The Oil wars began in 2014 when MBS then in his twenties, the new PUPPY KING of Saudi Arabia, declared, “HE” the KING OF SAUDI would next totally DESTROY the American Oil INDUSTRY. He would using OPEC bring oil down from a peak of $ 140.00 a barrel, as a tax on 8 billion people. Oil creates fertilizers and pesticides and many transportation and storage containers or movements. Oil is the largest DOLLAR perspective of food production packaging and movement in the world. Said another way OIL ELITES – less than 100 fantastically wealthy individuals – control overrides and profit every time you swallow food in any nation upon the earth. If you ever get health care the ingredients of the shots you take the tubes that hold the blood they draw and the syringes that give you the medicine that saves your life come from OIL. Half a barrel of oil we burn up in a toxic soup over the industrial revolution in just 100 years, Mankind and our unholy alliance with toxic oil, have brought the planet and planet wide environment, into a CRISES EXTINCTION MODE, while we pedal to the metal.

Across this entire spectrum of oil USE the demand for toxic oil for the first time in 100 years first slowed and then and now is in full on decline. Thats right. Growth For OIL USE Is being revised monthly now in the direction growth for oil USE has never gone since the 1800’s. DOWN DOWN DOWN. While this DOWN DOWN DOWN DEMAND FOR OIL OCCURS PRICES ARE MOVING UP TODAY. Why? Well they move up on King MBS OF SAUDI.

So what from 2014 when oil moved from 214.00 a barrel to 36.00 a barrel ( any one track what losing an oil war looks like ) ? American oil shale production has risen from 4 million barrels a day in out put to 13 million barrels a day rising up to 20 million barrels a day faster and faster. Oil UP means more RIGS in America. Rig count was up but not as much as usual due to four months of brutal CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER over US oil Fields – two bomb cyclones in April alone normally Spring. As the snows melt with interest inside the Fed GREAT PAUSE continue for years the likely RIG COUNT RISE into December will set records. American production is soaring. We added over 5 million barrels of oil to our strategic oil reserves THIS WEEK AGAIN  having no other buyers for that much added oil….and the price goes up. Why?

Well the price went Down Weds based on demand being adjusted downward from March and again in April by world tracking agencies. DOWN DOWN DOWN demand is plunging never to return. What is SUPER CHANGING in the oil markets of 2019/2020? WHAT? IS? CHANGING?


Oil Price is shifting to $ 45.00 – $ 55.00 a Barrel and holding why? The loss of OIL demand growth and the start of oil demand net negative over supply annual use. THE NEW DAY OF OIL SUPPLY GREATER THAN NEVER ENDING PLUNDING DEMAND NOW CONTROLS PRICE AND MBA PRICE MANIPULATIONS ARE FAILING – HE WINS FOR A DAY BUT LOSES FOR THE WEEK AND THE MONTH. Oil peaked at 72.00 and spiking in AI oil new markets to $ 200 on manipulative speculations with cost averaging at $ 45.00 dollars a barrel – get ready for declining average prices – go short – and volatility like oil markets pre AI economics have never known before. THAT.

You heard it first and repeatedly right here – now learn earn return using this information for your forward game planning in ENTREPRENEUR SPACE – the space CEO SPACE ( registrations to Dallas May 22nd Wheels up Tuesday ) leads within: just for you……..


  • The electricity moving off toxic oil to never return is cutting off pipe lines of oil demand forever
  • The transportation moving from toxic oil to never return is a global plunge off oil use
  • The containers and packaging moving from toxic oil – plastic bags to shringes is forever

The day of rising oil demand is over. Now with Trade war and manufacturing down for month three in the USA and year three for China to name only two world oil demand from EU to everywhere is a) moving off OPEC highest price most costly to refine oil to b) Cheaper non OPEC Oil less costly to refine ( forever shifting market share wars MBS lost as in being economically nuked ).

No oil price is a fair market price for a scare and non renewable commodity right?


Oil price is a complex unregulated web of unholy shadow bankers including oil producers around the world oil refiners and oil shippers and oil storage investors all investing with AI DIGITAL LEVERAGED SPECULATIONS to FULL MANIPULATION “YOUR” PRICE OF OIL. This market illegal and criminal fix, the worlds largest HIDDEN TAX UPON THE COST OF EVERYTHING IS UNWINDING. Less than 100 sociopathic fantastically wealthy elites, manipulate the price of oil, to gain even more fantastic wealth accumulations outside any oversight regulatory frame work or rule of law. The wild wild west of oil pricing.

