globally  with 40% of all our  reading subscribers, split between NORTH AMERICAN readers and readers world wide globally and in both states in the Gulf who read this blog and  many in the effected nations all now asked to: circulate this on line plan link to the leaders of your nations. To reach out and touch the world. Include Press by snail mail in our community. 

We ask leader communities in Palestine and in israel having advised leaders in your communities since the 1970’s to see this new far from final  frame work as a fresh starting point not the end game which only the FRAMERS can resolve. We invite your all sides including faith to:

  1. Celebrate with respect diversity new thinking in all forms without punishment of diversity of ideas
  2. To forge and economic outcome that leads the politics where politics leading economics always fails
  3. To approach issue challenges in RESPECT & HONOR toward COOPERATIVE COMPROMISE
  4. To interrupt and control the old model of politics that is founded on HATRED AND DISRESPECT H & D letting it go !
  5. To see I win you lose as insane and WE BOTH WIN cooperative outcomes as sane

To avoid as new pathology rules in economic forward discussion teams the phrase –  YOU  in any correction process and to say rather: that  I would see your issue more completely if I heard the same thinking in this form which is my language could you reframe your important contribution such that I might hear it more impactfully? DId you take my input as a PLUS ( meaning not as a critique ) as a new cooperative negotiation language  modeling form?

If the party took the input as a critique versus a plus – they say without emotion knowing you are working in such good faith and vulnerability to better fully understand and both sides are working to remove the competitive brain virus of actual inanity from discussions which burbles up unbidden: now and finally replacing insanity ( the master virus of mind  blocking human elevated next evolution thinking and solution processes –  as scientifically outlined in the book REDEMPTION and in SUPER ACHIEVER MIND SETS and Joes HOW TO BECOME SUPER NATURAL ) …the party in discussion ( not negotiation ) asks to  REFRAME their request for “how “I”” would hear that more impactfully – by reframing the core request itself until the parties fail to ever escalate as new discussion box top rules sets, reset  LANGUAGE that inflames into historic  emotions that engage blame and judgement which are now removed where economists tend to depreciate such historic postures anyway.

ECONOMISTS frame outcome for structure and outcomes: where in moving forward only positive  emotional capital is by design flowing into the new exploration discussion frame work a new  modeling effecting far  reduced  outcomes that expresses only  unwanted political division in spirals of lower brain hoodwinking into combative no resolution from lower brain function. Negotiations are never lasting in outcome. Discussions ( sanity ) leads to agreements that last. The old process of negotiating and  commencing in hatred and disrespect and proceeding into distrust and competitive combative negotiation is replaced by a new blue print of our CEO SPACE model of a:

discussion frame work into a higher function box top rule set of COOPERATION COLLABORATION AND MUTUAL CELEBRATIONS.


The example set by just two state leaders  in a landscape on all sides to which 8 billion of us in fact  we all call this space –  THE “HOLY” LAND –  and now we act in HOLY COMMUNION INSPIRED TO NOW MOVE TRULY FINALLY FORWARD INTO PEACE A NEW  HOLY PEACE AND DO WE NOT ALL WIN IF WE DECIDE TO MOVE IN SACRED COVENANT FOR OUR UNBORN TO THIS ENDEAVOR IN 2020?

Our 32 year mature CEO SPACE leadership  teams advocate EXPLORATION just that alone of a  NEW FRAME INSPIRED WORK. CEO SPACE has led and proven these frame works are far out performing all centuries old models we all know so well ( really watch GAME OF THRONES to see brains hijacked by lower mid brain buggy mental software ) where Fortune institutions have opted  for cooperative culture reform in leadership for Fortune institutions of the world as well as with heads of state and their teams in a growing community of nations we confidentially are endlessing trying to always better  serve. We install new COOPERATIVE  frame works for solutions as well as new frame works for the systemic modeling of inspired new fresh inventive discussion box top rules ( frame work modeling ) for how the parties will RESPECT AND HONOR AND CELEBRATE ALL FORMS OF HUMAN  DIVERSITY TO COMPROMISE INTO  FINAL FORM COMPLETIONS AS DESIRED HUMAN OUTCOMES. Cooperation reaches higher quality outcomes in fractions of pre SUPER CHANGE  time frames. Quality outcomes in reduced time frames is our day job. Press ranked as # 1 for the past ten years globally over a decade in this space of human organization higher outcome in performance.

