My long time readers KNOW we try and stand up for WHAT IS RIGHT in this news blog. Recently and worth a scroll we defined the THEATRICAL FAKE NEWS about Tony Robbins, a thought leader and pure heart we know personally and well enough. If you are a TONY customer or you wish to attend his products from personal growth to business mastery we strongly endorse and recommend you do so scroll and read what is RIGHT looks like. Celebrities are magnets for THEATRICAL NEWS.

We have long written about the moral ethical and we feel criminal stock price manipulation effected by STOCK BUY BACKS. Elites making bonus pay outs of tens of millions and more, elevate those personal bonus pay outs – all the while highly profitable companies are laying off thousands of human beings, by manipulating stock price, which was illegal pre 1999 and the Commodity Modernization Act from the 1929 Depression to 1999.

The massive reduction for CORPORATIONS was passed by congress to stimulate job creation as was the JOBS ACT 0f 2010 President Obama Signed into law. However unseen by congress or some new language in the tax law, such as NO TAX PROCEED MAY DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY BE USED OR APPLIED FOR STOCK BUY BACKS by corporations receiving them.

Why is this important?

Well, lets say you own stocks today, which I”ve told you run out of the stock market and move over to diversified insurance investing as SAFE HARBOR or you remain at SUPER HIGH RISK inside the longest boom, driven i part by STOCK BUY BACKS, and the largest ramp up of equity value in time frames, ever recorded. The RISK that created the GREAT DEPRESSION is in all matrix worse today than in 1929.

Although everyone is playing musical chairs in today’s market, singing WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN all the while your criminal congress, fails to discharged its duties under the US Constitution, that requires of congress, demands of congress, that they by law pass an annual US BUDGET. Congress has not passed a US Budget this decade outside being late by years from the every single September required discharge of this duty. They break the law when they pass emergency resolutions risking our credit rating and standing world wide.

The Congress does agree on one thing. STOCK PRICES WOULD BE 20% LOWER outside the ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of total economic sham, of stock buy backs. Stocks are 20% higher in price than they would be due to ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of wealth transfer from the US Government, into the hands of greedy few elites against 300 million of us.

FIrst the Corporations since 2107 2018 and now 2019 are each year raising the totals of STOCK BUY BACKS. Sheltered from tax to the USA these greedy elites are criminally taking cash from tax savings and buying stock to MANIPULATE THEIR OWN STOCK PRICE which was a crime not that long ago. Now thanks to the BOUGHT AND PAID FOR CONGRESS elite super wealthy, fantastically wealthy, robber barons are becoming ever more fantastically wealthy with zero cooperative capitalism, zero moral capitalism. Immoral capitalism driven by competition vs. cooperation ( which has integrity inside far more important than INTEL inside ) are investing.

In plants and growth? No.

In equipment and growth? No.

In jobs from both. No.

They are laying off.

They invest more in STOCK MANIPULATED PRICES by spending over one trillion dollars in stock buy backs in 2017, one trillion in stock buy backs in 2018 and more than one trillion of stock buy backs in 2019, which is criminal stock price manipulation, that benefits WHO?


If you invest THREE TRILLION DOLLARS IN THREE YEARS in NON ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION which is not investing at all into stock buy backs what did was really going on out there? Well the Three Trillion created a casino capitalism on stock price. The tax windfall was used for NON ECONOMIC PURPOSES against the WILL and the INTENTION of Congress who voted for tax deductions to stimulate ECONOMIC INVESTING to great growth and output gains.

American workers have elevated their production, the most productive workers on the earth, by the largest ratios ever since since the GREAT RECESSION created by GREEDY fantastically wealthy elites by the super rich making the once safe and orderly mortgage market, a casino capitalism economic abuse.

Economics in Cooperative Capitalism ( outlined in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION a five star book at Amazon always back ordered by they fill them in 72 hours ), resolves the economic abuse of Competitive Capitalism and Competitive Socialism. If nations continue to exist on World War II economics of an industrial military complex to drive economics at core, the march to WARS is always inevitable as an economic outcome by the design of a failed system model. Humans are not inherently bad but systems will skew human nature to their lowest outcomes via greed.

