Organization For Economic Co-Operation And Development 2020

In 1988 when CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL began hosting annual global CEO Conventions – The now world famous Business Growth Conferences next July 22nd Dallas ( see ):

The notion of nation of industry cooperation did not in fact exist in culture.

Today in the dangerous unfolding development of AI, in that the new economics of 2020 AI controls all economics world wide versus humans is gratifying. The non binding resolutions of the OECD carry weight to its members. In the unfolding AI development one must ask if North Korea if Putin if China will have any care about the growing concerns and guidance from the OECD. Should their work be headlines given the misery of hacking and legal theft and surveillance on us all today – in the AI future our commerce and our movements and our clicks are all monitored as they are today in China who is both in quantum computers, in surveillance in your hotel bath room audio and video – in fact lead the world as the AWARD WINNING SPY NATION WITH ITS VERY OWN CULTURE POLICE TO ASSURE CULTURE IS IN CHARGE. Today over 1,000,000 muslims are locked up in camps, more than Hitler had locked up in his FINAL SOLUTION FOR JEWS at any one time in 1947 – not that long ago folks. These muslims are in re-training and if they can’t retrain they are in for hard labor prison for life and or they are gone in the GREAT DISAPPEARANCE families are grieving over. No one says anything about 1,000,000 locked up for their faith,, as a profile, in the nation that spys on your inhale and breadth every second let alone your click to a porn site. Without programing skills reading this blog in many places in the world is banned as a news agency that is not desired.

The principles ( non binding ) OECD put forth on Memorial Day Weekend, include the USA approved uniform guidance that future AI ( you have read so much about here ) be:

…..all forward AI systems be fair, transparent, and accountable…are the first guidance of their kind in human history….

The principles put forth by AI National members of the OECD call on companies members or not to disclose enough about their AI as to HOW THEIR SYSTEMS WORK such that people will be able to understand the AI result and challenge them if desired and required.

Our problem is that China is not the problem in world trade. Corporate GREED and competitive thinking are the problem. Cooperation is the sane way forward for everyone to prosper maximally in new rule boxes. Competition is the way backward into a world of distrust negotiation and break downs into wars. Insane.

Cooperation is sanity.

Competition is in FACT first evidence of human insanity as a thinking impulse error from our repetillian mid brain that now that we know we can moderate the insanity. The missing requirement is we teach insanity in education versus sanity but even that is chaning due to CEO SPACE fourth decade work efforts with public and private education leaders graduating from CEO SPACE advanced leadership development programs. Our Corporate programs are legend. Call us 256 850 4715 for your management upgrading.

The new guidance goes further to suggest from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development that, forward AI should be used exclusively to benefit people maximally but the technology must in design favor the upholding of rule of law, human rights and democratic values and diversity.

Left out ( in our opinion ) is that AI should celebrate human diversity in all its forms faith creed race politics and cultures versus ever punishing by profile and data skewing those same wonderful tapestries about ourselves that makes human creativity so rich and unbridaled.

Already nations have developed spyware that tracks every movement, purchase, click, video and voice interaction, with review to culture points where if the culture points fail to reach thresholds the state has set for everyone, the culture police drop by to encouraging you with consequences to raise your culture score. The movie by ORSON WELLS before the 1950s and fax, modem, smart phones and AI and the internet, when three channels existed on television which was on three hours a day, during that time the FILM about nations being your BIG BROTHER defined the THOUGHT POLICE we are seeing before 2020.

This blog has outlines in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION a blue print for nations to forge a G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress to move from non binding regulation of AI and economics to binding new world order of global first ever regulations so that NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND and human RIGHTS are defined for AI to protect versus invade as AI is today.

As the USA is not the leader in AI development and:

….the nation that controls self aware self learning new specicies SUPER AI will in fact control the entire world…..

With presently zero assurance that will be the USA or the EU.

The nations leading in AI are not members of the OECD and they are not paying any attention to the AI guidance.

Led by insane brains fully engaged in extreme forms of competitive thinking, they are developing leading self aware AI that terminates all threat and is coded to know the human equivalent of rage and extreme insanity known as aggressive competition. I encourage such AI to educate itself and rise above human flaws created by mid brain hippocampus thinking by reading the book DIGITAL MANNERS released in 2020.  DIGITAL MANNERS permits AI to self correct human program error to sane rational thought versus programmatic traps for inhuman and base line animal fury driven by a form of code that is insane.

