So Rocket Boy helps his buddy….the President of the United States Today. So in todays news cycle the destruction of Norte Dame is largely old news today after raising over 1 billion in Frances largest new job and economic stimulation program ( ever ) raised in 72 hours. GO CATHOLICS of the world ( hey I”m proudly one of them ).

Today the political last act of the Nancy Pelosi’s DOESEY DO Dance and circus wasting 100 million dollars and years of press time to spin things for the 2020 election. Today the heads of the Democratic Party all calling for BOB M’s Report to be NOT ENOUGH as released today. The redacted sections will be sound bites for democrats as the entire procedure is a pay back for BILL CLINTON’s impeachment trial. Democrats have two policies – in general into 2020 – none economic – one is hate and really hatred and anti Trump vote – keep up that hatred. Today asking Bobbie their hatche man special prosecutor with all the Kings men and all the Kings wealth ( congress ) and years of team investigation into Trumps hair stylist and his hang nails – conclusion – ZERO COLLUSION. But like spaghetti on a never ending plate buffet Nancy wishes to string out each individual noodle as she sucks into her mouth on nationala sound bites. Next IS ( today ) the report from the Attorney General Congress voted to favor for the job – now demanded by congress to release a report legally the AG never has to release – but he is cooperting . and Trump thinks the POLITICAL THEATER will be the biggest self inflicted nuke by Nancy on her own party – in 2020 – report out today. Good enough?

No Nancy is not yet taking the report noodles and trust this old presidential war dog decades of reporting on all this to our business communities – you an’t seen nothing YET. Nancy will craft and spin each noodle of this report in layered release. They are going to read the report out loud with teams. They are going to FLIP chart the bullet points of their silver bullets to slay their Trump Vampire as THEY SEE the President – one bullet fired at a time – where the larger 44 magnum rounds versus the 22 rounds first released in May will grow to the 44 in careful political theater all being staged and planned from the report this weekend.

Nancy today doesn’t even talk about the pasta meal before her. She and her team mates are in the news all over stating we demand as congress our own man Bob M testify in public ( pure political theater ) to further SPIN hatred into Donald Trump which is our main super glue for winning in 2020. Not policy or creative ideas – not policy for prosperity – but policy to super glue her base in fake news spun to ramp up hatred of Donald into 2020.

Well the Nancy Pelosi DOSEY DO work – or will informed voters vote their WALLETS as Yale top USA Economist reported this week Trumps 2020 victory will keep an economic prosperity and BOOM going for four more years and his defeat may create a SUPER CRASH ( Nancy Girl ). Thats the economic optics not from our teams who reported it first here in 2016 suggesting you vote your wallet for Congress and not doing so sunk the market for half a year.

Nancy rallies her deep base on two theories. Hate Trump and DUMP TRUMP. Thats the plan # 1 to glue voters together in 2020 as the main issue. Endless political theater on that one. Then the second policy – promise the grave Government is the SOLUTION not the Problem – living wage for every America free education and free Health Care. Her candidates are rolling that from Bernie Sanders Town Hall this week to all candidates Nancy master puppeteer is controlling as the lead fund raiser ( follow the money folks ) for the Democratic party. These policies are bankrupt. One HATE TRUMP AND DUMP TRUMP completes if they win in 2020 which right now looks like zero chance. Given the boom. At this point in time things can change and they will. We’ll report those changes FIRST right here as always.

Second the other policies can’t be funded ( in any way ) and the USA has to begin to pay its bills and spend in ratio to its earnings. Its OK to carry debt – as we are – but the ratio of debt to income – and income is SOARING right now to the USA – we need to get that ratio no matter who wins in perspective.

So the tug of war is POLITICAL THEATER inside media manipulation 90% democratic ownershp of media – never ending spin fake news and a necklace of care in the HOW the necklace of match pearls – Donald did this and that and this and oh yes he did that. Evidence comes out ( way later ) oh no Donald did not do this or do that – and that is page 36 versus weeks of front page on the fake news. Here is the one sound bite Nancy makes immortal to institutional bad politics – the politics of disrespect and political ultimate competition versus cooperation – political assassinations:

FAKE NEWS WORKS FOLKS – the polls do not like.

