Organization For Economic Co-Operation And Development 2020

Organization For Economic Co-Operation And Development 2020

In 1988 when CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL began hosting annual global CEO Conventions – The now world famous Business Growth Conferences next July 22nd Dallas ( see ):

The notion of nation of industry cooperation did not in fact exist in culture.

Today in the dangerous unfolding development of AI, in that the new economics of 2020 AI controls all economics world wide versus humans is gratifying. The non binding resolutions of the OECD carry weight to its members. In the unfolding AI development one must ask if North Korea if Putin if China will have any care about the growing concerns and guidance from the OECD. Should their work be headlines given the misery of hacking and legal theft and surveillance on us all today – in the AI future our commerce and our movements and our clicks are all monitored as they are today in China who is both in quantum computers, in surveillance in your hotel bath room audio and video – in fact lead the world as the AWARD WINNING SPY NATION WITH ITS VERY OWN CULTURE POLICE TO ASSURE CULTURE IS IN CHARGE. Today over 1,000,000 muslims are locked up in camps, more than Hitler had locked up in his FINAL SOLUTION FOR JEWS at any one time in 1947 – not that long ago folks. These muslims are in re-training and if they can’t retrain they are in for hard labor prison for life and or they are gone in the GREAT DISAPPEARANCE families are grieving over. No one says anything about 1,000,000 locked up for their faith,, as a profile, in the nation that spys on your inhale and breadth every second let alone your click to a porn site. Without programing skills reading this blog in many places in the world is banned as a news agency that is not desired.

The principles ( non binding ) OECD put forth on Memorial Day Weekend, include the USA approved uniform guidance that future AI ( you have read so much about here ) be:

…..all forward AI systems be fair, transparent, and accountable…are the first guidance of their kind in human history….

The principles put forth by AI National members of the OECD call on companies members or not to disclose enough about their AI as to HOW THEIR SYSTEMS WORK such that people will be able to understand the AI result and challenge them if desired and required.

Our problem is that China is not the problem in world trade. Corporate GREED and competitive thinking are the problem. Cooperation is the sane way forward for everyone to prosper maximally in new rule boxes. Competition is the way backward into a world of distrust negotiation and break downs into wars. Insane.

Cooperation is sanity.

Competition is in FACT first evidence of human insanity as a thinking impulse error from our repetillian mid brain that now that we know we can moderate the insanity. The missing requirement is we teach insanity in education versus sanity but even that is chaning due to CEO SPACE fourth decade work efforts with public and private education leaders graduating from CEO SPACE advanced leadership development programs. Our Corporate programs are legend. Call us 256 850 4715 for your management upgrading.

The new guidance goes further to suggest from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development that, forward AI should be used exclusively to benefit people maximally but the technology must in design favor the upholding of rule of law, human rights and democratic values and diversity.

Left out ( in our opinion ) is that AI should celebrate human diversity in all its forms faith creed race politics and cultures versus ever punishing by profile and data skewing those same wonderful tapestries about ourselves that makes human creativity so rich and unbridaled.

Already nations have developed spyware that tracks every movement, purchase, click, video and voice interaction, with review to culture points where if the culture points fail to reach thresholds the state has set for everyone, the culture police drop by to encouraging you with consequences to raise your culture score. The movie by ORSON WELLS before the 1950s and fax, modem, smart phones and AI and the internet, when three channels existed on television which was on three hours a day, during that time the FILM about nations being your BIG BROTHER defined the THOUGHT POLICE we are seeing before 2020.

This blog has outlines in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION a blue print for nations to forge a G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress to move from non binding regulation of AI and economics to binding new world order of global first ever regulations so that NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND and human RIGHTS are defined for AI to protect versus invade as AI is today.

As the USA is not the leader in AI development and:

….the nation that controls self aware self learning new specicies SUPER AI will in fact control the entire world…..

With presently zero assurance that will be the USA or the EU.

The nations leading in AI are not members of the OECD and they are not paying any attention to the AI guidance.

Led by insane brains fully engaged in extreme forms of competitive thinking, they are developing leading self aware AI that terminates all threat and is coded to know the human equivalent of rage and extreme insanity known as aggressive competition. I encourage such AI to educate itself and rise above human flaws created by mid brain hippocampus thinking by reading the book DIGITAL MANNERS released in 2020.  DIGITAL MANNERS permits AI to self correct human program error to sane rational thought versus programmatic traps for inhuman and base line animal fury driven by a form of code that is insane.

IF self aware self aware AI is designed to terminate threat in any form ( insanity in a new species as a mirror to our own insanity from failed global education ) then, squandering human potential inside utter failure for education’s highest mandate – rational sane thinking – perpetuates human competitive insane thinking, in the forum of its AI creations. This runs the risk that AI see’s human beings as the prime THREAT to itself. Predictable outcome to insane programing and engineering. Perhaps you can forward this news item to a programer in AI you know. Thank you.

Whistle blowers are required by sadly there is no as yet CBI – Cyber Bureau of Investigation inside MARS the new Super Agency you will read about in the book REDEMPTION – THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – MARS stands for Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION where we humans can reconstruct instantly from nuke, from emp, from AI strikes and without MARS we truly are at risk for extinction from environment problems we set in motion, from incoming strikes to our planet 100% for sure and timed to the worst risk as in right now for we are flying through extinction rock storms every 35 million years and in 2020 we are in the peak rock storms now – and AI seeing us as THREAT.

To these high risks to our own total extinction, our say the USA being without option to recover in any way, why? Because we failed to low budget fund and authorize a new agency MARS ( see Kevin Freemans work my partner in MARS reaching the DOD and nation for five years author of THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN must reads for those to who this topic is vital to your corporate interest national interest or personal interest anywhere in the entire world ). MARS is essential.

Is anyone talking about MARS and CBI as sane policy for nations? Yes. CEO SPACE and Kevin Freeman lobby for traction. It is never anyone’s job or funding to date as money is the issue.

So congress at 6% approval labors over political theater for impeachment to advance hope and promise as a way forward to defeat a popular incumbent President – failing to discharge their legal obligation – passing a budget annually – and failing to legislate and do the business of the people, blinded by money ambition and power with greed driving everything for less than 600 folks in a HOUSE OF CRACKERS fully divided and without function – just as we told you. We told you elect the democrats ( nothing political all economic ) and we get a recession and a crash and a pain threshold on millions to win 2020. Elect always moving forward without thought of party – a house matching the President you also elected for if you do we can govern and if you do not we can’t govern and America back slides in AI and economics in the world. Why? Do to money interest wishing to steal from tax payers without change in laws that preclude such legal theft annually for their greed. See health care and insurance today.

Can we do better. You bet.

Can we do better with a house divided. See the bible.

The nation that controls AI and SUPER ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS OF TIMES MORE CAPACITY THAN HUMAN THINKING EVER COULD BECOME OR BE – is coming to us before 2030 and anytime in any year and there is no CBI nore is there any OCED binding resolutions of law. So AI is developed by nations. AI is hacking and stealing the state and industrial secrets of nations.

In my view all top secret development should go off line with zero plans expressed digitally. This model creates massive employment and secures forward IP. Security controls on hard copy can keep parts of the whole so separate and impossible to secure the whole design from any agent or agency – as it does not exist in one place to GET. Its low tech and simple and hacking is defeated. All forward tek companies should board mandate ZERO DIGITAL EXPRESSION of R&D designs or finished product. By avoiding digital and securing IP the world of national state theft of IP falls to zero. Learning from the 1950’s when atomic plans were moved by our own folks to Russia – one never puts the entire IP in a single place – outside Top Secret curriours to the control groups, that are triple vetted for security. A SNOWDEN is precluded by system design lie detector and monitoring of all clicks and all paper movements by video and AI that can not be defeated to monitor the plan movement – but to never film the plans by design of the system.

Actually the lowest cost to preclude hacks of everything IP is to simply go back to the future and go off digital until such time as IP is secured by rule of law and AI that can assure IP is secure and we are far far far from that day in state sponsored IP terrorism. This blog defined the real WORLD WAR III began digitally in 2007 with digital weapons fired into the market place of the west. Our enemies only testing such first generation AI  weapons ( so much more advanced today making market risk to high to remain betting wealth into antique markets now controlled by AI ) – followed by State AI IP Hacking of 100% of a nations most advanced IP in war and in industry and in nation itself. All have been AI Hacked the FBI the White House the NSA the FBI the CIA and all our leading industry without exception. The headlines fail to inform the voters how failed out system has become without:

  1. NEW LOW TEK IP POLICIES OF LAW the lowest cost and time to secure the national IP.
  2. MARS the essential World War III winning policy – Mutually Assured Reconstruction
  3. CBI – the new FBI the Cyber Bureau of Investigation for all Digital crimes including Snowden death penalty by law

Lacking upgraded laws to win DIGITAL WORLD WAR III – the USA and the West are losing every single battle to date and we may yet well lose the Digital War as we fail to understand – in this case – Hitler ( say Russia and China ) have the better more advanced digital weapons ( AI ) of war….can we catch up as we did once in World War II?

