No evidence to do anything to Trump. They tried. Two years. Unlimited money. Unlimited man power from FBI and Justice united to GET TRUMP. As we all have witnessed world wide. Now they want to apply what they apply to MOBSTERS when they can’t get them either. They then FRAME CHARGES off their income tax returns, framing up under payment and then crafting their own frame works as only nations can – that that under payment they say is their final math audit – is criminal. Then they put Al Capone and countless parties they wish to frame into jail. America is the jailer nation. Once the home of the free. Now America is the world highest lock em up nation and lock em longest nation in the world. Per 100,000 more innocents – non violent – no victim – folks are locked up – than say China or Somalia. America the land where the fastest growing city population in the nation is PRISON CONSTRUCTION. America where the industry of PRISON had the smallest armed employee group – the employee’s of the bureau of prsions known in America as the BOP. Today the BOP is fifty years later only the largest community of armed employee ahead of FBI US MARSHALS or any federal non military employee group. Rising fast too. We don’t win the wars on crime by building more and more prisons now a PRIVATE INDUSTRY it is so PROFITABLE. Usually largest employee tax base for any community lucky enough to bid and land a PRISON near them – county state federal or city prisons. We win the war on crime by tearing prisons DOWN.

So now the rabid policial dogs in the democratic controlled senate, without any regard for respect of a sitting US President, explore tax return pathology to issue criminal charges against Donald Trump as a floor to impeach that even Republicans must think about on what – Trumped UP tax return charges when Trump files with armies of Tax law firms and CPA big eight leading accounting firms to comply with the law? Who among them all could stand such political attacks that have no end or bottom to them? As Trump said we don’t govern through the LAWS OF INVESTIGATION…it is not how these things get done….he said in his State of the Union message. Nancy said she wanted to find a way forward. I now view that as a bold face fraud to the American Democratic community. The idea desert coming out of the largest field of candidates for US President soon to make history in sheer numbers – setting records – have no platform no brilliant way forward – with a may pole that has all ribbons circling round on issue only – HATE TRUMP AND KEEP FEEDING THE HATE TRUMP CONVEYOR BELT. Will those fringe voters be enough to win in 2020. We will all see if Hate is a wining platform in America. It failed miserably in the last election but lets try that failure all over again…perhaps we democrats didn’t hate enough in 2016 lets all hate more now. SO we’ll see if that platform manipulates enough voters to win.

Meanwhile consumer confidence from Spring moving forward to empower the economy – can and will – create enough summer economics to move 3.4% growth up to 5% by 2020 a platform of prosperity that if America votes its wallet versus its hatred may present 2020 with a Trump victory and a congress that can actual function versus todays total dysfunction. Voters will get what they voted for. Prosperity or an amazing Super Crash. As Yale economists now predict – one vote or the other. Hatred or YOUR WALLET become the issues – PROSPERITY OR ITS OPPOSITE.

For 15 years CONSUMER CONFIDENCE has never been THIS HIGH as it is now under Donald Trump whose approval ratings are soaring into 60% and that is CNN Polls not FOX.

Now then on Credit Cards. The interest rate is so low that cost to obtain capital to lend by institutions is the LOWEST CAPITAL COST in a century.

Congress running on HATE and TRUMP TAX RETURNS fails to govern. In the past to assure prosperity Congress explored WINDFALL TAX APPLICATIONS to institutions who price guaged American consumers without mercy.

Having the LOWEST COST OF MONEY TO LEND the institutions now charge into May the HIGHEST INTEREST RATES over 17% on bone averaging many at over 23% interest – a record high not for 20 years 30 years 50 years but EVER.

THE HIGHEST PRICE GAUGING IN HISTORY ON CREDIT CARDS that American’s are now drowing inside of.

Should CREDIT CARD FEE”s hold a relationship to cost of money to the institutions such that cost of money at its lowest lever EVER does not next equate to the lenders HIGHEST CHARGING EVER AND HIGHEST PROFITS EVER WITH BONUS PAYMENTS TO THE ROBBER BANKERS IN THE MANY TENS OF MILLIONS. Now that is not their 100 million dollar total compensation that is their bonus only. Off your 17% average credit card criminal abuse of economics charging today.