Competition always takes longer and leads to flawed and lower quality outcomes as process.

THE GREATEST inventions for mankind in systems The Magna Carta – in technology – the wheel the fork the can opener are SIMPLE.

Simple outcomes like the Wheel change all humanity forever.

Circulation of this MASTER “INSPIRE PLAN FOR PEACE” presents a fresh new frame work building on decades of all past work over time in both nations on the ground –  into entirely new  solutions to challenging forward outcomes that have road blocked desired peace in time, over  decades residing in community with its diverse people faiths politics and views that we all who author this solution so deeply respect we NEXT turn over a high rise steel frame work to the appointed leadership of the two states. The exterior and interior design and finishing we leave to the professionals and state leadership and the FRAMERS.

We make no claim of perfect outcomes. We introduce a new steel  FRAME WORK to begin a three year process the parties approve as a new can work:  INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS to more perfectly do the work to complete the frame work of high rise steel into its more perfect final form that simply requires WORK, as a desired end product for humanity. We introduce a new PROCESS for how to negotiate a INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS and we welcome any invitation to moderate consult or add value to process,  in any way that process may now state unfold,  as the parties may desire and require of our further IP guidance to both. Our objective is to begin in January of 2020 with 2019 second half being a process to OPEN EXPLORATION to the rules and terms of a two state engagement into a brand new – simple – transformational solutions sets – for a completion of a 2020 HOPE AND PROMISE adventure into an INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS.

We throw a meteor or NEW HOPE AND PROMISE for countless lives and the world into the timeless mediterranean sea with our hope a PEACE TSUNAMI made possible at this time as  one failed peace plan immediately is replaced  into a superior model in our opinion that may wash over all hearts and minds as one HOLY SPIRIT of us all shedding the insanity for the sanity as only we humans can when the light bulb dispels the darkness of the very long night.

In honor of my in nations teachers and revered mentors may we present to you for circulation a NEW INSPIRED WAY FORWARD INTO PEACE. I dedicate this work in asking YOU to circulate this INSPIRED WAY FORWARD PEACE PROCESS – to the 8 billion human souls who regard as one the land the peoples of two states call home and reside upon – as truly for all of us in our spirit is and will always be HOLY. The entire WORLDS HOLY LAND. May we make this land heaven on earth versus anything less by coming together in our minds. If heaven is the absence of competition may we now remove in the HOLY OF LANDS the enemy insane  with COOPERATION in higher brain software the VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL. That choice is always our own.  If heaven in all faiths IS THE ABSENT OF COMPETITION why not resolve the hell we all have known since ROME into HOLY LAND HEAVEN AS AN EXAMPLE 8 billion of us can lift up in every regard with celebration the shift in our mind master manifesting as one this outcome?

I leave it to circulation and leadership as I click today.

Berny Dohrmann
Chairman CEO SPACE

July 4th INDEPENDENCE HOLIDAY AMERICA – SENT TO TWO STATES AND ITS PEOPLE ON THIS HOLIDAY WEEK OF CELEBRATION FOR THE WORLD  – mid year 2020 in hope and promise for 8 billion who regard HOLY LAND as sacred to us all… we all humbly do as well. MAY GOD BLESS THIS PLAN IN ALL OUR FAITHS AS ONE TODAY.




Half of 2019 is gone. The best part for SMALL BUSINESS and professionals engaged in Practice is the 2019 July to December – economically. CEO SPACE is the largest community of small business owners in the world. We are advising our membership in 150 nations to embrace the following principle to prosper in the coming critical super change six months. July we see the LONGEST BOOM EXPANSION PERIOD the world has ever recorded. Economies rise when consumers or government or both spend expansively. Economics contract when consumers contract their spending and government tax receipts fall in that contraction and their spending lowers. Recession. Contraction.

All economic cycles expand and then contract. the length of the boom and the breadth of the expansion have economic relationships to the contraction period that follows. If there are abuses in the core economic structural aspects of the boom period, such as immoderate debt, political box top rule changes, ( Trade wars ) , and or speculation that is unwanted or liquidity consolidations as unwanted wealth consolidation occurs, then the rebalancing of economics – where all accounts one day rebalance also will occur.

