As of this point in time, and since 2010, Christians have become THE MOST PERSECUTED FAITH on Earth. Why? The Koran demands the faithful view PEOPLE OF THE BOOK ( Jews and Christians worshiping one God and we suggest Buddhist and Hindu’s ) who are faithful – fast – and pray – are Muslim are Saved are the ELECT. ARE NOT INFIDELS. Christianity due to RADICAL MUSLIM minorities of a 1 billion faith faithful – is not preached as THE MASTER FAITH the crazy brains do all that. In Iraq 1.5 million Christians living side by side with Muslims for 1000 years are now down in Iraq to 120,000 and failing. This is true all over the GULF Region as one. China has an alarming crack down on CHRISTIANITY which perhaps the Pope and President XI can reverse with President Trump being a devout Christian we’ll see.

The Slaughter of Christians in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday the foundational day for Christians each year has been a wake up call for G 100 Leaders who have been asleep for ten years on the soaring violence against CHRISTIANS ahead of by the match and economics all other hate crimes combined. CHRISTIANS are singled out – and being target and being slaughtered by crazy brains. The UK’s Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt released the report with the statistics this weekend. Thank you we call you “GREAT” BRITAN for so many reasons. May do not give in nor give up the world is behind you as are voters. The Back Lash for not getting this right is the COST to the economics. GO MAY.


Americans rely on their food being safe. This is a class 1 recall or RED DOUBLE ALERT. Why? There is metal in the chicken. How? No one has come out to report THAT yet. Terror? Enough metal in the chick to cause mouth damage, injury or DEATH that level of metal in Chicken. MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF POUNDS and economic loss. Untold law suits and torts with 100’s of millions in damages rising to TYSON FOODS. The economic optics for TYSON STOCK are global sell off. On the top tier food supplier. WHY IS THEIR FATAL METAL INSIDE CHICKEN AT THIS LEVEL OF DISTRIBUTION UNCHECKED AND OUT CAUGHT. The Law firms will ask the age old questions: HOW DID THIS HAPPEN – WHO KNEW IT HAPPENED – WHEN DID THEY KNOW IT HAPPENED ?



Chinese IT engineers reversed engineered ( stole ) an application and modified it to track and manage data, like auto driving AI, only what the AI is monitoring is PEOPLE. The application Chinese police in the largest POLICE STATE upon the earth today . The application is used to CLOSELY MONITOR INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIOR. What does THAT include folks? It includes monitoring your location history, your contacts, your lack of socialising or too much of it, your use of electricity, utilities, and more. If you went on a Muslim Pilgrimage without state permission. Profiling Christians Jews and Muslims as three. 36 Personal monitors relating to desired Chinese CULTURE. Yes they have CULTURE POLICE IN CHINA. These “traits” the app monitors are extensive with main and sub categories. Such as monitoring unofficial IMANS, and all who follow Saudi’s radical WAHHABISM Bin Laden followed, as do the majority of radical Islam. People who seldom use their front door are monitored. The data in real time is AI elevated to CULTURE POLICE action, by the IJOP – the main system for Chinese mass survalence using AI or the INTEGRATED JOINT OPERATIONS PLATFORM. It tracks individuals at check points on the street ( cameras run by AI see NETFLIX PERSON OF INTEREST MOVIE as its here in China. Your movements. Schools. Gas Stations. Shopping anywhere for food to anything anytime 24/7. IT monitors YOU for UNUSUAL BEHAVIOR and triggers ALERTS TO AUTHORITIES ( See PERSON OF INTEREST TRULY ON NETFLIX TO APPRECIATE ALL THIS ) . They are in China ahead of PERSON OF INTEREST using software they stole and hacked and then improved. A criminal communist nation at the top. The public release of this THOUGHT POLICE APPLICATION states that in China – THIS IS THE MOST INTRUSIVE SURVELLIANCE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD TODAY OVER 1 BILLION CITIZENS BY A CENTRAL POLICE STATE. 

