In the past year we passed 35,000 subscribers which I thank each of you for your TRUST. We hope this public service helps you. My sacracism may be subject to misinterpretation. If I offend any of you with my opinion – always framed outside any political agenda – for as an investment banker economist ( a grand pa ) and old – I think economics. I can’t help THAT. Our teams research data for you to have more information on why. For news you read.

But what is my why?

My first why is world change via the COOPERATION MOVEMENT my world famous father – who founded the human potential industry in the 1940’s began before his death. I remember so well when failing Alan G Dohrmann on that hospice hospital bed in his home, overlooking Mount Tamalpais in Marin County – heir to one of the most famous families that helped to build not only San Francisco but the US National Park Service – as he said with his burning crystal blue eyes – Son….FINISH IT. Meaning the COOPERATION MOVEMENT and I said…as his oldest son…having shared a lifetime of human potential work – I WILL father I WILL.

And I have.



This blog is read by the heads of state – law makers and financial institutions of the world. There is no other news channel like this one as our readers well know. Our teams work so hard to research what we bring you. Our CEO SPACE Corporate programs have served members from AT&T to Zeller bach now in our forth decade.

The book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION the other book that reads you while you read the book – transforms you forever. Transforms your decisions your circles your home space your work space your every space.

The book has been backordered from day one and is five star rated at Amazon – add your review as it exapnds your brand given the WHO reads those reviews includes the readers:

  • Heads of States in over 100 nations
  • Law makers
  • Financial leaders
  • Presidents have quoted from it
  • Thought leaders use its content from stage world wide
  • The book has changed ( everything ) and Redemption Chapters are forming world wide.

Amazon fills those back orders every 48 hours and I so encourage both the E BOOK and the PRINT COPY for your library. This is a book you wish to give to others as the unforgettable birthday Easter or any special occasion gift or the thanks to a best customer or twenty.

Let us think about the impact. The COOPERATION REVOLUTION includes:




Home Space – switched on turned on home spaces

The world three decades of global hard work later – a lifetime – has divided like the red sea.

On one side is the smaller population of COMPETITIVE SOFTWARE BRAINS acting out on God awful horrible and fully buggy software on their brains that is entirely self defeating and self destructive to the unknowing software owner. This dwindling community is divided into upgradable brains and brains which are simply not teachable or adaptable into the new age of SUPER CHANGE.

One the other side is now thirty years later the larger global population – which you see world wide – who unite into cooperative cultures systems. The SUPER GLUE of COOPERATION is integrity. Competitive systems and software do not have capacity to maintain integrity in interactive always self dealings. Competition software is known because it always focuses on the past. Such brains are past dwellers. You shall know them …by their works.

Their works are they discuss in circles and community endless the past four months of memory as to people places and incidents to which they were screwed and a victim where they are RIGHT and the other divine immortal spirit ( with alzheimer’s to their true natures ) are always judged blamed and WRONG. Those endless loops create toxic energy and thought pathologies that loop into a self imposed prison of such thinking due to buggy software. Competitors identify with their pain and thier victimhood.

Cooperative thinkers focus in groups and alone on thoughts of the future they are creating and the hope and promise of those fantastic creations. Their thought pathology is positive complimenting to divine soul and purpose. Brains can’t chose one state of the other state if they do not know what state they are in – or that software loaded upon their super computer above their necks, was loaded by parties they no longer know or can remember but the awful antique and obsolete software is the frame work for their beliefs – whats true for them which is surely not true for say me – and they act out in such non reality.

Now let’s pretend in all faiths and belief systems like Alice did when she fell down the rabbit hole ( or was that fall actually all reality – I believe the flowers talk myself )?


Let’s pretend there is a source.

Let’s pretend GOD creates that which is perfect and that which is eternal ( all of us ) and nothing less or else. God does not create evil or duality. We create that from our bad software.

Let’s pretend heaven is the absence of all competition. Spirits in heaven reside in pure bliss as a state of their forever. They cooperate within unconditional love and support forever and nothing else or less.

Hell is the absence of cooperation.

Hell is 100% competition. The brains are all user takers.

Everyone is ripping everyone one else off.

