My tribe of 50 year investment banker economists are dying off. As is our historic perspective. The new corp of University Grads and investment bankers are residing within the title of my new book entitled SUPER CHANGE releasing pre Holiday in October. Watch for it nation wide. You’.ll be able to buy first copies of SUPER CHANGE the new age we reside within, featuring the first GPS ever on HOW TO navigate the new economics of SUPER CHANGE in 2020 and beyond. Years in research to bring you a double hitter SUPER CHANGE a required read for 1 billion entrepreneurs and 40 million in the USA alone and rising. The Sequel will become a feature film I wager entitled DIGITAL MANNERS as you learn your own. Two works with the research inside present the NEW ECONOMICS we are evolving in the age of SUPER CHANGE. Super Change is where events and technology unfold CHANGE DYNAMICS that pass systemic elasticity to properly adapt risk management into.

For example today the unholy NEWBIES to core economics – Joint Ventures, Private Equity, and Hedge Funds – are consuming market share in time frames and in value’s the world has never seen before. This giant sucking sound of DISINTERMEDIATION OF CAPITAL has created almost 10 trillion in wealth consolidation with two of the leading HEDGE FUNDS – greater than GNP of most nations. These two control price ranges in all markets today. The leverage of capital moving into managed new economics outside conventional 500 year circulations is taking place outside any regulatory frame work.

Said another way the markets we know – stock and bond markets are now the tail of the doggie world wide in economics. The tail is vulnerable to the liquidity evaporation day or LED DAY in which liquidity to sustain healthy markets disappears in say 72 minutes of time to not return. The trigger and danger to market circulations is the DEBT SUPER BUBBLES OF NATIONS. Debt underwritten not by conventional markets. Debt for the FIRST TIME IN ECONOMICS underwritten for nations and larger institutions in new largely unregulated markets in HEDGE FUNDS PRIVATE EQUITY AND JOINT VENTURE FUNDS both public and private. If Two leading funds Carlyle and Blackrock consolidate capital all AI placed to market ( in new never known before AI hybrid markets evolving rapidly ) lacking historical charts and data guidance of any kind. Past guidance and Charts say applied by Crammer and tribe as we have been seeing over and over are simply WRONG today. There are 10,000 super money pools controlled by rapidly evolving AI like the world markets have never known before. Two of them named here control over 10 trillion dollars. That sum is soaring in new consolidations of wealth in wealth transfer to digital rapidly evolving AI soon to be self aware AI we predict – that the world has never seen before.

So rapid has the shift in box top rules of economics unfolded the market regulations have failed to adapt. Said another way the regulations are layered, slow to arrive, reactive to past decades of abuse, far behind current evolutions of ever smarter AI. Regulations are all local since 2007 and trades are all in the AI clouds outside any regulations.

A spiral of unregulated capital pools guided by ever smarter AI is now in charge of markets. In 2014 55% of fully leverage capital was controlled by Artificial intelligence. Today the markets moving into 2020 are 96% controlled by much more rapidly evolving intelligent AI maximally leveraged outside any regulatory frame work.

The market for stake holder investing of prior generations, owning a stock or a bond, has returned from the 2007 Super crash of 2.7 trillion dollars in stake holder trading – to over 3.9 million in stake holder trading. The purchase and holding of equity or debt in public markets.

The private markets now control 440 trillion in maximally leveraged capital spiralling past any 1929 leverage or any leverage known to mankind at up to 50 to 1 leveraged future tradings on which way will a price for any asset or commodity go in the future. UP and Down both sides of the trade by increasingly casino capital smart AI making the bets with no human involvement.

We have long written about economic shifting to core markets now surpass all economic abuse of super leverage in 1929 that created the GREAT WORLD DEPRESSION from unregulated speculations – at up to 10 to 1 leverage to distort markets. The real studies of these abuses for profit require unpleasant specializations in core economic theories and history that few so called economists have access to – studies and truly appreciate risk management for.

