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  5. I got a Video by text today of Muslims breaking a statue of the Virgin Mary with attitude on Good Friday – we block diversity that is not celebrated As a 40 year Koran student with oceans of devout Muslims from all over the world as business owner Members of CEO SPACE – I cherish my own mentor Mullahs and I’ve spent a lifetime in the Gulf including Iran. Muslim billion humans respect people of the book and never bash their symbols – they are not competitive as the Koran calls for – and the human distortions of the sweet truth of the Koran like the Bible is all the ten commandments – with clear instruction the people of the BOOK ( the rest of us ) are saved and together forever – in belief. They don’t wish to be the MASTER FAITH or disrespect any faith – that is 90% plus of all Muslims of Christians. Christinas in the INQUISITION as much a shame as radical Muslims and today as EASTER SUNDAY STARTS – I say – Forgive them Father God for they know NOW what it is that they DO. So lets not post any of that so we don’t ban you…as our community serves all faiths and communities celebrating all diversity as GOD’s holy tapestry that makes us so interesting as we learn from each other in full respect without competitive impulse of mind – sanity versus insanity and the insane are a shrinking % of of us today – as we implode together in the greatest human dance ever heard in history…..US….it is time for US all today. Comment?

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Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL