In the new AI economy – the questions asked are so different than in the old economy. For instance, the PR that makes markets go up and go down source from where? First the President and Tweets as Donald Trump controls market ups and down as core source in the new economy – not so in 2016 but all new AI economics in 2017.

In the NEW AI economy the sound bites next controlling billions and billions of profits are from Wall Street the largest Lobby and PR machine in all nations the world has ever known. Say Larry Fink at Blackrock and Carlye both put out PR that moves markets. Their AI will profit maximally over more stable markets.

The PR may be FAKE NEWS – find out who paid for the PR. Tracking those source of PR is now a new AI subroutine getting smarter and smarter. Why?

Well if your AI can out guess and position to the other chaps AI then you win more profit for your lake of money. With Caryle and BlackRock we are talking 13 trillion dollars of cash. By comparison China once only a few years back in the OLD ECONOMY had 3.2 trillion in reserves in its cash account.

Today since trade wars, Trump has changed things. China now is not buying new DEBT from the US like they once did but other nations profiting from the RUN OF FIVE TRILLION CAPITAL OUT OF CHINA since 2014, say India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore and so many others, while China Bleeds the others LEAD in the NEW ECONOMICS – scroll and read up on that Super Change event. AI ECONOMICS.

You lead as leader when you know secret knowledge before others have that secret truth and knowledge. Masters protect the new truth from error. Teachers of Masters ( TM’s ) Bring new truth into ages that require such GPS to prosper and survive.

Stay ahead as leaders.

China is now falling under 1.2 trillion dollars in US debt and dollar held accounts. When China pays for goods world wide they have tried their communist phony currency now down some 70% since Trump won in office. You been tracking that free fall in new AI economics?

China to support it’s currency from a Super Crash in which its own citizens already running as they can, out of Chinese phony currency the yuan, 70% down in two years, and into dollars though it is so hard do so when every transaction is AI computer tracked. Every Chinese is given social credit points for conforming to Communist behavior modeling. If citizens attempt to express free choice their state credit account like a 5.0 credit score, removes you from community as everyone shuns you for hurting the social whole. Who long this THOUGHT POLICE the first of its kind ever – in new AI economics will work, is yet to be seen.

Financially its a mess.

In the new economics China has crashed its dollar reserves which is needed to buy billions on commodities and goods like Oil China must pay for in DOLLARS. If China uses Yuan as most trades only settle in world reserve currency – the US dollar – the ratio of falling yuan value to each dollar – is weighted and eating up Chinese dollar reserves.

Said another way if this trade war goes on long then China will run out of dollars and then all shit is going to hit the real fan and for China not the USA.

As China supports it yuan by massive buying of its own crap currency with value based dollars now soaring in value – soaring since Trump got elected – highest ramp back up in 15 years – as the dollar is king again world wide – everywhere. Everyone wants dollars. No one wants Yaun. China tried to replace the dollar in an economic warfare move with the IMF which has failed so badly they still have burn bandages all over their ten communist fingers.

NO COMMUNIST ECONOMY HAS EVER SURVIVED LONG TERM OR BROUGHT PROSPERITY TO ITS PEOPLE TO MATCH FREE ENTERPRISE AND CAPITALISM FOR DOING JUST THAT ….China is also 80% export economics and driving growth from internal consumption will take decades and is not possible today for 1.4 billion people, 68% over the age of 55, four men to one lady in lower age groups, and not enough workers at ten to one retiring to the one left to replace the ten – this aging economics and failure of communist one birth child for fifty years – as skewed China demographics such that economically,  there is path forward.

China has to:

  1. Pay off all state debt with a US dollar based Super Bond ( call us )
  2. Develop ten trillion of forward SUPER BOND infrastructure for 25 years ( call us )
  3. Massively stimulate jobs and employment from the SUPER BOND
  4. Ramp up a 5 million dollar China DOLLAR RESERVE account for the much larger GNP and economics of the future
  5. Massively stimulate internal sustained rising consumption from NEW ENTREPRENEUR LAWS to jump start 1 million new ventures in China forming a year to drive the ever rising consumption in AI economics.

The problem of WARP DRIVE ECONOMICS on a demographic of youth MAO and my Father engineered in the 1950’s and 1960’s -is that in WARP DRIVE ECONOMICS the growth under Newtons what goes up must come back down – always slows and then declines. Chinese Communist economists trained by Universities of the world in antique and dead now old paper trading economics and theories for capital flows is fully replaced starting in 2014 by AI. New AI Super Change Economics have in just one economic sector, oil the cost of everything else entirely, food, transportation, packaging, electricity, has seen growth top and growth contract now. This SUPER CHANGE was too fast for pundits world wide to adapt to the SUPER CHANGE.

Steeped in old economy theory which no longer applies to SUPER CHANGE rapidly evolving new economics, present bad buggy god awful data to leaders of nations upon which they rely, also addicted to old models with human brains wired to preclude any change or risk elevation on their watch time face.