No one is indicting the bank criminals who stole untold billions and no congress is investigating. No they are trying to block obstruct justice and stop cold:

  1. Investigations of their own criminal wrong doing and their CRIMINAL BREACH Of Constitutionally defined executions – say passing a US BUDGET which they have politisized criminally to their own agenda throwing the Constitution of the USA into the trash bin. WHO HOLDS THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR CRIMES IN CONGRESS? At 6% approval rating falling to 4% the 90% plus of all democrats and all republicans real AMERICANS just hate those 500 plus criminals in office. WE HATE THEM ALL. SHAME ON YOU ALL.
  2. Investigations into criminal wrong doing at Justice and the FBI. Today the democrat house organ releases a political book into 2020 stating from a Navy Seal that the biggest threat to the USA is Donald Trump? How ? Trying to return the constitution to law? Holding congress ACCOUNTABLE for the first time in 100 years? THAT? Nancy and insiders will do anything to block investigations that define her criminal role in illegal attacks on the PResident of the United States – so that such illegal politics is precluded for 500 forward years. Real evidence shows that bad apples in the FBI and Justice worked outside rule of law to GET TRUMP as a coordinated illegal unconstitutional triad of agena’s that broke the laws of the nation. For the first time in decades the Truth will replace TRUMPED UP news and fake news to distract everyone from the truth – it is the US CONGRESS THAT IS CRIMINAL STEERING JUSTICE AND FBI TO JOIN THEIR CRIMES thinking they will all be immune and protected from such high crimes in office. You can appreciate the CONSTITUTION WARS TAKING PLACE as new red lines on the limits of powers for the Admiistration the Congrss and agencies is about to fall down and hard. WATCH THIS NEWS UNFOLD as battles will be lost and who wins the CONSTITUTIONAL POWERS WAR will define the nation forever probably.
  3. For the first time in American history the war includes public embrace of SOCIALISM where government solves all our problems into US bankruptcy for sure eventually – as with all bankrupt socialist forms of government over time – or AMERICA FOR FREE ENTERPRISE AND AGAINST SOCIALISM COMMUNISM IN ANY FORM WHERE GOVERNMENT “IS” THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM. Voters will get what they want not understanding the long term economic issues which are complex and beyond NEWS bites.

Today America is reeling in debt. Consumer individual debt, mortgage debt, credit card debt, student loan debt, auto loan debt, all at highest levels ever recorded in USA history. The American consumer is awash in debt at ratio’s never seen before in history.

As the inflation is not present since 2009 – ten years – and money cost is the lowest in centuries to institutions at near zero cost – and Americans now pay the HIGHEST INTEREST EVER RECORDED one would turn to Congress to INVESTIGATE and windfall tax income to institutions unless they drop cost to credit – immediately.

Who is the biggest lobby world wide?

Who is the biggest spender to 500 in congress by the billions to those 500 in their paks?

Well Banks and investment banks – WALL STREET by far. Outspends IT and Pharms combined.

WALL STREET OWNS CONGRESS well bought and paid for.

No investigation of the all time history worse gauging of consumers in US history.

Congress lets 400 million Americans drown in soaring cost of credit payments at a time when the money cost dropped through the floor boards and by WALL STREET LOBBY EFFORTS has remained at the floor boards. Now WALL STREET lobbies the FED to drop their cost of money even further lowering their FED RATE ( which will not happen trust me ).

Would if they had lower rates CRIMINAL WALL STREET all of whom  pled guilty of the largest financial crimes ever reported – making AL Capone and the Mafia look like they stole a snickers bar from a 7/11 store along with Berny Madoff by comparison. Only TOO BIG TO JAIL is yet another win for the WALL STREET ownership of bought and paid for congress. The biggest threat to WALL STREET unending soaring charges to American consumers – is the TRUMP TEAM – who birthed in New York City has the Wall Street formula cold and they know it. So unlimited money to HATE TRUMP.

Unlimited money from TOO BIG TO JAIL and RECORD ALL TIME 400 YEAR HIGH DEBT CHARGING TO ALL OF AMERICA BY CRIMINALS WHO RUN WALL STREET – I KNOW I WAS ONE OF THEM. It has been 20 years since I got out of Prison. I was a broken window. Criminal contempt of court over an 87,000 junk bond with prosecution stipulation I never benefited indirectly or directly from 12 accredited investors buying a total ( small sums for each ) into a high yield junk bond. The Bond was current paid in full to the date my public brokerage firm was sold for a price of ONE DOLLAR. The buyer contractually agreed to pay off the junk bond given his reduced sale price for the global public brokerage firm. The buyer did pay the bond current after purchase. He stripped the assets into his other firms and then filed bankruptcy as an attorney for the institution he acquired for one dollar. The BK judge through out the bankruptcy as fraud. I appeared at that hearing to assure the buyer tripped over his pants being down. While his terror ran him out of Chicago and almost disbarred him he was TOO BIG TO JAIL. So they jailed me the broken window charging me on Christmas Eve years later with contempt of court the lowest federal violation level on their books. The crime carries zero jail time. The prosecution illegally ( can’t be done today due to Supreme Court bars on enhancing sentences ) where they sentenced me not for contempt but for enhancements they constructed to maximize punishment. ENRON crooks who stole and had 100 million in their banks got less punishment where I had no gain or any funds in my bank. BROKEN WINDOWS go to jail the real crooks eat a warm stake meal and donate to the paks in America.