It is our May 5th decision this public report will create a stampede of trillions of investment dollars by global firms and industry leaving CHINA forever, because the rule of law protecting the priceless value of IP is not only not protected but it is state policy to monitor you in hotel rooms and everywhere – so that any IP valuable to the state can be flash drive taken from you as multi decade state policy – now having peaked by criminal theft economic activity. As China economics super crash and they may due to the China DEBT SUPER BUBBLE China with its lop sided military will not be able to pay its military. That is coming up as a result of top five economic items repelling versus compelling China trade – and China economists stuck in an old economy that is dead buried and no longer exists, and unaware of the NEW GLOBAL AI economy they are so behind inside of, having won the battles economically they are next losing the WAR economically. WHO IS WINNING is the USA. Freedom in China is an application away from absolute control of every thought you have in…..CHINA. Who you meet what you say and who you are…in China…are monitored 24/7 in real time – as unlike any nation on earth. THIS INCLUDES YOU WHEN YOU VISIT. A trillion will nex RUN out of China bet on Asia neighbors to profit from that shift from China to nations so much easier to profit doing business in a hop away is all.



One of the big issues from when I was witnessing Mandela in the 1970’s work to move Black Full Partnership into law, 90% of executive Corporate positions where held by WHITES only. Today Whites hold in 2019 – just three decades from the Mandela 1980’s work – when I was one of the largest Diamond export institutions working with Debeers largest sight holders – with some 50 million dollars a MONTH in fine goods reaching the world through our auspices – I lived through these changes.Black African is now in three decades gone from a fraction under 5% to 42.2% in Executive mid management level positions.But in this election the issue is TOP MANAGEMENT HIGHEST PAY is 67% White and only 14.3 % Black in a nation where white black ratios require FULL PARTNERSHIP and this is not yet IT. Black Africans represent 80% of the active economic output of the nation but hold only 14% of the top tier highest pay slots. This must change in a nation whose wealth transfer has been from black to white for centuries and needs to flow back from white ( world wide ) to black for centuries in my opinion. Integrity has some issues here. Since Mandela 70% of top government positions are now black – good job. 70% of the top private sector top jobs are WHITE and that has to change by policy over time.

The largest wealth transfer point. With the fall of apartheid the generational colonial wealth OWNERSHIP has corporate institutional ownership owned 3% by Blacks 30 years later and 97% by Whites which is in a Black nation – not fair – in integrity or sustainable economics or politically. Something has to GIVE IN SOUTH AFRICA and all over AFRICA. CEO SPACE works to advise AU leaders in the shaping of the new AU for this desired outcome. Since the 1970s to today.



What is desired for immediate unlimited prosperity into Iran for decades. Trillions of investment? A 27 page document or so, like the one already negotiated with some changes that take short term limitations out. A total transparent state policy that Nukes are out of the equation – and include the USA stipulation they will assure Saudi has zero nukes – and a policy on terror which is easy as Iran is against Saudi Wahhabism as Saudi funds and is the real source of 9/11 and all Gulf terror tribes. Iran fights them by our own troops sides and dies with us. Iran is the victim of FAKE NEWS like Trump receives from MBS and Trump easily walks past all that. Iran gets assurance on regime change and investment and a immediate aide infusion and US oil investments to elevate Iran. Iran was in 2018 selling 3.4 million barrels of oil A DAY. In March Iran was selling 1.4 million barrels a day 2 million barrels a day GONE. Plus they sell that million barrels at deep discounts to Saudi MBS ignoring their cut back and price plan as Iran enemies. OPEC is imploding. At war with each other on price to keep customers who have options from NON OPEC and OPEC is confused as how fast MBS lost control and in failed policies has cost Gulf Nations more trillions than any single leader in 100 years. As to economic reality MBS hides in state controlled news as to his failure in the War in Lybia and his failure in Qatar and his failure with Iran and his failure with OIL Policy and his brand trash where SAUDI now after billions in PR to spin it is a SOCIOPATHIC LEADER NATION OF THE KHASHOGGI BUTCHER CRAZY BRAIN – AN EMPEROR WITH NO CLOTHES AT ALL ON BUTT NAKED OUT THERE – THINKING EVERYONE IS APPLAUDING FOR HIM – THEY ARE APPLAUDING BENT OVER LAUGHING AT THE COMEDY OF HIS INSANITY – although this weekend we passed seven women locked up without due process – now still under their charges for violating SAUDI LAW by advocating woman’s rights as THEIR CRIME – expressing their free speech and thinking – but now with global rights and human rights violation actions – these 7 of so many more woman are released in the press TEMPORARILY without any notice when they must return to Saudi PRISON for their “crimes”. Saudi lobbied Trump to pull out of the agreement as MBS wants to suck American into a Saudi war with IRAN it can’t win without America. AMERICA Is going to make a DEAL and NOW IS THE TIME for the Iran leadership to kick MBS IN THE BALLS and invite President Trump to a summit. End game. Noting with good faith talks beginning waivers for Iran oil should be returned during life of those talks. Idea?