The idea…no change on my time on the watch towers,…even if it kills me …where inside SUPER CHANGE such buggy thinking . failing to be brought current inside the Age of Super Change will kill you. First financially for a small enterprise or a nation like China. Today over 7 trillion dollars is invested globally in self driving automobiles. In one small sector of economics. AI controls over 440 trillion dollars of capital flows at a 96% trade completion is now AI in all economic sectors. 100’s of trillions of dollars are invested in AI from the internet of things, to your ear pods and smart speakers, to your health care and all asset classes and prices. AI is fully in control.

China is not dumping its US dollar holdings. They are 1/3 what they where when Trump came into office. They are down because the dollar has soared in value – have you not kept score on the DOLLAR ELEVATOR under Donald Trump into the Penthouse Floor. Every trade globally must be paid by all nations. Getting DOLLARS is the oil the lubricant for world trade. China has a ENORMOUS DOLLAR PENALTY in this trade war.

The Trade war is hitting China as follows:

  1. Trillions of capital both parked in China and committed or committing to future projects has dried up and run OUT OF CHINA. Experts say we are passing 5 trillion dollars in capital flight out of China since the Trade War began.
  2. GNP in China has fallen – growth is no longer existent – the 25% growrth of the 1980’s has plunged on any chart or graph to 5% right now – does anyone know how to read a chart from the high only a bit of time ago at 25% annual growth soaring to 30% doing an about down bubble from failed chinese economic policies, where now growth 80% down from peak is falling the rest of the 20% and really fast as well.
  3. The Dollar account required to trade at all has dropped by 2/3rds from 3.4 trillion in dollar reserves to only 1.2 and falling fast reserves as dollars are required by 100’s of billions to support China Yuan from the RUN ON THEIR CURRENCY by World new economic AI’s. This trend down with 80% of dollar reserves as loss over less than five years, is a crises depreciation of China WEALTH.
  4. The Chinese economy now is contracting into the risk of a SUPER CRASH starting in Real Estate in forward years and moving into commodities Super Crashing wiping out China current trade surpluses and placing China into an impossible new AI economic vice with capital still running out of China. Firms leaving never to ever return.
  5. China Debt Super Bubble, borrowing in the ever crash plunge from 25% growth rising to 30% crashing into 5% growth and going to zero growth – if a trade deal does not materialize. This is the TRUMP TEAM economic outcome. China in revolution Spring and break up with civil wars and riots all over China as totally unwanted by the world and the USA or a trade deal and sustained prosperity giving CHINA planners TIME the key asset now to work out of the economics of failed policies – and failed demographic outcomes to its worker populations. China does not admit its failures and that is the problem of integrity for any nation on earth in the new Economy. INTEGRITY is the new currency.

So Wall Street is manipulating market prices why? Well because they can in AI Economics. The manipulations and fake news outside any nations regulatory frame work today, produces volatility never seen before over SOUND BITES driving price up and down. This ability to move prices up and down provides profit benefits to AI ECONOMICS never seen in markets before today.

We see today:

  1. Soft winter math on manufacturing.
  2. Auto’s
  3. Homes

We have told you and told you CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER was record breaking and really the USA did ok. We had two BOMB CYCLONES Over 50% of the USA with snow and ice. Anyone go buy and shop for a home a mall item or a car in a BOMB CYCLONE LAST MONTH? Masses stayed by a warm fire I know our family did in Freezing OHIO last month.

Economic activity in May is soaring – auto’s homes and consumer goods all surprising everyone but our teams. We are laughing high fiving and saying 31 years of prediction accuracy we really see no comparison for on accuracy past to to tomorrow. Some one has to be number one in accurate GPS for what comes next.


You hear it first.

You see it become accurate.

Over one year you see it as amazing.

Over five years a kind of magic.

Over a decade a MIRACLE SIGHT.

Long time readers thanks for singing our praise we are adding subscribers who just want the economics of what is going on OUT THERE explained. As the truth is always the sentence – FOLLOW THE FREAKIN MONEY – whether it is MBS attacking himself to raise oil prices – or it is China trying to rally its population seeing failed economics as growth slides into recession and SUPER CRASH – the ploy is to throw sand ( fake news ) into the giants eyes ) voters and the population – so the masses fail to fixed responsibility on the 12% communist rulers failed policies that have screwed it all up.

With President XI make no mistake. The corruption purge ( still going on ) has swept through legal theft more “corrupt companies” not ascribing to Communist principles ENOUGH – into new owners who are NOT CORRUPT and will run those firms faithfully to the communist drummers. Thousands of companies have been purged of corruption and acquired by PARTY INSIDERS under XI who now all owe XI while his opponents in the huge nation of China have been for years jailed, to never be seen again. If their families complain too much they go to jail as well or at least Communist RE-EDUCATION CAMPS where 1,000,000 are now locked up under XI.


Wall Street Fake News:

  1. China can win the trade war – no chance in hell – with AI economics
  2. China is dumping its Dollar accounts – China is trying to stop free fall for its YUAN.
  3. China won’t have a SUPER CRASH if trade war goes on – YES THEY WILL & SOON

So you heard all that first here.

