I have a long history with Tony Robbins who started his firm – CEO SPACE endorses and recommends to our our # 1 Forbes Inc and others # 1 ranked business conference in the world for ten years in a row – and  for 31 years carries  as our highest top tier outcome praise and endorsement to our own membership in 150 nations  – in growth for leaders and their families.

My wife and I re-audited Tony’s relationship mastery in DATE WITH DESTINY recently. His improvements to his work brought tears to my eyes. My seat mates included Music Billionaire Usher and the founder of Air B to B and Leigh Simons leading Marketing company and many more. Rita who helps produced these events back stage is a holy friend. My wife and I with a great marriage found miracles that made our prefect relationship better stronger and with tools we use ever day as parents and married partners in a relationship movies are made about. Thank you TONY AND SAGE for your example to us.

I have had the pure joy of mentoring Tony on some future issues in his work from Business Mastery formation where he attended CEO SPACE with his management teams to draw fuel for his own new product – highest praise – and he as always coached  and mentors my wife and I – and we assocaite with founders of McKinzie Accenture and Booze Alan prior board leadership on our faculty – Tony’s mentorship makes all the others bow if your fortunate enough to have his pure heart. WOW is all you say when Tony mentors you – just WOW and I mentor the mentors myself at Tony’s level and I say WOW myself ….never have I seen anything like that quality and gift Tony tirelessly gives to those who ask him.

We know Tony Robbins from inside with staff on our mutual  team such as Alan Dobbs my own personal assistant for years traveled and worked with Tony as I encouraged Alan to trade up to the LEADER,  and David Phillipson a life time adopted son and Club President with CEO SPACE for 11 years working in Tony’s home office, and BILL Ganz who helped produced our Super Teaching and produced the advanced audio video for Tony’s events for years, along with lead camera man Hannibal who has invented CEO SPACE visual experiences and is another Son I’m blessed to have. I know Tony from the start – his ex wife – children – inside – outside – behind the scenes and inside the scenes. You know everything at those inside levels and you know Buzz Feed is THEATRICAL JOURNALISM TRADING ON CELEBRITY FOR PROFIT ADD FEE’S AND RATINGS USING FAME FOR SELF ENRICHMENT. How do you KNOW THAT? Read Tony Robbins letter below is HOW YOU KNOW. 

We are all smart and we all spam filter FAKE NEWS TODAY when we read it on celebrities. Pour in support to Tony – I’d like to see brother Tony get one million snail mail letters saying Tony we pledge to come back with two guests in a TONY ROBBINS BUZZ FEED SUPPORT RALLY LIKE OUR INDUSTRY HAS NEVER SEEN in the slow mail world wide – what would mean more to his heart today? I can’t think of anything……

Being famous you are the target today of THEATRICAL JOURNALISM. This form of journalism defines slamming celebrities in any possible way. Within intensive experiences that push personal growth, celebrities have open targets on their backs. Of the 99.7% Satisfaction records we all have with Tony’s work and outcomes – there is always a few that you can’t move from negative to positive. Those negatives have their FAME DAY by bashing the leader celebrity with FAKE NEWS. The Humah potential industry has no higher customer applause and satisfaction than TONY ROBBINS.

CEO SPACE is the # 1 press ranked business conference for ten years in a row world wide. WE ENDORSE TONY ROBBINS PRODUCTS TO OUR MEMBERS WORLD WIDE.

Buzz Feed has enjoyed republication in media trading clicks and audience that only Trump could hope to match – for as a brand in human potential – those of us who lead the industry that my own father started – the HUMAN POTENTIAL INDUSTRY mentoring such notables as Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Martin Luther King, Jack Kennedy, Walt Disney and too many to name hear,  Tony Robbins to all of us- is the POPE OF HUMAN POTENTIAL INDUSTRY WORLD WIDE THE LEADER HANDS DOWN ON QUALITY ON WHAT COMES NEXT FOR GROWTH IN YOURSELF. . No individual not my buddy Les Brown or Jack Canfield or Bob Proctor, or Greg Reid, Or myself, Or John Gray, or Sharon Lechter, or Lisa Nichols, all combined have influenced and benefited a fraction of the millions upon millions of lives Tony Robbins effects in one single year ( 20,000 in Moscow setting records recently for their human potential ). Tonys’ work has influenced over a billion people world wide and that number is unmatched in history.