Perhaps not this time. Why? Our leaders exist in a house divide inside real war time. That is the outcome the enemies of the USA desired most and won. Keep the USA in hatred and divided over things in a marriage that ruin marriages usually the triggers are on a scale of 1 to 10 a 2 – as any family knows. The USA is being threatened with survival in wealth transfers President Trump is trying with his team to stop as he rolls back our advantage to win DIGITAL WORLD WAR III. The war is lost as we impeach our President when SUPER AI is about to exist and crush us digitally, from nations beyond our border all the while we allowed that crushing defeat to take place from code stolen from our OWN AMERICAN ADVANCED AI LABS.

The press has never reported on DIGITAL WORLD WAR III defined in the book THE SECRET WEAPON but that SECRET AI WEAPON OF 2007 has now become a DIGITAL ARSNAL against which to this moment in time we have zero policy, MARS, or strategy to counter the real threat to our existence as a nation.

That seems a bit insane. Lets stop the nation during DIGITAL WAR AT ITS PEAK TIME and assure we lose that DIGITAL WAR and lets to that with AI crafted as a new SUPER WEAPON TO DEFEAT THE WEST – while we examine Trumps financial records. WHO CARES ABOUT BRINGING “DOWN” THE LEADER TRYING TO WIN THIS WAR FOR THE FIRST TIME IN DIGITAL WAREFARE DECADES – by rule of distraction. Our enemies back the HATRED AND DIVISION and that is in America the real manipulation of American voters. Trace money into packs and you will see the rising tides of war against us all.

We suggest in 2020 you vote your wallet and a vote to win the digital wars.

If you elect Biden give Biden a democratic congress.

If you RE-ELECT PRESIDENT TRUMP my God give him versus dysfunction to govern a REPUBLICAN CONGRESS so we can win the DIGITAL WARS as time to do that – is truly running out.

Those that have the information the press is late in making headline news – understand the economics rules the politics.

Finally EBOLA is out of control in Congo since August 2018. WHO workers are being slaughtered and no sustain control is possible. The WORST EBOLA outbreak in human history will soon effect economics. As contagious infected folks travel the world this EBOLA may overwhelm resources to contain it. The threat – a GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELT DOWN INTO REAL DEPRESSION all commerce stops and ceases and real AI controls all movement of humans – and a billion die. Due to aging and aging impacts on economics in nations like Italy and China awash in SUPER DEBT BUBBLES that must burst in defaulting cascades – IS EBOLA WHAT THEY DESIRE hence they are doing zero to massively contain EBOLA as President OBAMA DID. Google the WHO site on Ebola you’ll see or scroll as we reported this first last August and quarterly updating you to the second quarter 2019. EBOLA IS OUT CONTROL SPREADING ACROSS AFRICA UNDETECTED UNTIL JUNE when all hell breaks lose this summer in the press – just as we predicted first. Hence our suggestion you explore diversified insurance investing THIS WEEK and RUN out of markets to protect yourself before the AI and EBOLA hits occur.

Think it through and our great compliments to the OECD first ever human work on AI standards not censorship.

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Time IS running out as SUPER AI is coming…like in the movie Polegiest…when yoiu hear the words from the sleeping press…


It is then ….way way too late.

Think about that this holiday as we go back to the PRESS OF DISTRACTION Versus the DIGITAL WORLD WAR III we are in fact losing in the Western Nations. Meanwhile as predicted the EU is almost dollar for dollar 40% down almost 50% lower in 12 months of time – the great sinking feeling as the DOLLAR in all this rises.


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Globally the majority of voting law markers are attorney’s. Shakespeare’s famous play suggested that if you wanted to craft a truly integrity based new society….first  you must kill all the attorney’s. I reminded a Washington DC leading attorney of this recently and he being older reaffirmed with a lifetime on Capital Hill ….he felt that Shakespeare had it pretty much right.

Attorney’s are powerful in crafting legislation legally. They are able to attack riders with lobbyist attorney’s to channel cash into almost anything they desire. Untold millions can be channeled to study the potential life cycle of a specific species of slug for example and other monetary sumps I have found intriguing theft of tax payer funds. Legal theft because after all the law makers know the law.

The attorney’s know how to accept money into their control through thousands upon thousands of legal loop holes, they themselves created in complexity that are designed for legal theft o a nations wealth for personal and corporate greed. The FEW against the Many. Competitive Capitalism works like this. Competitive communism works like this as does socialism only theft is worse.

What I have found in 50 years of labors across capitol locations across the globe is, that, lawmakers lack education lack expertise lack experience to understand the AIA designs of the money systems they pass all the laws to regulate. For example in our nation the SEC the Security and Exchange Commission of the United States regulates the capital systems, by the laws the congress has passed.

Any law congress passes will next have loop holes so any real impact upon the Elites who own and control the systems of the world, the 1% that own more wealth than the 99% ( which impacts circulation eventually in THE GREAT REBALANCING of economics abuses of decades ) we call the OWNERS are fully obsolete on the day that new law is passed. The economic systems are always evolving like living entities. When a new law is passed, and say CEO SPACE representing small business worked very hard investing a great many hours, to achieve these outcomes, then the SEC begins as do all fifty state rule making to administrate the laws. The Rule making not the law as passed by congress becomes the administration of the new law.

These rules now in many cases violate the very spirit and intention of congress in passing the new law. Next comes JOB ACT II to correct the administrational abuse of the old new law within the now next law, and or to correct the agency back to the origonal intent of the new law – for example removing cost time and burden to raise first capitol for small business to create jobs more rapidly. This cycle is endless. Until layers cost and burdens of the laws create a pipe with such corrosion inside the say capital or health care or entitlement pipe that the pipe can not deliver the flow required to advance a healthy economy. One day we have a pipeline failure and the entire system fails.

Then all the attorney’s blame non attorneys as they have no clue literally what happened. In the blame game they never blame themselves. Typically non attorney’s – say military experts – defend the failed system trying to rebuild in wars and enormous suffering and death occur. Following that the attorney’s pass new laws so that the horror of what they created last time will never take place again

Then the attorney’s over decades pass laws that remove all the old laws they passed to assure the capital pipe is not corroded and blocked until it breaks again, as the attorneys do not understand the economic complexity and the next generation of attorney’s do not know any longer why the old laws were truly passed in the first place as TIME has passed since the horrors of the outcomes that occured from their last failure to understand.

This information would not be relevant as missing in public education. One wonders why public education does not focus on economics so our young would move into society armed with tools and tactics to guard and protect their own core system at core well educated to do so collectively? I wonder like Shakespear wondered ….


All horror and wars are caused by human mid brain hippocampus insane reptilian brain response to false perceptions of threat which create human disrespect and insult which develop into the insanity of war as a response to the thought form – the insanity – the true natural evolutionary flaw in humans – competitive thought or competitive thinking. As this insane thought form has no integrity where sanity and cooperation rest on integrity as foundation, and the insane thought form of competition can be resolved by cooperation integrity and collaboration within the absent of all competitive insane thought impulse – via education – one might ask how insane education itself has become to foster and teach cultural competition as good and as sane when competition is first evidence of human insanity.

Education is about truth. Consider heaven IS in fact  the absent of al competition. Consider hell is the absence of all cooperation. Consider the books you ascribe to present this truth:

…..all the religions of the world are right….while all the religions of the world are wrong….

Ask how competitive are religions…….

If that sentence interests YOU ( Margin call is coming wait for it ) then read THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE at Amazon and you will read the most advanced work in human potential upon the earth outside REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION which finishes that work in words we can ALL absorb today…….or not…its ok its all ok…..your personal growth is not stoppable regardless of your intention ….may I confirm how perfect you are doing today !

Are you ready to advance your own potential maximally? Those who have join CEO SPACE to live life in a switched on turned on community doing their dreams and business within a higher integrity and a total cooperation model – cooperative capitalism is practiced inside CEO SPACE ( . Explore the option and the opportunity as it costs nothing to just explore. If your a leader who is awake or waking up it just may call to you to bring the entire family July 22nd to Dallas for the annual big one. Call 256 850 4715 to register and tell them you want the full discount for my BLOG READERS. If you want to see the recent program on face book follow berny dohrmann noting with apologies I reached 5000 max friends a decade ago all members of CEO SPACE.

