What is the BIG WHY?

Well we told you.

Then we told you we told you.

Those at the top the less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS OF CAPITAL are steeped in box top rules say Crammer economics which like Crammer with the fastest ratings decline save CNN ( gosh their lay off’s and down sizing as folks stop tuning in is amazing really for a network that started it all now gone bias – known as the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK – is now with its caste – playing to the fastest ebb tide of audience departing in broadcast history. Murdocks bets paid off with FOX the industry rating leader and the fastest rising audience beating BBC itself.

Old economics are dead.

New AI economics are denied or not understood at all by planners which is a problem. Programers who write the software or smart AI, to electronically leverage your trading account up to 50 to 1 margin – which was in 1999 a felony – are open for future lightening flash trades like the world has never seen before. Now AI software is at full on war with other AI software. Look like self driving Tesla’s we have for the first time but only since 2014 DRIVERLESS MARKETS. Who is responsible? Boards? CEO’s? Who ? When AI software made the trades with no human involvement.

Keep in mind AI makes money all the way down and all the way back up. The more volatility the more profit for AI. Also short selling is now a nation economic weapon. China sold massively to send Trump a message – 1000 point down in 72 hours – take that TEAM TRUMP. Is the message.

Now it will adjust that a) more pain is on the way for China and b ) China is firing blanks our economics are strong strong strong and we don’t need China at all to stay there. China needs us.

China’s economy is growth stopped years ago and growth is declining into real recession and contraction unknown in China for 35 years now. However the HARD LANDING the China SUPER DUPER CRASH and the wipe out of China wealth starting with phony currency ( that hit the toilet bowl just like the whirl pool sucking sound in the Pacific Ocean we told you all about this weekend ). In fact we told you HOW to protect YOURSELF. We told you China was toast and Oil was toast and MBS is in pain for the rest. Silly King tried to attack his own boats ( remember you heard that truth here first ) but not too bad – to raise oil only that failed making MBS OIL policy since 2014 F GRADE – total F – 100% failed policy and we stay with MBS WHY? As the entire world including OPEC has flipped him the birdie finger. By By Miss American Pie – one Saudi owned the America Market share – now Saudi owns zip. Why has 3 trillion fled Saudi – well – MBS that is the WHY. Someone over in Saudi grab a scimitar and as with Alice and Wonderland from the 1800’s – cry out not Allah Allah Akbar but scream out “OFF WITH HIS HEAD” that seems French revolution appropriate for Saudi and MBS. I’m waiting for it.

Meanwhile AI over reacted as AI has no ability to infer meaning that humans all know how to do. So now we have massive CHINA for real trade war pains and the WHY? China planners are steeped in old economics. The economic landscape they advise President XI for Life upon is flawed in data accuracy. The false information gives us the market of today. First China totally mis read Donald Trumps team the A Team for the USA. That team is ending the USA criminal trade pathology China has scored upon since Richard Nixon in the 1970’s to 2018. In 2018 Donald Trump drew a red line and unlike other Presidents his red lines are ABSOLUTE RED LINES no wiggle room what so ever.

Misreading this read line – on communist rule book 1 oh 1 – press with bayonet always forward into the core body of our opponent until serious resistance is known then withdraw and try again later. Trump read your play book and Trump wrote art of the Deal. His first deal is best for China. All change orders get so much better for TRUMP’s team and America. Watch. The good even great deal China had on Saturday is now off the table and the new deal is hard enforcement no cheating by the China that said we had a deal and then changed it all. So we just assume they will cheat on everything not verifiable and with money teeth in each and every breach.


China playing economic chess thinks – hey will invest billions in defeating Trump in the election to get our most friendly Biden in the White House. This ploy will backfire with a landslide for Trump and the Chinese will be in 2021 crushed into a SUPER CRASH and major recession as their financial institutions go bankrupt. Bad loans carried by the trillions of dollars as GOOD ASSETS can ‘t juggle any more in the down turn coming.

Think the AI 600 POINTS was brutal – hey we had 400 points up on Friday its only 200 really China get an abacus.  Count beads.

But China markets are a full flight of capital. Capital is fleeing from business – from Chinese – from investors and from Super Money Pools.

So XI authorized a slap Donald Trump right in the nuts as his trade war chap comes to the USA now lacking any authority to do anything but look regal as XI’s man. Zero healing to the 100% revision of all the work up to now. Trump will never forget being sand bagged and blind sided flowing into the general Presidential election timed for maximum impact.

Trump does not care if he is a one term President. Trump enjoys the largest pay raise in American history – IF he is not President in 2021 but odds are – China you miscalculated. The USA is so terrific at following the money. China backfire will be fatal if they do not make a trade deal. China is in a SUPER CRASH.

America is in a China manipulated with AI sell off that they will buy right back into for their own reasons. Stepping up where china options to sell massive america market interests for a day or two to punch at Trump only to buy right back in lacks clout. China lacks capacity to influence American market dynamics. America is solid. The sell off is a pure AI buy into the DIP. BY June you will wish you bought the dip.

So the rumors will swirl around and the two nations like roasters strutting in the sand box may weil crow now and again Trump to XI and XI to Trump – can’t make this all seem too easy – but in the end they feed in the same grains and diet cokes. China has to make a USA Trade deal or go bankrupt and have revolutions where China may break up. Those are the economics Trumps correctly seeing.

China has time but not much time. If China opts to challenge Trump into the election year without a trade deal China may Super Crash into a major recession hard landing before Trump wins and when Trump wins ( which right now we see no stopping ) then China is burnt English Muffin after. Their best trade deal is NOW and their worst nightmare is Trump 2021.

America is unstoppably rising and China is never again going to command the WEALTH TRANSFER they once enjoyed – criminal and unfair. That red line is a Trump line and China may never again cross back over that line.

We all know that from Sunday – Trump was clear and Trump ACTS and he acts FAST.

In AI economics that is just what the world market needs – the new box top rules are unfolding and Trump just told Japan and Germany and the EU….do not mess with Mother Nature and for capital flow dynamics MOTHER NATURE “IS” the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

More pain in sell in May and go away – but June is going to bring a summer repair kit to values that all summer long will have investors saying….WHY DID I NOT BUY IN THE DIP THIS TIME? I missed the best fortune making since 2016 and Trump running into Trump WINNING. China gave the world the GREAT GIFT of dollar cost averaging into the most amazing boom cycle of any adults lifetime.

Check with your broker and have read this blog. My father started consulting and mentorship in China during the 1950’s with Chairman Mao at the helm. Mainland Chinese were in our home since I can remember as a child. I was always fascinated with Chinese culture, politics and history. I still am. I have so many dear friends and mentors who are Chinese. I can never thanks mentors like I can’t name here for the honor of mentoring me over decades of time spans.

China is well advised to retain CEO SPACE to consult on all this as their back channel to help them in the one job I really do not wish to undertake. I prefer to advise nations on economics and strategic outcomes versus anything political. Politics is a form of insanity to economics. But we see that do we not this week ( already ). I’m so excited from nations around the globe business OWNER CEO’s and professionals in private practice will JOIN miracles at CEO SPACE live May 22nd Tuesday to Saturday as we load in the best software upgrading in the new markets of SUPER CHANGE available in the world today. Now that is something to look forward to as I pray for China….China can not survive fatal mistakes to their core economics today. Its close now.

The largest capital run out of China took place 2017 to 2018 in modern times. This run is on going and the scale of the RUN OUT OF CHINA is beyond any prior history in our research and knowledge. The breaks on that San Francisco Cable car are throwing all passengers into the street.