A GREAT REBALANCING occurred in 2007. Economists well know the core abuse was however never addressed nor was the abuse issues in economics fixed. Politicians ran the economics versus economics running the politics. The result was that massive debt was exchanged for new and ever more massive debt. While we as investment banker economist by historic expertise and experience, can not say the answer the question the GREAT WHEN the actual GREATEST ECONOMIC REBALANCING to adjust accounts from decades of economic abuse in the areas of:

  1. The largest Debt Super Bubble in economic world history
  2. The largest speculation bubble in prices in world history
  3. The greatest consolidation of wealth where 1% own more wealth than 99% in humanities history

Will CORRECT and REBALANCE all economics as to a final time line. We can suggest the GREATEST REBALANCING is coming and that time is the only asset remaining to that great rebalancing.

We also can suggest that will the good times ( you are inside them now ) are rolling along – you use the old American saying – make hay while the sun shines. Make profit. Make sales. Grow your business. Invest in acceleration. The safe harbor for all of us – as the worlds largest complex multi layered economic SUPER DUPER BUBBLE is growing and expanding – is to have a strategy.


If you watched GAME OF THRONES the safe harbor was to be “behind THE WALL” so the rising threat could not reach “you”.

In economics globally the protection of that sea wall from the rising storm clouds ( on the distant horizon – economic storm clouds ) we feel is – community. Grow your business to business community. We have suggested one option is CEO SPACE July 20th. If you prefer Tony Robbins BUSINESS MASTERY we recommend that community. If you prefer Bill Walsh Power Team or George Fraser POWER NETWORK we recommend them as well. Growing a B to B community is THE WALL – the missing safe harbor – as there is safety in numbers.

Growing a stronger business to business community creates cross buying from ONE ANOTHER. This collective cross buying creates VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM. If you fail to invest in smart right growth now to year end you increase risk when the GREAT REBALANCING OCCURS. Building MOMENTUM NOW is the critical cornerstone asset while times are reasonably good.

Keep in mind this recovery is not roaring and remains far from booming recoveries of many prior economies. This recovery is anemic and just over a recession number. Also keep in mind GOVERNMENTS LIE. They do everything to skew numbers so you see economic lies.

In America under a prior President we changed how we count UNEMPLOYMENT for 400 years. Thats right. Listen to me. We stopped counting LONG TERM UNEMPLOYED. That was say the higher priced jobs at over 30 million out of work. We just no longer COUNTED THEM AS UNEMPLOYED. That group had no jobs and still has no jobs. Unemployment in the USA would from the GREAT RECESSION be – around 10% now versus 4% ( the lie number ) nations give to their people. The mass of people are economically illiterate on purpose. The more you lack economic perspective the more stealing right under your eye balls can and does occur.

This legal theft depletes the wealth of nations.

Those who have economic education and understanding have all the wealth. Those who do not never get their own fair share. Also keeping what you have is dicey if you bury your head in fake news and fail to understand WINTER “IS” COMING ( a Game of Throne term ) that for SHOW WATCHERS just meant something else to those who read it – but everyone who never saw the show gets CLIMATE CHANGE WINTERS are not helpful to grow a business. They all appreciate that.

We recommend small business and professionals in practice:

  1. Register into CEO SPACE July 20th and upgrade their second half of year marketing and planning to get more customers now.
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  3. Register and bring the entire family on a tax Holiday to CEO SPACE to exit July 28th with a Switch on turned on work space – far higher profit in the second half than outside your safe harbor sea wall – and to gain the advantage of a fully switched on turned on home space.

Leaders from around the world are coming together on July 20th to associate new skills ( capital new law mastery is one on opening weekend I teach and instruct with SEC experienced attorney’s ) – as one skill transfer – attorney’s come to upgrade on this aspect of execution in all global markets – as you transact business the entire time.

CEO SPACE is the # 1 Business Conference in the world for ten years in a row for a reason. Our business owner and professionals engage in a transaction B to B cross engagement model unlike any other. Explore on line and see short films to see with your eyes, listen with yours ears, but HEAR WITH YOUR EMOTIONS.

CEO SPACE is not a seminar nor is CEO SPACE a work shop. CEO SPACE is a massive skill and plan upgrading technology – a business growing machine – a business building machine – where you pay ONCE for a lifetime membership into an ON GOING PROCESS to grow faster than you can grow in other options.