Hell operates by the 11th Commandment that never came from God…..THOU SHALT SCREW UNTO OTHERS BEFORE THOU ART SCREWED UNTO.

Damaged ego’s with horrific software embrace such realities. Some Hellish leaders bask and pontificate competition is GOOD and Competition came from God? Really? Truly? Are you KIDDING ME?

Earth has until today, largely until today, based on competitie dominant software from home to public education since Rome obsessed on competition rewarding the best friend who knocks his best friend off the ladder to his death to win the prize by being first to the top. In cooperation being ahead of his friend they would help one another to a perfect tie. Earth based largely on the key competitie governing program of software – ONE WILL PUNISH ALL HUMAN DIVERSITY AS PURE HATRED FOR GOD’s creation of diversity in jealous rages. This is expressed in religion by waging wars largely punishing faith, race, or political system diversity. This movement to slaughter divine spirits that can never die anyway ( none of it happens it is all illusion in REALITY ) . Competitive brains create a false reality that does not in fact exist at all.

GOD CREATES ONLY WHAT IS PERFECT AND IMMORTAL all creation that is not THAT is our own and has nothing zero to do with GOD.

If you wish to tie all faith into one Holiday Gift Wrapped pretty box read THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE and comment to me when your finished here and read Redemption as the SISTER WORK on how to apply all that one day at a time in your own endless software reality shifting UPGRADE to your whole brain software. TWO BOOKS that represent the most advanced tools and tactics of our generations. As a leader in the human potential industry world wide – as the mentor to the other mentors who lead the very movement my own father started and led unto his death – I KNOW the truth and I encourage those waking up to the truth to read these two works.

Earth. Why do we model HELL on earth versus HEAVEN?

Now that is all changing. If you believe all the books the final chapters are coming as we wake up but it is so much simpler than you believe today because much of your truth is stepped in competition as written by competitive folks who change the words of the cooperation folks who authored the works. For example all the works in original form celebrated respect and reverence full partnership for WOMAN as housing the same made in the image and likeness as men no difference at all. All works to keep woman in their place are competitive software buggy code to the perfected original software the competitive brains ( men in fear who had yet to wake up ) defined to hold their own power. Forgive us ladies for these who do THAT in fact KNOW NOT WHAT IT IS THAT THEY DO. Blinded by their software competition always makes some spirit RIGHT and other spirits WRONG – burn witches at the stake or host an inquisition for 400 years as a duty of faith to who GOD? Are you kidding me?

I was raised Catholic to be a priest. I practice alone without the church today. Why? I know the truth under the lies. My church is the global community of cooperative upgraded software brains. My community is my own business church CEO SPACE the top illuminated cap stone on the pyramid of HUMAN POTENTIAL in 2020. CEO SPACE the blinding light of personal growth into full cooperation software for any soul seeking – masquerading as the Top # 1 ranked business training conference for ten years in a row. By infecting upgrades for countless business CEO founder owner leaders who impact millions upon millions of employees in over 150 nations today – with cooperation in the work and home space – collectively our rapidly growing BUSINESS CHURCH is changing THE WORLD. My plan was business was the last battle ground of hell on earth.

Underwritten when I began, with competitive software system models that worshiped money and profit versus principles and values. CEO SPACE began with 3 M and other Fortune institutions that by the 1990’s had demonstrated cooperation cultures out perform economically competitive cultures by a long shot. Based on profits and outcomes CEO’s began to re-tool culture using CEO SPACE CORPORATE PROGRAMS. For only 1 million dollars owning a multiple of CEO SPACE CORPORATE PLUS PROGRAMS rotating ten leaders per institution every 24 month in for life – and owning $ 15,000 CORPORATE PUS they can also have unlimited graduates return for more software upgrading at staff level where 1000’s rapidly download the best software.

Competitive system modeling to which I have consulted my entire lifetime is based on an invisible pyramid. Draw yours on a piece of paper. Now put at the top FEAR. Put at the Button outside and under center – PUNISHMENT ( your fired ) . No put in the pyramid MAXIMUM EXPLOITATION. Pay a Worton Post Graduate high school graduate income if you can get away with it.