The Gulf Nations led by Saudi have a problem. Saudi spends more than it earns depending on oil price. Today the debt load and forward diversification experiment – with zero controls – or known outcomes – seeks to create economics outside oil for GULF NATIONS. To do so spending – massive spending and risk investing is required. Due to abuse of Powers by MBS – for example locking up over 1000 royals and criminally stealing through extortion over 100 billion dollars back to his Royal Vaults, is one abuse. Another might be the inability to address the question – why again if you had 18 assassin highly trained Kings “men” in Turkey at your embassy to talk sense into Khashoggi or kidnap Washington Post Journalist Khashoggi –  ( the question ) – if that is all it was a) why did your team bring multiple bone saws to the embassy? b) Why did you say your Saudi embassy staff confirmed to you that Khashoggi left the Embassy – when not knowing it was all on both audio and full video tape by the Turkish Government itself illegally filming in your embassy because they well know YOU MBS backed and financed the coup to kill the leader of Turkey his wifie and his children America did nothing to stop you. Now you have Saudi at a break even to run your annual budget requiring 70.00 a barrel oil and 72 dollars a barrel only helps you a bit. When you cut back oil to raise price to this level other OPEC members cheat and sell for less to KEEP MARKET SHARE AND CUSTOMERS. You have cost OPEC more customers and market share in two years than in 100 years. Your charts saying growth for oil is soaring are wrong growth for oil is DECLINING NOT RISING AT ALL. You have lied and OPEC has lied and now you are all caught in your lies. This MBS accent on fraud and MORE BULL SHIT ( MBS ) where everyone inside OPEC and outside knows these things for sure:

  1. MBS is a sociopathic ruler who will be removed by the tribes who deserve to rule
  2. OPEC is destroyed by MBS as demand falls and market share wars are badly lost.
  3. MBS has cost Saudi 3 trillion dollars in capital flight out of nation since 2017 only
  4. MBS has lost the oil wars attacking his own ships and rigs and blaming it badly only Iran
  5. MBS has lost the battle with Iran and Iran has won it all including a deal with Trump watch

In Dealing with Trump Iran is able to settle all scores with Saudi. Again watch this coming up next and remember you heard it first here. Today OIL went up a bit over what it went down yesterday. OIL will fall from new peaks at 72.00 from MBS bullshit – while 100’s of millions of barrels of new oil is added by America to our own 500,000,0000 barrel storage farms because we can’t sell 500,000,000 oil barrels to anyone today. If TRUMP DUMPS any part of that stock pile in stead of buying more and more – like the USA not importing oil at 87% now say 13% and falling – like we need a BILLION BARRELS in storage come on? Trump is opening up more oil in the worlds largest reserves ( unlimited ) on Federal Lands we the people own. No wonder Saudi currency is falling and US Dollars are rising.

Today China currency is free falling as the same trillions running out and away ( forever ) from Saudi investing and oil – is taking place in China. China sitting on commodity bets that will lose a trillion dollars for them along with trillions spent to support its own paper community money. If you spend 300% more than you earn ( China does ) for over ten years ( China has ) when does such debt economics and the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE IN CHINA become a SUPER CRASH unfolding. In Slow Motion or instantly in AI world? As demand in manufacturing in China drops like a stone – as it has in our first quarter as China now in FALL moves into full on WINTER. Lets see how far WINTER ALONE and CLIMATE CHANGE slow Chinese GNP for real – the debtor run economy that is not an economy in fact.

MBS has no clue his largest client – China – is not amused at ever higher SAUDI OIL PRICES. As China negotiates price of its own oil at $ 45.00 these secret market share contracts by SAUDI work against OPEC other members who all find out. When they do find out MBS betrayed them all, yet again, OPEC dies. OPEC members nod and make nice press smiles as they all cheat, pump whatever protects their market share and sells at whatever price protects their market share. OIL IS NOW PRICED BY THE BUYER NOT BY THE SELLER.