GROWING FASTER July to December is my first recommendation on timing as the longest boom in history will move into contraction and when that occurs your added MOMENTUM is your SAFE HARBOR. Grow momentum faster in the second half of 2019.

If you fail to get this momentum installed risk to your own forward options may become more limited. Network more effectively. Grow your customer base faster. Forge more powerful business to business associations and communities. Invest in growth and invest in growth right now. Chose your best options and make choices and take risk to grow faster.

Do that and the coming contraction will not effect you as it will….for those who failed to do this work now.

Berny Dohrmann – WINTER IS COMING and we have TIME to make HAY while the SUNSHINES…….





Criminal Opec is a gang of the FEW ( less than say 100 ) against 8 billion souls on earth. The 8 billion need low cost energy – the cost of everything to over come:

  1. Food insecurity killing for no reason by greed 1.4 billion spirits this year alone
  2. Shelter security
  3. Health Security
  4. Economic opportunity
  5. Political stablity

Criminal OPEC is led by the master CRIMINAL sociopath King MBS G 20 leaders sucked up too this weekend.

MBS has ruined his nation. Today after stealing 100 billion from Royals over the past 18 months – he is now raping the money of last resort his own sovereign nation wealth fund. MBS needs oil at 100 to get out of his economic crises. MBS doesn’t care about the 8 billion souls.

Or his own peoples souls.

MBS cares about his economic unsustainable game plan to diversify Saudi off oil in one financial boon doggle after another – sucking up so much in loss now the nations slush fund has to be sucked into the red ink. This following the worst performance of any sovereign nation wealth fund in human memory. Typically of a criminal mind.


Who owns the press you think is fact versys manipulation of information? Well less than 100 Super Money pools own the press world wide. The consolidation of press news, has not gone well for the world of thought. Spoon fed brain washing problem even the Press believes its own lies today.

  1. In American a congress required by law to pass a US budget and who illegally fails to do that job is press passed.
  2. The principle of innocent until proven guilty is vacated by the new criminal press.
  3. The notion of OIL criminal price manipulation is replaced by criminal press with the fraud of Oil stability

The market for oil works like this. There is more oil than the world needs. The supply of oil is being bought by nations say the USA now at 500,000,000 ( 500 million stored half a trillion stored waste barrels no one wants and we keep buying more ).

Supply of oil is soaring with massive new discoveries on land and in the oceans.

Demand for oil is falling off a cliff never to return. Oil demand once rose predictably. Today oil demand hit a cliff – no longer grows at all – and is falling ( forever ) at a rate pace level the press leaves you all with FRAUD on related to the truth. Oil price is double what it needs to be in fair market price. OIL is priced by criminal cartels and the nations of the world do nothing. The pres calls the GREAT OIL SCAM – market stability this weekend. The Owners are making money on the market manipulation. The FRAUD. The OIL CASINO.

Oil needs to crash.

We have stated as Trump telling the criminals to drop oil is not working and the fraud of Putin and OPEC going nine more months with cut backs that supply outside OPEC already over came completely – soaring supply and contracting demand require the price to drop like a stone.

ILLEGAL MARKET SPECULATORS AND MANIPULATORS including all major big oil are FRAUDS and total criminals. The Press resides in their financial lap economically. The owners get richer on the fraud. No one of the criminals cares about the 8 billion suffering.


The world economy is being hijacked by BIG OIL FRAUDSTERS. It is not the FED and interest rates. No. It is BIG OIL FRAUD. The OIL fraud is draining liquidity – core liquidity and critical circulation from the system – via a hidden tax on 8 billion people. And illegal evil unethical immoral GREED TAX by less than 100 Oil criminals at the top. No one in the criminal cartel is stabilizing anything.

The criminal oil evil ones are trying to take oil out of the market to manipulate price much higher by making oil scare which is not by price fixing and oil manipulation. This is not market stabilization as the FRAUD IN BED PRESS reports all weekend as if they wore bed sheets and sat on the Kings 30 something LAP.

The crimes of this group lead the world in crimes and deaths against humanity. No PRESS EVER TELLS THE TRUTH ABOUT THE UTTER OIL FRAUD going on. Why/

Follow the money. You’ll know why.