Cooperative system models require a circle. This frame work has a circle like GOD and a eternal wedding ring ( mine is as I adore my wifie my September Dohrmann who owns and runs CEO SPACE serving over 150 nations and truly stunning me with her all lady leadership team ten years now ranked # 1 by the third party press into 2020 ) . WOW. Now at the top of the circle write – MARKET RATE COMPENSATION OR MORE & RECOGNITION. At the bottom of the circle write milestone attainments – team maximum collaborations. IN the center of your circle write CELEBRATION.

Competitive Pyramid or Cooperative Circles.

Which graphic would you wish to spend your lifetime of contribution inside of?

This work in REDEMPTION has fostered a super acceleration of culture change in work spaces, from old antique ancient failed competitive models for nations and their organization core theory – institutions and their core theory – Small Business and their core theory – and families and home space core theory in the home space.

WHICH WILL YOU SPEND YOUR LIFE WITHIN. The answer for you becomes irreversible as you study and master REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION HARD COPY as I want you to write in the margin a lot and make notes and underline ( a lot ).

Redemption readers upgrade their work space cultures by choice, their circles and friends, away from competitive virus infected brains – faith – apostate competitive faith space – or cooperative faith space  – and revolutionize home space first with all the steps to do so in work exercises in the HOW TO DO IT BOOK Redemption. When a reader desires to finally and once and for all upgrade their mental software buy the book.

Today you live life in toxic competitive circles because your competitie software myopically is absorbed in self love. You love winning while other spirits lose. As you wake up you sense something is wrong. You sense that there must be MORE to life – and there is – heaven on earth.

Thats right.

Listen to me.

You can exchange HELL for heaven as it is all the way you think and the circles you protect. Delete competitive thinking and download cooperative collaborative thinking. Download absolute personal integrity and protect integrity as a core belief. Circle with others who share cooperation ideally REDEMPTION READERS as you know one another by your thinking. I Laid it out for you here.


So who IS this guy who writes this blog to you. For two decades I ran a public investment banking firm as an investment banker economist. My famous Father Alan G Dohrmann and his famous father ABC Dohrmann ( you can google them ) founded the human potential industry – writing course for William Penn Patrick and Mind Dynamics the one that started it all after Mike Murphy at Estlan in Big Sur and others in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

My father mentored such thought leaders as ( who came over to the house more than once ):

Walt Disney

Martin Luther King

Jack Kennedy

Earl Nightengale

Bucky Fuller

Og Mandino

Napoleon Hill ( who worked for Dad’s firm until he died just to be around Dad )

Zig Zigler ( met him at Dads ranch at age 23 )

Warner Earhardt ( Est and Landmark Forum ask him )

Lifespring and the late John Hanley


Fortune CEO’s from Pepsie CO to Kodak

Chairman Mao in China

Samsung in South Korea

Frankly there were 1000’s over his lifetime – religious leaders – corporate and thought leaders all came to be mentored by my Father who worked as I do in corporate performance space over a lifetime with Dr. Edward Deming.

So Dad worked there until he graduated with Mother Teresa”s Nurse ( he mentored her as well ) graduating her and then my Father with all of his children in tow.

As the oldest son I would help father deliver his latest course material to corporate or human potential as father hated to BE our FRONT. He liked zero recognition and upon completion of his most advanced work he was always NEXT into his greatest new work for that next client. I got to watch and he loved sounding board with adult me mentoring me to be his carbon copy without my knowledge.

Meanwhile I wishing to be my own man developed one of the fastest larger investment banking firms in the world. I mastered my investment banking craft when we took INVEST AMERICA public – now merged into the big guys. I rose to the top of my profession and sold the firm when Dad contracted cancer. For years we worked on his projects after that as I became in fact my father – crafting the most advanced trainings upon the earth – award winning like our Press ranked ten years # 1 for our content at CEO SPACE. Like my famous father I’m always NEXT.

For decades I was a Wall Street global Managing Director  of a public Brokerage firm operating globally like in the movies – meeting everyone from David Rockefeller to endless Presidents. Funding major industry in Wall Street Syndicates meeting Corporate everyone. Fleets of jets with offices that never closed world wide. Traveling all continents and learning all cultures. I was in the best Higher Education in the world – WALL STREET ITSELF. I forever treasure the expertise and connections and experience that gave to me.