MBS has destroyed OPEC in the midst of the largest fall off a cliff for oil – a forever decline in demand where 50% of current oil use will be off the table entirely by 2050 or before. Never in any commodity market has the demand peaked and fallen like this commodity – oil the price of everything else – save perhaps ask Holland about Tulip speculations a century back. The Dutch have long memories. GO DUTCH.

Now consider that inflation, the policy driver of central banks ( but should it be in AI economics ) is not rising nor has inflation been rising as old economics and trends once saw, why? Because the cost of everything oil – the main inflation driver – fuel to move everything – packaging to hold everything – energy to report everything and turn on your lights – is now in demand decline. The lowest price to move everything – package everything – and turn on your lights – way under climate change toxic killing us all oil produces – is here now and cost are dropping.

INFLATION OR OIL that was a nickle a gallon ( 5 cents ) then 10 cents than 25 cents when I pumped it first – then 50 cents then 75 cents then 1.00 a gallon than 1.50 a gallon then 2.00 and all the way to 5.00 dollars a gallon. Now back 50% from that outside California or 2.18 cents a gallon when it should be 75 cents.

HAVE YOU NOTICE RECORD EARNINGS FOR OIL COMPANIES AT 36 dollars a barrel and 72 dollars a barrel?

Perhaps you missed that tracking but we have not.

WINDFALL EARNINGS HEARINGS in the congress in old days rolled back price and stunted inflation far more than central bank policy which gave us such enormous recessions and crashes. We no longer regulate big oil.

MBS policy and oil wars have:

  1. Soundly defeated the puppy King in economics – Saudi is now a debt driven economy borrowing tens of billions in 2019 alone.
  2. Destroyed OPEC forever the real industry views OPEC as a joke today – howling laughter
  3. AI speculators control oil price
  4. Oil price unlike other markets goes UP as it did today when DEMAND goes down and supply exceeds supply
  5. Oil moves on sound bites influencing AI capital flows, as to long and short mountains of side bets on oil price. Now MBS PR that Iran attacked his ships and oil platforms over 24 hours when Iran did not nor did their proxy. It’s all smoke and mirrors from MBS who attacked himself.

First reported here.

MBS believes as he wrongly concludes a) the three trillion loss and capital run out of Saudi going on right now – is temporary and will pass over – because he KING MBS got away with butchering Khashoggi trying to get his wedding paper work thinking he was safe in a Saudi embassy in Turkey – as a crazy brain self deluding. The run is not even started and is forever to Saudi investing. MBS believes he still has control of oil pricing and OPEC is as it was before his reign. Now that is like Hitler seeing himself kill Stalin and rule in Moscow – on each line of cocaine Hitler snorted to feel all that. MBS is a sociopath with delusions in his crazy ass brains.

….THE LONGER THE SAUD GREAT FAMILY TAKE TO REMEDY THIS MISTAKE IN FAMILY LINEAGE THE HIGHER THE COST ECONOMICALLY ( TRILLIONS MORE ) AND THE HIGHER THE COST POLITICALLY ( THE KINGDOM ERA MAY FALL AND REMAINS AT FULL RISK WHILE YOU FOLLOW MBS INTO YOUR OWN TWILIGHT IN THE SAND CASTLE ). …….remember you heard this truth first here and keep adding the cost on your abacus as the cost to recover in transition soars as TIME ITSELF is added into the matrix………think about it my mentors for 45 years ……

So oil went up which returned oil almost to the price before it went down in days before. Oil is AI price ranged but as data to AI rises showing – sound bites on supply issues over Gulf drama have zero effect on surplus supply over never ending fall in growth and demand for oil – it is a one way direction – demand is diving off a cliff the size of niagra falls as supply of oil is soaring just like spring Niagra falls – this means price must go down…as all abuse in economics must always one day rebalance – and crimes against humanity phony baloney manipulation by speculators fully leveraged to artificially hold oil prices up high – damns billions to starvation with food insecurity and shelter insecurity and health insecurity so some fat oil cats can buy super yatchs. To say that is not right is to under position the crime.

The crime is the few oil elites hold 8 billion hostage to the cost of everything else, raising oil costs in a pure manipulation for their own budgets and spending requriements, artificially manipulating energy prices causing SUPER CRASHES and wars, worse killing more humans from climate change and toxic pollution of waters and air and soils where in 100 years of oil industrial revolution – against 4 billion years of earth history – we humans have created more extinction events from oil use – than any planet impact or earth geological event in all her billions of years of history. Oil Elites covered up and failed to pay for the pollution they have created inside every human body, all soil and water and all air, none of which are free of oil and plastic micro particle pollution for a million more years.

