Ebola broke out in major city in Congo in August 2018. What unfolded has never occured like it is today. Today Radical Muslims are strategically using Ebola in two ways. First suicide INFECTORS get infected and spread the fatal illness in Congo. We stated last year and this year what KEEPS US UP AT NIGHT is that ISIS or the other crazy brains spread Ebola world wide. The outbreak in 2019 remains fully out of any control and is now rising to be the #1 WORST OUTBREAK OF EBOLA in world history. Precisely as we predicted last August – as all Ebola news is hard to find – as a Tweet from President Trump takes over all news. Trade wars are having zero impact on Global Markets as AI economics moderates riskless risk against real economic data, which is red ink for China and soaring revenues for the USA. Ebola on the other hand is a global depression breeder reactor as nations infected begin to quarantine and stop travel and all commerce to control the EBOLA FIRES which will be like nothing humanity has faced in modern times. The notion we have technology to manage this is so silly. We have dodged this bullet by acting in TIME. Today with TIME being the primary and shrinking OUTCOME to virtual control – the sands of TIME are rapidly slipping through our fingers today. We have advocated that all media and news lead with EBOLA stories daily. All news and media have an EBOLA CLOCK since August showing the daily infection totals and the % of new infections growing/August/Today. On the media wide EBOLA CLOCK and that WHO publish an EBOLA CLOCK. WE encourage institutional and private donor support in the billions – this is far more important to human kind than one billion raised in 72 hours to rebuild NORTE DAMNE. We call for G 20 world leaders to rally round a call to PROTECT WHO WORKERS with a SWAT TEAM RESPONSE right now and to channel in resources and people to assure while TIME still on our side is not lost beyond all hope which will occur in fact by the 2020 election. What is the driving election issue of 2020 that candidates fail to grasp – nothing like their silly sound bites of today – it will all become EBOLA. When Did Donald Trump know, when did Donald Trump act or fail to act? The issue will be far more important than a tax return or investigations into political kitty litter by the insanity of the most liberal leader in USA History Nancy Pelosi. Conservatives in the democratic party leadership have lost ground to very far left liberals which has the party shattered into fragments. That shattering of any unity is clear in the number of candidates running for office. Biden is seen as super conservative and has from the base led with unheard of poll numbers over all other calls or voter appeal – at record paced 25% – lead. That lead is deceiving as polls also show the lead is more from NAME RECOGNITION of the former Vice President under Obama. The enormous field including Mark Cuban and Schultz from Starbucks, WILL SHRINK THAT LEAD. Today the race is silly to bone marrow. All tricky sound bites to manipulate you the voter. Soon EBOLA and the strategy those running have on EBOLA will take over all issues.


We predict that lacking a President Obama swat team response as President Obama led the world into for the last outbreak ( this one being the most VIRULENT EBOLA _ WORST POSSIBLE STRAIN and in a city not a hut village in Congo – its so much worse ) and no response. Vaccines are experimental and having very mix results when applied to this rapidly mutating strain.

Ebola like small pox is fast, enormously contagious to humans, and death is rapid and very high percentage who contract Ebola WILL DIE – and the death is from bleeding out through your eyes ears nose and mouth as your internal organs turn to mush. Nothing could BE more horrific or painful to a human being.

If families bury their loved ones – in traditional tribal manners required, they all become infected. They are all told DO NOT BELIEVE THE EVIL WESTINERS that it is all lies and there is no Ebola. The death is a curse only lifted by witchcraft and tradition – the terrible death is from sins. More than half communities locally believe the World Health Organization – the WHO – is – a western tribe of liars. Infidenels. Christians. Not to be trusted and more. This propaganda is going on in villages all around the city outbreak where Ebola is now spreading all over congo no check or containment of any nature. None. Why this time no containment?

Ebola is so super contagious the only way to contain Ebola at his level of a Congo epidemic is to a) isolate and quarantine all local communities effected first and b) Track every infected person and all they connected to isolating those contact trees until Ebola burns itself out by terminating those infected at enormously high % up to 87% can die from this strain.