….the cause of the Great Depression globally was that technology moved speculation for profit and greed beyond the regulatory frame work of the time through leverages to manipulate market prices artificially….the worst SUPER BUBBLE in economic history occurred which imploded due to predictable abuse of fiscal disciplines required to maintain orderly interactive global market dynamics……technology at that time primitive as it was – telegraph and first phones and ticker tapes – created abuse dynamics for greed and profit abuse – outside any regulatory frame work as technology unfolded too rapidly for old regulatory frame works to manage the new economics of unregulated GREED. The super bubbles created are historic and ended into WORLD WAR II where the cause of WORLD WAR II was the fiscal failure to accommodate paradigm shifting in core economics……..as a base line. In summary leverate at 10 to one in ratio created a SUPER SPECULATION BUBBLE across all asset classes where side bets on future values in legal gambling exceeded the real market by the leverage allowed or 10 to 1 and the super bubble exploded and ended in depression and world war to resolve depression economics……..said another way over 100 million human beings died because a few elites making ungodly sums of profit, in wild speculation spirals, never seen before leverage speculative spirals created a market implosion wiping out economics for the entire world…..why? The market technology shifted speculative manipulation faster than regulatory frame works could moderate the risk and the super bubble imploded all markets globally……..

Why is this notion even important to forward economics?

First the market repeats as technology advances. The regulatory frame works of the world 8 billion trust and rely upon for stability come into fatal risk taking, at the point technology exceeds old frame works of regulatory over sight. Keep that sentence in your thoughts.

So today we have the most rapid unfolding of AI new velocities of trading and movements for capital, at leverage the depression SUPER CRASH never imagined was even possible. What is the simple cause of the GREAT DEPRESSION in 1929 outscaling the prior depression of 1907? What was the cause? The cause is technology permitted market disintermediation . Human beings are slow to accommodate technology super change the title of my October book release on the effects OF SUPER CHANGE itself on markets and your wealth.

Since 2007 market dynamics have changed that make the GREAT DEPRESSION look like kindergarten economics by comparison. Regulators world wide fail when SUPER CHANGE occurs too rapidly for human adaptation. Today AI is passing the human brains capacity to adapt in time frames required. Keep that sentence in mind. This pace of change is so compressed regulatory adaptation world wide has become antique to forward markets. The brains with sufficient acumen history and far more important cross market experience – of my tribe the rare air of CEO’s of the largest public investment banking institutions – are slow to adapt trying to position always old economics that are truly dead and buried into new economics their brains are even at their high lofty experience under stress to stay current over the top of as the new markets are out pacing their experience in a market dynamic known as SUPER CHANGE as we had in the 1929 depression. What is the cause of such human failures?

  1. Failure to adapt to SUPER CHANGE
  2. Propensity to protect the status quo
  3. Failure to re-regulate new markets before disintermediation destroys economic base lines

As the leverage that creates the RISK COLLAPSE of global economics and is the source of all WORLD WARS since Rome, only exacerbates over technology ramps,  as weapons to threaten human existence also represent a very unhealthy human choice dynamic as a systemic model in economics, the risk in 100 year cycles due to technology advances in ratio of leverage beyond prior human experience.

Let’s say that another way. Today what has taken place since the 1929 Great Depression the cause of WORLD WAR II and 100 million humans being slaughtered? A form of human insanity.

  1. Technology has outpaced regulatory frame works of the Great Depression era.
  2. Capital is now unregulated, where 98% of capital movement over 440 trillion of capital resourcing is since 2019 96% under control of ever smarter AI evolving in AI wars quarter to quater.
  3. The AI wars have consolidated 1.5 million SUPER MONEY pools in the Super Crash of 2007 into less than 10,000 Super Money pools rapidly consolidating into 5000 Super Money SUPER DUPER POOLS all controlled by ever smarter AI.
  4. The stake holder markets of owning a bond or owning a stock are now by ratio a tiny fraction of leverage money speculations to influence by side bets WHICH WAY A PRICE might go.
  5. The ratio of assets to debts for a growing number of banks world wide, is now passing the Depression era ratio where borrowing was exceeding ten to one of asset ratios. Borrowing in some sectors of investing in the worst speculation of side bets on future up or down price in all asset classes – not seen in the depression years of the 1930’s – the world’s worst ever – is now 50 to 1 in debt investing with zero regulatory oversight on these speculation bets.

In 2019 the RISK investing of super high risk assets – holding untold trillions in non stake holder investing – non economic investing, is the dog. The tail is stake holder investing. This position where the tail of the dog ( say a bit more than three trillion in steak holder real economic investing ) is dwarfed by NON ECONOMIC purely casino capitalism side bets, but now all those bets are manipulating market prices in all asset classes into the worlds largest SUPER BUBBLE in price escalations, by fully borrowed funds where every dollar is converted to fifty dollars of debt bets – where the DEBT BETS become the market. The DEBT BETS are AI controlled and exist OUTSIDE ANY MODERN REGULATORY FRAME WORK which requires as we have written up here, for FIVE YEARS NOW a G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress “we” have suggested be hosted with support from senior Hawaii congressional leader Jerry Chang in the Hawiian State Legislature – on the Big Island ( his district ) of Hawaii – where the state provided land and security to the three year Economic Constitutional Convention of the G 100. A new world trade order with a policy of NO NATION LEFT BEHIND would conclude we believe that leverage trading would be outlawed in all markets, and that short selling would be criminalized, and that real stake holder trading would return to propel Global Growth.

In recent years the trend has been to AI control of markets outside regulatory oversight. The markets are priced today by wild wild west speculations in what we call CASINO CAPITALISM. Today stock buy back price manipulations have become the NEW NORMAL once outlawed until the Commodity Modernization Act the last UNANIMOUS ACT OF CONGRESS in the last three hours of the Bill Clinton Administration – ( supported by Greenspan of the Fed in a wrong minded direction for economics which proved itself to be the most economically toxic legislation of our time )  destroyed like a cruise missile 100% of the Depression Safe Harbor laws – that worked as the double regulatory lines globally – since the great depression – Dec 1999 three hours before Congress holiday Christmas Break. Press were asleep at the economic wheel on this horrific single greed law for the financial industry at that time Among these wild wild wild west new market conditions was that your grandmother deposits in a bank could become a side bet on which way any asset may go tomorrow, and that bet could use grandma’s money at up to fifty to one leverage outside any over sight or government control.

In the year 2000 the sums flowing on such leverage into Unicorns with no economic base line, exceeded all prior investments over 100 year in nine months. The result was the DOT.BOMB Super Crash of 2000. The next leveraged run up in markets large enough to enjoy the 50 to 1 new speculation Ebola to economics, was mortgage financing, as a market that could never go down all at once. WRONG MINDED thinking in that direction brought us market abuses in six years from recovering from the DOT.BOMB experiment into 2007 with SUPER LEVERAGE brought us in half a decade the SUPER CRASH of 2007 that almost sunk all world banks. The loses are still a pig working through the stagflation python of world economics despite the largest stimulus packages ever known to human history of economics.

Such nation stimulus are on going now – featured by one of the largest in terms of trillions being invested is China to maintain its artificial growth which is unreal in fact in economics outside fantastic manipulation and leverage. In just the USA in recent years one trillion dollars – which is massive mountain of optional capital deployment, is optioned into stock manipulation on price without government restraint on the over sight due to congressional WIPE OUT OF all Depression era double lines on regulatory restraint to such wild speculations not seen since 1929.

The public and small investor has no clue what has changed to THEIR MARKET PLACE since the 1990’s such that AI and electronic trading not seen in depression economics permits a ratio of leverage into wild ass speculations to manipulate price never seen in any prior market since Rome.


Enter into this itself fatally flawed economic modeling ( long term ) which is a pure economic abuse, AI wars and attacks on financial markets such as was tested in 2007 and 2008. The AI weapon in short selling created the WORLD WIDE SUPER CRASH TO ALL MARKETS ALL AT ONCE in time frames never experienced by humans before, in which we played a small part of the bell ringing before and a larger part of the FIXING of that crack in the economic LIBERTY BELL TO FOLLOW the Super Crash of 2007. The entire system almost failed so successful was this first in history, digital attack, on our financial markets, by AI war hardened software. The best books documenting this ECONOMIC AI ATTACK our first AI PEARL HARBOR is the hedge fund and DOD NSA contractor, Kevin Freemans great works in the books THE SECRET WEAPON and GAME PLAN. NOT reading those today, leaves you unprepared for what is COMING NEXT.

So since the Depression regulatory frame work was collapsed by the unanimous act of bought and paid for congress ( by the largest lobby Wall Street ) we have experienced every leading major bank plead guilty to massive CRIMINAL FRAUDS to their clients, stealing tens of trillions of dollars and paying a few million dollars in fines, demonstrating in the NEW AI CRIMINAL THEFT WORLD by all leaders of all major financial institutions – CRIME DOES PAY and it PAYS ENORMOUSLY WELL. Today NOT DOING ECONOMIC CRIMES seems to be a penalty on share price. Until the crises in core integrity of leadership is healed, the markets are in SUPER HIGH RISK of destroying the post depression world order in a systemic system collapse.