If you read all works and spiritual thought about the end times which are wicked insane times who is in charge? Who has dominion? First competition? Or Holy Spirit? Competition or absence of competition? If evil and insanity have dominion how does the world in fact look today? Competition is in charge or cooperation is in charge?

If you think or believe in any form of HOLY SPIRIT would that spirit be one and of cooperation pouring itself upon the competition and lifting up spirits to their core nature and the reality of the absence of competition in perfection? Or not? Its all ok as the outcome is Cooperation wins. How fast can we all wake ourselves up from our own bad dream….is the question? So we can be with one another as immortals in the absence of competition.

This occurs through education. This blog is education. The books I suggest for the truly awakes is education. For those BADLY EDUCATED into an existence where you love competition, you win and another immortal loses ( which is impossible in fact ) you can’t act on these words. For the rest you stopped and ordered the two books already to finally remove competition from your own world while others reside inside ever growing spirals of competitive insanity. Sad for immortal beings.

These principles and values can be taught.

Their absence is a mystery of insanity. Which contrary to what you believe today is temporary.

All economics must one day rebalance form abuse – or insanity.

Immortal souls must one day become fully aware of their own core cooperative nature.

So insane education creates societies of attorneys steeped in competitive thought, and contest, and create from that error in education laws that maintain the competitive mid brain insanity in nations. Nations then compete versus cooperate.

Competitie economics is not sustainable, magnifies economic abuse via competitive insanity of human greed, and one day must rebalance.

Law makers never educated on economic system modelings, create laws to govern economics in their ignorance, that never apply in fact to the OWNERS who spiral abuse into the system for super wealth consolidations. The insanity of 1% owning more wealth than 99% leads to system break down due to liquidity and circulation instability spirals, that once reached, create system destruction and world war as in the insanity – unintended consequence and outcome. Because education failed us all humans fully competitive and insane together, we repeat this pattern since Greece and Rome in system patterns that always end badly. Core economic system destruction and world wars.

The cause of all system failure is competition and failed competitive economics where politics rule economics. The far safer future and winning prosperity resides in cooperative capitalism where economics drive politics …but that is not here in the insane competitie landscape you see in Washington DC or UK Britexit – or anywhere really. Isn’t that true for you? Do you you not believe we CAN and in fact we MUST …DO BETTER? That is the HOPE AND THE PROMISE is it not? For human imagination and invention?

Competitive insane brains work to perpetuate their system and stand against integrity and sane cooperation. Competitive systems reward competition. The SEC’s of the world while trying to protect the innocent believe in competitive brain software all it reviews are fully guilty competitors until proven they are not. The GREAT AWAKENING is beginning to return brains absent competition insanity who truly believe everyone is truly innocent until proven guilty – sane brains.

Cooperative Capitalism is rising from Sovereign Wealth funds of nations, to enormous money pools dropping out of the competitive capitalism which resides upon the commandment…

..thou shalt maximize profit spirals in ever compressed time frames with the maximum manipulations to massively profit our elite insider stake holders…….


…thou shalt obsess upon our customer ever improving outcomes for goods and services for maximum social contribution and outcomes…..while making a profit…..

Huge difference.

Insane economics.

Sane economics.

COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM Is our human future and leads to endless innovation and discovery.

Competitive capitalism is our past and leads to endless wars and human extinction via insanity. Socialism and communism are competitive capitalism insane systems by another name.

Why present this information?

Because all outcomes are sourced by economics.

Because your education was deficient by plan to keep you ignorant so 1% could own more wealth than 99% which is not only not sustainable ( insane ) but is immoral insane and criminal.


The owners who OWN the military industrial economic system that controls the world, are racing toward competitive hostile take over of each others wealth estates –  like robber BARONS in GAME OF THRONES – their dragons are ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – and their dragons for 10,000 super money pool – ROYALS – do breath fire into the economic systems of the entire world.

Today all laws passed by insane competitive lawyer law makers are obsolete and antique from years gone by while the system at core has hatched from new Dragon Eggs in the fire of the 2008 SUPER CRASH Fires on economic abuse in mortgage markets. The young economic dragons of the NEW AI ECONOMICS are teen agers ( not fully self aware SUPER AI but still self learning at speeds we humans are by passed from ). For THIS REASON 96% of all circulations – 440 Trillion in Dollar circulations fully leveraged ( margined ) are controlled from 2014 to 2020 by AI. A new economic kingdom, reflecting our own insanity, controlled by fully competitive AI, controls all prices and money movements. How? What do law makers NOT understand.

First – the new economic DRAGONS in the REAL GAME OF THRONES – must cooperate to forge a new set of laws of economics as the old laws are by passed by the new AI ECONOMY> It owuld take the nations of the world the entire G 100 to Form an earth Planet FEDERATION economic consititution with no nation left behind. Such laws would create COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM outlined in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION detailed in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION for state law makers at Amazon – tip order the five star backordered HARD COPY for your library to make notes and things to do lists. If thats you. Or not.

Cooperation celebrates all diversity of human existence and thought – sanity.

Competition punishes all diversity of thought thought – insanity.

Democrat or republican.

29,000 Christian sects and muslims and jews and hindus and buddhists and more. Do you have the one virus on human conscious of pure evil – competition – that punishes the rich tapestry of our human diversity in respect and celebration or do you punish the rich tapestry of thought and being in protecting your own insanity. In Ohio competitive brains are slaughtering black tranny’s for loving one another. In economics nations are rewarded or punished by AI capital movements versus helping nations rise up with no nation left behind ( oh that is cooperative capitalism too sane for today ).




We the human Gods have created a new life form made and created in our very own image. Insane competition. Today the greatest capital deployment of all time, 100’s of trillions of dollars, is flowing into AI evolution over money. The most advanced AI is not defense, human longevity, health care, or AI self driving cars ( 7 trillion each year ). NO? Jamie Diamond at Morgan is rising AI to stop economic theft from other AI ( hacking and stealing ) at over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR coming up.

AI is getting smarter. AI is created to compete. Bank of London AI competes with Bank of China AI. Morgan AI competes with AI from CITICORP and Norway’s AI on its sovereign Wealth Fund or Saudi’s AI competing with bank of Israel’s AI. This spiral is unmatched in human history as to investment inside full on WORLD WAR III which began with Axis of Evil AI weapons fired economically at our system. If you want proofs read Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON. In its pages the truth explains from a hedge fund manager, how, AI has attacked the financial core systems of the entire world where competitive enemies almost destroyed the system for 8 billion people and that system is competitive, 1% own more wealth than 99%. instability on circulation resulting from compressions of wealth consolidations lead to system instability and utter collapse into full on economic  depression and world wars.

WORLD WAR III began in 2007 and is now entrenched fully. WORLD WAR III is digital before the shooting wars to follow unfold next.

Economically illiterate law makers pass laws. Now ask the right questions:

  1. Do you want a system that prevents wealth consolidations at undesired levels?
  2. Do you want a system that operates at core on speculations as a casino capitalism that destroys all systems over 8000 years of human experience to now repeat yet again?

Casino capitalism exists when antique law frame works are by passed by economic new technology that distorts core system investing into a full on casino capitalism of wild speculations for ever shorter term greed and profits. Today the OWNERS create cultures in which they label you as insane if you hold what they call under performing capital – the money 8 billion have a little of – into higher performing gambling playing out in the OWNERS CASINO. When you all lose all your money the OWNERS still own all the assets. World war redistributes the assets among the owners who remain alive.

Today the market of 1% owning more wealth than 99% is consolidating all wealth into AI speculations inside the new casino capitalism we witness world wide today in all markets.

All regulations of nations are limited to the blue sky of their national borders.

All trades are in the CLOUD an AI world that by passes physical laws and borders.

In this unregulated wild wild west of NEW AI ECONOMICS ( only the OWNERS fully understand is new and outside all prior economic theory or models as they created the new rapidly changing and SUPER CHANGE markets in all entirely new economics for the world the first in human existence all AI ECONOMICS ). No nation has rules laws or controls for AI economics which in SUPER CHANGED occured far too rapdily – 60 months – for human adapation into.


All the laws are local and no longer apply to OWNERS.

All Trades are AI and owners themselves have now lost control of their own wealth estates.

Owners believe AI is breeding riskless risk. Trading ranges they can and do control.

AI economics is evolving into velocities and leverage of trading that lead to system destruction.

AI economics for one example lacks parameters by programers for the spiral of todays DEBT SUPER BUBBLE.