Follow the money.

Nothing in oil reporting is anything like what it appears to be. It is all smoke mirrors and criminal lies.

There is too much oil.

There is plunging demand.

There is no growth in oil demand.

There is OIL CRASH in demand.

The abuse of the criminal cartel presents a global tipping point for core liquidity as their GREED tips the entire world into a SUPER CRASH depression.


Criminal oil elites – less than 100 folks.

How can this lie be true.

Oh its true.

I call on leaders world wide to influence their press to tell the truth.

I call on TRUMP TO DUMP 1,000,0009 barrels daily from US RESERVES until market price is ripped from criminal cartels. Oil price of 49 dollars would circulate in the second half of this year enough liquidity to keep the expansion going.

If we don’t secure this liquidity I fear that September 2019 will surpass September 2007.

The Press will report what the owners tell them.




Oh the world feels pretty Euphoric. The EU did a bit better because winter is over – although Paris is 120 degrees setting all time record heat records. There is THAT.

The market did better in June than any prior June ( given the prior super volatility up and down like a drunken sailor we predicted right here ) best June since 1930’s. Hey. There is THAT. On low summer volume of course.

The World is euphoric Trump and XI facing a CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL SUPER CRASH avoided all that by stating – hey we’ll talk – China will buy a bit of voter ag biz from the USA and the USA can send its parts to Huawei – and you know we’ll chat on the hard trade issues no one is any where near close to agreeing upon. We’ll chat.

Putin said we have to turn the page. Joked with Trump about the USA election. Euphoria i tell you. Nothing new.

North Korea will come shake hands and chat like Russia – HOW DO WE GET THOSE SANCTIONS OFF PLEASE. There is that.

Russia Said hey we’ll stay in the cut back with our buddy the King of Saudi and jack prices up as high as we can for my buddy XI in China and the world. Yeah we want really high prices we are all broke. There is that.

Oil went down Friday perhaps it was THAT. Supply is way way over their cut back as Venezuela blocked from USA tries to re-formulate its tar sands oils to sell in the EU, but at what price. No one is charging any customer benchmark prices thats all a speculator pipe dream. Speculators long in oil will make well – a loss as the world has never yet known before. Remember we told you oil chaps – that WINTER IS COMING. WHITE WALKER ARE REAL boys. Economic walkers.

Then on talk all the stuff rises in value on nothing but air itself. Speculators in Casino Capitalism as they did in 2007 will bid the summer super volatility up and down up and down making ungodly profits on their summer side betting. The jaw bone to all markets will breach old records.

In September to October the risk of GAME OVER AND SUPER CRASH begins as for real WINTER “IS” COMING. We told you the reasons many times now. We’ll summarize for the obtuse reader: and the financially illiterate press that:

  1. Debt will risk system stability in defaulting cascades as response to
  2. Market rising instability in super volatility due to economic contraction
  3. Liquidity evaporating in the all new AI ECONOMIC reality no one has theory to regulate ( yet )

We’ll play a game.

Lets see if we are right.

There is THAT.



PS: The Market is now a casino capitalism out of all regulatory safety net and control worse than our opinion.

June 2007 – September 2007 – WHAT IS MATCH UP RIGHT NOW 2019?


June 2007 – September 2007 – WHAT IS MATCH UP RIGHT NOW 2019?

We suggested to our readers in 2007 that flee bonds stocks and the market place and store resources in DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING. Index products for growth – annuities for income investing – cash liquid high yield liquid savings in permanent insurance – all principle fully guaranteed. The experts all said the up bubble would never burst. We told you the economics were sour due to debt bubbles bursting.

June 2007 flowed into record highs for markets in the weak summer volumes. The Big Guns got back from vacation into a Super Crash in 2007 – the largest COLLAPSE OF GLOBAL MARKETS SINCE THE GREAT RECESSION. Our readers who acted smiled on the golf course. Our readers who stood bad took their showers of tears in an absolute blood bath of losses from retirement wealth to all wealth.

June 2007 ends with the largest run up in record surges ( we told you as a prelude to the avalanche to follow. June 2019 is the largest run up since not only June 2007 but since the 1930’s and thats alarming truly. We expect SUPER VOLATILITY in slow trading volume months of the summer. Political events can make the roller coaster scary and new records may yet be set.

