Let’s say that DONALD TRUMP phoned his golfing buddy President XI of China. Both sides are attempting to get an agreement that is historic and world redefining to global trade. The Statue of Liberty level model for trade agreements is tied up in this template. China has enormous factions who present complex views to Western Minds. Congress has complex factions inside an election year unfolding an industry of some 4 billion dollars into just the 2020 election itself. Everyone is invested – and we are talking staggering sums – to just get winning sound bites. Pretending a call went along these lines:

….look buddy XI lets face it I’m a far better golfer than you…put that aside. I have Pelosi up my ass in an election year on all this legal theater. She is going after my children for crying out loud. Let me suggest I take your factions as you let them have their way with the agreement – then I’ll slap tariff’s on your trade ( which we’ll take off in June or soon ) where for a bit I look strong while you can’t look weak. Then your counter my tariff’s making you look strong. This will move the market so you can go short and make enough to cover the Tariff’s now free from AI trading the market we can both predict. Then the too foaming at the mouth market gets some moderation to sense, and value floors helping us both. Your counter to us heats it up and backs me in a corner and we make a deal and we both look good as you and I sign it and play some more golf….my Nancy spits in the wind on sound bites and can’t hold the media agenda and the same for you with your Pelosi’s in China…hows that work for you? ……

I’m sure nothing like that took place. I’m just pretending.


I think Nancy from my birth city must have been a pole dancer before she led the House of Representatives in the US Congress. No Speaker I can recall since 1948 has obsessed if the attention is not on her and her pole dancing like Nancy. WOW. Why is Nancy not running for President too? It would complete it for me. In the China and market swings – a trillion dollar loss this week – ( and we said buy the dip and those that don’t will remember soon how much you could have made if you just did that – one drop of courage greater than your fear? So Nancy is a machine gun. She is turning out subpoenas from Barr to Trumps children. She is legally moving to courts when Trump exercises Presidential rights and privilege to say …bad pole dance no tip we’er leaving the dance club….dance away Nancy no one is watching. She can’t grab headlines Trump has stolen the agenda and media attention. Nancy furious at losing with Mueller – I mean 100 million wasted – two years of the entire justice department furious for Trump firing Comey ( that was late should have been day one in office ) could not come up with anything but – two years and 1,000,000 man hours of trying – NO COLLUSION. Bob Mueller went down in history as such a terrible man. Abusing powers of Justice to frame and target and jail Trumps circle seeking evidence to impeach Trump with Collusion ( there was zero ) and Trump won and Nancy lost and it was total. Everyone is leaving Nancy Pelosi Dosey DO Pole Dance as she now dances alone. Nancy almost goes insane if the sound bites and spot light go off her on the pole as she spins around and waves her premature aging arms with that premature aging smile? And … No one is watching. Not anymore. She just can’t command the sound bites. That is another loss to Trump and Nancy has one quality that outhines all others on the pole. NANCY PELOSI IS A SOUR BITTER AND TERRIBLE LOSER. You see it in the character she lacks to lead. A circle of the most socialistic communistic left liberals in America circle Nancy but even Democrats as a majority are not socialist and are all great Americans can stand by Nancy who IS the single most hated politician I know since 1948. Thats some years folks. Nancy wins at one thing though…Nancy is ranked for the past three years in the champion slot by polls NANCY PELOSI POLE DANCER “IS” THE SINGLE MOST HATED POLITICIAN ON ALL SIDES sinking Congress to the lowest approval rating by all democrats and all republicans by all Americans to its WINNING RECORD OF 6% approval rating where 94% of all Americans …change the Pelosi Channel when her name appears. WE ALL HATE YOU ….you WIN.