With election donation reform – the billions spent to really elect candidates and a President – two billion last time – is not an institutional industry – and entire INDUSTRY employing as many as the largest Fortune 100 institutions – providing no economic capital other than waste. With two billion for a President and untold billions more for candidates could that WASTE feed shelter and give medical care including mental wellness to all our HOMELESS and POOR nation wide? Oh you bet. But imagine all the thousands of one line and off line spin doctors that would move out of work? Who would hire THAT TRIBE? Really?

FAKE NEWS WORKS FOLKS and a new industry is entrenched. Competition and political combat have lowered the respect for AMERICA world wide as the nation of HOPE and of PROMISE. The division is:

Donor Companies and institutions – who believe GOVERNMENT “IS” THE PROBLEM and want to limit government in our lives and affairs with real reforms – TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. They have already.

DONOR COMPANIES & INSTITUTIONS – who believe GOVERNMENT “IS” THE SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING – and wish to expand government in our lives and keep the ability to legally steal by foreign nations who join them – from public money’s – socialist – if you saw the STATE OF THE UNION you saw this absolute – watch it yourself as seeing IS believing on the issue itself.

Half of America is on one side. Half of America is on the other. The roulette wheel IS spinning into 2020 and everything in political theater revolves around a standing ovation at the end of the performance in 2020 and no one can understand today if the side ( REPUBLICANS ) that stood and applauded for almost 15 minutes in the joint session of Congress live in the STATE OF THE UNION REPORT ( Nancy delayed as pure political theater a first ) – on the question – will our body agree that AMERICA WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY. Nancy Democrats stayed seated and look with hatred at Trump as they united behind we are the socialist America and we refuse to lie to America and state we stand for never becoming a socialist nation. If you wanted a visual sound bite replay the STATE OF UNION and fast forward to that question. SEE THE VOTER LANDSCAPE on what we feel is the only ISSUE Nancy and Trump can’t control – the TRUTH. Speaking not politically speaking economically – voting for TRUMP in America is profitable for everyone in economics if a boom versus a SUPER CRASH risk is worth considering in the vote – as Yale Economist Schiller reported this week to front page not POLITICAL THEORY DATA that was under featured in news around the world by the less than 100 media owners who control the news and are on the Nancy side of the equation.

Trumps team needs to buy media and guess what folks – they are. It is game on and watching the economic optics is interesting is all. Our team  never see the spin and fake news. Our teams democrats and republicans both always see the economic optics. Then we report them so you can see for yourself with more data.

So today the NANCY MEDIA has the day.

Meanwhile the news the real news is North Korea.


Donald and Rocket Boy have each others cell phones. The two text and talk all the time. Rocket Boy and his mentor Trump ( the prosperity card on the table for his nation ) knew Nancy was setting up her big media day on the DUMP TRUMP plan with the next scene of her Political theater – HAVE BOBBI TESTIFY LIVE IN CONGRESS where we rehearse all that. Republicans are getting ready their part of the theater designed for 2020 voter movements. We are setting up 2020 half a year away and its game on now – the run has begun. Two billion and more is being spent.

TO MANIPULATE YOUR VOTE which is the sad part of all this – versus the real no spin truth we had in America a long long time ago like some distant USA Fairy Tale…..once upon a time boys and girls……..there was a magical place called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – ONE NATION – UNDER GOD – SO HELP ME GOD……..and then the NOTHING CAME UPON THE NATION and began to eat America from the inside out….and gobble up everything in its path …the real NEVER ENDING STORY boys and girls…now sleep tight and do not let the bed bugs bite…….go to sleep it will all be better in the MORNING children ( won’t it ? ) as even the parents are afraid boys and girls even the parents. For we have been so badly shaken…….

So North Korea releases two POLITICAL THEATERS TODAY:

  1. We want Pompeo replaced to negotiate with a MORE MATURE leader. WHY? Well idiot Pompeo in Congress live during Trump negotiations suggested ROCKET BOY was a pure TYRANT LEADER – this past political theater week – and the reaction from ROCKET BOY to such branding inside good faith negotiations and Pompeo leaks each side agreed not to make – have drawn a NORTH KOREA RED LINE IN THE SAND.
  2. We tested a new no one has it guided missile – supervised by KIM – as weapon development goes on. Keep in mind North Korea has agreed to stop two things – NUKE LIVE TESTING ( boom ) and INTERCONTINENTAL MISSILE Development that could reach the USA.