Now then China has one road forward. Make a best possible trade deal with the USA as rapidly as possible. If you elect to delay trillions in buryer demand will shift from you by September never to return to China. Your future will then be the worst economic recession since the Mao revolution. So sad for the Chinese people.

The cause is advisers residing in the old economy that does not exist any longer and applying tools and tactics from that old economy into the new AI economics. This wrong minded denial policy approach is a failed model and will be toxic to desired outcomes. China can avoid a SUPER CRASH and DEBT CASCADE as the CHINA SUPER DEBT BUBBLE will burst and this China has no ability to repair if it takes place. Why would anyone allow such risk in economics?

They allow the risk because the policy makers are making policy based on buggy software of mind that is in denial of new software upgrades required to make successful policy.


  1. Biden declares and back doors – back me and we’ll unwind Trump and your back in business.
  2. China policy makers assess risk to go slow – unwind the 155 page deal terms – and election wait.
  3. Economics will punish failed policy so fast, that China may never recover in fact.

ECONOMICS are unforgiving for error and abuse.

China economic planners are WRONG and exist in old economics.

Treasury Planners are AI economic aware, and offered a way forward strong deal to China.

Trump falsely led to rely on the 155 progressive deal was blind sided by a full unwinding of all the time to agree on 155 pages together.

Trumps Team correctly moved the BAD BET from China back to the core came raising and calling.


China after its final dealer hit at its table globally even with the secret BIden deal – has two two’s.

If China shows its cards Capital will fatally leave China for 100 years.

China needs to FOLD EM no longer HOLD THEM and make a DEAL which saves face  and more importantly their economy for 1.4 billion chinese and 2 billion unborn chinese.

You got to know when to fold them and know when to hold them.

The USA Wall Street Fake news puts out “mounting pressure to lower interest rates? There is no mounting pressure. There is mounting pressure from us to keep interest rates level at one of the lowest PAUSE points in 100 years. Interest RATES ARE LOW ENOUGH. Lenders are making record all time profits – have you been watching Wall Street STOCK PRICES and STOCK BUY BACKS? Warren Buffet in lower earnings is Massively buying back its stock.

Would Wall Street – make massively MORE PROFIT from the ungodly profits and bonus money you see individuals earn in the tens of millions as just a single bonus – IF WALL STREET COULD PAY EVERYONE LESS FOR DEPOSITS ON LOWER INTEREST WHILE CHARGING THEIR PEAK RATES UNCHANGED TO THE MARKET?

If they could lower their supply of raw material ( money ) and keep they charge to the market in the recent high loads from 2010 to today – high – would their profit account not soar? If the boom with a trade deal created more volume, would they make more money if during the TRADE WAR Wall Street the Bridal Falls of FAKE NEWS to market to manipulate price for its AI ECONOMICS and TRADES day to day – lobbied for LOWER INTEREST ( to while things are trade war volatile and the Wall Street FAKE NEWS FACTORIES are all in election year high gear to lower their cost of commodity cost ( money acquisition ) and keep their cost of lending or placing money at all time ten year highs – they make the most money possible ).

Said another way nothing can make Wall Street more money than lowering the cost greedy bankers pay to acquire their trading asset ( money ) while keeping the cost they charge others for that money high.

You see it now?

Alright now you see:

  1. Fake news on first quarter business softening – which is only winter nothing else.
  2. Failure to report Spring up bubble in same asset classes across all charts.
  3. Calls to lower interest for FAKE NEWS on 1 and on 2.
  4. Lobby Pressure to the Fed to lower interest rates to avoid a China Super Crash.
  5. If they can lower the value of the US dollar the USA sells more of everything as everything is cheaper – so lowering the cost of money – lowers the dollar in value – globally and lowers the cost of American everything for trade. The better outcome is a strong dollar leading the world and US trade is soaring with a strong dollar as it did 1950’s to new Economics in 2007 as AI began to take over in version I. We are in AI economics version 100 today as AI evolves in hyper super change time frames never experienced by human beings till now.

My NEW BOOK on SUPER CHANGE will upgrade your brain software and fast.

If you fail to embrace and make SUPER CHANGE work for you….Super Change will bury you.

The American economy is growing faster than you think, is far stronger and more robust than you believe, and is diversifying into industries never seen before, faster than you ever have witnessed and America is re=inventing economics into AI economics and itself and the entire world in time frames never known in any other age.

Super Change as a pace of change is exponentially accelerating. Impossible to slow down.

We all have to calm down to catch up. We have to become far more objective about data. We have to read with new reading glasses and learn how to follow the MONEY bouncing ball to markets. By being better informed your outcomes are more secure.

If you lack the better information….your outcomes? In the future? Well….not so much.

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Make yours. You have better information …


PS: China is dumping USA debt – fake news – who benefits from the bond market volatility – there there your new reading glasses will kick in….China benefits by making up trade war tariff costs in market profits from volatility who created ? China created for the profit of it….now you starting to see the truth?