Today Blackrock backs out of rescue work with Italy fully bankrupt Carige Bank. Now the central bank will need to bail out this state bank failure and there is necklace of such failures behind CARIGE. AI reacts to this news by a full capital run out of Italy at the worst time for Italy. Italy is in a sinking recession they don’t label by the name recession. So rotten are Italian age related economics, that, the EU is in battle to regulate nation destroying DEBT SOLUTIONS. All economic abuse must one day rebalance. Within this mantra one may not resolve debt crises by borrowing your way out.

Italy needs our consulting and SUPER BOND to reset 100% of its debt and needs for new capital to modernize the nation at ever level. Our famous statement in economics – that assuring the pendelum also swings back in Italy, a fix on policy given Blackrock saw the economic damage at Carige Bank in Italy is a SINK HOLE with no bottom to fiscal capital consumption they bowed out – no profits to be made ever there – turning the ball back to the TAX PAYERS IN ITALY. The AI run of capital out of Italy than commences in terms – which is the why our saying is so poignant –


The systemic risk to DEBT SUPER BUBBLE CASCADES where Carige has a run on the bank that cascades to Italian banks as a whole that spreads to other EU troubled debtor nations – which via counter party agreements as the bank closures become a necklace spreading like economic ebola to the entire world as if almost overnight…no time to adjust to the GREATEST DEPRESSION as the super debt bubble of 2020, a debt balloon outside any prudent regulatory oversight, makes todays economic industry look like a Florida Water Spout – a giant spinning whirl pool, which in the depression was bad enough and was the scope of your bathtub drain spout. By comparison 2020 looks more like a SUPER DEBT SUPER BUBBLE whirl pool force, that is half the Pacific Ocean adding in China – spending 300 % more than it earns, now in free fall on trade.

Consumers will now look at labels for China goods and given options to buy quality for less, will evaporate China growth ( already taking place ) and move buying to anything but MADE IN CHINA. This change in consumer buying patterns will occur.. These changes will defeat all efforts to restore buyer trust. Real shooting wars can occur as China implodes next as a feature of AI economics now moving trillions upon trillions in capital out of China. Apple has had a real CRASH since May all due to failed policy on trade wars.

The notion the market priced in ..that a solution to trade deal was in the works….proved false and with massive leverage to bets on China, the loser are paying in time frames unexpected, with SUPER LOSS taking place right now. ALL ECONOMIC ABUSE MUST REBALANCE.

So this week on its ass Economics in Italy must find resources which it lacks to itself bail out Carige Bank as the run out of the bank by deposit holders makes the sum a moving target. Major bank failure is like dominoes triggering others in unstoppable correction of economic abuse.

Meanwhile Turkey now in a total economic implosion via its policies trying to balance beam walk Russia Partnerships while keeping USA partnerships and EU and NATO agreements, all being violated in fact, is a Turkey economic sink hole. Trillions of investment were first put on hold then pulled out of Turkey all together. Endgames solution while he yells and screams on his bully boy soap box? He is creating legal frame work to take the reserves of all his banks and use that reserve from bank money to pay the endless state red ink as the nation spends far more than it earns.. Bankrupt Turkey may see runs on banks and a AI termination of the system itself. SYSTEM FAILURE which today with counter party agreements unlike the DEPRESSION fuels the GREATEST DEPRESSION as balance sheets of counter parties must adjust to loss versus asset base – sinking financial statements across the world in 72 minutes with AI at the helm in the NEW ECONOMICS no one even understands as YET – AI ECONOMICS first reported here years ago and updated weekly here since 2007.

Tinkering with SUPER LEVERAGE presents unintended outcomes no one not even AI can predict any longer.

The risk is denial.

The old economy is dead and no longer exists at all. Those who use that old economic and its charts and graphs say Crammer and everyone else elevate the greatest risk. RISK IS DENIAL.

The economic now reside in new never seen before by human beings AI ECONOMICS. They play book is evolving quarterly and so rapidly no one can see their way forward in fact. Old tools applied into the new AI economy are actually toxic and no longer function as intended – a 100% reality we are seeing – but everyone is denying still – as the speed of super change has passed human capacity to adapt to Super Change we ourselves created. Itself a new rule of the new AI economics.

You are reviewing these actual GIVENS to build your own SAFE HARBOR as no one “out there” is on top of the morph in economics. Like a virtual reality game every teen understands at say Fortran – we or Resident Evil 16 – or Modern Warfare 22 – the gamers started with an entirely NEW SKIN landscape at a click. Economics is upgrading with new Financial more advanced AI skins every single quarter.