For 31 Years I’ve worked with CEO SPACE as a world change agency. The missions for CEO SPACE include:

  1. Corporate Memberships offering the # 1 press ranked leadership development option in the world today.
  2. Small Business acceleration memberships in the # 1 program to grow outcomes faster.
  3. World Change agency for nations by reforming government software of the mind into cooperative capitalism.
  5. Fostering World Planetary Federation to usher in Cooperative coordination between sovereigns and world peace.

CEO SPACE is a movement.

Those who become members join a movement to upgrade their outcomes while contributing to world change itself.

CEO SPACE is today the lowest cost highest return outcome to upgrading LEADERSHIP software. Press ranked.

In 2013 for health reasons I resigned from CEO SPACE. Control shifted to my wife Septembers family trust to which I have no ties and she alone has controlled and run CEO SPACE as President co inventor – retooling everything to win the press ranking with her all lady leadership teams internally and externally. GOOD JOB LADIES. The second generation is taking the legacy to higher goal attainment in less time. Every founder holds high regard for the passion of the baton when almost ten years later you see – your legacy is better improved and reaching the goals you always knew it would surviving your time and leadership even while you still serve as CHAIRMAN and FOUNDER to the goal attainment September’s team now sources.

I continue to mentor the corporate and government heads of state of the world – the influencers – all by word of mouth with zero advertising. As a top Ten FORBES KEY NOT SPEAKER GLOBALLY the hardest list to get on to – I speak as your events may desire on topics you most require always weaving SUPER CHANGE and its unique challenges to old models of problem solving to re-invent leadership in the new age of super change. I lead and bleed in that speaker space.

I am a best selling author a movie producer a radio show host with years of success, a tv adviser, a father of nine, a husband to September, and a poppa to COOPER DUPER the boxer lab who is a lover not a guard dog….my bad even or dog is cooperative.

I have a perfect marriage just had our next decade anniversary – a perfect home life and family with children – and a perfect public life with the best leaders alive all cooperative when they chose me to mentor them. I serve on multiple boards as time passes and add value to some of the unicorn projects passing through CEO SPACE as well as outside.

I have not advertised CEO SPACE or this blog. We reach over 200 nations with the blog and 100’s of thousands book mark and read with 35,000 subscribing with 1000 each month subscribing ( leaders all ) without any promotion of any kind at all. CEO SPACE sells out by word of mouth and serves 150 nations. Our next open call to upgrade your agenda is May 18th in Dallas – which you can explore just explore as that is so a click also good

Today I travel a lot – speak a lot and work with Presidents of Nations increasingly on resetting their SOVEREIGN DEBT and in loading capital for forward infrastructure and jobs in nation. All by word of mouth.

I endless advise small business to grow them into success stories that CEO SPACE Is legend for. If we just look at publishing we broke all past records in history for:

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Men & Mars Colliding

Three Feet From Gold

Think & Grow Rich for Women

OUTWITTING THE DEVIL – My Uncle Nappy’s ( Napoleon Hills last best work )

The Secret ( 1.5 billion and climbing ) with world famous Bob Proctor see him live and see his films on CEO SPACE

My current favorite best selling from CEO SPACE mentee dear friend and from lacking gas money to millionaire

WEALTH MADE EASY ( get your copy went # 1 in 72 hours of release last week ) by Greg Reid

They just keep on coming – legacy wins – in all industrial silos from Fortune and Billionaires to single Mom’s just starting out and everyone in between.

Whats all that like?

Well its enough – it’s more than enough.

At least for me it is.

My life is about service – world change – economic revolution into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM – and massive contribution. Together the team at the top leading the COOPERATION REVOLUTION make it the single most insightful thought movement since Jesus Christ – who taught cooperation but folks heard it and created 29,000 competitive Christian Sext’s. Tell ME what is wrong with pyramid or circle theory on this front?

Its enough. I am more than enough. My goal is to coach you mentor you live while I”m alive at CEO SPACE. Register and upgrade your core brain software forever to much better bug free software within a community like you that will stay together and change the entire world together. When is life more than normal? When life joins a movement that is changing the entire world for the better.