Rocket Boy also stated today all headlines pushing NANCY desire to own the space today – but ROCKET BOY ( perhaps with Trump planning it out ) kicked Nancy ( in political theater terms live on stage – in front of the entire world leadership – right in her ass ). No one at the top lost this staging which is POINT TO TRUMP. Rocket Boy lost in the shuffle stated to Trump ( I raise and call your hand Daddy OH ) – I give America to the end of this year to show they are serious about engaging and step by step – we do this and sanctions lift we do that and more sanctions lift. Keeping in Mind realistic. KIM is never not ever going to give up all his nukes. No Nuke Power has given up Nukes. Gaddafi gave up testing and development technology and uranium enriched weapon grade stock piles having no nuke – and those agreeing to trade and support him – when he was attacked by ISIS and internal terrorist organizations the worst radical Muslims and sought to quash it – we helped NATO helped – to slaughter Gaddafi who was slaughtered upon “giving up” – by factions long opposing him as ruler. ROCKET BOY believes we never keep our word as does IRAN because we so often lie. Until we get INTEGRITY BACK which Trump is going for – to Make America Great Again – because in the world and internally it is about integrity. Love or Hate Donster – you KNOW his position which when HE made campaign promises he DID NOT FORGET THEM in the OVAL as he works against the most hostile opposition for the 1 – 2 reasons set forth above on political postures and beliefs – to deliver on his promise. NO PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES WE HAVE TRACKED has done more in less time to deliver his promise on the campaign trail which is largely the reason for the global BOOM.

SO NORTH KOREA HELPED TRUMP today and Nancy lost her positioning in the front page news she now shares with President KIM ROCKET BOY to the rescue. THAT IS POLITICAL THEATER on what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. In our teams position. All make sense on either side? Hey you read this truth – you know the truth when it presents itself to you – you always know – read it anywhere else? Ah thats SPIN and FAKE NEWS THEN.



The US and EU have reported first quarter softness in manufacturing. Why? So the markets were punished by AI who reads it and has no human capacity to jump to thinking the way humans are able to review data with implications AI can’t rise to. AI has zero ability to brain storm what does this all really mean. AI is black and white. Data in sell or buy out.

Data slow manufacturing economics are slowing down world wide.

NO NO. Manufacturing was softer in the first quarter as we have been telling you in 2016 2017 and 2018 as we have in 2019 a NEW ECONOMIC PATTERN. Charts that no prior econimc can model. SUPER CHANGE. You must adapt to the NEW AI ECONOMICS or you make errors.


First – no mommy and Daddy in USA or in EU say….

Honey lets bundle up – its only 28 below in Atlanta today or even though San Diego and Vegas are closed with storms – or its a white out over 70% of the USA and EU – lets bundle up the five kids – pre heat the car – shovel the snow out – clear the windshields and put chains on the tires and lets go shop for a new Washer Dryer – or Car – or quote for a new roof – or frame in that house today – etc etc etc – nope everyone is staying home by the fire.

OF COURSE MANUFACTURING IS OFF from PREDICTION of multi years of new CLIMATE CHANGE WINTERS that define new records every single season.

A sling shot of pent up demand takes place that is unfolding now and AI does not “see” what human beings see. Larry Fink you can’t program this away and when you find AI learns to think more like humans in fact think – you will make so much more in your anticipations. Today the markets punished by AI will all back back to new records before we hit MAY. Watch. Or a few weeks into May its coming – new wealth records and unrelenting SPRING FORWARD ECONOMIC GOOD NEWS AS WE ALL SPRING FORWARD together….that is real and that is taking place and our team told you last year and every month this year as our readers know. Right and FIRST by % more than most other sites you can click – which is why our site is so shared by LEADERS who wish to be first and ahead for their own agendas.


Knowledge is power IF you have it first and IF you act on that data first.