In 2014 over 50% of all 440 trillion in capital flows as controlled by non human AI’s as to circulations.

In 2020 almost 98% of 440 trillion now fully leveraged at maximum debt margin – the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE way outside Depression 1929 risk taking – has become the NEW AI ECONOMICS. NO UNIVERSITY has a course on this topic and no nation has regulatory upgrades to manage the new economic. Their denial is the end game for the destruction of the system.

Today in the market we see not near enough correction when you consider:

  1. Oil the cost of everything goes up when it was free falling – because of attacks on Saudi Ships on Sunday at the heart of the Gulf Oil Hubs. It is our opinion MBS the sociopathic King who can not survive the economics in his nation of Oil sliding back to 50.00 dollars a barrel from MBS artificial rise in oil prices by manipulation and AI, may have self wounded his own ships. We say that because the attacks – were OIL WAR LITE – no oil spills – no waste no fuzz. A PR Attack preserving the oil wealth on board Saudi Ships while MBS blames Iran for the attacks. Perfect Sociopathic move by MBS who slaughtered Khashoggi in only October – keeping in mind you heard that news first right here.
  2. Turkey is going to steal its bank reserve deposits and put that reserve to bail out the nations red ink as Turkey is a nation that is fully bankrupt today. Will China or Turkey sink the world ? Or Italy. The panic is not AI far off.
  3. China is in trade war free fall never considering Trump would react or react so fast to its counters to undermine two years of negotiations in 150 page agreement nearing completion, only to re-write all 150 pages for its own self interest. This ploy triggered absolute cost to China where buying of China anything is now going to for 100 years shift. CHINA FAILS TO SEE THE REAL RISK losing B to B customers losing Nation to Nation customers and losing the consumer market of the entire world never to ever return to China buying. THAT IS THE GAME ON as China has one counter attack which is unreal – to further sink its already worthless paper. Any player holding Chinese investment, currency, debt, or forward bets on China is holding a loser hand. Which we informed you of first here for all of 2017 2018 and now folks even denial will not save some very bright people from serious capital loss in Chinese investing into 2020. GET OUT.

So round and round the leveraged speculative bubble goes and where she lands no body knows by us. It lands in full on global melt down of the core system into illiquidity in which all financial institutions close their doors including banks soon closing world wide. Next you have unemployment soar to 50% in worst hit nations and 25% in best nations still destroyed economically. As this all effects food and toilet paper wars break out so rapidly as economics to support military say for China evaporate over night.

Will such a SUPER CRASH go to nukes – at least to three space shots in outer space – where EMP pulse puts the USA back to horse and buggy no recovery. We think yes. That is what outcome is likely in the GREATEST OF ALL RECESSIONS. Can humans even survive at all? Unknown?

In this mix comes the event that broke economies of the past. The BLACK DEATH wiped out the largest % of EU population of humans in history to the time. The Spanish flu wiped out 20 million in the days of sailing ships no planes. In less than sixty months 20 million economic contributors leaders and buyers are GONE. Today the worst outbreak of EBOLA which makes the Spanish flu look like say – a child’s mild cold by comparison – is OUT OF ANY CONTROL WHATSOEVER. Today without a G 20 or G 100 response – EBOLA will spread and reach world markets in 2020. The quarantine of entire nations can be a global trigger event to de-leverage.

THE DE-LEVERAGING of 50 to 1 capital at leveraged 440 trillion dollars now circulating is the AI silver bullet to end the current world order outside any nations game plan. Make your own GAME PLAN because your nation has NONE. Kevin Freemans second work GAME PLAN is a required read for those who wish to create their own SAFE HARBOR for what IS COMING. What is coming is made worse now by the China USA Trade Wars.

AI bought in to the notion that a trade DEAL with China was unfolding. In fact no trade deal was unfolding and China has no intention of curbing ( politically ) its bad boy behavior in world markets. China is built on sucking in the world’s IP from defense to a novelty item – where China is paid to steal the greatest latest IP and upgrade from that IP defeating its own global partners like say Apple.

Institutions seeing only IP RIP OFF and no end game to profit in China, are revising capital flows out of China. First cash is drying up and growth is falling at such a fast pace the projections to support and pay for military ramp up – now the fastest growing line item for China budgets = defense cost = with a military out flow China can no longer support or afford. WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO? One What to DO is shooting war take over of neighbor nations stealing their wealth for China deficit spending. WARS.