I read the FAKE NEWS and almost always ( knowing the truth myself for sure ) just let this stuff slide. They have done it to me and so many others so I know personally. I reached out with Love to Brother Tony and let him know we are ALL and I mean ALL behind him.

The notion if Buzz Feed NAZIS IN SUITS approach to Theatrical journalism for ad ratings and money – using Tony, was right ( which their trash  is not accurate as you see from Tony’s frustration to even get a balance into the record they applied in standard we call MALICIOUS EDITING ) as the following from Tony himself shows you so clearly – what the heck? Decades ago who cares. Say it was all true ( and it is not fact true or accurate ) Tony decades later is for God and this World….

…redeemed from all youth errors  of all types…. from his long long sacrifice and contributions and integrity today deleting all error…….of any younger years anyway…..truly which of us can looking back cast stones if BUZZ FEED reported on YOU for example – come on folks spam filter TAKE NEWS.

Tony never went to Prison or anything close ( I did ) and I”m good with Presidential DInners cleared by Secret Service – and I say –  nor decades later does anyone have a RIGHT to just without recourse or consequence – slander liable and invade celebrity privacy this way but they all do it. New laws are required for SLANDER LIABLE THEATRICAL JOURNALISM hard consequence, and when Politicians take this up Buzz Feed and tribe will be in pain like you can’ not imagine and they will because it is FAKE NEWS on their lives all the time as every politician knows.  Standards by law no cesure. DOES FREE PRESS also require checks and balances – we think why of course they do with NEW LAWS. We filiter spam fake news – and to BUZZ FEED  and in Tony’s case I stand up to say: 

  1. I know Tony Robbins as in love and husband with Bonnie Pearl.
  2. I know Tony Robbins as father and his devotion to family children and their children.
  3. I know Tony Robbins as mentor and sage. Respecting woman and out front on female rights.
  4. I know Tony Robbins as we communicate week to week as HUMAN POTENTIAL LEADER in peer to peer work on what comes next in industry making each other better for others.
  5. I know Tony Robbins as having gone on a BONO Road Tour in his teens ( 7 days a week more demanding than you can imagine in sacrifice givin ghis life away to others )  and never once coming off that tour into his sixth decade no breaks – on a schedule that is health effecting today as he transforms futures for the leaders and Fortune 10,0000 firms world wide.
  6. I know Tony Robbins soul and his heart and his pure intention – never happy with his work and always making Great yesterdays work even more MAGNIFICENCE to the next moment he goes on stage – tirelessly improving himself –  there is no one with his gift or purity to contribute.
  7. I know Tony Robbins as Friend and in THAT he is unmatched  FOR when he chooses you

As my blog is read by Tony Graduates in 150 nations and the press world wide and law makers I wanted to shout out and share Tony’s reply to BUZZ FEED and their pick ups by national media loving to bash any celebrity for . Folks. During all Tony’s years I have been by his side in human potential. Tony at his own cost, flew into Huntsville Alabama and just because I asked, cut the ribbons on the opening of their SUPER TEACHING CLASS ROOM with global network news for the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA  as a give back to public education. That is the generous giving  thought leader I know. When the bible says ASK and you SHALL RECEIVE Tony Robbins has always said one word – YES !

I remember his call from this private jet saying….I can’t recall the last time at these Jet costs I paid the trip from West to East coast without a free offset……you must be special in my life you realize THAT. We take turns trying to pay the other back. That is MY TONY ROBBINS. My Friend. I champion Woman rights causes. My CEO SPACE is owned, run and operated by WOMAN as an example of our pledge to industry to put woman in charge on boards and leaderships. Our films all denote our leadership in woman rights and FULL PARTNERSHIP world wide. We would not champion Tony if we did not KNOW from INSIDE that the BUZZ FEED THEATRICAL JOURNALISM is more of the same.  I can’t imagine how it is for say Trump and their families Obama and their families before and Biden and their families.


