Having met the majority of the past Presidents of the United States since the 1950’s with Dwight Eisenhower my Father served under in World War II, I can say one thing for sure. Who the Presidents ARE is not who the media suggests they are in fact. If media focused on YOU and your family like they focus on President Obama or Bush you would know real unfairness and real fake news. Politics is not for the faint hearted.

There are 1400 sects of the Democratic party. There are 2300 sects in the Republican party. Then there are the thousand of INDEPENDENT SECTS. There are 67,000 sects of the Muslin Religion. There are 29,000 Christian sects all starting join us or you go to hell. There are sects inside sects.

Bias has Super Changed. Why? Well – the media and news was edited to be fair and impartial just facts no positions. Today competing 24 News Channels who exists to bait their audience to ever more drama of what they wish anyway. Favoring the audience predisposition – where  one rating point up or down can represent millions in ad revenue to that broadcast firm.

….24/7 global news economically exists to sell ever rising totals of mindless consumer crap to you starting with Pharms and Foods look at the ad counts…..news is owned by the media owners and advertisers in many cases same firm today……

News over consolidation of wealth – where 15 owners – control 80% of the news and that news is liberal versus conservative. So the facts and the information you act on and vote on is a mind manipulation by very savy super money pool owners. Today manipulating what you think is the outcome desired. AI is helping with science and research on you and your profile unlike any period in history. There is no oversight or rule of law in this new Super Change to Media globally and that evolution is unfolding and spiralling up to mind control faster and faster.

If you believe what you think is impartial – based on facts that are not bias and spoon fed to you – you have not woken up yet to SUPER CHANGE. Not really. Not yet.

….I took a walk with my dog around my guard gated multiple lake Florida private community in Florida with my wife September and my Dog Cooper. At the drive way I stopped to talk to a neighbor I adore respect and love. This neighbor spent his time to inform me that Trump is pure evil…that Trump wishes two more years in office 10 total….that Trump seeks to be an American Dictator…that Trump has destroyed America already…that Trump intends to destroy America …that Trump IS a criminal and has broken so many laws ( he could not name any – but the tax reform act as passed by a majority of republicans and democrats and signed by Trump…..that crime ) and others he implied but could not name and he stated in his abject disrespect of the sitting President and pure hatred – having never met the Trump family and knowing only what they read from a new pipe 80% owned by liberal bias and reporting in that bias – where his conclusion walking away from me in total disgust breaking off the conversation perceiving my call to respect a sitting President any President in disagreement on policy ….that his hope is Trump his family his wife his children and his circle are all in prison serving Jail time by this time next year…that is this senior on social securities pure hope – stressed and walking away from his neighbor who refused to simply HATE BLINDLY Donald Trump……….

Meanwhile more than half of the United States in a CNN POLL which as a publishing firm hates Trump and Trump hates their fake news factory reported correctly the poll outcome that over 50% of all Americans APPROVED OF TRUMP AS PRESIDENT. Also the voters who will vote for Trump by disagree with many things about any president are winning to the election if the election were held today.

I remain sad that Obama in office suffered such outrageous attacks – Trump being a FAKE NEWS ATTACKER on citizenship for President Obama in which President Donald Trump in my opinion owes President Obama inclusion, an APOLOGY TO HIS CHILDREN, and unborn, and to extend RIGHT when RIGHT is required. Obama has been on the HIGH GROUND with Michelle following 8 amazing years as the first black President. Perfect execution. Historic. No scandals. Historic to the nations credit. While attacked for being a nigger – his wife a transvestite – all pure horrific disrespect – republican bashing and mean cruel spirit – remove him from office he is not a US CItizen – such disrespect in media presents a great SHAME on all who do it. Nancy and her tribe remember these recent insults and return the favor of course and more. When really what is needed is THE GREAT CHANGE.

Shift happens.

