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Now a SHATTERED Democratic Party with factions that just can not join the Nazi in Suit Nancy Pelosi on her never ending windy illegal road to regain the White House takes on new models of illegal. Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI  39 times. Congress even more. Martha Stewart was convicted of lying to the FBI once and went to jail.

So the Attorney General of the United States is being set up for a political prison in America? Why? He methodically is uncovering crime in a law breaking cabal inside the FBI is evidence gathering. The Cabal with their source of criminal activity INSIDE CONGRESS are in FULL ON PANIC Mode. As slow and patient Barr will indict and charge and CLEAN UP THE FBI arrested or not they will not derail the truth of their crimes. Arresting Bar is yet another abuse of power and crime as you shall all come to find is what IS GOING ON OUT THERE. The FBI is in the worst scandal since the SHINE MCCATHY Hearings and Hoovers crimes were uncovered. He got to just fade away.

So that sit com is unfolding and watch for more.



Saudi was asked by Trump over and over and told over and over BRING DOWN Those phony oil prices – raised from 38 dollars a barrel to 73 dollars a barrel by MBS – stress on the BS for the puppy King – in his own vision of his future, OPEC he has gutted and no member follows MBS as the leader today. MBS is toxic for all oil producers. MBS wishes to force WAR with Iran and the USA as Saudi could quickly fall to Iran’s million person army. And may in fact yet.

Iran does nothing and oil is being well sold by Iran with Syria picking up US sanction Slack. Iran is ok.

Saudi knowing the China trade war weekend will dump oil prices to levels under 70 dollars a barrel that red ink Saudi and they only avoid massive economic sinking by debt borrowing which they are doing by tens of billions right now to keep Saudi going. MBS has trashed his country and cost them in five years over three trillion dollars and that run out of SAUDI by capital is soaring today.

So MBS attacked his own ships but not too bad. The result oil fell off a cliff. Game over MBS. Your royals will one day lick their falling bank accounts and deposit you into the sands of time. MBS you will meet Khashoggi face to face sooner than you anticipate. Trust this Blog on that news item.



China is a bad loser.

China raised the USA in poker and changed every line of a 150 page trade agreement, reversing all those agreements thinking as they flew in  – we start back at ground zero.

No no Trump said – we start with 200 billion now tariff taxed which causes demand going down the worlds longest water slide to pick up speed. Down bubble China and Oil falls off a cliff Monday where we told markets SHORT OIL going long is a bloodbath for capital as it was today on Monday.

Then China raises taxing 60 billion of American goods still made in China. This will push those contracts to slide as massive forever movement out of China is unfolding right now. Also China is spitting into the Trump wind. Trump will now tax and fast 300 billion more in China goods with Tariff – which had the Chinese ever “grocked Trump” the President does what he says he is going to do – and he does that in all ways. Now he will tax that which is not taxed down to basics and everything and the American buyer will confronted with UNFAIR DEALINGS TO OUR COUNTRY simply stop buying Chinese. While Chinese can stop buying American – the ratio is nothing to our GNP and catastrophic disaster for Chinese debt economics. Borrowing 300% more than you earn for decades and re-lending such loan proceeds to third worlds with 100 Billion now in non performing loans. That 100 billion in non performing loans is the number they report. We state the number of 30 years of non performing loans for thousands of STATE RUN ORGANIZATION IN COMMUNIST ECONOMICS exceeds 100 TRILLION DOLLARS. Worse these assets are shown as good and performing loans on investment and bank balance sheets in China. Worse a good part of that 100 TRILLION is in non reporting shadow banking lenders of tens of thousands in China. China economics are rotten to their core as China is institutionally – the fate of 100% of communist nations like Cuba suffering now – lead their people into. Always. Trump’s team know all this. The way forward is TIME to adjust the economic debt traps plaguing a not yet modernized China. The CRASH of China economics hits defense where the bills can’t be paid. War is one possible outcome – a huge mistake for China. Time is two assets. One a TRADE DEAL and QUICK TIME with the USA. The Second is a SUPER BOND we have defined here many times. China needs both to avoid SUPER CRASH ushering in the WORLDS GREATEST DEPRESSION EVER inside a Debt Defaulting CASCADE across oounter party agreements. Wall Street should and must really – shed CHINESE EXPOSURE across all capital boards.

China operates in old economics.

The world markets operate in a new AI economics China lacks brains that know the difference.

The outcome is Chinese miscalculation based on faulty data.


When? Stay tuned we’ll tell you first right here. But the worst is yet to come and Trump has no intention to take BAD FAITH DEALING and reward it. He told XI you broke faith.


Now continue to monitor as events are heating up. The big risk before China:

Pakistan and India go fire their nukes – could happen at anytime on any day.

Iran fires on USA misled by Saudi PR and MBS as a trick on them.


Its heating up spiraling up and the USA GNP is 5% but with full on trade war maybe only 3.5% – terrific for the USA not so good for Asia and the EU. Why? China is making economic errors on outcomes that are in their own best interest. That is the WHY.

XI playing to internal factions has miscalculated. What he was told is not real.


Watch China SUPER CRASH in a market report near you soon.

Berny Dohrmann …on what IS really going on out there folks – biggest jump in measles ever right now.



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