Who pays for all this damage when solutions where known?

Who pays for the economic suffering and cost for high priced ELITE OIL to MARKET versus a 75 cent oil at the pump as we all stop using oul and move to electric cars where energy comes from renewable non polluting sources.  The acceleration of the SUPER CRASH IN OIL DEMAND is now unstoppable. Driven in large part by the final failed policy for oil – MBS driving a price nail in his own coffin as the run out of SAUDI OIL and MARKET SHARE is so fast and so includes MBS false belief he has gotten away with murder – so what – bomb his own ships and rigs for no oil loss or loss of life – just show and move oil price back up from its plunge ( for what a day or two as the market finds out – oh it was him – all his PR to distract as with Khashoggi now has an MBS finger print OPEC well knows and TRUMP well knows ). DENIAL is a final discussion of Hitler ( you lost the war ass wipe  ) which is the same thinking process MBS in denial is leading Saudi down their own yellow brick road. Good luck when the reach the real wizard of oz to only discover it is PUTIN XI AND TRUMP all united together as one against your crazy brain …

Do you think with your ten minutes of having oil back up MBS and then shopping in Pakistan and in India and now in North Korea for Nukes that your crazy ass brain is going to get a Nuke? What do you think Trump would really do if you did sonny? Ever thought that part through? Ever thought about the most powerful military force ever conceived of and those brains gunning just for you sonny – how much worse than your war loss in Libya and Yemen and Qatar would be.

MBS worse denial? MBS has lost the proxy war with Iran? MBS thinks he hoodwinked and checked mated Donald Trump.

Now as IRAN really wins the war with Saudi once and for all …and the USA does absolutely nothings – until the Saud family faced with their own real survival – ( oh and right this minute they are and its real and they all well know it ) do not castle their King – in the Chess internal civil war going on inside the San Castle we have reported on first and repeatedly – ) and fast – Sand Castles can and do fall. MBS has lost face and trillions and the war with IRAN – the Gulf knows what LOSER LOOKS LIKE. Loser in economics, – loser in oil wars – loser in OPEC unity – loser in geopolitics – loser in Saudi prestige and image – loser in real ground wars Qatar – Libya – Syria – Lebanon – Yemen – loser with Khashoggi – loser with IRAN final and fatal loss – for Puppy Crazy Brain sociopathic KING what a shame for Saudi’s people.

The longer this all takes to fix and resolve the greater the cost in price wars and outcomes.


You an’t seen nothing yet – imagine spikes to 200.00 a barrel and back to 25.00 dollars a barrel. Space Mountain for OIL….folks this is NOT DISNEYLAND…..this folks is real…and crazy brain Hitler only got the truth hours before he and his honey elected to cowardly bow out with poison….why face the truth at all? Crazy brains do not – follow them at your own greatest cost.

We haven’t even reached the weekend yet – with peace breaking out between Iran and USA assuring each other – no war – we’ll just pound our respective chests a bit if you do not mind. Thanks MBS oil going up helps us through the sanctions your help winning our wars with you and you alone is so appreciated. Oh and MBS says the ruler of Iran this week……CHECKMATE !

MBS is investing a 100 million of his borrowed cash into OIL PR to manipulate prices with news that is FAKE NEWS and truly the man that brought BONE SAWS to a WEDDING PERMIT INTERVIEW – does not care with his crazy brain about social responsibility or climate change anything. For you see in this Matrix story MBS does not believe there is THE ONE ( Donald Trump is the ONE ) and or that the ONE can bend the matrix ( oil prices ) to his own will ( Dumping oil reserves and setting market price ) such that when THE ONE shifts the MATRIX the crazy brain will die never seeing the matrix has shifted for him and him alone into his new terrible final reality ( which IS coming to a news bite near you sooner than you think ) as the one thing driving crazy brain is one thing…..personal survival.  THAT.


PS: Media is asleep at the wheel for not at least daring to tell the TRUTH about MBS attacking himself as a final card to play against IRAN – spark war sucking the USA in – where his PR blames it all on easy target Iran – who also knows with Trump what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. Crazy ass brain.