Cooperation is IMPLOSION as we all come together to celebrate our diversity as sane and avoid any punishment of diversity which is insane – competition is first expression of mid brain insane software in human existence. Cooperation is the competitive virus removal tool.

Chose your life priority – competition as normal to you – or COOPERATION as new normal for you.

Futures transform in a single decision.

When is the best time to upgrade a human life and all that human raw potential inside? My fathers answer in 1955:

….you improve human potential the first instant the thought to do so has crossed into your mind…….


Competition organizes humanity so that 1% own more wealth ( the elites in the current system rules which must revolutionize in reform ) than 99% such that 1.7 billion strave to death this year and another billion die of prevential health care issues. The good and medicine are abundant to keep them all alive but we don’t for greed and the system of economics of THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY. Competition that does this and slaughters more LIFE sacred Life – than all the wars famines and plagues of history – WE HUMANS SLAUGHTER ONE ANOTHER FOR PROFIT.

That is insane mental software …..

Those that join CEO SPACE spend collective journey’s to change all that within a new system outlined in the book REDEMPTION in detail to nations seeking to join in – related to sanity and COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM in which NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND.

I join economists ad leading investment bankers and former SEC commissioners at the tippy top to effect economic transformation from failed models that create SUPER CRASHES by gambling in markets ( insane read my last two blogs you’ll get it with just those scrolls over a beverage break  ) and world wars. Insanity visible to all.

Can we do better?

Will we do better?




Or what ?

The leading fourth decade planet wide revolution you spread when you share this blog – read the book Redemption . open Redemption Chapters from Romania to the UK changing votes and candidates to cooperation leaders Increasingly informed patrons donors and backers ask candidates have you read REDEMPTION. How do you reverse that culture now reaching MOSCOW with RIOTS and ditto in Iran. HOW DO YOU STOP the shift from the majority of us all into COOPERATION COLLABORATION AND CELEBRATION OF DIVERSITY as a world movement.  A revolution of economics into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM driven by integrity. The majority now see sanity versus insanity most clearly and for the FIRST TIME. Jesus tried but others diluted his truth.

Dad used to tell ecumienical conferences he hosted for all Christian sects ( 29,000 today ) and growing – Folks – Christianity is the GREATEST OF ALL IDEAS IN COOPERATION AND LOVE – it just has never been tried. You could hear a pin drop in 10,000 leaders who went to break because no one could challenge the truth of it inside thier own hearts. Celebrate all 29,000 and all sects of all faiths stop punishing diversity of faith race politics economics or tribe celebrate in cooperation and delete insane competitive thought impulse

The two human works that most upgrade pure consciousness:

REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – sold OUT at Amazon since release a decade ago.

THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE for context of all faith and all belief’s as the consciousness elevator to the cooperation master deletion application available on only one app store – your own – FORGIVENESS.

READ A COURSE OF MIRACLES the author mentored by my father who received one of the first five books which dog eared and over read until his death resides under his folded hands as his will – dictated from his graduation in the 1980’s to the family crypt in San Francisco ( you an all visit that google it ) – as a final work DiSAPPEARANCE suggests.

Only the most awake leaders – proceed on this path.

I am the person where these books will be with me upon my cremation with my ashes on a book shelf in a baggie with my favorite hat for my September.

For those wishing more information about WHO is writing to you….I hope this helps you. For those who benefit from knowing more about the WHO is your blog author.

I would be so grateful if those who believe the movement of COOPERATION ( my life work as a revolution sweeping the world from the leading fortune firm cultures reforming and now including nations seeking out those higher efficiencies _ would continue to share my blog with your circles and tribes avoiding the most competitive minded.  ) We are serving the most awake brains alive today and that includes YOU.

Today world Heads of state are becoming aware that CORRUPTION IN THIER COUNTRY can never be ideally resolved inside competitive culture modeling because – integrity does not exist. SCREW OTHERS BEFORE THOU ARE SCREWED UNTO drives the corruption internal and external to those hosting nations. Only by exploring reforms to COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM can corruption in nation be resolved by integrity based cultures that commence with public education reforms.