The utter break down of education on civics, rule of law, and what it means to be an honorable member of any society is a failed education system. The Crises today remains a CRISES OF INTEGRITY. Without integrity as a culture one can not pass moral laws.

The economic system is abused by layer after layer of immoral laws all out of integrity.

Economics in any system wishes to have laws that prevent:

  1. Consolidation of wealth so wealth recirculates for public good. Today we see no economy can last and endure when 1% own more wealth than 99% the point we are reaching in 2020 world wide.
  2. Unwanted speculations ( leveraged out of control short selling which was a crime up to 1999 as it is now legal today ) creating CASINO CAPITALISM. When more wealth is invested in “what way” will a price go than assets, you have a casino.

Casino Capitalism was created in the last three hours of the BILL CLINtON ADMINISTRATION just before at Christmas Congress departed for their holiday Christmas break. The vote was a UNANIMOUS ACT ( criminal act ) of the US Congress. This Act the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT made economics a “commodity”. 800 laws of wisdom to assure another world depression could never occur, via the very hard lessons and wars in which these lessons were learned, over 100’s of millions injured and killed, where destroyed by a UNANIMOUS ACT OF CONGRESS 100% voting for it. Bought and paid for law making.

Today your grandmothers deposits can be invested at one dollar to fifty dollars in leveraged wild electronic AI trading, on which way a price may go, versus any real moral ethical social and conscious investing. The CASINO CAPITALISM today is controlled by less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS and is managed by every rapidly accelerating evolution of AI. AI controls over 96% of 440 trillion dollars in world circulations, in digitally leverage maximally side bets on which way any asset class price may go, manipulating price up or down.

In AI casino capitalism – a new economic not seen in human history – stock buy backs are immediately rewarded. AI calculates the math of stock float pools – how much stock is IN circulation – how much stock will be removed from the lake say of APPLE STOCK trading some of their 250 billion in cash off shore with almost no tax paid anywhere, to buy the stock back to manipulate the price of Apple Google Intel or Facebook. Then AI rushes in to buy the stock ( more demand upon less supply all engineered by the elites who have huge stock gains when this buy back effect occurs for their massive stock holdings ). More demand less supply all manipulated and legal.

This NON ECONOMIC use of THREE TRILLION DOLLARS is a crime against humanity pure and simple.

This aspect of CASINO CAPITALISM is raising the risk of a world SUPER CRASH and global depression to the highest levels known in human history.

The consequence will be shattering the core financial system, where all institutions fail, unemployment is massive, and wars rise up quickly as they always do when populations can no longer eat.Only the weapons have changed. Increasingly the weapons are being engineered to BE AI. AI control of weapons as in the movies we make is not far ahead now. No one asks the integrity question save for folks like ELRON MUSK Of Tesla ( plagued not by real economics but attacked by greedy short sellers with theatrical fake news to pad their own wealth ). Tesla changing the world is not instant rice or microwave transformation. It takes more time for a TESLA to engineer environmental space and moral capitalism than say TWITTER at a click and its long history or UBER with no profits at all. Tesla income is in fact soaring. However Tesla is punished in the casino capitalism by speculators who don’t own their stock or risk in their stock they rather fantastically super AI short the stock to make profits before AI makes profits again on the way back up through the manipulations. All the while steak holders have a wild wild ride from criminal stock casino plays to make ungodly profits from what is now in all market spaces SUPER VOLATILITY. See our report on that item below.

The Truth?

Casino Capitalism will fall. IT is going to be worse than anything you ever read about.

However it is not now. Today the ELITES NO NOT WHAT IT IS THAT THEY DO.

All economic system abuse must one day rebalance.

While everyone follows the SUPER VOLATILITY and reports fake news on why, the real culprit goes on notice.

China spends 300 % more than it earns an has for over a decade. The IMF warned this one abuse was a potential system killer – all banks close just like the depression – and warned many times on this item. No one does anything and the SUPER DEBT BOMB only gets to become hydrogen grade.