Expect the court action to rise up next. If Nancy impeaches President Trump it will be based on timing into the Election. Any impeachment can not win. Impeachment will tip Trump into a sure win for four more Years. I expect Nancy to move to court action against Trumps wife, his son, his son in law his daughter and if he has pets at home all the pets. Nancy is not fooling around. It is my opinion Nancy is spending her weekend seeing her low press sound bite failures and will fully investigate Trumps HOUSE PLANS next. Saturday Night Live material? Share the blog with them for me? THE HOUSE SUBPOENAS all of Trumps HOUSE plants in each home world wide and Nancy is not ruling out the damage from ROUND UP either – no sir ree bobbie she is NOT ……


If you invest in markets for 60 days this week bothers you. If you invest in markets for sixty months you don’t care at all about this market. It is our opinion another sling shot is working. The market is taking chips off the table just in case the trade deal does not occur in 60 days. Keep in mind, China has no word for time like we do. Language is so commanding it creates thinking visions that make cooperation harder as we have to put in the effort to understand the culture of both sides to accomodate how different the thinking itself is. Having no word for time like Americans and English the notion of lets get this done by Friday does just not commute in Mandarin. China is about “whats the hurry lets get this right”. Trump is ..its taking too long. In the end the China deal will sling shot values back to record highs. We anticipate strong earnings globally with continued weakness in China as their winters is coming. Winter in China is brutal like our Climate Change winter just was. We expect slow downs from the trade wars that will surprise in China and winter impacts on consumer buying in China. Chinese predictably get fearful from the trade war and they pull back buying and its massive. So we pull back and the consumer pulls back. Even with Chinese last gasp SUPER DEBT BUBBLE stimulus we suggest it is not enough. Also if XI trumps TRUMP a downside elevator is doors open climb aboard risk. If the real trade war entrenches China will move into a SUPER CRASH in our opinion. Which is the WHY since 2016 we have said China investing is easy….SELL. If you operate in China move out. If your not in China start up now they will never forget when things were not going well who helped them.


The Sound Bite Wars at millions a throw – ROCKET MAN – has launched more Rockets this week. Longer range ( 200 miles ) enough to nuke South Korea and American bases in region. Rocket Man is trying to get his own sound bite and get his SUMMIT back into play. Rocket Man needs sanction relief. If he is not getting it lets pretend an above ground hydrogen bomb goes off somewhere. All sound bites stop and move to Kim. If it takes THAT Kim is just the rocket man to give it to you. What risk is that? Well in Trump World that is a risk Rocket Man Kim is wise not to take. Look at the Tariff’ on China tomorrow. Kim ….before son you push that next shiny object button in front of your very fat face.



On the anniversary of the USA pulling out of the bad Nuke deal with Iran – a temporary deal expiring in a few years – a non deal really – Iran noted they would RELAX compliance with enriching uranium and go back at it. Trump sent some bath tub play boats and a few airplanes. Today Iran has new sanctions representing exports it makes like Steel and others representing 10% of Iran economics. The money in Iran is drying up. Iran currency is becoming worth less. There are factions challenging power all over Iran. Trump said he wants a deal and he wants an economy the Iranian people deserve. Over a simple deal document Iran is loosing trillions and it can not keep up. However I suggest never rely upon a nation of leaders to do what is in their own best interest. How can Iran deal with the GREAT SATAN they themselves labeled America as their brand to market posture. The Shaws son is of age to rule Iran and they all know THAT. Will Iran escalate and attack America? Have they already with the hack that just took place as digital warfare on the accounting back bone of all tax repair services in America now with malware? From Iran while Nancy Pole dances? Hey look at me she sings – she wants that song to be a SWIFT HIT chart riser.

I’m flying home from the most amazing week in California on a merger acquisition we are exploring to acquire a global training institution years in process. We’ll see these things more time than a Mueller investigation. I’m going to have the best weekend with my 17 year old Preston my 21 Year old this July Daniel my perfect amazing wifie September and my boxer lab doggie COOPER. Then I’m going to help some very lucky CEO’s around the world register into CEO SPACE and produce and host CEO SPACE the # 1 Business Conference in the world by prestigious press ranking 10 years in a row now in Dallas and for those CEO’s we are going to transform their futures and prosperity.

Now that is the GOOD NEWS on what is GOING on out there this weekend…we’ll keep you posted.