We review the math and see weakness and contraction alarm bells world wide.

Unlike 2007 we see the market as far worse and risk far higher. Why? Well here is the why in restatement of you you all have read:

  1. Politics runs economics which is seriously dangerous to global stability. Worse than 2007.
  2. Free Money policy of CENTRAL banks have set up the worlds largest Super Debt Bubble risk ever.
  3. Central Banks are out of silver bullets. They own record trillions in bond crap investments and they have no interest room to rally accommodate. They have sucked too much liquidity from the core system creating a risky upside down super debt pyramid that is economically no longer stable and no tools to stabilize the debt wobble.
  4. Recovery and depression avoidance was stalled by super debt which fixed nothing and made everything worse.
  5. Congress in the US criminally weaponizes passing a US budget politically weaponizing US economic stability once and for all – failure to pass a budget and debt ceiling raise as required by law tips the world system over on credit rating loss for the USA for political advantages – economic ending the present global order. Gov shut down may yet occur again a full on tipping to the debt bubble bursting globally.
  6. 100 Trillion in rising bad debt shown on bank and investment bank books as good assets must be declared as crap to rebalance the system – which ends – when this takes place – which is coming via debt defaulting cascades next.
  7. Trade Wars are not being resolved and the tipping point from the next trade war stress exceeds capacity to stabilize economics world wide.
  8. New AI economics can remove system liquidity faster and more completely than 2007 Super Crash last time.
  9. Bond collapse may SUPER CRASH all asset class markets in the great deleveraging and deflation to follow.
  10. Sept/Oct 2019 is the next danager date for a full on market SUPER CRASH due to digitized weapon attacks profiting nations we sanction while we but a closed sing out for AMERICA and our allies world wide.

As we told our readers in 2007 – in June the peak risk is SEPTEMBER as the grown ups return and see the extent of the real mess to their own great risk and peril – to October and recession data contraction and triple witching hour. This time frame is GREAT DANGER for a MARKET LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY when it next is loss without liquidity. Prices crash daily, super crash and no buyers exist to sell out it- only sell orders no buy orders. You can’t imagine that? Keep in mind we have predicted that – LED DAY.

We can’t be more clear on the risk. The CASINO CAPITALISM MARKET Is a phony baloney global casino created by central bank policy error and free money. The wrong minded economics kicked the bad debt can down the road and falsely inflated values for all asset classes by speculation. Today the AI has run out of room and algorithm elasticity. We are about to exceed both human being adaptation to SUPER CHANGE we ourselves invented. We are passing AI program parameters to adapt to SUPER CHANGE AI invented.  World markets are coming to an impasse risk on core market stability liquidity as all accounts so credit abused come back into balance with the horrible consequence to the innocent from the elites who in the end DID NOT KNOW IT ALL.

There are many surprises thumbs up and thumbs down in the NEW AGE never known before that is subject of my new book released just in time this OCTOBER – SUPER CHANGE. The AGE OF SUPER CHANGE is fully uncharted territory. The pace of change itself is accelerating past the capacity of human beings to adapt into. You all feel that but have lacked words for it.

We have to CALM DOWN and become much more insightful and objective in how we look at data. I have suggested awake leaders who “get” what we are reporting and wish to collaborate on better options and action as the best way forward this July join CEO SPACE and register into CEO SPACE and bring your entire family. This next ride requires we all share common high ground from the coming flood waters.

If you stay in the CASINO CAPITALISM please recall our track record since 1988 – and keep in mind – we are going to be – RIGHT AGAIN.

I told you in June 2007 the SUPER CRASH was coming end of summer. I was truly mocked. Until the Super Crash than I was a prophet. I tell you now the SUPER CRASH is coming with danger next September/October 2019.  I am ready to be mocked all over again. For the few I help…God Bless you and Keep you safe. If I’m wrong you win. If I”m right you win. If you fail to act you lose. You can lose it all…..we’ll see……


PS: National Defense from July forward is about national economic stability as world war will flow as risk from its lack…..passing a US Budget is now a matter of NATIONAL DEFENSE for American and for the world – the DOD may wish to chat with law makers on the RISK of illegally weaponizing the constitutional budget required by law work fo congress.