Nancy Pelosi has some heavy lifting to manage news sound bites on her kick ball game in high school related to her loosing so enormously with Mueller – NO COLLUSION making her political puppet master work – Mueller and team – dance off the state in disgrace. Bad Looser Nancy wants a Mueller spin re-count on her own lost hand. GAME OVER NANCY you LOST and the LOSS may be your undoing.

Now then SUPER CHANGE – as seen here first this weekend – Trump pokes a stick in China’s eye. The Stick brings in part of the 800 billion dollars EACH YEAR the USA is stone cold losing in conducting business with China. They tax our goods and our services at levels no nation matches. We tax them a nickel and a dime helping the people of China recover after the horrors of WORLD WAR II and the NORTH KOREAN WAR on their borders – with their army fighting our army. Counts did not go well for them then either.

China markets crashed today almost ten percent down in hours and tomorrow worse.

Our markets will drop over 500 points we predict today and AI may recover that but AI is projecting cost on all this – to Apple to Caterpillar and American effected industry like Tesla who bet big on China versus other options. Trump said what to China this weekend?


What does this mean to small business in the world?

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The USA on top of the China news is stepping up its military presence in the SOUTH CHINA SEA. The USA is having a major battle group fully armed including nukes move into Iran proximity in the GULF. The message was sent – to Iran – this weekend – while the USA does not want WAR WITH IRAN America is locked loaded and enabled to respond to any attack FROM IRAN and we will instantly. This can escalate and fast. Russia is from the Trump Putin Call involved and will protect its allies.

Is all this a distraction for a rapid take over of Venezuela near our own borders – where the relief to the Venezuelan people would be enormous, the outcome of of a USA protectorate for Venezuela would be America becomes the largest reserve of oil by far on earth and in restoring Venezuela production dropping out of failed OPEC – as IRAN is doing in fact – OPEC shatters and price for oil is controlled by the US President for the coming century. Do we take over Cuba while we are at it?

There are a great deal of moving parts that Trump is handling in a strategy Nancy has no clue about.

China is going to cancel its Weds trade meeting as they did last time it came to this.

Trump has HAD IT WITH China not progressing on deal terms only to renegotiate them endlessly while a PAUSE On Tariff raising was in place in good faith – only to months of bad faith negotiation. Trump holding an economic full house – called CHINA to show its cards. The pain in China is going to be worse than anyone expects economically and if unresolved quickly will SUPER CRASH CHINA economics. China GNP is in free fall.

American firms will now seek to resolve the 25% tariff by shifting supply lines out of China.

The world markets – misled by China itself stating trade deals may be signed this Friday versus trade tax will rise say 150% on Friday – making China good cost explode to American customers. Who will stop buying MADE IN CHINA. As 100 million stop buying MADE IN CHINA they will not return to buy from the nation that treated our people badly. NOW the trade war – is real war – due to bad faith Chinese negotiations.


  1. Protects its trade by state subsidy and dumping and taxes on all other nations that make China economically benefit from unfair wealth transfer from nations abroad into china due to design of their communist model.
  2. Steals Intellectual Property – secrets of the IPHONE of our technology or our defense or our plans for weapons or our 5G or any and every leading IP in all markets from Films they pirate to music they pirate as a nation of professional thieves in the world using advanced IT and Hacking and Digital Warfare Weapon grade attacks on us – all from brains trained in our best Universities and that is going on now at Stanford and Harvard while we as a nation trade into real bankruptcy with China unless it stops.
  3. The Markets priced in China propaganda a TRADE DEAL WAS GOING TO SIGN FRIDAY they felt trapping Trump politically. No one boxes Trump. He makes 800 million a year in ordinary income Trump has none of the concerns a politician who really cares about staying as President does. Trump has the biggest pay raise of any US President if he just lost in 2020 – his life returns to real magic. But he’ll win and this is another reason WHY. Sorry Nancy you lose again.


Today we have AI punishing MARKET OVER VALUE for now impacted downward profits due to the new CHINA policy. The Battle Group to the Gulf does not keep oil price down. AI will elevate oil price even though there is PLENTY OF SURPLUS OIL. Perception in the phony manipulated oil markets tends to run the price up unless TRUMP DUMPS as we have suggested some our 466,000,000 barrels of stored oil we are accumulating at ONE MILLION OF OUR OIL TO STORAGE DAILY week after week – lets give AMERICAN PEOPLE RELIEF from MBS insane oil manipulated price up for no reason of economics from 18 months ago from 40 dollars a barrel to 72 dollars a barrel or almost 100% rise in price for no reason whatsoever that 8 billion people are paying today. The cost of everything else.

Against the SUPER CHANGE going on today – with 300 billion of Chinese goods about to be taxed from zero to 25% the world of economics in the entire world just shifted this weekend.

Perhaps you missed it all?

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