I don’t have many friends like TONY ROBBINS  over so many decades at the TOP with Tony’s integrigty. As I have lived the back stage life personally and with my staff who I introduced and traded up to Tony’s larger events for their futures, I know the back stage and the one stage of my fear precious friend and thought leader TONY ROBBINS. BUZZ FEED IS THEATRICAL FAKE NEWS JOURNALISM.

I would appreciate it if any one world wide reads this one TRUTH REMAINS…at tony’s age and time of life he is the leader and the POPE of the HUMAN POTENTIAL INDUSTRY today where every TONY ROBBINS PRODUCT is fresh bleeding edge and new every single time – that you rally today. Tony is not a good husband Tony is a GREAT HUSBAND and Tony is not a good father Tony is a MAGNIFICENT FATHER and Tony Robbins is not a good man Tony Robbins is A GREAT MAN.

If anyone gets the opportunity to attend a Tony Robbins event, now in his sixth decade, that experience is the superior growth for you and your family on the planet today pure and more advanced serving millions upon millions.


To the millions upon millions upon millions of us –  who can never repay Tony for his gifts poured into your life – make no mistake. Now through 2020 is when Tony needs US. During the Buzz Feed moment in May 2019 already fading into press dust bin – to Christmas 2020  let us all commit – millions upon millions – to flip the FINGER AT BUZZ FEED and return to a Tony event now to Christmas 2019 and assure we bring two guests. Let US  all GIVE BACK TO TONY. He would never ask at all. SO CEO SPACE IS SETTING UP A TONY ROBBINS SUPER ONE YEAR RALLY making this blog go viral.  Lets make 6000 at any Tony event a distant memory as we move Tony Robbins events world wide up to a new record average of  20,000 into  stadiums thanking BUZZ FEED FOR THE WORLD WIDE TONY ROBBINS RALLY FROM NOW TO DEC 2020. FLIP off this jouralism we know the truth. Folks attend a TONY ROBBINS EVENT THIS SUMMER FALL AND WINTER AND FLIP THE FINGER TO BUZZ FEED…LET TONY ROBBINS FEEL “US” THOSE WHO TREASURE HIS CONTRIBUTION AND LIFE WORK…NOW IS THAT TIME EVERYONE …THE TIME IS NOW !

THE TONY ROBBINS RALLY OF SUPPORT IS GAME ON….personally I wish he’d run for President when Donald Trump retires in 2025. Then the BuzzFeed Ratings can soar as they help us win the WHITE HOUSE.

THE TONY ROBBINS RALLY FROM ALL WHO LOVE HIM….IT IS TIME TO GIVE BACK TO THE GIPPER FOLKS…and I”m calling on you – delay is what we can’t give Buzz Feed – its game on.

Tony replied which I have copied to you – and I feel every sentence and word for him in my heart and I hope in your heart – the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE and that IS the REAL NEWS – from Tony’s leadership you need no explanation for – you only need to READ THIS:



An Open Letter to BuzzFeed Editors and Board of Directors from Tony Robbins

This letter is one that I would have preferred not to write.

I have been the target of a year-long investigation by BuzzFeed. Unfortunately, your organization has made it clear to my team that you intend to move forward with publishing an inaccurate, agenda-driven version of the past, pierced with falsehoods. It is intended to disparage me personally, my family, my life’s work, and the efforts of the millions of individuals around the globe who have taken this journey with me over the last 40-plus years.

Please see this video with one person’s account of how your reporters so eagerly tossed her truth aside:

To put it in the words of your own reporters, you are preparing to publish an article with the malicious intent to “take Tony Robbins down.”

You have denied my team’s requests to meet with you in-person to present key evidence that contradicts your false allegations. You do not seek the truth; you seek to further your own agenda.