Investors shrug off long shot wish list for lower interest. Holding interest is the right call for Powell. We suggest hold interest to the election in single GREAT PAUSE just as effective as TIME becomes superior to any back petal. AI punished the market for no interest drop for ONE DAY only. So that factor is gone. its earnings earning earnings now. As Spring is jacking UP ECONOMIC ACTIVITY in the EU and the AMERICA’s the Asia markets are having CLIMATE CHANGE WEATHER from devastating record CYCLONE hits – deaths and economic effecting cost in billions – but WINTER IN CHINA “IS” COMING – and no up bubble in their WINTER is anticipated for reasons set forth here. Already in Fall the earnings and manufacturing numbers in Asia are Soft from Japan to China and this SOFT is and continues to have AI punish Chinese markets bonds stocks and capital flight. Economic news on GNP is a factor with April numbers coming in. The political optics are well set forth in my prior blogs. Nancy Pelosi political theater remains an economic cost of trillions the difference of 5.7 % GNP versus 3.5% GNP rising in spite of Nancy attempts to slow the economy as an election item as the issue for Trumps last week record approval on a CNN POLL by all voters – over 50% approving the Presdient is a losing formula for Biden and the NFL team of Presidential hopefully’s stepping up to run like never ending ( and so early ) democratic RAIN.  A comedy parody web site for BIDEN is out drawing his main base campaign web site  by millions of more clicks. Biden is a joke and Trump is now taken seriously. Economically.

Investors will be watching the Nancy Sound Bites which now like Powell effect ( for a day or so ) Market down dips and up opportunities as you track AI and markets right here – anyone made a fortune in the last dip when we told you buy buy buy and check that encouragement always out with your licensed broker for investment advice – we present our opinion for our family – and you can trash that or track that – your call. If you love Biden we so respect you and Biden’s run pathology. We respect all public servants running. The REPORTING HERE is the data outcomes of the runs at a point in time. Subject to many changes as time goes by its all so early way too early yet.

We believe we are in a new global AI politics and a new global rapidly evolving AI economics. We believe leaders deny these environments are entirely new as they use old no longer work modeling from the past – antique and obsolete. Winners today are in front of the AI and no denials. Elections and Global Economics now reside in the NEW AGE OF AI AND SUPER CHANGE. Things are changing faster than humans can now adapt into. With evolutions of self aware new species of life – self aware self learning and a billion times more processing power than humans – AI of the future is here now. Without any guidelines or regulations of nations as the AI uncontrolled only accelerates. Elron Musk one of the AI leaders in the world has suggested WE ALL SLOW DOWN AND DEVELOP SOME FRAME WORK REGULATION GUIDELINES FOR THE G 100? All humans. No one is listening. We are accelerating into SUPER CHANGE and we can not leave the SUPER CHANGE star ship Planet Earth traveling through a blizzard of space rocks. Expect if you believe in new AI economics we have alerted you on the data, then you would expect unusual May and do not go away trading volumes, all summer, and you would expect volatility moving toward 2020 election circus – political theater fed by up to four billion dollars as an phony industry – the election industry – one billion Obama first election 2 billion Trump Clinton Election Hillary having over 1 billion of that sum – and expected four billion US DOLLARS with all nations of the world playing in 2020. That sum invested in political theater in new AI ECONOMICS and SUPER CHANGE suggests the effects are new and unpredictable and will be wild volatility to make profits in the dip. If Nancy Pelosi gets political and LEGAL PRESSURE related to her obstruction strategy – in congress – and congress does the business of the people it was elected to do you will know. A budget will be passed for the first time in ten years and perhaps back to every year. Debt ceiling on already voted on spending by Congress would of course protect the credit ranking of the USA now on protracted emergency ROB PETER to PAY PAUL money management by US TREASURY which runs out of money by early FALL. No extensions. If congress manages INFRASTRUCTURE ( the final stimulus ) passes a budget yearly, raises the debt ceiling at first need, no more obstruction delays, fixes entitlements, fixes health care, and funds defense and education and justice reforms, we all win. If congress passes TAX CREDIT STIMULUS interest will not matter as a trillion dollars of leading American industry in transportation space and energy will soar. If Congress in HATE TRUMP TO DUMP TRUMP strategy obstructs they may pass legal challenges onto themselves for breach of duty. If Trump wins with congress wins, the entire nation economics shifts to up bubble. If Trump loses the economist forecasting remains – SUPER CRASH AND BRUTAL RECESSION.