The game board is set. Today China imposed tariff’s already high on 60 billion of American goods with US Automobiles hit the hardest – 60 billion to 200 billion on our side going to 500 billion of chinese goods next – say this week – as the trade war replaces the notion a trade deal was reality. Trade Deal was a denial. Reality is trade war fully engaged and spiraling out of all control may next sink banks. What is coming this week is massive currency devaluation for China which in the end leads to China can no longer pay its rising military budgets without WARS. Sinking China currency will not save China trade THIS TIME. Why?


Americans and EU folks will conclude China is a rogue economic nation, manipulating its markets to take unfair advantage of the world partners who trade with China, in a financial war China has now because of President Donald Trump – in fact – lost.  Denial runs markets today at the bottom while at the top everyone is running for cover. The market disintermediation by AI will move capital out of markets and into markets.

Today the USA is the winner with trillions flowing into the USA over the coming 24 month period as these trillions flow out of markets from Turkey to China and Iran. Saudi today tried to blame ( with zero evidence ) Iran for attacks to its ships. In fact MBA attacked their own ships ( you heard this first here ) to enable oil price rising back up versus falling from the decline in China buyings as Chinese economics are super cooling today. THE BIG CHILL FOR CAPITAL FLIGHT IS IN CHINA AND IRAN AND TURKEY AND RUSSIA.

Putin is trying to Fix Russia and is doing better than China Iran and Turkey.

China slapped trade war taxes on American imports to China as China will stop buying American anything as a culture betrayal in communist box top rules for their nation.

Trump will not raise tariff taxes this week from 200 billion of Chinese trade goods to over 500 billion of Chinese trade goods where American consumers will join Chinese consumers and stop buying CHINA. This will massively down bubble Chinese Growth into SUPER CRASH and a recession or the real start of global DEPRESSION as debt defaulting cascades commence with China Italy or Turkey coming up next in this stress load on new economic core grids. News is reporting old economics which shockingly have zero to do with what is really going on out there in NEW AI ECONOMICS. For that you have to share this blog and read here to remain up to date for real. My readers know the truth. The accuracy of the future presented here has been the stuff legends are made from. As you all know. Thanks for sharing with your circles as together we are one of the fastest growing Blog sites. WHO READS is what is important including national leadership the press and fiscal policy makers for the majority of the 10,000 shrinking SUPER MONEY POOLS. AI ECONOMICS is reality and everything else is denial.

You heard THIS first right here as journalism reports with old economists on old economics which are in fact dead and buried. It is like reading a Grimes fairy tail and thinking the pea and the princess fabel is reality and acting upon it. Good Luck with THAT.

There is a new economics unfolding.

The new economics controls virtually 96% of all capital placements with AI not humans.

No theory or University presently offers accurate content on the NEW ECONOMICS.

Old economics are taught to new brains turning out error in policy to the forward markets The danger to forward stability is HORRIFICALLY OUTDATED BRAIN SOFTWARE TRAPPING HUMANITY IN A GREAT INABILITY TO REMAIN CURRENT IN SUPER CHANGE PARADIGM SHIFTING.

The nations of the world have lost currency, relivancy, and regulator controls over a new ECONOMY they fail to appreciate exists in the first place. Historians will quote this blog and its readers ( you ) for knowing their is a new economy at all.

For this and 1000 other reasons we suggest and encourage leaders register into CEO SPACE May 22nd in Dallas and be brought CURRENT for their own SAFE HARBOR GAME PLAN in the rising economic storms of SUPER CHANGE now taking place in all market spaces.

Lack of upgrading your own software – is the cost of forward prosperity.

May we insure yours?


PS: Demand for OIL is falling off a nigeria falls cliff – a milestone economic event – in which demand for oil now controls price to 45 to 55 dollars where oil will stay. MBS can only delay that free fall with WAR WITH IRAN and the USA may watch as Iran takes over Saudi – MBS great risk he fails to see at all. Remember you heard that first here as back channels with Iran do exist and are getting stronger as IRAN shares their intelligence agency truth with the USA and Mossad behind the scenes and SAUDI has lost their franchise when they slaughtered Khashoggi. President Donald Trump and family have the dial up number for MBS as a sociopathic ruler today. Iran is helped by rising oil prices as is MBS.