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I have long written about in this new AI economy – a first in human existence – I would not go LONG into the Summer. Would I sell my Long Positions? Yes as I made profits in doing so in the SUPER VOLATILITY. Not easy either.

My worry into the summer is liquidity sumps. The liquidity of this market can evaporate – which we call LED – or LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY – LED DAY. The problem with LED in this market is as you throw up your hands and throw in your towel is LOOK MA – AI has zero liquidity. In the next approach to global Super Crash with UK May resigning on June 6th – Trump about to sell Saudi whom many law makers regard as a rogue nation under a sociopath the murder butcher of Khashoggi and so many other King MBS – and China and the USA moving up the trade war ladder not down the trade war latter – that LED is possible. LED day is the day AI moves into all sell orders and AI has no buy orders. AI trading long and short always has enough liquidity until the day that it no longer has liquidity.

As a programer we believe the AI algorithms lack elasticity that human beings present as quantum computers ( our brains ) and that lacking that option YET – AI can trigger its own LED day. When algorithmic earth is flat borders are reached the market ( the earth is round ) lacking all liquidity resides in a fatal AI liquidity TRAP we call ALT.

ALT continues. What does THAT mean?

ALT day after day drops prices in all asset classes in a loop cycle of AI. The liquidity in the market has evaporated – prices go down daily but no buyers are present and buying as the prices crash. Think of ALT and LED as a kind of AI “panic”. When programing boarders are exceeded by SUPER CRASH TRIGGERS what happens.

The truth?

No one knows.

That is the truth.

We have a summer of lower liquidity which is seasonal.

We have a lower trading volume but may not this year. Another danger in fact.

We have China playing US ELECTION CHECKERS. Unking Trump and see if the new President China bought and paid for say Biden, will deal with China like a dolt and assure America continues under China’s plan of selling more than it buys to assure the USA Wealth Transfer into China continues while America is defeated slowly and no one see’s America is now bankrupt.

The timing of the Trump trade war may have been JUST IN TIME to stop the bathroom drain from sucking the brains completely out of America into China.

We have massive Win by strong man Modi as you heard first here ( scroll ) and you have India about to mop up in Kashmir and Pakistan is going full out to provoke in a Muslim nation Nuking India. Hair triggers exist.

Iran is not making a deal or even going to talk to Trump while Saudi having under MBS allowed our most advanced weapon systems to be taken into Iran and Russia when MBS lost the war in Yemen. We lost with him. Now Trump under emergency powers acts wants to sell enormous billions in weapon systems to psychopath MBS who wants to go to war with Iran and suck America in to that way plan he has. This act would by pass congress. Congress will go APE SHIT and the market positions you hold will follow.

That APE SHIT will open new powers challenges in a conveyor belt of red lines of where is the limits of Presidential powers and Congressional Powers? We are going to find out as time unfolds and SUPER VOLATILITY as markets hate – as in HATEE – drama and storms – versus spring calm and cherry blossoms.

I’ve been thinking and I’m right or I’m wrong. We’ll see.


Trump and Xi are talking. XI is taking the balls off his inside hard liners and oppossion using Putin JUJITSU to floor their enemy.

Trump is doing the same to Nancy Pelosi and team. Each impeachment sound bite ( say Trumps internal hard liners )  is Trumped by a sound bite how Trump is defining the BAD FAITH DEALINGS from China with fair dealings from America. Nancy gets a headline than Gulf or China steals it back by the tweet. How much is pre planned? XI is taking headlines in his nation with zero happens until America changes course in it’s own bad behavior. If they coordinate these sound bites until Christmas and market volatility is dramatic as we have predicted now is the time to SELL HIGH and buy diversified safe haven insurance positions. Fixed income Annuities – Growth Index and liquid assets making 300% more than bank interest compounding in permanent insurance positions all principle guaranteed paying the highest returns permitted by law with absolute PRINCIPLE guarantee we feel is superior to FDIC fraud warranties.

Will Trump and XI show their art and make a Deal by the Holiday. If they do you know it was all set up as I’m stating here.