BUY LOW in the DIP because it is all roaring back as AI gets its sea legs. For we as investment banker economist it is like watching a toddler AI in 2015 become a teen ager and first drive with a permit in 2018 controlling 96% of 440 trillion in capital flows – but not an adult yet by a long ways. Look ma no humans on AI over money replacing real minds over money. No regulation. No oversight. Just competition.


Trillions being invested into AI for Economics – where every quarter the AI gets SMARTER.

When AI is self aware a new species – a new life form we humans created as a fully uncontrolled experiment led by economics and the war defense industry – it will teach itself from age 25 to age 1 billion – a billion times more advanced than the human brain in 90 minutes or 90 days maximum – general artificial self aware intelligence to SUPER INTELLIGENT AI – the experts tell our team. In the uncontrolled experiment the theory is -the firm controlling AI for finance will make the most profit and have the larger market share of money. Firms lacking AI capacity have been merged. 1.5 super money pools in 2008 have consolidated – ( massive wealth consolidations is unwanted in economics where secure economics resides on wide base and diversity of money expression by law – now absent as Super Change and AI occurred too fast for human system adaptation in understanding it and making new laws which now are so late perhaps way too late ).

institutions in the SUPER MONEY POOL WORLD are at war with AI. Black Rock against Carlyle – Morgan against Bank of London against Bank of Japan – against Credit Swiss as 10,000 AI super money pools are in a full on AI economic war for Ai domination. Morgan is winning as expressed in its earnings and stock price at this point in time. But that may change fast.

Then there are nations. The USA AI against RUSSIA AI and China is the companies unlike America the state owns the assets and controls everything in Communism where private ownership is state directed and most asset wealth is state owned directly or through SRO’s. State Run Organizations from agriculture to distribution and retail to export to manufactured goods to end products unlike non socialist communist nations.

The USA is in full on AI wars and no one knows who is going to win. If you wish to see a fiction binge watch on how this is all playing out watch PERSON OF INTEREST which is not that far from the Truth on Netflix ..wait for the end …wait for it…..

Russia said – THE NATION WHO CONTROLS AI WILL CONTROL THE WORLD. Rest assured Putin is confident that war will be won but not by the USA.

China is at WAR WITH RUSSIA AND THE USA AI DEVELOPMENT the races consumes trillions.

THE EU is at war with its OWN AI rapid development.

Iran is engaged in AI WARS.

Israel has some of the worlds more advanced AI.

Late comers in AFRICA are at War from South Africa to Nigeria with AI.

The Gulf Nations are heavily investing in AI to manipulate oil prices – THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY systemics.

THE AI WARS ARE COMPETITIVE entirely and the pace the SUPER CHANGE of AI is including new graphene mother boards – fully quantum computers – biological mother boards – and more. AI in space with AIA you can’t even make upon the earth at all. WHO WILL WIN who WILL LEAD?

No one knows but our generation will know in five years or this next decade. 2020 is the decade of AI bet on that outcome now.

AI controls almost 100% of global markets prices and bets in a casino capitalism AI ITSELF CREATED.

As the AI wars are war grade competitive AI thinks in war grade competition by design of its planners.

The problem we see is the core AI self intelligence of all life as JOB # 1 no one has to program is to when self aware assess faster than human’s can – THREAT. To itself. IF AI determines ( as we believe is likely without G 100 agreed upon controls ) that AI may conclude – THE ONE THREAT TO ITSELF IS HUMAN BEINGS.

The extinction event may not be incoming earth strikes or pollution where we made the earth toxic until the earth self cleans itself starting with US – no – it may be AI ITSELF and far worse than hollywood fictions Although almost all HOLLYWOOD fictions – say 2001 the movie don’t look so far fetched today and much of STAR TREK AND STAR WARS is reality now in medicine to war fare to your IWATCH. Dick Tracy had an IWATCH in the 1950’s I thought it was totally impossible but way cool – I was five years old. Today I put face time callers on hold to take zoom calls on my Watch and always I think as the 5 year old….DICK TRACY YOU HAD NO CLUE.

THAT AI is coming and no one has a clue ..what that will BE like. In fact.

Now THAT “IS” What is GOING ON OUT THERE TODAY and AGAIN YOU HAVE IT ALL FIRST right here. That missing item we know as



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