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In the past 72 hours leaders recognize:

  1. In mapping out trends from last weeks market dip – what was really going on out there?
  2. In mapping out the politics and impact on business – what was really going on out there.
  3. From economics to world events like OPEC imploding as it breaks apart we told you first.
  4. From Ebola to 50,000 miseal cases in CONGO we told you first.
  5. From economic impacting trends from Yellow Vest to Libya wars we told you first.

You had more summary of WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE – you can scan and see all the real non fake news – the items that effect your choice your wallet your markets – right here – first – and you would consumer as our teams do `100’s of hours map out this equal information globally as no single source silo or nation has the content you have CONSOLIDATED NEWS right here.


Our readers hold a believe – knowledge is sensationally powerful in the information – if the information is true accurate and current is is priceless. In a world where less than 20 SUPER MONEY POOLS of the most liberal social thinking and politics, own 90% of media outlets, the news is understandable today not neutral as it was in prior ages of three channels only. Today the competitive unfolding without regulatory FCC upgraded AI modernized regulatory frame works, presents regulations when there where three TV broadcast channels in say America. Change has occurred as set forth in my book SUPER CHANGE ( OCT release pre Holiday ) for the first time in human existence, too fast, for humans to adapt.

The competition of unfolding 24 broadcasting, seeking add dollars for ever dividing audience moved from news for all – editor controlled to be neutral and unbiased – Goodnight America This IS John Channeler and good night Chet in Washington. Remember that News era. This IS signing off from the first man landing on the moon, Walter Cronkite congratulations America?  That system is torn to shreds by packet advertising and super niching markets as the field became never ending channel markets to hold niche audiences.

  1. Conservative more middle of the niche thinkers – FOX and Murdock owning.
  2. More liberal and moving off from center to left side – CNN the Communist News Network
  3. More liberal and off to the left left – MSNBC the WHOO WHOO CHANNELS
  4. Economic news in the middle zone left skewing CNBNC – holding a wide middle market
  5. The intellectual market and more mainstream and conservative PUBLIC BROADCASTING
  6. The Worlds Channel – more middle news like the old days with a left swing on content BBC
  7. Israeli New and other conservative broadcasting and news – huge global footprint and more

The time to research which SUPER MONEY POOL and mind set controls the specific  broadcast you may chose is beyond most busy folks in our audience. Today the media is owned by institutions with bias. The audience is super niched. News is SPUN and SPINNING for that niche. These NEWS OUTLETS are now FAKE NEWS FACTORIES FOR THEIR AUDIENCE.Which in Click world is global and beyond any network of old like the 20 year audience declines – massive declines – to CBS NBC AND ABC that once broadcast news to more eye balls than any prior experience in human history – all now dying economically and with idea deserts of how they might rebirth their VISION into the future in the new era’s of 5 G which further destroy their 1900’s models.


But they lack TIME. Time IS more precious than Diamonds in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. Today leaders first priority – a new priority – is to adopt a missing process to be brought more current on trends, change itself, tools and tactics to be brought current and to remain current. One TOTAL PROCESS the FIRST PROCESS created to advance LEADERS within a LIFETIME PROCESS – of one meeting every 60 days – four days every sixty – to define and review – what has changed and what tools and tactics are next and new – in the unfolding SUPER CHANGE. These leaders possess more accurate facts and data on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE !  

They secure better information – first.

They secure the best summary of it all in one space they can scan in minutes over a beverage break and the stuff they are being SPOON FED as manipulation and bias – FAKE NEWS – is packaged news with AI help – our leaders are more IMMUNE and MORE RISE ABOVE the river of manipulation and thought control. Which includes national institutions

The new game is remaining current in SUPER CHANGE.