Radical Muslims have highly organized coordinated rebel attacks that are far beyond Congo intelligence or military to police control or stop. WHO declares an emergency this week ( no headlines anywhere no EBOLA CLOCK ON ALL NEWS STATIONS WE HAVE BEEN CALLING FOR – COME ON FOX someone has to lead this story and keep this story concentric – and why?

A rising number of WHO health care workers have been killed by contracting Ebola, passing 34 and rising rapidly. If you have not read the Pulitzer Prize winning work on these pathogens HOTZONE get your copy from Amazon PRIME next click. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PUT THE TRUE STORY DOWN OR BE ABLE TO SLEEP. HOT ZONE never thought of Radical Muslims – attacking and KILLING WHO STATIONS during a live epidemic – threatening those in the HOT ZONE with bullets if they work with WHO – all labeled as liars and infidendals.  These bad bad players then attack and kill just slaughter rape and plunder WHO CAMPS. Priceless supplies and medical controls required to manage EBOLA OUTBREAKS are destroyed – and stolen to never be recovered.

Over 35 WHO WORKERS have been raped tortured and killed since August and countless more shot hacked and wounded.

So we have a rising WHO body count never seen before. Getting VOLUNTEER AND LOW PAID PROFESSIONAL nurses and doctors, facing terrible deaths from one mistake day to day with EBOLA – itself being the threat – now face a historic record body count of rape death and torture for trying to help contain the outbreak. This strategy IS working.

EBOLA is out of all control and the spread pathology is not like any prior outbreak. Keep that fact in your mind and do not compare this to any other outbreak. We have predicted ( noting the accuracy we have shown you just this year alone ) with our 97% accuracy in predicting future events since 1988 – our bleak forecast:

  1. NO WORLD LEADER is stepping in front of this economy killer and depression breeder.
  2. Ebola is spreading Congo wide and is now in other nations in Africa not yet diagnosed properly.
  3. As EBOLA is diagnosed in other countries quarantine for travel will explode.
  4. Ebola will reach all major continents when travel and commerce will implode economics.
  5. If ISIS or Congo Rebels infect an apostolic 12 radical Muslims in suites with Lap Tops to travel to buffet’s sporting events concerts and places of worship by plan, the infection rate for EBOLA could in less than one month reach and kill ONE BILLION and stop commerce cold.

Not since the BLACK DEATH in Europe or since the Spanish Flu killed 20 million in 1900 with no planes just sailing ships – the predictions for OUT OF CONTROL EBOLA become ever more costly to contain.

The lowest COST today is a G 20 Response to swat team WHO WORKER CAMPS so these camps are safe and the health care workers already at SUPER HIGH RISK from EBOLA ITSELF no longer fear rape torture and death in the night from radical muslims at war with this EBOLA containment for strategic global outcomes they desire.

Bin Laden set up the manual. Why we can’t defeat our enemy with strength and weapons alone, the enemy is vulnerable. For we CAN and we we will …BANKRUPT THEM.


Begin to use the primary terror weapon of choice. Fire. Bring back pack kerosene to the right wind and season and LIGHT UP THE SKY. No one catches you. No one claims credit. There is no enemy. 2018 studies show over 70% of all EU and USA fires are ARSON? Do you think the fires every more strategically placed are utility pole fires at random or nut jobs? WE told you in 2015 2016 2017 2018 that FIRE is the new choice of terrorist. No one need suicide for Allah. Just LIKE UP THE SKY in the right place. Terror Cells are LIGHTING UP THE SKY about to begin this summer all over again. Watch. Who can catch a back packer on a trail in the summer, when the FIRE STARTER takes 60 minutes from taking off his packback to back tracking against the wind back to transportation and they are gone. The uncatchable crime and act of terror. How many billions are now bankrupting institutions and states one fire at a time?  How can we stop it? Well when you deny IT is even taking place you can’t.

