Low tek wins against High Tek. Weird isn’t it?

This blog has warned for five years the new low tek winning strategy in the ill brain acting out by Terror is a result of fatally buggy brain software.  This Blog warned FIRE and arson was the new easy terror path to destroy infrastructure and resources that like suicide bombers and incursion teams, would do, for less risk cost and never getting caught or detected FIRE and ARSON is the way forward. Destroy twin tower money damage to your enemy in the EU and the USA with a can of gas and a strategic location. Learn and burn. Study weather wind and opportune moments for ideal maximum damages.

Then send teams – three and your free – don’t need many and light a match and run.


The easy terror way to kill people – never get caught – destroy trillions upon trillions in assets.

How do we fight and defeat this kind of Terror?

Answer – we don’t.

So far we don’t.

The report this weekend 76% of the fires and damage of recent YEARS which are spikes and records never seen before in nature – is from human ARSON.

How much is terror?

No one knows.

No clue.

We told you five years ago is most terror.

Coordinated. Warfare grade. Low Tek against High Tek. Untraceable. Effected. Lowest cost and risk terror.

Why does not one take credit?


Better your enemy has doubts no clue no evidence to know it is you in the first place. Why get them mounting a reply.

  1. First they don’t know it is arson that took five years and trillions of dollars of damage with entire communities and economic activity wiped out.
  2. Second when they do know its arson ( just this weekend ) they don’t know its you – they don’t have evidence that it is TERROR.
  3. In denial they think the 100’s of record breaking fires consuming billions and untold lives and man hours to contain it all – we think it is crazy brain arson. What do we do – we spend 10,000 speeches in schools against arson. Yep its our kids doing all this alright – now how stupid is that reply.

Folks Terror is going to use BIO TEK and get infected by Measels with 50,000 cases in Congo and thousands of deaths in the worst nation outbreak in modern times – right besdie the crises over whelming CONGO without of control EBOLA. Disease fires are coming from Terror. We are in denail. You heard it first here.

Fires are going to get worse.

Terror has a success strategy every year their LEARN & BURN strategy in asymmetrical war fare is working. Read Kevin Freeman’ GAME PLAN which step by steps outlines your GAME PLAN as your countries which the book lays out – HAVE NO GAME PLAN ZERO AND WHY/ Read the book. Knowledge is power when you have it.



Low tek beats high tek in wars going on world wide near you today.

Competitive thinking punishes human diversity and is the cause of all human misery. It is a software problem in our brains.

Cooperation is the competition virus removal tool. The removal of mid brain reptilian brain impulses – competition – to higher brain state software cooperation is the human potential elevator – awake humans committed to PERSONAL GROWTH ( and industry we lead inside of ) – where cooperation is the better improved brain.

Removing those who are not teachable – and who extreme express competitive outcomes via war – must be deleted as software being removed from human consciousness. The COOPERATION MOVEMENT is driven by the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION five stars on Amazon and sold out from first release always selling out. They fill back orders in 72 hours and EBOOK is instant – get your copy to measure your own brain software today.

Sick competitive brains will use BIO TEK and FIRE In LEARN AND BURN to winning outcomes to this date until we learn how to burn the burners and we will.

For now their first five years….they win.

The Stats out this weekend for the first time confirm our blog – 76% of all fires ( the rest have doubts on some ) were started and known as proven to be HUMAN ARSON. Sick brains causing misery to lives deaths families and trillions upon trillions of damage to the world. WHY? Because they are ill and competitive virus infected.

Today we can measure who thinks competitively who thinks cooperatively as a first indicator of criminal outcomes by individuals. SHOULD WE TEST as we CAN?

Tom Cruise’s movie ending crime before it starts is coming where HIGH TEK defeats low tek but we are not there yet with out AI but that AI is coming as such bad brain software will one day be downloaded away as our knowledge to repair bad software loaded upon an adult or child’s brain by sick individuals with bad software and no one yet is working at the brain software level to outcome.

There are not TERRORIST.


Media would serve us by avoiding adding brand value to ISIS as you report:




Sane Brains defeated the crazy brains today at ….doing xyz.

CRAZY BRAINS – that is the true brand and labeling bad brain software crazy brains reduces recruitment and begins to delete to the critical non sustainable level and the software like small pox dies out. China re-educating Muslims versus killing them – repairs bad brain software of radicalism – is it humane or inhumane to lock up PROFILE GROUPS causing endless death and violance retrain the culture of the 1,000,000 and with improved brain software the outcome desired and required occurs benefiting the re-trained for generations. The culture is software.

Is the future brain software quality control?

Are we entering complexity of human population and interactions where bad brain software must be monitored reset and upgraded to assure culture peace cooperation rule of law and mutual respect?

IS the THOUGHT POLICE a new agency of nation that needs rule of law itself?

In 2019 fires will be from arson. Will we set new records. If our blog is right again – and it is a war with terror and FIRE Is the new LEARN AND BURN reality we all need to report and work with suspicious – but really walking on a trail with a back pack is and will remain AN UNDETECTABLE EVENT.


If you reside in Fire Zones – do your part.

  1. Invest in land clearing around your property.
  2. Invest in fire resistant roof and wall covering.
  3. Invest in sprinkler tanks to protect your space and property
  4. Do it now and protect yourself from fire storms you can you know
  5. Put in the up front investment to assure the assets you with to protect are maximally insured and check now before rates soar as they are and will now – while you have peace of mind – or move to a non fire vulnerable area – as a choice in this new warfare.


Denial on bio tek warfare ( EBOLA AND MISSEALS ) and denial on FIRESTORM WAR FARE is the worst brain software. SUPER CHANGE. Adapting to these new super change environments is hard – as the brain wants status quo to be comfortable as it backs up from RISK of new and unknown dangers to keep you safer. FORCE THINKING so you ACT and then you have WE THE PEOPLE FIGHTING BACK and we must as no one is out there FOR US we must be out there FOR ONE ANOTHER today.

Information IS so powerful….if you have the information first and use it.


PS: We reported Five years AGO in the past and EVERY SINGLE YEAR SINCE that fire is the new LEARN & BURN low tek crazy brain warfare weapon of choice. Who among my readers has not thought to yourself…is terror behind these fires breaking all records of all time by such margins? You were right…..