Seeing nothing is being done the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE is expanding. Endlessly.

The economic system is bankrupt today. But no one has that audit report. As long as bad loans by the 100’s of trillions are carried on institution books by criminal accounting in all nations, that exempt these same institutions from the rules we must live under – FAIR MARKET VALUATIONS – then these 100’s of trillions of bad non performing loans will be carried on balance sheets as fraud, as good and viable asset when they are nothing like good assets. GLOBAL ECONOMIC FRAUD.

How long can the institutional legal fraud of criminal law makers continue?

Well folks for a while yet.

However a trigger like a miscalculation by China using old economics into the new AI economic reality can be system fatal. One trigger event of debt default cascading topples the entire HOUSE OF CRACKERS. I wish it were as solid as a House of Cards.

One economic earth quake and cracker crumbs is all we have left and no one has food.

So STOCK BUY BACK legal theft of wealth is a pure manipulation. Stock prices are 20% higher than the real market by phony casino manipulations – THREE TRILLION A YEAR.

All economic abuse in all systems world wide must one day rebalance as the impersonal law of economics. Harvard to Stanford to Beijing know this is INTEGRITY TRUTH.

Never in the history of the world has stock been so over manipulated. Not in the depression of 1907 the Fed first massive failure. Or the GREAT DEPRESSION of the 1930’s the Fed second blunder. Today the Fed has lost control of all economics as has OPEC On OIL. Oil is diving as we told you when all experts predicted otherwise.

Those who went LONG on OIL are enjoying some pretty awful loss right now like OPEC ( again ).

There is no OIL BUY BACK although the USA is buying and passing 500,000,000 barrels of oil in strategic reserves a recent new record. The world is drowning in oil as demand super crashes and no end in sight on that. All reports of rising demand for oil are MBS SAUDI criminal FAKE NEWS and only that.

Fake news manipulates stock price without any oversight these days.

Stock Buy backs are sapping the wealth of the world into CASINO ECONOMICS where the resources to build real solid economic expansion is lost in the casino.

Pretend 3 trillion dollars in three years was invested in INFRASTRUCTURE TO REBUILD AMERICA. Pretend 3 TRILLION was applied to jobs that build a far stronger America.

Or you put your casino chips up and bet on price knowing in advance how price will go from our insider stock buy back.

Congress and Nancy Pelosy DOSEY DOE ( our policy for the nation is an inspired one – HATE DONALD TRUMP. Impeach Donald Trump. Frame and control news on DONALD TRUMP ). See any economic value in THAT? Infrastructure – well they talked about THREE TRILLION DOLLARS now on the side lines.

However over THREE TRILLION DOLLARS has been evaporated into non economic crimes against all humanity, by fantastically wealthy elites using casino capitalism to become fantastically more wealthy while the 99% of us see a middle class being nuked.

Congress with 6% approving of their crimes and 94% wanting them all put in prison – watch as less than 600 elites in office fail to discharge their duties ( a high crime and a felony ) to just pass the US BUDGET as required by law. A budget on line items they already approved. Today CONGRESS WILL RISK THE CREDIT RATING OF LOWER BORROWING COST and RAISE OUR BORROWING COST by simply not raising the debt ceiling to the US TREASURY. The US Treasury is running out of emergency funds to operate the costs and the expenses of the nation CONGRESS HAS ALREADY APPROVED.

Is it a crime to authorize spending and fail to authorized the debt ceiling to pay for authorized out flows by congress? That game is core to the utter DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA or any nation.

Is it a crime to authorize costs and then fail to pass a USA BUDGET as required by law each and every September but congress in recent times fails to discharge their ONE PRIME DUTY FIRST.

Is it a crime not to stop criminal wealth transfer of our nation to greedy elites by congress allowing those criminal stock buy backs?

Casino Capitalism is an economic crime. THE SYSTEM RIGGED FOR THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY. The world middle class is being destroyed systemically by criminals.

Perhaps Congress approval rating needs to move to negative numbers.