How many voters know what you know right here?


EBOLA 2019

Last August we informed you the largest economic risk to the entire world was the current EBOLA outbreak in Congo. As we have tracked and written about all Ebola outbreaks since the 1970’s we are a bit of an expert on Ebola. We worked with every resource CEO SPACE the leading small business institution in 150 nations can rise up – and influence as we worked to develop a G 20 massive response President Obama led. President Obama is the WHY the world dodged the EBOLA BULLET OF CONTAGION as EBOLA reached all five continents and thousands died.

The structure of this break out since last August is far more alarming than the prior worst ever in human history only 2014  EBOLA epidemic. No NEWS MEDIA yet tracks with an EBOLA CLOCK on their news the main story going on the risk to say – if it gets out of the box – say a billion dying. Say it can’t happen in modern times. Really? You so lack understanding of the worst human killer out there today. War does not come close.

Ebola passed 1000 dead last week in Congo. The complex outbreak experts state is now spreading to other nations in Africa fully not detected at all. These nations will soon move to QUARANTINE as all these months have not won. EBOLA IN CONGO IS OUT OF CONTROL. EBOLA IS SPREADING like a raging wild fire plague. The city populations being infected do not belief in Ebola at all. They bury their dead with hands on oils and all catch EBOLA at funerals. They are not diagonsed or often mis diadnosed. The tracking the WHO does and must do to 100% of infections to control spread – is non existent. Why? They track them. Rebels come in and time and time again attack the WHO camps. They destroy experimental vaccines that must in hot tropical Congo be stored at minus temperatures to hold potency. They destroy computers and burn paper records. Worse they rape and kill WHO HEALTH CARE WORKERS who have no protection or safety with record loses. The rebels brain wash communities that the WHO are evil western liars trying to control them with lies. President Trump needs to work with Obama ( perhaps make him his EBOLA CZAR and repeat his g 20 alliance work to assure resources massively reach CONGO before year or economics travel and quarantine may overwhelm health care world wide as planes stop flying and trains stop moving. EBOLA. It took eight months to go from one death to over 1000 deaths. It takes weeks to go from 1000 to 50009. It takes days to go from 5000 to over 10,000. TRUST ME ON THIS RISK no one is presently SWAT TEAM on top of. Without OBAMA’s timely action the worst was yet to come. Today the WORST IS YET TO COME and we keep telling world leaders and the press – THIS IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the courts some time from now defining where the red line on PRESIDENTIAL PRIVILEGE and CONGRESSIONAL firewall on their powers IS today in current constitutional law. It will be next year before we know probably.  EBOLA is the big RISK no one even will act upon.



So Trump like you and like I have a right protected by law to keep your tax return private even if you run for President. Congress issues subpoena to President and Treasury demanding Trumps tax return. Trump has legal Executive Privilege to refuse – tax law to refuse – and others points of law to approve. Enter New York CITY who has Trump’s Tax Return. Will HATE TRUMP democratic PELOSI knight at her round table of HATE TRUMP TO DUMP TRUMP – go around federal law and provide their possession of that Tax return for purely political theater to add endless fake news to Nancy’s fake news factory the leading fake news factory on earth today? Watch NEW YORK if you failed to see the politics of the legal flip the birdie to federal law as head of the US HOUSE – what rule of law folks – as these leaders error thinking rule of law no longer applies to them. I suggest my Blog on Nancy Pelosi ( scroll ) may itself trigger President and Republican and legal firms and Pak collective coordinated legal accountability to Nancy that may reshape house limitation on powers to executive harassment for 100’s of years to follow. Nancy has been firing an AR 15 on full rapid fire in the District of Columbia which precludes such automatic weapon fire in the first place – breaking laws – and Nancy is a bad shot – she has been firing so many thousands of rounds at Trump and she has hit the burn behind the hey bail holding the target and has never hit a bullseye or the target in a million rounds now. She has said Trump is a vampire – does not caste a shadow ( its on 1000’s of her bullets in writing ) she says Trump can’t come out in the sun, and only exists in the shadows and the night and has put garlick all round herself and her staff – and Trump appears in the morning sun in the rose garden – no wounds anywhere – Trump castes a shadow in the mirror – Trump never catches one bullet because unknown to Nancy all her ammo is blanks…….and she doesn’t hit the target anyway and now the fake news following a million rounds of fake news has a Australian boomerang to the ammo – as it is all circling back as smart ammo – back to hit Nancy and Staff right between their garlic. So pay attention to POLITICAL THEATER and FAKE NEWS. CNN who hates Trump reported FRIDAY in a huge nation wide poll that Trump approval rating is soaring and way over 50% his highest ramp up in time frames ever and still soaring and rising. With all voters because in the outcomes for the American economy Trump is A WINNING LEADER and Nancy is a Bad very sore LOSER. In May 2019 Nancy’s cloaking device failed and her own leadership is shattered into fragments of HOW TO OPPOSE AND HOW TO HATE HER without having her come after them….the mutiny in the NANCY PARTY is going on live…are you missing her tied to main mast.