CEO SPACE May 22nd in Dallas brings together leaders who wish to go beyond the priceless value of another source of THOUGHT and PERSPECTIVE and just KNOWING NEWS they missed – ever 72 hours on this BLOG news site. Live mentor hosted with leading mentors who do the same service for the leading FORTUNE FIRMS, present unmatched upgrading of skill transfer to leaders who wish to develop THEMSELVES. Who wish to remain BLEEDING EDGE in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. These leaders are killing failure, winning success, over extended time frames and securing prediciton control and outcomes those not investing time and priority to upgrade the new C Suite Leader Brains of SUPER CHANGE. Graduates of CEO SPACE IN MAY are fully current and massively developed leaders who in having better information – make better plans assocaite with improved teams to execute elevated priceless new plans to market and acquire missing resources to fully execute goal attainment all within our days Tuesday to Saturday in Dallas. SCROLL AND READ THE CEO SPACE SHORT BLOG SUMMARY ON VALUE POINTS to assess for you and your teams.

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….CEO SPACE graduates May 22nd in Dallas ….upgrade into Super Change Leadership – C SUITE LEADER BRAINS – that LEARN FASTER …..that UNLEARN EVEN FASTER …AND WHO HAVE THE CAPACITY TO RE-LEARN EVEN FASTER THAN THAT……

Leaders read many source so data and information. SUPER CHANGE presents opportunities to leaders at a pace never experienced in any prior generation which includes:

  1. Opportunities which if applied assure your market place remains current and vibrant and if not applied makes sure you are CIRCUIT CITY and or SEARS. Montgomery Ward. Pan American Airline. NO MARKET PLACE IS SECURE TODAY UNLESS RENEWED INTO CURRENCY IN SUPER CHANGE BY LEADERS IN A PROCESS TO REMAIN OUT FRONT. What is your PROCESS TO REMAIN CURRENT AND RELEVANT IN SUPER CHANGE?
  2. RISK AVOIDANCE . Leaders with SUPER CHANGE INFORMATION have superior risk avoidance for stake holders and those lacking that risk avoidance like Buffet Buying into a Criminal Socially bad BANK – WELLS FARGO never saw the consumer and industrial run out of the bank – like Criminal Duethsch Bank as these institutions sink as in quick sand – into a shell of what they once were. Without a PROCESS to remain fully current in the new leadership environment of SUPER CHANGE which is only picking up speed – you can not navigate to equal a brain that has that process. CEO SPACE proved this with the # 1 ranked process for your game – in the world today. May 22nd or delay the pay?


Serving 100,000’s of CEO’s who effect millions of jobs in over 150 nations 31 years mature and selling out at all our events – these days – leaders are readers. This BLOG was created as one leg of our PROCESS TO PRESENT THE MOST ADVANCED FRESH EXCITING FUN EFFECTIVE AND PRESS RANKED # 1 LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM IN THE WORLD TODAY. THE PROCESS INCLUDES:

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CEO SPACE is into 2020 the worlds most advanced total solution for immediate MAY 22nd Leadership massive skill development and currency into SUPER CHANGE. Massive challenge list solutions from leading Fortune level Mentorship. On going tools and tactics in the lowest cost solution – the only LIFETIME asset – and paid for with a tax buck.

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This public service operates a 1988 price plan that has never raised in 30 years. Gasoline was 25 cents a gallon when we started. A Happy Meal was 99 cents.



This blog is a bit unique. Designed to serve the ocean of CEO SPACE members in nations across the world who use and rely on accurate ways to UNDERSTAND what they are seeing and reading. They tune in daily here to see:

  1. What does that really mean
  2. What is the motivation
  3. What is the WHY of that
  4. How will THAT impact my business
  5. What risk is out there I may not be seeing at all so i can plan around it

Information IS priceless only IF you posses the accurate information FIRST.

Information is beyond priceless…if you take action?

Lets pretend the highest profit on any investment dollar today is to invest in YOURSELF FIRST ? To upgrade your brain software and to think differently and better and with higher performance. To make higher quality decisions and more decisions which leads to improved outcomes. To make a higher return on time and on money than you an earn doing any alternative in the next five years? Who confirms all that? The PRESS RANKING FOR A DECADE !