JUSTICE IS FOR SALE unless Trump Reforms it because no one else in the system that pays them from Wall Street WILL pay them for Justice Reform just the opposite. Those of us who learned and work for Justice reform – WE KNOW WHAT THE ISSUES ARE – as we work in both justice and prison reform giving back our lessons for the better good. It is not easy either.

The truth.

Folks the truth wins really.

Software of the mind.

After decades of FAKE NEWS to load and manipulate desired software on your brains main CPU. The problem in Super Change and new AI is that your profile can be acquired, and software most appealing sent to you in repetitions you can’t discern any longer, so pervasive is the digital AI brain washing, that masses no longer know their values positions and votes were manipulated into their brain as software updating that is daily and endless into your profile as a voter. HATE TRUMP is emotional software that out appeals to C drive permanent filing to any GOOD NEWS TRUMP because the brain is hard wire to deeper file THREAT than a hot dog party which it quickly forgets. The two billion dollar election industry of 2020 will invest record sums to define, embed and manipulate brain software into voters.

Those who read this blog are immune.

You are constantly assuring your brain software has more advanced AI code, to THINK at higher states of consciousness than brains who fail to invest in data and the truth.

The truth is economics Trumps political agenda’s in the end.

Even blame games where those who cause economic damage seek to shed blame unto themselves – WALL STREET IN 2007 – for one example – with 11 trillion put out from tax payers in debts for 100 years from today – with no budget passed to approve the money already approved by criminal congress ever passes. No budget passing is a congressional crime. Voter brain washing keeps the focus off Congress and Wall Street as our saviors. THE ONE WITH THE WEAPON AND MASK ROBBING YOU AT EVERY CREDIT CARD SWIPE – IS NOT YOUR SAVIOR FOLKS THEY ARE YOUR ECONOMIC KILLERS.

Too big to Jail.

Congress seeks to indict Trump on criminal tax return frame works like they have used for any criminal rules of evidence fail to indict or convict as no evidence of crimes exists – no matter the game is to TARNISH THE TARGET WITH PRESS AND FAKE NEWS UNTIL THE SLIME IS SO GREAT THEY CAN TRUMP UP A CHARGE OF CRIMINAL TAX CRIME AND PUT THE OFFENDER AWAY IN THE TRUMPED UP CHARGE FROM A TOTALLY CORRUPT PROCESS IN US JUSTICE.

The majority of Justice employees want JUSTICE REFORM.

The majority of Congress want Justice Reform.

The Majority of congress want to govern and stop this circus and its crimes in congress.

The minority ruling are focused on whatever crimes are required to retain the status quo of eroding the constitution of the United States to move the nation into full socialism and forever legal theft of public funds the largest stream of money in the world to steal from.

if you think something else is going on think again.

Trump is a reformer with enormous team of wealthy genius reformers sacrificing to restore the US constitution, REBUILD AMERICAN INFRASTRUCTURE, while Congress fails to pass a budget and works in one subpoena after another acting politically as if Congress was the justice department and the sitting President their employee – which is all untrue in fact and in law.

The game is have the criminals label the President a criminal by 2020 in the minds of the winning hands of voters.

The risk is the TRUTH will over come the fake news and create a back lash.

The criminals are confident their AI new digital tools to manipulate votes ( beyond any minor Russia fringe postings on face book a joke on manipulation had no effect at all and proven ) where it is the criminals in office having billions to spend, to manipulate your mind and brain software.

This blog is not political. CEO SPACE is a leading advocate for small business. We work with wonderful leaders in both parties who are dedicated public servants. All with brilliant input to public policy which is so complex way beyond sound bites. We are economic. Always. Issues that hurt economics we tell you about. Nancy Pelosi has hurt growth and economics and we tell you. Its not political it is economic. It is the truth.

Trump and Trade war news is all FAKE NEWS by the 90% media owned by less than 50 socialist who want a legal theft of public funds to preclude reforms to stop that economically. The FAKE NEWS is that American consumers pay the tariff tax. That is FAKE NEWS. In fact suppliers and chain of supply eat most of it and a fraction moves to consumers which have ZERO IMPACT on your buying an IPHONE or anything else – as in zero. America does collect billions to balance our trade imbalance one way or the other . Trump and American win in all outcomes.  CONSUMER CONFIDENCE THIS WEEKEND – HIGHEST IN 15 YEARS FOLKS – back to 2004 and that BOOM into 2007 – which was our best ever. Repeating again now.