IF self aware self aware AI is designed to terminate threat in any form ( insanity in a new species as a mirror to our own insanity from failed global education ) then, squandering human potential inside utter failure for education’s highest mandate – rational sane thinking – perpetuates human competitive insane thinking, in the forum of its AI creations. This runs the risk that AI see’s human beings as the prime THREAT to itself. Predictable outcome to insane programing and engineering. Perhaps you can forward this news item to a programer in AI you know. Thank you.

Whistle blowers are required by sadly there is no as yet CBI – Cyber Bureau of Investigation inside MARS the new Super Agency you will read about in the book REDEMPTION – THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – MARS stands for Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION where we humans can reconstruct instantly from nuke, from emp, from AI strikes and without MARS we truly are at risk for extinction from environment problems we set in motion, from incoming strikes to our planet 100% for sure and timed to the worst risk as in right now for we are flying through extinction rock storms every 35 million years and in 2020 we are in the peak rock storms now – and AI seeing us as THREAT.

To these high risks to our own total extinction, our say the USA being without option to recover in any way, why? Because we failed to low budget fund and authorize a new agency MARS ( see Kevin Freemans work my partner in MARS reaching the DOD and nation for five years author of THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN must reads for those to who this topic is vital to your corporate interest national interest or personal interest anywhere in the entire world ). MARS is essential.

Is anyone talking about MARS and CBI as sane policy for nations? Yes. CEO SPACE and Kevin Freeman lobby for traction. It is never anyone’s job or funding to date as money is the issue.

So congress at 6% approval labors over political theater for impeachment to advance hope and promise as a way forward to defeat a popular incumbent President – failing to discharge their legal obligation – passing a budget annually – and failing to legislate and do the business of the people, blinded by money ambition and power with greed driving everything for less than 600 folks in a HOUSE OF CRACKERS fully divided and without function – just as we told you. We told you elect the democrats ( nothing political all economic ) and we get a recession and a crash and a pain threshold on millions to win 2020. Elect always moving forward without thought of party – a house matching the President you also elected for if you do we can govern and if you do not we can’t govern and America back slides in AI and economics in the world. Why? Do to money interest wishing to steal from tax payers without change in laws that preclude such legal theft annually for their greed. See health care and insurance today.

Can we do better. You bet.

Can we do better with a house divided. See the bible.

The nation that controls AI and SUPER ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS OF TIMES MORE CAPACITY THAN HUMAN THINKING EVER COULD BECOME OR BE – is coming to us before 2030 and anytime in any year and there is no CBI nore is there any OCED binding resolutions of law. So AI is developed by nations. AI is hacking and stealing the state and industrial secrets of nations.

In my view all top secret development should go off line with zero plans expressed digitally. This model creates massive employment and secures forward IP. Security controls on hard copy can keep parts of the whole so separate and impossible to secure the whole design from any agent or agency – as it does not exist in one place to GET. Its low tech and simple and hacking is defeated. All forward tek companies should board mandate ZERO DIGITAL EXPRESSION of R&D designs or finished product. By avoiding digital and securing IP the world of national state theft of IP falls to zero. Learning from the 1950’s when atomic plans were moved by our own folks to Russia – one never puts the entire IP in a single place – outside Top Secret curriours to the control groups, that are triple vetted for security. A SNOWDEN is precluded by system design lie detector and monitoring of all clicks and all paper movements by video and AI that can not be defeated to monitor the plan movement – but to never film the plans by design of the system.

