As all 2019 blogs reported our opinion – sell out of China – move out of China do not bet on China anytime soon. We feel AI will punish world asset classes that will be under performing inside a nuke level China Trade War. Donald Trump knows the Tariff coming Friday will smash into China especially with its debt borrowing at 300% greater than their GNP for so many years – words economics in the world in fact. This unsustainable economic model ( SUPER DEBT BUBBLE GROWTH ) ends badly anyway. Trade war helps it all end sooner rather than later.

China has been in DOWN BUBBLE economics since Trump said the USA would not longer be China’s victim in economics. Using our wealth transfer to attack our interest all over the world. To grow a state WORLD WAR III asymmetrical warfare model to soften the USA while China uses the Wealth Transfer from the USA to grow its state STEAL ALL MILITARY SECRETS FIRST ALL AI AND ALL TECHNOLOGY SECOND AND EVERYTHING ELSE THIRD. We will pass the USA by starting with their future tek and growing our own from that criminal theft with brains educated at your leading institutions. China could not think of the American model as a greater failure to even protect its own unborn generations.

Trump is the ONLY PRESIDENT in Modern History that a) more fully understood WORLD WAR III is economic and digital and fully engaged from the first weaponized AI digital attack on our core economics from 2007 forward.  That the DIGITAL WARS are being lost in the REAL GAME OF THRONES until right now today.

Trump has reset the WAR CLOCK and is creating economic CONSEQUENCE upon China for operations outside any rule of law or mutual trust cooperation and respect. If China wishes to compete with the USA then Trump is ready to go fully tit to tat and no more digital theft Asia your on your own from here on out. Also your digital attacks will be met with devastating digital attacks from the USA into China that exchange a failed attack by China into a trillion dollar cost to China. The USA is starting to WIN again.

The real war from subs beneath the seas to digital attacks the public has no clue about are taking place CYBERWARE COMMAND CENTER TO CYBER WARFARE COMMAND CENTER. We are at WAR. This trade deal is not a real trade deal. This trade deal is suing for PEACE before we have a shooting war with China Nukes and Satellite Killers and more.

All nations know the truth. The truth is that Super Powers launching three Nuke Bursts in Space will EMP PULSE the nation under that SPACE BURST into the stone age. The 30 minute outcome of seeing nothing hearing nothing is that:

  1. All transportation stops and electronics are fried.
  2. All planes fall from the sky.
  3. All ships stop.
  4. All electricity water power rail and electronics are fried forever.
  5. The capacity to rebuild and remake no longer exists.

In 30 minutes China and Russia and the USA are in the stone age and no one had a nuke hit a city. Said another way MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION NO LONGER WORKS FOLKS WITHOUT MARS OR MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION which is a new arms race in and of itself. AI will race to win on this for self preservation as Humans and this EMP outcome is the BIG RISK TO AI as a new life form.

As AI is increasingly “understanding all this” better than even we humans, and as AI controls 96% of the 440 trillion in global capital circulations – AI will act on the current trade war. China will be punished on a ratio far over other markets.

Volatility will be beyond any chart or forecasting while the global digital wars unfold – North Korea – Iran – Russia – Radical Muslims – and global AI against Global AI.

China as we told you first on our last Sunday Post on the Trump reaction to Friday’s SHOCK that 150 pages of agreed upon trade deals – where not reset by China so that the teeth in all the agreements were pulled with revisions China made to all 150 pages such that there are no dentures even just raw gums remaining. Trump seeing every line of his agreement to final absolutely diluted so that CHINA would never perform as obligated by the agreement. Primarily that – criminal stealing of other nations IP would be on going as China’s core model – that China would not obligate to buy enough from the USA that its criminal trade imbalance of today ( almost one trillion of we buy MORE from China than they buy from us in red ink trading – a transfer of trillions from the USA to China – assuring in digital war terms the USA goes bankrupt but so slowly no one see’s when the red line is crossed and the USA can  no longer recover. Worse is the criminal theft of American inventions – which creates untold wealth transfer as a product of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

In 2020 criminal theft of IP is a war crime a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY of the worst order of crime.

China wants new weapons. NEW ADVANCED stealth cruise missiles super sonic cruise stealth missiles and torpedo’s – MIR weapons for Space – better nukes, NEUTRON BOMBS, and EMP grenades and more. They have stolen all that as they plow ahead of us in the seas in the air and on land if unchecked.


Friday more pain hits China than any time in modern history. The warfare has no shifted and China is losing. Economically soon China must cut back its military as basic cost will be a challenge with the red ink and decline of growth into real losses.

China is a TITANIC about to economically go down without change.

Change is required for the US and countless nations watching.

The Great CHINA RIP OFF Merry Go Round at the Communist CIRCUS in economics is now coming to a close. China joins the real world or China pays the price from separation from the REAL WORLD. As no nation can prosper isolated from the REAL WORLD and with AI economics the speed of that shift is so massive so not easy to reverse that China on economic poker chips is running out of chips and has no markets remaining from the house or from any place at all.

So now exposed in the full light of truth versus lies – the courtesy of the WEALTH TRANSFER ends with a whine a whimper and a frown or it ends with a smile a handshake and an integrity based FRESH START and new WELCOME into the REAL WORLD. It is bigger than America.