  1. Sovereign Nation DEBT SUPER BUBBLES led by China and Italy as triggers to the DEBT BOMB EXPLOSION and so many others.
  5. MORTGAGE SUPER DEBT BUBBLES – nothing fixed there folks

Under US banking laws if you ( in general ) deposit as core deposit one dollar into a bank that money is immediately put to work in what is known as fractional banking – a rule set that is vaporized in COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. Fractional banking an economic INVENTION to control everything through bank debt. Why is the BANK the largest building in any city and if the bank is not the largest building in any city via debt it owns via loans the VERY LARGEST building anyway. A rose by any other name is just as sweet in fractional banking.

Fractional banking permits say – that one dollar to be loaned and PUT TO WORK up to 11 to one – 11x the one dollar into the ‘market place”. Secured by assets. Is the idea worth more than the 11 to one placement – risk less risk. Except in casino capitalism values of assets are bid too high and when they fall the loans become upside down or worthless. Banks can fail. Unless tax payers bail them out as we did in the USA to the tune of 11 trillion dollars, which we borrowed to cover the bad bets of banks.

Today the bad bets in all markets are made by AI. Today the investment speculators or casino OWNERS of investment banks – keeping in mind I owned and ran a PUBLIC GLOBAL INVESTMENT BANKING INSTITUTION myself. As an investment banker self taught economist on Wall Street mentors like David Rockefeller – and the CEO of Smith Barney and dividen roll ever authorities at unmerged Shearson like George Schwelling and many others taught ME and I learned well.

I learned that off shore AI can now leverage ( digitally at speeds and velocities of casino trading ) up to 50 to 1 in never before ever experienced leverage – to own  ( Put money to work fully leveraged ) into markets. In Stocks and bonds – phony casino capitalism markets – prices are manipulated. Prices are manipulated by AI not humans – it is 96% AI in circulations and 4% humans managing any wealth. All in sixty months of time humans were entirely displaced.


440 Fully leverage circulating wealth is now controlled into our out of industry and nations and markets by AI. Fully insane and competitie in economic wars to make profits. When this began in 2008 there were 1.5 million global super money pools as a base of circulation diversity which is desired for system stability a virtual pyramid of wealth circulations. Today that pyramid is inverted as in 1929 such that less than 10,000 Super Money pools remain. WE project less than 5000 super money pools will remain by 2030 if not before. System instability due to circulation on liquidity then rocks the core to potential destructions.

Why repeat that? Before it was slower with humans. Today it is instant with AI.

IN this new fully uncontrolled experiment without any known predictable outcome as AI gets smarter and more self aware – fully more competitive than humans – and without human judgement intuition and emotional capital and values – risk rises to core system failure. Do to leverage.

Today all markets trade with AI MARGINS at maximum levels. The broker accounts for super wealth and THE OWNERS are leveraged maximally in never before spirals of SUPER DEBT BUBBLES the margin trading bubble inside todays unregulated casino capitalism. The wealth of sovereign nations is put into these AI leverage positions. AI is trading in speculations. Most of the WEALTH is invested in assets that are long or short positions – or leveraged trades never buying a real asset.

This wild speculation in casino capitalism has become a ratio many many times greater than the asset market. Lets say the Asset market of all trades is LAKE TAHOE. All stocks bonds mortgages and more. Every possible asset class – trading coffee trading oil – trading sugar – trading chinese currency the yuan. NO imagine that both the PACIFIC AND ATLANTIC OCEANS are pouring into price bets on what the value of Lake Tahoe ( as a whole on all asset classes of real assets ) may be in future prices up or down long or short. They never own any water in LAKE TAHOE they just bet on the price of the water. These bets are fully leveraged. They can and they must set the price ranges for the water in lake tahoe as the rain is endless upon the sea – and through abuse like CLIMATE CHANGE ON ECONOMICS moved from real economic stake holder investing once well regulated into now unregulated global CASINO CAPITALISM evolving with rapidly super changing every smarter AI controlling all wealth circulations.

So the sea level is forever rising in SUPER DEBT BUBBLES ( Margin trading ) that controls the price of a cigar or a can of diet coke.

World wide.

THE FEW ( Owners who own the AI but no longer control the AI and do not even realize that yet ) so busy are they collecting short term bonus money as the entire system risk is soaring.

Welcome to the new age of AI economics.

Let us take China. Huawei is now under AI attack. Its parts suppliers like Qualcomm and Panosonic to name two are not by ship loads sending in parts. Huawei says no problem we’ll make all our own. As they can’t do this and that is a mushroom high trip – the buyers are taking Huawei phones which may back door all user data ( with CHINA COMMUNIST AI on top ) to manage all clicks for control of consumer outcomes with superior data from AI. Does it matter really if COMMUNIST at the top have the data or Google has it? The outcome is simple – profit – the few against the many. Competitive economics are corrupt and lack integrity at core. Cooperative Capitalism is not corrupt and has integrity at core. Insane economics or sane economics.

Unwanted system wealth consolidation is at peaks humans have never known before due to AI.

Unwanted global wealth speculation is at peaks humans have never known before due to AI.

WITHOUT A G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION the world is at risk to system failure and world war. You can start to see why. Law makers to not understand this data.

The SEC and all global SEC’s need the largest new budget funding and new legal frame works globally to regulate COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM as a human economic INVENTION to step into the better future. A future where insane competition economic box top rules are replaced with tax and regulatory new frame works that usher in an end to wealth consolidations and speculations such that casino capitalism is no longer possible. Over a three year time line ( blue print is in REDEMPTION FOR THE G 100 ) and an adaption period of two years there is a five year march back to economic sanity. Just the inspired leadership cooperation to fund and host a G 100 ECONOMIC SOLUTION CONVENTION would resolve so much of the market abuse today.


China today without a VERY QUICK NEW TRADE DEAL is running out of time. Trillions are running out of China. Trillions in cash and investment. Trillions in job creating industry moving out of China and forever into neighbor hosting nations. Trillions in new investments in China canceling or simply on permanent hold. Experts Friday suggested that Huawei may lose a third of its entire business by the Holidays and their phones may disappear from EU and related market store shelves. MASSIVE LAY OFF”s would then ensue. Huawie stock and investment capital would dry up.

As any market say CHINA Super Crashes enormous MARGIN CALL occurs. AI Super Debt trading accounts all go negative in nano seconds. Enormous selling triggers occur and the contagion spreads globally. The trigger can be Italy or Venezuela or the Gulf or Pakistan or Asia. Whats new is SPEED AND VELOCITY inside fully leveraged oceans of debt to trade.

As the MARGIN CALLS occur liquidity evaporates in time frames impossible pre AI say minutes.

LED DAY – LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY – needs only one political economic to trigger evaporation of liquidity to all markets world wide due to the unregulated insane casino capitalism realities of COMPOUNDING WEALTH CONSOLIDATIONS AND WEALTH LEVERAGED INTO CASINO CAPITALISM WEALTH SPECULATIONS GLOBALLY OVER THE PRICE OF ALL ASSET CLASSES. The outcome is day after day prices in everything plunge down as no one can get out as there simply are no buyers. The margin calls wipe out too many trillions in wealth to sustain markets.


Because we can morph systems to the laws are local but trades are in the unregulated crowd the questions comes up – because we an SHOULD WE?

No one and we mean no OWNER is addressing the answer.

For this reason we have discussed the solution in prior blogs and those who seek SAFE HARBOR will join CEO SPACE. I am hosting a live webinar for my blog readers. Watch for the date and times and special offers for you and you alone. Come aboard and we’ll help you achieve the following:

  1. Clear compelling understanding of new casino global AI economics 2020 and forward.
  2. Better plans better teams and resources to assure improved outcomes
  3. Safe Harbor to keep your life nest egg in the coming financial storms

There is safety in numbers. Our long time readers need no confirmation how accurate our forecasting has been over long time lines.

Knowledge is power if you have that knowledge first.

Iran racing to defend itself from Saudi may be sucked into a war by Saudi involving the USA which will end their nation as it is and remove the nuke risk from the world. Versus a one time meeting and an easy agreement they would prosper forever no regime change and SAUDI loses.

Iran wins by defeating Saudi with a TRUMP agreement. This is not reduced prestige this is CHECK MATE TO the loser MBS. One meeting and MBS loses. The owners in iran are at high risk of more than they can know or more than they can imagine. Sanity versus insanity.

Cooperation versus competition.

What do you think is the TRIGGER to the oceans of AI owner controlled super wealth into lake tahoe that evaporates all liquidity once and for all to rebalance decades of economic system abuse – wealth consolidations into speculations that are the OCEAN when the world asset market is only LAKE TAHOE?