If they do not an even more Tariff’s flow into 2020 – China is absolute toast economically and China will be manipulating American Elections with Biden and Nancy and you will KNOW THAT.

Those two defining events set you up to KNOW before you go further into Casino Capitalism.

Trump and XI and the markets grow for years.

XI and Nancy and markets will Super Crash supporting a Biden socialist win in America and China deals fresh with their own kind.

Keep a watch on these items.

The Financial system on 100% of matric is a CASINO CAPITALISM globally far worse than the 1929 depression – all matrix’s – where economics suggest RUN OUT OF POSITIONS AND BANKS – cash in your chips from the casino and return to SAFE HARBOR INVESTING in the highest returns permitted by law – outside casino capitalism – into what saved those who did it over the 1929 time line – DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING. Ask a licensed professional with a top ten insurance money manager that paid out when the banks were CLOSED in the 1930’s. SAFE HARBOR THIS SUMMER – sell high and buy SAFE HARBOR. Print this paragraph and give it to any licensed top ten insurance money management professional where behind the insurance sea wall the life insurance is really free for making the high return money choice…you get the free option Life Insurance too paid by the profits of high return principle guaranteed banks can’t match and won’t tell you about because the criminal banks make far more money cheating you – because the banks now own the CASINO itself. They want your chips in the Casino losing while they profit. You haven’t followed the bouncing ball economically have you ?

Those who take this step now are going to make the HIGHEST RETURNS WORLD WIDE PERMITTED BY LAW AND PROTECT THIER NEST EGG AND WEALTH where principle is in fact fully guaranteed – your safe harbor.

All higher returns in the casino capitalism RISK YOUR CAPITAL TO PARTIAL OR TOTAL LOSS read the fine print.

Money markets and mutual funds – all tell you about the risk of LED and not even being able to get out which is inside your contract small print.


If you leave your nest egg and retirement funds and institutional funds in the Casino you will make upside profits in the SUPER VOLATILITY – but those profits are never lasting long term – as you are in the CASINO. If you remain in the CASINO into the coming SUPER CRASH which is a ways off yet – you lose. You can’t get out and you waited until the CASINO CLOSED.

You head me right. Thats right the LED DAY freezes all markets and the economic system we know today closes due to AI economics destroying the core system do to liquidity evaporation. Can’t happen? When the casino musical chair game ends and the music dies…if your still sitting in your casino chair – you have no money left day NMLD.

If Trump and XI are playing CHESS instead of Checkers and time the Trump trade deal for the Christmas New Year Holiday after showing in China ( we STOOD UP TO AMERICA ) and Trump to American’s ( WE STOOD UP TO CHINA ) then prosperity between the nations will put my time issue on hold and we move into decades of prosperity – providing Trump wins the election which XI and Trump manipulated to happen. SMART really. Genius really.

If Trump and XI are not doing this – then XI and China made a Biden play and will bet and invest a billion ( cheap in trade war or more ) to manipulate the American election the other way – into Nancy Pelosi packs and Biden Packs and Trump loses the election ( maybe ). If Trump wins on this play China will melt to the floor on Trumps re-election – and XI may be killed in a revolution as China economics hard crash – which may create LED day and take the entire world with her. Is that the other possibility?

I see no other game plan in the forward game.

Either way we see SUPER VOLATILITY – a media following the tweets like follow the dancing ball – versus examining what I’m writing here and reporting the story of the century – HOW IS AMERICAN POLITICS being manipulated by media manipulations – by world leaders – versus a few silly face book posts that did nothing from some Russians. As voting goes all digital the hacking and success to manipulate vote counts may still exceed AI’s capacity to catch the hack. We’ll see on that as well.

So the unknowns and daily drama’s play out. Court Cases on powers that will not resolve into the election year and perhaps not even then truly.