An agreement between the parties that:

  1. We do not attack one another legally and personally we remain issue focused with respect.
  2. We show respect in disagreement on issues.
  3. We never personalize criticism to public servants. As a code of conduct in public office.
  4. We take no action on personal items – Kennedy and Maryland – Clinton and the Oval – Trump and Stormy Daniels – we look at their public record on issues with blinders on the rest.
  5. We don’t infer or inflect criminal anything without evidence no one can get away from.


Who blinks to define the new CODE OF CONDUCT FOR AMERICA ON ALL SIDE?

Who defines the enforcement and penalty for breaking the code of conduct like instant day of removal from office. Any level.

Public office is NOT A SIT COM.

So if you know Presidents you KNOW that Donald Trump is not his media with 80% of all that you read manipulation for three years now that TRUMP is what my neighbor states which is actually false.

All Presidents I have met and known since the 1950’s in this nation are:

  1. Great leaders doing the very best they know how.
  2. All hold visions of how to re-invent America into prosperity and abundance all over again.
  3. All are decent caring fathers and family leaders unlike media reports.
  4. All are good not perfect husbands and may have in the 150 hour weeks an affair who cares.
  5. All are team leaders and performance leaders always trying to do their best period.

None are criminals I know.

None are bad people I know they are all GREAT AMERICANS Hillary and Trump – just GREAT !

They the truth more than you know the truth about them.

None deserve the bashing they receive in dis-respect.

NEWS will make it personal and will invade any and every decency and privacy we owe our leaders and will seek to explode a hang nail into a felony in fake news week to week to assure their channel has more ratings to sell you mindless crap. Those reporting the Fake News do not KNOW President Obama or Bush or Trump. They have not been at their dinner table with wifie and children. They do not know their personal world and WHO THE FUCK THEY REALLY ARE. They like my neighbor scale facts without regard for balance.

Gone are the days you reported a bias agenda and you reported equally and well the oppossing argument.

Gone are the days that sensational fake news was edited out versus made LEAD STORY as the lies are today.

Was it bad with Nixon and Kennedy – yes but with respect long gone just long long gone entirely.

Was it bad with Reagan – I was part of my home state running – and yes it was bad but nothing like this.

Media and AI are morphing the essential ability to KNOW in ADVANCE what you think in any zip code and to accommodate more massive data on YOU just YOU as to what would CHANGE YOUR MIND. Then to present endless media to you in all forms of clicks to assure your MIND IS CHANGED and in absolute terms.

Is illegal criminal mind control of voters here today?

Answer – yes and it is AI evolving and growing worse and worse and worse.

Do we need ELECTION REFORM AND REGULATORY CHANGES to protect voters from vicious mind manipulations why? Because they CAN and they then DO. Is all really.

Should we because we CAN?

No we should not.

If you just core hate President Trump and his family even as my neighbor in Florida does – I respect your position fully and your right to hold it and vote accordingly. If your in countless other positions I respect your views and would take a bullet for your AMERICAN RIGHT TO DISAGREE with other American’s. I call on us all to realize we have spoon fed news as software of our mind and the software spoon fed to us is bias – not true and not accurate. Suspect all data until you click awhile and get all sides yourself to have BETTER DATA TO MAKE MORE FULLY INFORMED CHOICES. I wish you only that…suspending pre disposition on any leader as your facts may in fact be manipulating your mind with billions upon billions spent to do just that. SUSPECT THAT IS TRUE AS YOU GIVE YOUR GREAT HEAD A SHAKE. Let’s talk policy not personality. Lets in Congress and agency and administration as WE THE PEOPLE stop staying on channel when its PERSONAL – change the channel drop the ratings. The GREAT SHIFT OCCURS when we the people change our own minds.

If you like our sinking into CESSPOOL AMERICA then stay tuned as the depth and stink is endless having nothing to DO WITH WHAT IS IMPORTANT for our nation together. Just be addicted to the sit com versus real news you can’t find unless you click a great deal or use this blog for balance to your mental software. Make any sense to you?


God Bless all our living Presidents job well done and sorry there are no woman yet.

God Bless America and God Bless President Trump and His Family and keep all safe.

THE GREAT CHANGE IS COMING….it takes time but the American pendelum also swings BACK.