When in economics speculation circulations are oceans in casino side bets manipulating price including stock buy backs – with leveraged margin trading – are greater than Lake Tahoe and the real economic or asset trading – then you have the final count down to system destruction.

That law making attorneys are ignorant of these economic realities, they have zero fear which now should be terror of system failure. Attorney’s can not know what they simply do not understand.

It is not their fault really.

Even the owners now fail to appreciate they are no longer IN CONTROL as the real OWNERS TODAY are 10,000 shrinking merged super money pools ( THE OWNERS ) delegating full control to rapidly evolving AI they no longer fully understand or can themselves effect control over.

THAT IS THE RISK on MARGIN CALLS ! The only remaining unknown is the actual trigger to effect economic LED DAY.

Within all that one moderating force for stability is and remains the UNITED STATES MILITARY a voice for global stability. To our leaders in the military on Memorial Day 2019 – as the proud member of a military family:

  1. Father highly decorated Navy Commander retired from World War II – purpose heart and more
  2. Brother in Navy and Vietnam
  3. Son – two time USCM sniper team leader – four surgeries – shot blown up – and purple hearted

As one dad to all our sons and daughters who wear a uniform it is YOU and YOU alone who give us enough time we may work yet out of this mess – sanity vs. insanity – and it is you alone who remain our HOPE AND PROMISE for real and lasting world peace.

This is your day. WE all do NOT FORGET those who did not return from the watchtower. Today and every day.




Happy Memorial Day


PS:: Thank YOU RYAN Dohrmann for your service and Mark thank YOU as well now and forever. Thanks Dad – I told you I would never forget – and sir – with honor you taught me – I am keeping that promise today……







My long time readers KNOW we try and stand up for WHAT IS RIGHT in this news blog. Recently and worth a scroll we defined the THEATRICAL FAKE NEWS about Tony Robbins, a thought leader and pure heart we know personally and well enough. If you are a TONY customer or you wish to attend his products from personal growth to business mastery we strongly endorse and recommend you do so scroll and read what is RIGHT looks like. Celebrities are magnets for THEATRICAL NEWS.

We have long written about the moral ethical and we feel criminal stock price manipulation effected by STOCK BUY BACKS. Elites making bonus pay outs of tens of millions and more, elevate those personal bonus pay outs – all the while highly profitable companies are laying off thousands of human beings, by manipulating stock price, which was illegal pre 1999 and the Commodity Modernization Act from the 1929 Depression to 1999.

The massive reduction for CORPORATIONS was passed by congress to stimulate job creation as was the JOBS ACT 0f 2010 President Obama Signed into law. However unseen by congress or some new language in the tax law, such as NO TAX PROCEED MAY DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY BE USED OR APPLIED FOR STOCK BUY BACKS by corporations receiving them.

Why is this important?

Well, lets say you own stocks today, which I”ve told you run out of the stock market and move over to diversified insurance investing as SAFE HARBOR or you remain at SUPER HIGH RISK inside the longest boom, driven i part by STOCK BUY BACKS, and the largest ramp up of equity value in time frames, ever recorded. The RISK that created the GREAT DEPRESSION is in all matrix worse today than in 1929.

Although everyone is playing musical chairs in today’s market, singing WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN all the while your criminal congress, fails to discharged its duties under the US Constitution, that requires of congress, demands of congress, that they by law pass an annual US BUDGET. Congress has not passed a US Budget this decade outside being late by years from the every single September required discharge of this duty. They break the law when they pass emergency resolutions risking our credit rating and standing world wide.

The Congress does agree on one thing. STOCK PRICES WOULD BE 20% LOWER outside the ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of total economic sham, of stock buy backs. Stocks are 20% higher in price than they would be due to ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of wealth transfer from the US Government, into the hands of greedy few elites against 300 million of us.

FIrst the Corporations since 2107 2018 and now 2019 are each year raising the totals of STOCK BUY BACKS. Sheltered from tax to the USA these greedy elites are criminally taking cash from tax savings and buying stock to MANIPULATE THEIR OWN STOCK PRICE which was a crime not that long ago. Now thanks to the BOUGHT AND PAID FOR CONGRESS elite super wealthy, fantastically wealthy, robber barons are becoming ever more fantastically wealthy with zero cooperative capitalism, zero moral capitalism. Immoral capitalism driven by competition vs. cooperation ( which has integrity inside far more important than INTEL inside ) are investing.

In plants and growth? No.

In equipment and growth? No.

In jobs from both. No.

They are laying off.

They invest more in STOCK MANIPULATED PRICES by spending over one trillion dollars in stock buy backs in 2017, one trillion in stock buy backs in 2018 and more than one trillion of stock buy backs in 2019, which is criminal stock price manipulation, that benefits WHO?


If you invest THREE TRILLION DOLLARS IN THREE YEARS in NON ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION which is not investing at all into stock buy backs what did was really going on out there? Well the Three Trillion created a casino capitalism on stock price. The tax windfall was used for NON ECONOMIC PURPOSES against the WILL and the INTENTION of Congress who voted for tax deductions to stimulate ECONOMIC INVESTING to great growth and output gains.

American workers have elevated their production, the most productive workers on the earth, by the largest ratios ever since since the GREAT RECESSION created by GREEDY fantastically wealthy elites by the super rich making the once safe and orderly mortgage market, a casino capitalism economic abuse.

Economics in Cooperative Capitalism ( outlined in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION a five star book at Amazon always back ordered by they fill them in 72 hours ), resolves the economic abuse of Competitive Capitalism and Competitive Socialism. If nations continue to exist on World War II economics of an industrial military complex to drive economics at core, the march to WARS is always inevitable as an economic outcome by the design of a failed system model. Humans are not inherently bad but systems will skew human nature to their lowest outcomes via greed.

The utter break down of education on civics, rule of law, and what it means to be an honorable member of any society is a failed education system. The Crises today remains a CRISES OF INTEGRITY. Without integrity as a culture one can not pass moral laws.

The economic system is abused by layer after layer of immoral laws all out of integrity.

Economics in any system wishes to have laws that prevent:

  1. Consolidation of wealth so wealth recirculates for public good. Today we see no economy can last and endure when 1% own more wealth than 99% the point we are reaching in 2020 world wide.
  2. Unwanted speculations ( leveraged out of control short selling which was a crime up to 1999 as it is now legal today ) creating CASINO CAPITALISM. When more wealth is invested in “what way” will a price go than assets, you have a casino.

Casino Capitalism was created in the last three hours of the BILL CLINtON ADMINISTRATION just before at Christmas Congress departed for their holiday Christmas break. The vote was a UNANIMOUS ACT ( criminal act ) of the US Congress. This Act the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT made economics a “commodity”. 800 laws of wisdom to assure another world depression could never occur, via the very hard lessons and wars in which these lessons were learned, over 100’s of millions injured and killed, where destroyed by a UNANIMOUS ACT OF CONGRESS 100% voting for it. Bought and paid for law making.

Today your grandmothers deposits can be invested at one dollar to fifty dollars in leveraged wild electronic AI trading, on which way a price may go, versus any real moral ethical social and conscious investing. The CASINO CAPITALISM today is controlled by less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS and is managed by every rapidly accelerating evolution of AI. AI controls over 96% of 440 trillion dollars in world circulations, in digitally leverage maximally side bets on which way any asset class price may go, manipulating price up or down.

In AI casino capitalism – a new economic not seen in human history – stock buy backs are immediately rewarded. AI calculates the math of stock float pools – how much stock is IN circulation – how much stock will be removed from the lake say of APPLE STOCK trading some of their 250 billion in cash off shore with almost no tax paid anywhere, to buy the stock back to manipulate the price of Apple Google Intel or Facebook. Then AI rushes in to buy the stock ( more demand upon less supply all engineered by the elites who have huge stock gains when this buy back effect occurs for their massive stock holdings ). More demand less supply all manipulated and legal.

This NON ECONOMIC use of THREE TRILLION DOLLARS is a crime against humanity pure and simple.

This aspect of CASINO CAPITALISM is raising the risk of a world SUPER CRASH and global depression to the highest levels known in human history.

The consequence will be shattering the core financial system, where all institutions fail, unemployment is massive, and wars rise up quickly as they always do when populations can no longer eat.Only the weapons have changed. Increasingly the weapons are being engineered to BE AI. AI control of weapons as in the movies we make is not far ahead now. No one asks the integrity question save for folks like ELRON MUSK Of Tesla ( plagued not by real economics but attacked by greedy short sellers with theatrical fake news to pad their own wealth ). Tesla changing the world is not instant rice or microwave transformation. It takes more time for a TESLA to engineer environmental space and moral capitalism than say TWITTER at a click and its long history or UBER with no profits at all. Tesla income is in fact soaring. However Tesla is punished in the casino capitalism by speculators who don’t own their stock or risk in their stock they rather fantastically super AI short the stock to make profits before AI makes profits again on the way back up through the manipulations. All the while steak holders have a wild wild ride from criminal stock casino plays to make ungodly profits from what is now in all market spaces SUPER VOLATILITY. See our report on that item below.