Terror will use EBOLA. Today Terrorist are assuring EBOLA remains out of control until Ebola fully works to bankrupt their enemies. If they can spread EBOLA far enough long enough – quarantine of travel between nations does what no TRADE WAR could ever effect. All trade stops. Economics fall to SUPER CRASH LEVELS of 1929. Marshal law rules. National health services become fully over whelemed as most of us die in tents in parking lots.

Timed to peak in the election year 2020. Everyone will blame President TRUMP for not acting as our lobby work influenced President OBAMA to act with G 20 support massively. FAILURE TO ACT “IN” TIME” IS THE BLAME GAME.

TIME is the weapon. If radical ISLAM can only keep EBOLA out of any control until Jan 2020 the cat is out of the bag. The deaths will pass all prior outbreaks. The infected will be quarantining travel one nation at a time into the election. No news story no trade deal no tweets will come close to matching a civilization low technology crushing event. The numbers spread so fast, too fast – for any agency to track monitor or have the epidemic die out. Everyone will be quarantined into their home under Marshal law for months – not days – until the soaring EBOLA epidemic burns itself out. A billion can easily die and more than one billion in less than ONE YEAR.

The public thinks THEY have this under control.

The public thinks THEY have weapons they lack in fact.

The PUBLIC has not read the book HOT ZONE so they have no clue what they are dealing with. They are treating this ancient enemy as if it is a mutated FLU like Swine Flu when it is not. There is no way to educate my readers into the reality of this TRUTH outside reading HOTZONE. What is insane in HOTZONE is US. We just do not get IT. Like weaponizing small box or ebola as Russia has and we have as a form of our own insanity.

If EBOLA in massive human epidemic mutates like AIDES the outcome for humanity can be near extinction. Civilization falls into the GREAT DEPRESSION.

What creates a SUPER CRASH? In all markets?

China’s surprising April down numbers in trade, manufacturing, market values, consumer spending and all numbers. Before the TRADE WAR ESCALATION IN MAY China was in free fall economics, as we reported to you first here. China has a TIME ISSUE. First they must make a smart trade deal now. If they delay the cost to CHINA is likely SUPER CRASH and worse than the first China recession as instability from failed policy errors will rise up. A DEAL assures China forward prosperity. As TIME goes by as TIME is now the core hub for all global AI economics, China reaches a capital flight out of nation that can not be restored. China sinks backward and political instability occurs. The USA may have an election year but playing to manipulate the 2020 election would be a fatal economic error by President XI and team XI planners. The outcome would be very uncertain and may well backfire helping Trump not hurting Trump. More importantly President XI fails to see what EBOLA in Asia and China will due. If China is quarantined from EBOLA – America suffers and China economically is burned at the stake never to recover at all. TIME is the issue.

Ebola spreads when out of control exponentially. Say business folks traveling to the EU and other locations without an ISIS or Hezbollah self infection as a war strategy ( so easy and so low cost ) reach various markets and cities. They worship some where. They attend an event convention or someplace. They use buffets at such events. They have no clue they ARE INFECTED AND HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS. it takes TIME. As the symptoms occur they think they have the flu. As the Flu gets worse they are misdiagnosed several times. Health care workers are all infected and spread the illness collapsing health care world wide to contain or stop it.

Ebola IS out of control.

Ebola IS the risk to global economics beyond all other risks.

Fire is the new TERRORISM and most of US already know that. They don’t want to inflame it or make it worse or create FIRE PANIC.


Media is not reporting on this lead story to drive G 10 action and without that MEDIA spot light Ebola is rising like a Saturn ROCKET to the MOON – where EBOLA TIME is running out in Human. We have told you first. We have predicted all this.

Now we will see how right we are as TIME passes stay tuned. First and ahead here.

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Or not.

If you read and feel better informed God Bless you.

If you read and take ACTION then YOU become the BLESSING for your entire circle.

Or not.

Safe Harbor. Time to build your own is not endless.


Think about THAT.