China is on the chopping BLOCK.

The judge panel is the REAL WORLD.

Business as usual – giving up everything the other party desires only to pull it all back and give none of that to the other party at all. To compete versus cooperate. To destroy versus create. To display integrity or to disrespect integrity. To self deal where you consume far more than you contribute. The old economics of city states and feudalism

China is playing a game that is unreal with the REAL WORLD.

China is playing the GAME OF THRONES which is a fiction written by story tellers based on how brutal human life was when civilization was less complex and evolving more slowly.  In the days of separation of walls castles and CROWS with leg notes on the CROW legs – it was possible to live by the 11th commmandment with zero integrity in any dealings even internal family dealings….


….my son you must always screw unto others….before thy are screwed unto my boy……

Applies to daughters as well.


China has a welcome mat into a fresh start to its unborn generation prosperity in a reframe of economics that are NEW but hold no threat.

China also has a welcome mat into hell.

Economic Super Crash and unsustainable collapse of the system internally. Civil war and the potential break up of China itself. That risk is unwanted by the REAL WORLD.

The present state in the Chinese Game of THRONES is now in its last season episode.

Yes. In May 2019 we are coming up to the CLIFF HANGER.

China decides to take the financial off ramp and economic hell upon the earth.

China decides to take the financial up ramp and heaven upon the earth.

No one can decide for CHINA.

The REAL WORLD led by the USA is stating – no one in the REAL WORLD will be a victim to your criminal form of national self interest, at the expense of all others, from this May forward in time.

Join the REAL WORLD or PERISH economically.

This poker game is real folks.

President Trump is holding an ACE HIGH Full House of economic cards in a absolute economic Grand Class Cruise Super Ship while China holds a hand of two two’s spades and clubs in the Communist ROW BOARD in the bow of the SUPER CRUISE LINER about to run over the Chinese row boat.

The warnings have been made bridge to bridge.

In the Game of Thrones one side always fails to appreciate the REAL WORLD has REAL DRAGONS. Real Dragons melt stone walls.

The weapons have been fired across the Chinese BOW ( first silly tariff warning shots ).

Now the Cruise missiles fire on Friday and these are sinkable firings and not warnings any longer.

China will begin to list and sink as June waters come over her gunwales financially.

In the Game of Thrones the REAL WORLD with REAL DRAGONS always wins in the end.

China may lack capacity to have correct reading glasses so what they see if blurring and they fail to understand their own danger.

For you see in economics the Communist believe their ROW BOAT is a GRAND CLASS CRUISE SHIP only the REAL WORLD OWN AND BUILD in the first space – there are real dragons on board.

China thinking their ROW BOAT IS A GRAND CLASS CRUISE VESSEL in sinking and drowning as it all will happen so damn fast in AI economics – China won’t be able to bail fast enough economically. Drowning with fuzzy impaired vision China never understood that they are now under the keel of the REAL WORLD GRAND CLASS CRUISE SUPER VESSEL WITH REAL DRAGONS ON BOARD.

The real world will disregard and fail to consider China’s choices and bad behavior as China sinks into oblivion a fraction of what she once remembered only no one can recall that short moment when China stood alone and in the sun. But the sun also sets on China.

It is TWILIGHT and the REAL WORLD Is done – as in ITS OVER – being a victim of China criminal Wealth Transfer.

Past all the talk and political theater what is really happening is a GAME OF THRONES with REAL DRAGONS UNLEASHED.

The Real World is not rattling sabers.

The Real World is slashing China to the bone and reminding China with each fatal slice to their core model and economics – that – we TOLD YOU AND WE TOLD YOU DO NOT BLUFF AROUND WITH THE REAL WORLD.

Because the glasses China wears are filterd and they fail to see the truth they never listened to Kenny Rogers theme song for the GAME OF THRONES PLAYING OUT As markets move all over the game board with AI reacting to each new sound bite….

…….you to to KNOW when to hold them….and you got to know when to FOLD THEM…….

Back to President Trump –

  1. I’m all in
  2. All chips and Tariff’s to the center of our mutual pile.
  3. I make my final raise and I CALL

Now a FULL HOUSE with Ace’s high is unbeatable as Trump lays out his cards.

China and AI lose all those chips all at once and the sound you year is a POOF or sucking sound money swimming pools make spending 300% more than they make for ten years in the largest DEBT SUPER BUBBLE OF ANY NATION IN HUMAN HISTORY – as the lake has no money remaining and the sound is the BOTTOM DRAIN GASPING WITH AIR AS THERE IS NOT A DOLLAR LEFT TO PAY THAT DEBT DOWN…….


Check MATE.



So that is what is going on out there and with China the roulette ball is rolling round and round she goes and where she stops ( perhaps China will catch a glimmer of the truth of it all and truly change behavior to fully join the REAL WORLD ) or take the financial down ramp into economic hell.

Trump is smoking his favorite cigar – drinking his favorite aperitif……and blowing dollar sign smoke rings on the Spring Cherry Blossom deck of the WHITE HOUSE singing Louie Arm Strong OH WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD.

The ending of the Game of Thrones?

We’ll make sure your first to know right here.