So media endless suggests TRUMP is raising consumer prices to end the boom. The boom is soaring and will continue to soar except in down bubble losing the trade war in fact – CHINA. No deal and China falls off a cliff. Deal and China has prosperity for centuries. China leaders will abacus this math soon enough as the economics never lie.

So consumers are fed endless HATE TRUMP daily and why.

My readers have a magic FIREWALL TO SUCH TRIPE and BRIAN SOFTWARE which never reaches their far more informed and data rich brains. My readers THINK where mindless millions world wide no longer then they simply embrace FAKE SOFTWARE ( NEWS ) FED TO THEM TO MANIPULATE THEIR THOUGHTS.

Today Orwell’s BIG BROTHER and MIND MANIPULATION is in fact for the first time here and alive and well. You are monitored as never before – from wake to sleep and what you eat in between. Your Porn clicks to all your clicks and that data feeds you special FAKE NEWS made just for your attitude to control your vote outcomes. Trillions are spent fo manipulate your mind as a consumer and voter.

San Francisco the first city ( my birth city and leader on human rights always ) voted to preclude FACE RECOGNITION in its cities – have no fear in SAN FRANCISCO where you are FREE. Though HATE TRUMP rules in a FREE ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY CENTER built on FREE ENTERPRISE AND CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS now backing SOCIALISM which I find odd choice making but I bow to the brain washing by the constitutional criminals. Because BRAIN WASHING WORKS FOLKS.

Or they would not do it.

So guard your software one week at a time. THINK about your fake news and draw more informed outcomes of mind. YOUR MIND. No one else’s manipulation.

Obama is a US citizen and TRUMP owes Obama and his family an apology as truth.

Trump is not a criminal and Nancy owes him an apology as Truth.

Consumer confidence driving the American prosperity is highest since 2004 itself a record.

Credit card interest is at all time HIGH EVER with money cost at all time low.

What does this tell us?

Wall Street Criminals are criminally gauging Americans and using that money to elect their own champion so they can keep doing these crimes which is not TRUMP.

Attorney General Barr is one of the greatest constitutional champion of JUSTICE IN 100 years.

Barr will not allow a criminal fringe in justice to go unpunished he is cleaning house and cleaning up.

Those involved as the tracks lead right back to Nancy and a criminal cabal in Congress – have a last gasp as real criminals to circle their criminal power brokers and distract the BARR hard evidence from their camps and throw sand in the GIANTS EYES to frame TRUMP for crimes. Even thought such efforts fail they may tip the election and they may derail their own prosecution when deals are made with BARR Later.

Today Nancy and her criminal co conspirators in the Justice spot light now – are working in panic to develop enough political capital with TRUMP THREAT to make a BARR DEAL to remove themselves from TOO BIG TO JAIL.

That is what is going on today.

Did you see it some other way?

Check your software and reboot.

Think again.

We have worked in lobby work in DC from the 1960s’ before 90% of our readers where born, both from a large public Wall Street global brokerage firm I ran and I sold for $ 1.00 to protect stake holders, and CEO SPACE from the 1980s to today serving 150 nations. As Farmers Insurance adveritising in America states in their mass marketing….over the years we have seen it all and we know a thing or two….

Protecting your SOFTWARE is our BLOG FIREWALL world wide for readers in all nations as what is good for the USA economically is always best for your nation and all nations as the core pump to all things economic. 440 TRILLION IN USA DOLLARS run the world and AI controls the flows not humans.

The new economy the AI economy is what you know is true and news reporting old economy information is denial and in error in reporting.

You have kept score?

97 Predictions since 1988 and a winning forecast site unmatched world wide by track record.

This weekend report is to scan your software – to remove virus code – to free your mind to think on the truth – of what is really going on out there you only read here – from EBOLA as real threat – and we promise you the real risk into 2020 economics – you’ll see – and the truth on data and economics and political agendas all economic – so you SEE TASTE AND FEEL THE TRUTH from the FAKE NEWS.

Which is your WHY we hope to spread this site – this weekend – to your walls – boards and share the URL and the mail lists you have to join new FREE READERS who want better SOFTWARE OF MIND.

This blog is the only firewall for the truth against brain manipulating incoming we know of in the world today.

Your anti virus of your own mind is served free right here. THE ONE AND THE ONLY BLOG SITE – that reads your whole brain software and purges your mind of trojans fake news and virus of the mind with the anti virus software that has no resistance to all known virus of mind -known as the TRUTH.


Note: Why is a criminal bought and paid for by Wall Street my tribe as an investment banker economist failing to INVESTIGATE as required by law – the criminal price guarding of WALL STREET who has bought and paid for law makers to protect itself and its crimes in a co conspiracy now unwinding under BARR/ No wonder they are in full on panic – can’t you feel the TRUTH OF IT right now?