During eight long years of a Solid Presidency for the First Black President of our nations history, President Trump demonstrated a disrespect, to the office, by investing in endless attacks that the First Family were not entitled to their office all fairly won by majority of American voters, because, they were not legal citizens. There as more disrespect layered out for all eight years of a historic Presidency. No scandals and much of the PROSPERITY TRUMP gets credit for is from Obama solid momentum building it is not all just Trump.

Democrats are returning the favor attacking Trump, Trumps wife, Trumps children, Trumps circles, Trump associates. Arresting them. Circulating political wagons to secure a 2020 election at any and all cost. In this POLITICAL WAR like no other in our nations history – the endless dysfunction of the United States Congress is predictable. We told you during the election that if you elected a democratic Congress the result economically would be:

  1. Dysfunction
  2. A congress ceasing to govern
  4. Endless waste in investigations and cost without profit or return
  5. The business of the people would come to a halt

We predicted Nancy Pelosi would and will still impeach President Donald Trump.

No change in our correct pathology calls. We noted that markets would still perform well under Trump but volatility would be endless and unmatched in prior periods.

We also suggested the notion that the battle may lead to wars not of our own making – most dangerous now is Pakistan and India Nuke Wars – Gulf Nuke Wars from acquired nukes – Israel Bombing Iran and don’t forget we told you THAT first here – and China moving on Taiwan and don’t forget we told you that here.

Our replies on multiple fronts may be muted in fact economically and militarily.

The Tip for the weekend. If your investing for sixty months or sixty days I would in this market sell and move to diversified insurance investing. If you stay in the market follow the bouncing ball of unreal markets we call CASINO CAPITALISM. David Stockman and other economists have been screaming to Americans to get out of these crazy markets and protect yourself.

We suggest as a final TIP …DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE TRUMP TEAM. Donald Trump thrives on THREAT and is strategic. I would not wish to be Nancy Pelosi loosing the 2020 election to Donald Trump as her own future is self destructed.

Congress is failing in constitutional duties to govern.

  1. No budget is passed as required by law
  2. No infrastructure which is a national emergency
  3. No health care resolution
  4. No entitlement fix
  5. No immigration compassion and fix

Congress with a 6% approval rating and 94% hating them all, is in for trouble. There is no safe harbor for Congress. While Trump may win with a surprising landslide – given his abilities to predict and control outcome agenda’s in the end – we also can’t predict he may not lose or even resign instantly without warning.

The nation is in worse Shape with Trump leaving before 2025. Who says? Democrat economic leader Schuler me and others, from Yale to the Stanford economic leadership. TRUMP is good for business and take Trump out and nasty things are going to happen quick in new AI economics.

So remember we told you – do not underestimate Donald Trump in one corner and Nancy Pelosi in the other.

In the endless non governance mean awful unAmerican disrespect in government today – the NANCY PELOSI – DOSEY DO is round and round and where she goes and lands no one -can truly now.

Proceed at your own risk.

CEO SPACE is advising our CEO’s in Dallas – grow momentum in 2019 to assure 2020 keeps moving you up.

Or not.



PS: The extension of chip maker pull back by Trump to China with Google and others working with Huawei  is temporary and all outcomes are very unsure – From BRIT EXIT DISASTER to CHINA DISASTER it is full risk on with uncertainty not stable within AI economics.