The Truth?

Casino Capitalism will fall. IT is going to be worse than anything you ever read about.

However it is not now. Today the ELITES NO NOT WHAT IT IS THAT THEY DO.

All economic system abuse must one day rebalance.

While everyone follows the SUPER VOLATILITY and reports fake news on why, the real culprit goes on notice.

China spends 300 % more than it earns an has for over a decade. The IMF warned this one abuse was a potential system killer – all banks close just like the depression – and warned many times on this item. No one does anything and the SUPER DEBT BOMB only gets to become hydrogen grade.

Seeing nothing is being done the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE is expanding. Endlessly.

The economic system is bankrupt today. But no one has that audit report. As long as bad loans by the 100’s of trillions are carried on institution books by criminal accounting in all nations, that exempt these same institutions from the rules we must live under – FAIR MARKET VALUATIONS – then these 100’s of trillions of bad non performing loans will be carried on balance sheets as fraud, as good and viable asset when they are nothing like good assets. GLOBAL ECONOMIC FRAUD.

How long can the institutional legal fraud of criminal law makers continue?

Well folks for a while yet.

However a trigger like a miscalculation by China using old economics into the new AI economic reality can be system fatal. One trigger event of debt default cascading topples the entire HOUSE OF CRACKERS. I wish it were as solid as a House of Cards.

One economic earth quake and cracker crumbs is all we have left and no one has food.

So STOCK BUY BACK legal theft of wealth is a pure manipulation. Stock prices are 20% higher than the real market by phony casino manipulations – THREE TRILLION A YEAR.

All economic abuse in all systems world wide must one day rebalance as the impersonal law of economics. Harvard to Stanford to Beijing know this is INTEGRITY TRUTH.

Never in the history of the world has stock been so over manipulated. Not in the depression of 1907 the Fed first massive failure. Or the GREAT DEPRESSION of the 1930’s the Fed second blunder. Today the Fed has lost control of all economics as has OPEC On OIL. Oil is diving as we told you when all experts predicted otherwise.

Those who went LONG on OIL are enjoying some pretty awful loss right now like OPEC ( again ).

There is no OIL BUY BACK although the USA is buying and passing 500,000,000 barrels of oil in strategic reserves a recent new record. The world is drowning in oil as demand super crashes and no end in sight on that. All reports of rising demand for oil are MBS SAUDI criminal FAKE NEWS and only that.

Fake news manipulates stock price without any oversight these days.

Stock Buy backs are sapping the wealth of the world into CASINO ECONOMICS where the resources to build real solid economic expansion is lost in the casino.

Pretend 3 trillion dollars in three years was invested in INFRASTRUCTURE TO REBUILD AMERICA. Pretend 3 TRILLION was applied to jobs that build a far stronger America.

Or you put your casino chips up and bet on price knowing in advance how price will go from our insider stock buy back.

Congress and Nancy Pelosy DOSEY DOE ( our policy for the nation is an inspired one – HATE DONALD TRUMP. Impeach Donald Trump. Frame and control news on DONALD TRUMP ). See any economic value in THAT? Infrastructure – well they talked about THREE TRILLION DOLLARS now on the side lines.

However over THREE TRILLION DOLLARS has been evaporated into non economic crimes against all humanity, by fantastically wealthy elites using casino capitalism to become fantastically more wealthy while the 99% of us see a middle class being nuked.

Congress with 6% approving of their crimes and 94% wanting them all put in prison – watch as less than 600 elites in office fail to discharge their duties ( a high crime and a felony ) to just pass the US BUDGET as required by law. A budget on line items they already approved. Today CONGRESS WILL RISK THE CREDIT RATING OF LOWER BORROWING COST and RAISE OUR BORROWING COST by simply not raising the debt ceiling to the US TREASURY. The US Treasury is running out of emergency funds to operate the costs and the expenses of the nation CONGRESS HAS ALREADY APPROVED.

Is it a crime to authorize spending and fail to authorized the debt ceiling to pay for authorized out flows by congress? That game is core to the utter DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA or any nation.

Is it a crime to authorize costs and then fail to pass a USA BUDGET as required by law each and every September but congress in recent times fails to discharge their ONE PRIME DUTY FIRST.

Is it a crime not to stop criminal wealth transfer of our nation to greedy elites by congress allowing those criminal stock buy backs?

Casino Capitalism is an economic crime. THE SYSTEM RIGGED FOR THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY. The world middle class is being destroyed systemically by criminals.

Perhaps Congress approval rating needs to move to negative numbers.





Note: See my blog this week on Tony Robbins and spread the word if you love Tony as we all Do.

I have long written about in this new AI economy – a first in human existence – I would not go LONG into the Summer. Would I sell my Long Positions? Yes as I made profits in doing so in the SUPER VOLATILITY. Not easy either.

My worry into the summer is liquidity sumps. The liquidity of this market can evaporate – which we call LED – or LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY – LED DAY. The problem with LED in this market is as you throw up your hands and throw in your towel is LOOK MA – AI has zero liquidity. In the next approach to global Super Crash with UK May resigning on June 6th – Trump about to sell Saudi whom many law makers regard as a rogue nation under a sociopath the murder butcher of Khashoggi and so many other King MBS – and China and the USA moving up the trade war ladder not down the trade war latter – that LED is possible. LED day is the day AI moves into all sell orders and AI has no buy orders. AI trading long and short always has enough liquidity until the day that it no longer has liquidity.

As a programer we believe the AI algorithms lack elasticity that human beings present as quantum computers ( our brains ) and that lacking that option YET – AI can trigger its own LED day. When algorithmic earth is flat borders are reached the market ( the earth is round ) lacking all liquidity resides in a fatal AI liquidity TRAP we call ALT.

ALT continues. What does THAT mean?

ALT day after day drops prices in all asset classes in a loop cycle of AI. The liquidity in the market has evaporated – prices go down daily but no buyers are present and buying as the prices crash. Think of ALT and LED as a kind of AI “panic”. When programing boarders are exceeded by SUPER CRASH TRIGGERS what happens.

The truth?

No one knows.

That is the truth.

We have a summer of lower liquidity which is seasonal.

We have a lower trading volume but may not this year. Another danger in fact.

We have China playing US ELECTION CHECKERS. Unking Trump and see if the new President China bought and paid for say Biden, will deal with China like a dolt and assure America continues under China’s plan of selling more than it buys to assure the USA Wealth Transfer into China continues while America is defeated slowly and no one see’s America is now bankrupt.

The timing of the Trump trade war may have been JUST IN TIME to stop the bathroom drain from sucking the brains completely out of America into China.

We have massive Win by strong man Modi as you heard first here ( scroll ) and you have India about to mop up in Kashmir and Pakistan is going full out to provoke in a Muslim nation Nuking India. Hair triggers exist.

Iran is not making a deal or even going to talk to Trump while Saudi having under MBS allowed our most advanced weapon systems to be taken into Iran and Russia when MBS lost the war in Yemen. We lost with him. Now Trump under emergency powers acts wants to sell enormous billions in weapon systems to psychopath MBS who wants to go to war with Iran and suck America in to that way plan he has. This act would by pass congress. Congress will go APE SHIT and the market positions you hold will follow.

That APE SHIT will open new powers challenges in a conveyor belt of red lines of where is the limits of Presidential powers and Congressional Powers? We are going to find out as time unfolds and SUPER VOLATILITY as markets hate – as in HATEE – drama and storms – versus spring calm and cherry blossoms.

I’ve been thinking and I’m right or I’m wrong. We’ll see.


Trump and Xi are talking. XI is taking the balls off his inside hard liners and oppossion using Putin JUJITSU to floor their enemy.

Trump is doing the same to Nancy Pelosi and team. Each impeachment sound bite ( say Trumps internal hard liners )  is Trumped by a sound bite how Trump is defining the BAD FAITH DEALINGS from China with fair dealings from America. Nancy gets a headline than Gulf or China steals it back by the tweet. How much is pre planned? XI is taking headlines in his nation with zero happens until America changes course in it’s own bad behavior. If they coordinate these sound bites until Christmas and market volatility is dramatic as we have predicted now is the time to SELL HIGH and buy diversified safe haven insurance positions. Fixed income Annuities – Growth Index and liquid assets making 300% more than bank interest compounding in permanent insurance positions all principle guaranteed paying the highest returns permitted by law with absolute PRINCIPLE guarantee we feel is superior to FDIC fraud warranties.