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SO what is your decision?

  1. DO you have a process to be brought fully current in your leadership in Super Change?
  2. Do you prioritize leadership development before you plan and execute to get high top tier challenge list resolution and second opinion on your vibrant existing vision and goal plans?
  3. Do you have mentor teams that make millions working for you collectively on upgrading results?
  4. Do you see four days getting all this is worth more than four days at busy work at home?
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Do you wish to stay with where you are and fail to upgrade leadership development? IS that choice later defining to lost opportunity that is massive? You’ll see looking backward. But why miss out at all?


So this blog is part of a system for a triangle set forth here of:

  1. Five live with exercises and Super Networking only CEO SPACE offers in peer to peer master mind networking in processes we invented that are unlike any process you ever attended or know today. The FUN of the outcomes is GIGANTIC and a full cell phone charge up for leaders.
  2. Between event on going support missing in other programs.
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We guarantee that outcome May 22nd – for those seeking the most advanced connections – of the highest quality – superior one on one personal mentorship at levels they respect and value as priceless and new business developed at the BUSINESS CONFERENCE – you will accelerate year end 2019 growth and you will be less effeced by Climate Change Winter and Election Year 2020. You will do so via better performance – improved plans, new expert team additions to fully execute existing and new plans faster and load in of missing resources to shrink cost and time to goal attainment 2019.

Delay is a huge cost to pay.

The Spring Forward # 1 program in the world is calling you…for the profit of it all.

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In summary – this Blog began as a service to our members are part of a process they all know well to remain current in Super Change.

Today National leaders at the top – law makers – the world press- money super pools – and industry at the top read this blog. This blog is the largest small business news site in the world today and growing with zero promotion faster than I ever wanted – by your sharing the blog. Over 200 nations read this blog daily from Moscow to Argentina. From the Gulf to Israel and from Washington DC to London.

Today our blog is a free public service that entertains educations and upgrades information as to WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE ….which our long time readers appreciate from college students to billionaires running Fortune institutions.

We just presented more news in 72 hours:

  1. Nancy Pelosi DOSEY DOE – and her one day market drop of a trillion dollars.
  2. Record low employment USA – not seen since 1969.
  3. Highest Trump approval rating in past 100 days at well over 50% and rising fast all voters
  4. Lowest Congressional rating 6% approval of all voters CNN POLL last week first here
  5. BUY in the DIp – readers made money on that – Crammer said its going down we said back UP
  6. Wealth Effect record in the longest boom ever – all asset classes
  7. Ebola – first again here
  8. SUPER DEBT BUBBLES – first here
  9. China economics from military ramps to political direction
  10. EU directions – headwinds and from yellow vest to Britt Exit here first and more much more first

The WORLD IS SUPER CHANGING. We lead in keeping our leaders who are readers more fully current. As a FREE public service to you. We treasure you read this blog and we thank you for sharing our URL blog site. Members please subscribe versus just book mark as a a give back for all the work. Which is more than our rushed writing may deliver. Pardon there is no proof staff on all this and as Chairman of CEO SPACE my 100 hour work weeks like Brother Tony Robbins as we compare notes weekly – is not for the faint hearted. So forgive the quality of English on the blog as our mission is accurate information – volume on news exploding onto the business effected landscape – and risk barometers you all need to at least be aware of as a nother LOTTO ball to use in choosing your own winning numbers. Our readers know two realities for sure. WE ARE ALWAYS FIRST and we are 99% RIGHT and experts are as reported here in high high percentage WRONG. Better information IS BETTER BUSINESS which is why we encourage you all SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE and please profit from regular use. This blog is addicting to leaders who are readers and desire to obtain information on WHAT IS “REALLY” GOING ON “OUT THERE”……and to our best ability the worlds leading BUSINESS INSTITUTION FOR CEO’S AND LEADERS will continue to win your trust and praise through our performance. Which decades of history later is the stuff of legends in predicting trends accurately. For YOU. Just for YOU.