California was under Jerry Browns famous Father Pat Brown in one generation moved from:

  1. A state with a low tax base and high quality of living – to the highest tax base and a super crash in quality of living.
  2. The most freindly entreprneeur and business state to the worst of all 50 states hostile to business.
  3. Number one in education now down in son Jerry’s eight years to say in the 30’s world wide and falling like a stone in education outcomes.
  4. Number one road and transportation system now in the middle of 50 states so many other passed her by.
  5. Highest energy cost of all fifty states by failed energy balance in policy. The Few against the many.
  6. Net migration in net migration out – for 100 years more population moved into California than moved out. Now more californians are leaving the state for a much richer life than are movcing in for net negative migration.
  7. California was Number 3 in the USA in oil production. California and its failed energy policy from Sacramento is now 7th in energy production and falling like a stone.
  8. California uses over 2 million barrels of oil a day the highest in the USA fifty states.
  9. California buys 50% of its oil energy from foreign off shore suppliers making the economics vulnerable to the 50% price swing up in the past 18 months.
  10. California environmental folks work to slow or stop President Trump opening some 1 million square miles of Federal lands to lower California high energy cost – and create a RED INK SUPER DEBT STATE moving into the black ink and surplus on oil sales alone – where California returns to the # 2 slot – if the plan is not held up forever in courts out in California.

California continues its FATAL ECONOMIC POLICIES and industry will leave California as never before – taking place now – net negative exodus will create economics like FLINT MICHIGAN. With Fires, weather events, earth quakes, and unsustainable energy costing, California red ink spirals due to tax base migrations out of state into a SUPER CRASH and largest DEBT DEFAULT of any state in USA History. That RISK is the REAL GAME OF THRONES IN SACRAMENTO and we wish the new Governor luck in resolving the issues laid out here as the sub sinking sound in California is why I left. The political leadership failed to appreciate the economics until economics force them to PAY attention and PAY THEIR BILLS and that day of rebalancing is closer than anyone thinks. So today and predicably the FEW versus the folks who fill up and want that gas closer to $ 1.50 a gallon versus 4.00 dollars a gallon can’t get that reduction if they fail to allow new energy solutions to GO TO WORK for jobs tax base and prosperity with the cost of everything – energy. California with more oil than Texas has commited economic energy suicide in unsustainable soaring energy cost that lead one day to debt default for the economics set forth here. SELL CALIFORNIA BONDS AND DEBT at the high folks. Buy Ohio in the black non borrowing and related superior STATE TAX FREE BONDS and SELL THE WEEK FOR THE STRONG. In this week – ask your broker to reposition you out of California Debt at its all time peak – sell HIGH and buy low – the time to SELL CALIFORNIA and MOVE is 2019 and 2020 before Real Estate which is GOING DOWN NOW ( AGAIN ) in the entire San Francisco NORTH BAY – prices already in the HIGHEST MARKET IN THE WORLD – Say Marin County my birth home – is now GOING DOWN DOWN DOWN as California wealth is simply evaporating from bad laws. Thirty years of bad laws and California’s have only one question – HOW DO I UNFUCK MYSELF?

AI reads this blog…..protect yourself as AI is afixin to do in California mind boggling capital moves out of the state of California. HERE IT COMES FOLKS. The great California sucking sound. Think about that in road rage averaging around 5 miles an hour as your quality of smog filled living.

Good Job Law makers. As in NOT !

Stay tuned and have a great week folks we are. CEO SPACE May 22nd you should register.


PS: What is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE ?- benefit from knowing more data and you decide.