After more than a year-long investigation by your online entertainment company, you allege that approximately 20–30 years ago?—?when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s?—?I was negligent with both my employees and individuals who chose to attend my seminars. You also allege (through anonymous sources) that I pursued conflicting intimate relationships. Your claims range from indistinct to ridiculous.

We have evidence to prove that your reporters rejected and otherwise ignored factual accounts from several individuals you contacted. In some cases, those individuals were even harassed and lied to when their accounts did not align with Buzzfeed’s predetermined thesis.

What stands out?—?even in today’s sea of mis-representation and journalistic corner-cutting?—?is the 2014 report by the industry-standard, non-partisan, Pew Research Center which cites Buzzfeed as “the least trusted news source” of them all. So, it stands to reason that you are presently facing financial, organizational, and management troubles. BuzzFeed is unapologetically fueling the current cultural divide by targeting well-known individuals with false allegations to boost its readership and serve its shareholders.

Let me be clear, while my open-classroom therapeutic methods are not for everyone, and while I am on my best day still only an imperfect human being, I have never behaved in the reckless, irresponsible, or malicious manner intimated by false, unfounded, and incendiary allegations suggested by BuzzFeed story-tellers.

Several individuals have contacted us to let us know that you attempted to manipulate their testimony and, in some cases, even ignored their legal counsel when they pointed out inaccuracies and mischaracterizations of their client’s personal accounts at the hands of your reporters.

Why didn’t you listen to what these individuals had to say and instead choose to proceed with inverted truths as your central narrative?

Your organization cannot claim objectivity or journalistic integrity when your written ethics and standards policy claims that in “activism” issues “there are not two sides.” As we all know, in the context of a just democracy, there are always two sides.

In my six decades on this earth, I’ve had the privilege to work with leaders like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, presidents of countries, and international companies, not to mention millions of dedicated human beings from over 100 countries around the world. Never in my life have I witnessed a cultural climate quite like the one we’re living in today. This is an era marked by deeply-divided environments where click-bait headline news is designed to instigate a polarized public, grab their attention, and incite minds on constant-alert, waiting for the next notification to react to and believe the worst.

The foundation of what we teach in my seminars and audio programs hinges on understanding the power and impact of human belief systems, the importance of clarifying one’s values, and the constant effect that language has in shaping our emotions and our lives.

To understand how our country’s discourse has deteriorated into constant conflict, consider the world’s foremost dictionaries recent Word of the Yearselections:

  • In 2016 Oxford Dictionary chose: “post-truth”
  • In 2017 Collins Dictionary chose: “fake news”
  • In 2018 chose: “mis-information”

The very heart of my life’s work is empowering others to find the TRUTH that sets them free?—?the honesty and authenticity to breakthrough and expand. For more than 40 years I’ve encouraged people to seek the tools of transformation to grow into the men and women they dream to be in order to live the fulfilling lives they envision for their highest self. Through the course of my career, more than 50 million people have utilized my teachings?—?this includes more than 4 million people who have attended live events in-person.

My record is nearly a half-century long. I stand on that.

We need to start having a different nature of conversations in a very different way. Real change is nothing but finding new patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that meets our collective needs on a deeper level than the previous pattern. This current pattern is no longer serving our highest good. We demonize human beings for simply being human. If we learn from our mistakes we will evolve into better human beings.

Amidst all the divisiveness in the world today, I truly believe there is a yearning and a calling within all of us for a kinder way?—?a life of compassion, forgiveness, and a desire to live as brothers and sisters. I pray that, out of all of this, we can choose to unite rather than separate; to drop our judgments and criticisms, and look for the goodness in each other. We are all human beings doing the best we can. It’s time we come together.

Millions of people have experienced life-changing breakthroughs and transformations on our journey of growth and I invite them to join me now to stop BuzzFeed and others from tearing our society down by denying and mischaracterizing the truth. Enough is enough.

-Tony Robbins

Below is a link to just one example of an individual who is frustrated by the way your reporters tried to take two minutes of seminar footage out of context in order to frame my two hours of work with her as “abusive” rather than acknowledging her direct experience and testimony to you of how it positively and profoundly changed her life.