Will Trump and XI show their art and make a Deal by the Holiday. If they do you know it was all set up as I’m stating here.

If they do not an even more Tariff’s flow into 2020 – China is absolute toast economically and China will be manipulating American Elections with Biden and Nancy and you will KNOW THAT.

Those two defining events set you up to KNOW before you go further into Casino Capitalism.

Trump and XI and the markets grow for years.

XI and Nancy and markets will Super Crash supporting a Biden socialist win in America and China deals fresh with their own kind.

Keep a watch on these items.

The Financial system on 100% of matric is a CASINO CAPITALISM globally far worse than the 1929 depression – all matrix’s – where economics suggest RUN OUT OF POSITIONS AND BANKS – cash in your chips from the casino and return to SAFE HARBOR INVESTING in the highest returns permitted by law – outside casino capitalism – into what saved those who did it over the 1929 time line – DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING. Ask a licensed professional with a top ten insurance money manager that paid out when the banks were CLOSED in the 1930’s. SAFE HARBOR THIS SUMMER – sell high and buy SAFE HARBOR. Print this paragraph and give it to any licensed top ten insurance money management professional where behind the insurance sea wall the life insurance is really free for making the high return money choice…you get the free option Life Insurance too paid by the profits of high return principle guaranteed banks can’t match and won’t tell you about because the criminal banks make far more money cheating you – because the banks now own the CASINO itself. They want your chips in the Casino losing while they profit. You haven’t followed the bouncing ball economically have you ?

Those who take this step now are going to make the HIGHEST RETURNS WORLD WIDE PERMITTED BY LAW AND PROTECT THIER NEST EGG AND WEALTH where principle is in fact fully guaranteed – your safe harbor.

All higher returns in the casino capitalism RISK YOUR CAPITAL TO PARTIAL OR TOTAL LOSS read the fine print.

Money markets and mutual funds – all tell you about the risk of LED and not even being able to get out which is inside your contract small print.


If you leave your nest egg and retirement funds and institutional funds in the Casino you will make upside profits in the SUPER VOLATILITY – but those profits are never lasting long term – as you are in the CASINO. If you remain in the CASINO into the coming SUPER CRASH which is a ways off yet – you lose. You can’t get out and you waited until the CASINO CLOSED.

You head me right. Thats right the LED DAY freezes all markets and the economic system we know today closes due to AI economics destroying the core system do to liquidity evaporation. Can’t happen? When the casino musical chair game ends and the music dies…if your still sitting in your casino chair – you have no money left day NMLD.

If Trump and XI are playing CHESS instead of Checkers and time the Trump trade deal for the Christmas New Year Holiday after showing in China ( we STOOD UP TO AMERICA ) and Trump to American’s ( WE STOOD UP TO CHINA ) then prosperity between the nations will put my time issue on hold and we move into decades of prosperity – providing Trump wins the election which XI and Trump manipulated to happen. SMART really. Genius really.

If Trump and XI are not doing this – then XI and China made a Biden play and will bet and invest a billion ( cheap in trade war or more ) to manipulate the American election the other way – into Nancy Pelosi packs and Biden Packs and Trump loses the election ( maybe ). If Trump wins on this play China will melt to the floor on Trumps re-election – and XI may be killed in a revolution as China economics hard crash – which may create LED day and take the entire world with her. Is that the other possibility?

I see no other game plan in the forward game.

Either way we see SUPER VOLATILITY – a media following the tweets like follow the dancing ball – versus examining what I’m writing here and reporting the story of the century – HOW IS AMERICAN POLITICS being manipulated by media manipulations – by world leaders – versus a few silly face book posts that did nothing from some Russians. As voting goes all digital the hacking and success to manipulate vote counts may still exceed AI’s capacity to catch the hack. We’ll see on that as well.

So the unknowns and daily drama’s play out. Court Cases on powers that will not resolve into the election year and perhaps not even then truly.

Congress will play beyond dirty politics and has moved to pure filth. Congress will move to:

  1. Get Trump records and mine that data for Press manipulations to brain wash voters to win.
  2. Congress will create legal records using filthy politics all with lawyer law makers to place Trump family children wife and himself under legal oath to develop PERJURY TRAPS.
  3. Those mean spirited filthy political mine fields are being laid today to assure the data in the PERJURY TRAPS will imply Trump broke laws and lied on the record.
  4. That record will be used to if possible impeach Trump in the election year or force a deal to resign in the election year.
  5. Romney will run and may win because – America will be so disgusted or America may go socialist and elect Biden massively from the manipulation success Nancy and team have in mind to assure America goes fully socialist as Britain may do – although there may be a May back lash as there may be a TRUMP BACK LASH if Nancy miscalculates.

The socialists in America seek an American economic emergency they create – a SUPER CRASH into the election year – blame that event the democrats engineered into the market place – caring noting about the economic pain they created whatsoever. They seek to win and control the nation. Read Naomi Klein’s work entitled SHOCK DOCTRINE to see the economics of all this. You will gasp.

With so many unknowns – wars if China melts down too fast from trade war ( unintended consequences ) war with Nukes Modi the strong man is not going to take IT any MORE from radical muslim Pakistan controlling Nukes pointed at India.

Israel is not going to take Iran rising up nukes pointed at Israel ( kind of read the bible for the economics on that item ).

Sociopathic King failing at policy from 2014 to today – failing in oil policy as oil goes down and inventories rise and rise no matter how much failed destroyed OPEC cuts back – seeks full on war with IRAN and has threatened that war this week as he arms up with 100’s of billions in weapon orders from the USA to itself – for what? A perception of an Iran War. Iran has said reduce sanctions show us respect and we will deal with you. Our reply increase the MBS sanctions as the sociopath is investing to assure he has WAR ALLIES against Iran. Iran is easily able to survive and win anything but a nuke war which is why it is being protected with NUKES from Russia now five minutes to deliver to MBS and his sand castle ..five minutes Iran owns Saudi with nukes …what would we do if Iran Nuked MBS ? I don’t think much.

So stay in the summer casino capitalism with so many unknowns and did I talk about an EU and Brexit in total chaos to markets with London once the center of finance and no longer able to provide stability at all to markets? NO leader at all with May out June 6th. The UK is a government in full on crises today with uncertainty higher than anytime since world war II while Parliament fiddles while the UK burns and the EU is falling like a stone against the US dollar due to instability in the EU Super Debt market place. I hear the the fiddling of British seat of government dissolving into a socialist nation God Save the Queen ( who is not liking all this ). If the EU wins it loses. The EU is not survivable or sustainable awash in a sea of super debt rising and Brussels with its endless cost rising and socialistic modeling has no clue how to get out or move forward . We do with SUPER BONDS but they have yet to invite us in for the golden chip on the casino table we alone have as solution for them and the nations of the world. Thank God for Africa nations who are asking for the GOLDEN SUPER BOND chip CEO SPACE INVENTED.

CEO SPACE ( which may not complete ) long term is seeking a 100 million dollar pre IPO equity player to secure hyper growth for entrepreneur ramp ups in nations we serve globally and an IPO to drive the largest entrepreneur movement from COMPETITIVE CAPITALISM which brings you CASINO CAPITALISM back to sanity into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the final solution in the new AI economics. We will see if the major Super Money pools invest as fiduciaries or into this forward market decline the social solutions our movement is presenting into our fourth decade as the leading ENTREPRENEUR institution.

Against all this back drop – protect yourself from SUPER VOLATILITY and in all markets I would join Warren Buffet to suggest and go farther – it is not foolish its in fact in these economic hurricane markets no – not foolish to BET AGAINST AMERICA – as your safe bet – it is in fact – INSANE.

Now is the time for the non AI players in the market – 6% is us – the rest is us in institutional money AI management not brains over money – but AI OVER MONEY In the casino playing those chips in new ways in new economics Crammer has no clue how to predict or time. His own wealth is at risk in the Casino along with all who follow old Model T Ford Economics like Buffet into the new AI casino market place.

The GOLDEN KEY to Safe Harbor…oh its here in this blog.

My advice….don’t act as normal…..RUN OUT OF THE CASINO FOLKS On Monday.

Happy Summer.

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What is at risk?

China’s credit rating and borrowing cost up next. China borrows 300% more than it earns. This UNSUSTAINABLE economic borrowing will create a China Super Crash. The only question remaining is when. A trade deal postpones the Super Crash in China and may resolve it over time. If the Super Crash comes in 2019 or 2020 the entire financial system is a SUPER HIGH RISK of contagion and Debt Default Cascade. The Chinese SUPER DEBT BUBBLE is the economic PIG in the world system python. Counter party agreements between lenders make the China DEBT BOMB a rapid count down to system failure potentials as warned by the IMF.