The biggest risk to global prosperity, super crash, systemic destruction of the core economic system worse than the global depression of 1929 – is – world wide insane public education. Memory bot education must reform into entrepreneurial education as we reside in the age of ENTREPRENEURIALISM as taught by say HARMONY SCHOOLS – of DALLAS I myself have volunteered to teach at amazing model for the future. But a private charter school. Not public education.

Public CRISES  education fails to prepare graduates for success in the following areas:

  • Civics what rule of law means and citizenship requires creating the values of what it means to be London or British or Paris of French or American or UP state New York or Manhattan or LA or San Franciscan which I am or any culture in generational heritage – missing from old war date memory bot education – today – its on the test you know.
  • Relevant Entrepreneur studies education for tools and tactics to move into the work space of the future.
  • Trade Skills for those seeking expression in relevant labor needs and opportunities
  • Cooperation versus competitive culture skills
  • Diversity education celebrating diverse cultures faiths political expressions and histories with respect and forgiveness moving to better human potentials in our celebration never punishing human diversity. Nothing effects bullying by removing those who are unteachable from the community cultures. Into special intensive retraining – China does a far better job on that outcome in their society which should not punish because our culture is divers and different than their culture. Kings and Dictators and Democracies and things.

The largest school systems in the USA graduate 48 % of their student bodies – 52% do not graduate. Most of those who don’t have engaged in jobs or their own career path through on line self education and the majority opened their own business with buddies from school. Whats wrong with a failed crises in public education? The future of nations is at high risk unless EDUCATION is ABSOLUTELY UPGRADED INTO THE SUPER CHANGE demands of those graduates into the future. It’s a new era and we failed to adapt on the prairie education to prepare agriculture migrations to cities in the industrial revolution into memory bot repetitive task agencies for line production in factory or management logistics. That is all AI today and HUMANS need to REINVENT RELANCE to education or the FEW AGAINST THE MANY COMPETITIE will AI replacing HUMAN values and worse create AI that will only see humans as THREAT. The format and content of education must change.

I invented SUPER TEACHING ( you can all see at

Tony Robbins cut the Ribbons at the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA where we donated hundreds of thousands to their leading SUPER TEACHING CLASS ROOM like we did for Salt Lake Community College during the Olympics in Utah state and University of Colorado Business School in DENVER. SUPER TEACHING is class room AIA and AI for the modern class room upgrade for digital visual learners arriving to class rooms with new brain synapse structures we call NEW BRAINS. NEW BRAINS learn with new cue language not provided in traditional failing class rooms. Turn your schools on to SUPER TEACHING if your interested in that space.

I won’t go into my forty years working with public education reform – its never easy folks to revolutionize “thats the way we have always done it” because its HARD HARD WORK to DO IT. The crises in education is lazy leadership as well.


CEO SPACE advises nations on policy plan mapping to succeed in that economic cooperative capitalism upon request to do so.

The remainder of my life is to help you all massively with INFORMATION That is powerful and superior to fake news and shallow reporting of data without the economic foundation or the TRUTH versus spin and lies. Bernie Sanders brought up his free health care for everyone. BOY I WANT THAT TOO. I just don’t want to bankrupt the USA. Questions from democrats were valid and challenging. NEW reported how GREAT BERNIES plan was while he was heckled by FOX VIEWERS In the audience. If you SEE THE TOWN MEETING you won’t find a fox viewer. You will find involved Americans from all walks of life tearing the flesh off old Bernie – for his shallow not well thought out plans when the devil is in the details his own audience fan club could not even embrace. My take. I think Bernie lost his election run in one town meeting.

I hope this BLOG IS USEFUL to sort out what is really going on out there. At the minimum it provides new information for you – to balance your own views against thumbs up thumbs down – as perspective.

To my readers – now you know me better. In the future I’ll write more about my children and family tribe for you.

These are MY agenda and MY WHY’s.

This blog is a public service created where CEO’s from CEO SPACE ( members ) asked for it as we presented these updates at five CEO SPACE events and they wanted daily updates. Now they get them ( almost daily ) depending on my speaking and guest appearances in media world wide schedule and my Chairman CEO SPACE duties which are not light. I serve at the pleasure of others and contribution is my only purpose for the remainder of my life to the best of my abilities.