Congress will play beyond dirty politics and has moved to pure filth. Congress will move to:

  1. Get Trump records and mine that data for Press manipulations to brain wash voters to win.
  2. Congress will create legal records using filthy politics all with lawyer law makers to place Trump family children wife and himself under legal oath to develop PERJURY TRAPS.
  3. Those mean spirited filthy political mine fields are being laid today to assure the data in the PERJURY TRAPS will imply Trump broke laws and lied on the record.
  4. That record will be used to if possible impeach Trump in the election year or force a deal to resign in the election year.
  5. Romney will run and may win because – America will be so disgusted or America may go socialist and elect Biden massively from the manipulation success Nancy and team have in mind to assure America goes fully socialist as Britain may do – although there may be a May back lash as there may be a TRUMP BACK LASH if Nancy miscalculates.

The socialists in America seek an American economic emergency they create – a SUPER CRASH into the election year – blame that event the democrats engineered into the market place – caring noting about the economic pain they created whatsoever. They seek to win and control the nation. Read Naomi Klein’s work entitled SHOCK DOCTRINE to see the economics of all this. You will gasp.

With so many unknowns – wars if China melts down too fast from trade war ( unintended consequences ) war with Nukes Modi the strong man is not going to take IT any MORE from radical muslim Pakistan controlling Nukes pointed at India.

Israel is not going to take Iran rising up nukes pointed at Israel ( kind of read the bible for the economics on that item ).

Sociopathic King failing at policy from 2014 to today – failing in oil policy as oil goes down and inventories rise and rise no matter how much failed destroyed OPEC cuts back – seeks full on war with IRAN and has threatened that war this week as he arms up with 100’s of billions in weapon orders from the USA to itself – for what? A perception of an Iran War. Iran has said reduce sanctions show us respect and we will deal with you. Our reply increase the MBS sanctions as the sociopath is investing to assure he has WAR ALLIES against Iran. Iran is easily able to survive and win anything but a nuke war which is why it is being protected with NUKES from Russia now five minutes to deliver to MBS and his sand castle ..five minutes Iran owns Saudi with nukes …what would we do if Iran Nuked MBS ? I don’t think much.

So stay in the summer casino capitalism with so many unknowns and did I talk about an EU and Brexit in total chaos to markets with London once the center of finance and no longer able to provide stability at all to markets? NO leader at all with May out June 6th. The UK is a government in full on crises today with uncertainty higher than anytime since world war II while Parliament fiddles while the UK burns and the EU is falling like a stone against the US dollar due to instability in the EU Super Debt market place. I hear the the fiddling of British seat of government dissolving into a socialist nation God Save the Queen ( who is not liking all this ). If the EU wins it loses. The EU is not survivable or sustainable awash in a sea of super debt rising and Brussels with its endless cost rising and socialistic modeling has no clue how to get out or move forward . We do with SUPER BONDS but they have yet to invite us in for the golden chip on the casino table we alone have as solution for them and the nations of the world. Thank God for Africa nations who are asking for the GOLDEN SUPER BOND chip CEO SPACE INVENTED.

CEO SPACE ( which may not complete ) long term is seeking a 100 million dollar pre IPO equity player to secure hyper growth for entrepreneur ramp ups in nations we serve globally and an IPO to drive the largest entrepreneur movement from COMPETITIVE CAPITALISM which brings you CASINO CAPITALISM back to sanity into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the final solution in the new AI economics. We will see if the major Super Money pools invest as fiduciaries or into this forward market decline the social solutions our movement is presenting into our fourth decade as the leading ENTREPRENEUR institution.

Against all this back drop – protect yourself from SUPER VOLATILITY and in all markets I would join Warren Buffet to suggest and go farther – it is not foolish its in fact in these economic hurricane markets no – not foolish to BET AGAINST AMERICA – as your safe bet – it is in fact – INSANE.

Now is the time for the non AI players in the market – 6% is us – the rest is us in institutional money AI management not brains over money – but AI OVER MONEY In the casino playing those chips in new ways in new economics Crammer has no clue how to predict or time. His own wealth is at risk in the Casino along with all who follow old Model T Ford Economics like Buffet into the new AI casino market place.

The GOLDEN KEY to Safe Harbor…oh its here in this blog.

My advice….don’t act as normal…..RUN OUT OF THE CASINO FOLKS On Monday.

Happy Summer.

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