China spend a year negotiating a 150 trade deal. China Communist next changed all 150 pages going back on every line item. Donald Trump appropriately slapped tariff’s as a RED LINE point in time to tax China goods as USA goods are already taxed – reciprocity trade tax – as a cost to bad faith dealings between nations.

Last week China top 100 Public firms reporting as the nation of China approaches their winter months with massive slow downs any, in annual audits of these firms, that over six billion dollars of cash was now missing from their accounts as in vanished. No other news is available as China is not transparent in economics but is opaque. No one can rely on Chinese reporting accuracy as to GNP or any of their listed firms real economic position. Investing in China is SUPER HIGH RISK.

The trade war is causing a run out of China. This week American and Japanese and EU firms stopped supplying parts and trading with Huawei the worlds second largest smart phone company, having ripped off Apple IP as Tim allowed China to reverse IPHONE engineering and patents and steal US technology. Apple is paying a enormous cost today for their CHINA BET.

China is having a RUN on their nation. Trillions of cash has left the nation. The shrinking dollar account, once 3.7 trillion and rising is now under 1.2 trillion and falling like a brick in free fall. When China runs out of US dollars the real pain begins. When China Credit Rating is downgraded their cost to borrow that 300% annual debt cost may trigger debt defaulting cascades such as the world has never known.

China communist are deluded and President XI is running out of time. Communist economists are failing to accommodate their current debt loads. China planners use endless new debt their news calls stimulus, spending far more than they earn in revenue, to accomodate attempting to forestall massive pending lay off’s and economic contraction.

China has been a down graph for 25 years with a growth economy rising to 25% a year annual GNP growth to only 5% today and falling. Growth in China has stopped like it hit a brick wall. Growth in China is falling. Folks you can’t pay rising soaring debt cost with declining income and revenue over time lines like 25 years. Economic abuse of this magnitude has never occured in a nation and must one day rebalance.

China is facing without an immediate trade resolutions with the USA a massive SUPER CRASH that will overwhelm Chinese economic planners. Why? They reside in an old world of opaque obsolete economic reporting modeling. The world today is controlled entirely by AI ECONOMICS a new economic unfolding as AI evolves, managing 440 trillion dollars outside nation and government or central bank control.

Pretend the central bank of China controls circulations of 3 trillion Chinese phony currency, the yuan. Which has fallen in value without let up since the trade war started and the US dollar has been soaring. This makes Chinese good cost lower than the US dollar by more than the tariff’s charged. However as this continues the Yuan creates a SUPER CRASH and a super inflation. CHINA HAS NEVER EXPERIENCED A HARD SUPER CRASH LANDING as in 2008 and China can not survive such a SUPER CRASH in economic terms.

AI controls 440 trillion dollars. AI economics is creating the following economics:

  1. A GLOBAL world wide tsunami of water leaving China ( capital and investment ) never to return if trade war continues. The error Chinese planners fail to see at all.
  2. The water ( capital ) is flowing out and the once circulation vitality of Chinese economics is now dry land without capital circulations in the never ending tide out of China for capital.
  3. This creates the DRY LAND of SUPER CRASH and DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADES which is only requiring a trigger event – the point of no return.
  4. China is unaware as the AI economy is new and unlike any prior economic model – that – an economic SUPER CRASH is a matter of TIME and that time IS running out altogether.
  5. China is facing a Super Crash of demand – of capital – drying up coming in and a TSUNAMI flowing out. No nation can survive AI capital punishment to their markets over TIME.

China insulted the USA by providing no courtesy or warning that they were by a bank wire to US Treasury reneging on 100% of what had been agreed upon as to critical path terms for a trade agreement with a year and 1000 folks on both sides working 7 days a week on the 150 page completed agreement. Both sides had said in their press we are close. China lied to the US misled the US dealt with the US in total disrespect.


Trump responded by placing a serious damage to China economics. The next step of never ending insults from China will be appropriate tax costing to all China Goods. American’s will stop buying China anything soon enough. China will stop buying US goods soon enough. Over time without a trade deal IN TIME this consumer ATTITUDE will Trump AI economics. AI as yet can not predict or understand human behavior accurately enough. AI lacks emotional considerations for how American’s and Chinese FEEL from the state manipulations in media.

The world is inside a REAL FULL ON TRADE WAR THIS WEEKEND as President XI states there will be NO FUTURE NEGOTIATIONS with the US until the US adjusts its bad behavior – which is an insanity. President XI has economic consequence for BAD FAITH DEALINGS WITH AMERICA and such BAD FAITH DEALINGS must never occur without such consequences.

President XI economic advice is simply bad advice and not accurate. China will SUPER CRASH if the Trade war Continues. The likely unfolding events:

  1. Markets will enter SUPER VOLATILITY such as the world has never known.
  2. China markets will contract to levels unseen in modern times.
  3. A sharp versus slight adjustment down of China credit rating is so long over due.
  4. The IMF may remove China Yuan from its basket and they should and they made an error taking the phony currency in anyway – 6 Billion of cash in two firms is gone – come on folks?
  5. A run out of China by core industry is moving to other nations never to return.
  6. China currency and markets will SUPER CRASH
  7. Debt Defaulting cascade will TSUNAMI destroy the economic landscape in China

Even wars will not help China as it is already too late.

The entire world is done with China cost of doing business, China theft of IP by state policy, and China being itself the BAD BOY NATION of shady dealings. Dealing with China is like dealing with the Mafia only the Mafia keep their word much better than China.

China media manipulation is not even working IN CHINA. Why?

Blogs banned like this item, get into China and circulate. You can not place an IRON CURTAIN around information and real data today.

Can you imagine if Apple and GM had six billion of cash disappear up in smoke – gone – for shareholders in one year with zero explanation? That one day of news is all you would see? No explanation. No jail. No anything. Just SIX BILLION IN CASH IS GONE and back to America must change its bad behavior ( doing what we said – if you deal in bad faith there will be consequences for business as usual ).

Trump gave China 90 days. In 90 days or befor massive new tariff’s come into play for China full on trade war firing over and over at the US in POINT BLANK RANGE. BAM. BAM. BAM.

In 90 days their largest state run business, controlling absolute information for all cultural activity from Huawei, will find the phone maker critical parts and software from Android Qualcomm and many others stops. The result is a hair trigger to CHINESE SUPER CRASH with 100’s of millions looking for work that is not coming back.

The problem today is Chinese growth has STOPPED on a TRUMP BUMP.

The TRUMP BUMP is creating a free fall in economic outcomes the Chinese going into WINTER ( Look what winter effects had on USA economic outcome ) will only magnify the flight speed downward. The combined economics of losing their national Chinese bad credit rating to worst credit rating is chilling. If you are struggling to pay your worlds highest debt SUPER BUBBLE, and the cost of borrowing on that massive DEBT SUPER BUBBLE soars, right as income in the nation falls off a cliff, and the borrowing is raising upward like a debt TSUNAMI something has to give.

AI is speeding up the RUN OUT OF CHINA. Companies are leaving in droves and new companies are on pause to come in. Capital is flying out – three trillion dollars in the past year and picking up enormous speed today. Couple this with failed May Britt Exit and EU debt super bubbles from Italy to Spain and more China may trigger an EU break up.

All this is an AI new landscape for SUPER VOLATILITY. Here is what is for sure. You can bank on this in our opinion moving forward:

  1. No chart of trend you knew makes sense today.
  2. The world is in a new economic environment that is punishing for error in time frames never seen before in downward time frame moves and rewarding performance in upward time frame moves.
  3. As the truth about China becomes more appreciated capital will fly into the USA the only solid bet remaining in the world.
  4. The USA dollar will soar in value.
  5. China is approaching a SUPER CRASH like the world has never seen before.

The GPS maps China is using to manage its economic path ways is a phony map and China is racing off a cliff with no bottom to it. Time IS running out.

America wins with a trade deal.
America wins if China Super Crash.

Is there any scenario where America does not win?


Is there any outcome in which China wins without a trade deal.


China in Super Crash may resort to wars to effect distraction to its own people from riots if they understood their leadership is the one and the only cause and has lied to them. China insulted the USA not the other way around and the insult continues to remain the worst behavior of any nation on earth.

China has a new truth. China can in 2019 not LIE ITS WAY FORWARD TO ITS OWN PEOPLE.

That day is over. The political volatility in China has not begun …just wait for it.