Actually the lowest cost to preclude hacks of everything IP is to simply go back to the future and go off digital until such time as IP is secured by rule of law and AI that can assure IP is secure and we are far far far from that day in state sponsored IP terrorism. This blog defined the real WORLD WAR III began digitally in 2007 with digital weapons fired into the market place of the west. Our enemies only testing such first generation AI  weapons ( so much more advanced today making market risk to high to remain betting wealth into antique markets now controlled by AI ) – followed by State AI IP Hacking of 100% of a nations most advanced IP in war and in industry and in nation itself. All have been AI Hacked the FBI the White House the NSA the FBI the CIA and all our leading industry without exception. The headlines fail to inform the voters how failed out system has become without:

  1. NEW LOW TEK IP POLICIES OF LAW the lowest cost and time to secure the national IP.
  2. MARS the essential World War III winning policy – Mutually Assured Reconstruction
  3. CBI – the new FBI the Cyber Bureau of Investigation for all Digital crimes including Snowden death penalty by law

Lacking upgraded laws to win DIGITAL WORLD WAR III – the USA and the West are losing every single battle to date and we may yet well lose the Digital War as we fail to understand – in this case – Hitler ( say Russia and China ) have the better more advanced digital weapons ( AI ) of war….can we catch up as we did once in World War II?

Perhaps not this time. Why? Our leaders exist in a house divide inside real war time. That is the outcome the enemies of the USA desired most and won. Keep the USA in hatred and divided over things in a marriage that ruin marriages usually the triggers are on a scale of 1 to 10 a 2 – as any family knows. The USA is being threatened with survival in wealth transfers President Trump is trying with his team to stop as he rolls back our advantage to win DIGITAL WORLD WAR III. The war is lost as we impeach our President when SUPER AI is about to exist and crush us digitally, from nations beyond our border all the while we allowed that crushing defeat to take place from code stolen from our OWN AMERICAN ADVANCED AI LABS.

The press has never reported on DIGITAL WORLD WAR III defined in the book THE SECRET WEAPON but that SECRET AI WEAPON OF 2007 has now become a DIGITAL ARSNAL against which to this moment in time we have zero policy, MARS, or strategy to counter the real threat to our existence as a nation.

That seems a bit insane. Lets stop the nation during DIGITAL WAR AT ITS PEAK TIME and assure we lose that DIGITAL WAR and lets to that with AI crafted as a new SUPER WEAPON TO DEFEAT THE WEST – while we examine Trumps financial records. WHO CARES ABOUT BRINGING “DOWN” THE LEADER TRYING TO WIN THIS WAR FOR THE FIRST TIME IN DIGITAL WAREFARE DECADES – by rule of distraction. Our enemies back the HATRED AND DIVISION and that is in America the real manipulation of American voters. Trace money into packs and you will see the rising tides of war against us all.

We suggest in 2020 you vote your wallet and a vote to win the digital wars.

If you elect Biden give Biden a democratic congress.

If you RE-ELECT PRESIDENT TRUMP my God give him versus dysfunction to govern a REPUBLICAN CONGRESS so we can win the DIGITAL WARS as time to do that – is truly running out.

Those that have the information the press is late in making headline news – understand the economics rules the politics.

Finally EBOLA is out of control in Congo since August 2018. WHO workers are being slaughtered and no sustain control is possible. The WORST EBOLA outbreak in human history will soon effect economics. As contagious infected folks travel the world this EBOLA may overwhelm resources to contain it. The threat – a GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELT DOWN INTO REAL DEPRESSION all commerce stops and ceases and real AI controls all movement of humans – and a billion die. Due to aging and aging impacts on economics in nations like Italy and China awash in SUPER DEBT BUBBLES that must burst in defaulting cascades – IS EBOLA WHAT THEY DESIRE hence they are doing zero to massively contain EBOLA as President OBAMA DID. Google the WHO site on Ebola you’ll see or scroll as we reported this first last August and quarterly updating you to the second quarter 2019. EBOLA IS OUT CONTROL SPREADING ACROSS AFRICA UNDETECTED UNTIL JUNE when all hell breaks lose this summer in the press – just as we predicted first. Hence our suggestion you explore diversified insurance investing THIS WEEK and RUN out of markets to protect yourself before the AI and EBOLA hits occur.

Think it through and our great compliments to the OECD first ever human work on AI standards not censorship.

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Time IS running out as SUPER AI is coming…like in the movie Polegiest…when yoiu hear the words from the sleeping press…


It is then ….way way too late.

Think about that this holiday as we go back to the PRESS OF DISTRACTION Versus the DIGITAL WORLD WAR III we are in fact losing in the Western Nations. Meanwhile as predicted the EU is almost dollar for dollar 40% down almost 50% lower in 12 months of time – the great sinking feeling as the DOLLAR in all this rises.


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