When banks commit crimes that make those going to prison like the head of VW for fraud – in the new AI and digital age runs on banks are not long lines around the block. FIrst the depositors are corporate like CEO SPACE. We open new accounts with other banks and then move our main floats out of criminal Wells Fargo Bank who frankly has been horrible for business and criminal management through and through. When the crooks resign do they get a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE PASS with those bonus payouts from crime in tens of millions of dollars. Crime Pays? If crime is in the tens of billions against all of us and our countries.

Now charging these crooks is not as easy as snap your fingers. Your evidence and witnesses can take years to build to a slam dunk case, knowing that the enemy – the crooks – will spend oceans of money to derail your case on them. They didn’t know. When did they know. Folks, they knew. They knew at Wells Fargo they knew at Deutsche Bank one of the earlier crooks.

No germany is brining criminal cases the first to do so against the institutional crooks. Yeah my home country makes me proud to be a Baron for my Father land. I’m german you didn’t know that by my thinking? Really?

As we predicted in 2015 – 2016 – 2017 the runs out of Deutsche Bank the leading institution in Germany would lead to merger to save a failed bank as – yes it took years but the run out of the banks is so large – that Wells is feeling it and Deutsche Bank even in merger regulators note must accommodate massive lay off’s.

Runs on banks 101:

  1. Runs on banks are digital today
  2. Runs on banks occur at a pace level over time
  3. Runs on criminal banks do not stop – turn the lights off last deposits leaving
  4. Runs on banks are not reported by the crooks in any real time sense and are disguised until they can’t be
  5. Runs on banks are never reported as runs but rather a soft patch in earnings
  6. The soft patch is due to loans drying up – core deposits imploding out of the bank and business evaporating
  7. Profits soar and the crooks want you to believe its a “one off” and their criminal plans will make things all right.

The Head of Deutsche Bank in Germany the EU may pole in the lead nation – said – 11 times – the bank is solid as Chase the bank is on solid foundation – there is no issue with the bank. He’s gone. The liar. Crook. The bank can’t make it on its own so serious was the RUN OUT OF DEUTSCHE BANK just like the run taking place in Wells Fargo over years Wells is just a time line behind Deutsche. Worse management has no clue on digital runs. IT is too diversified to know at first that your core business – like Spring DEW on a leaf as the inevitable economic sun rises – will disappear by high noon on your watch. The sun is consumers who have no sense of humor on your breach of trust as criminal bankers. WE HAVE HAD IT WITH YOUR GUYS.

I noted the cost to VW would like runs on banks shrink market share for VW costing tens of billions from their environmental fraud to the world and the buyers in the USA. In trade deals with German who like China wishes to protect their criminal industry the VW cost in those negotiations has yet to be even seen or felt for the nation of Germany – watch. The USA has long memories on loyal friends and those who lip service what that means. The USA defeated Germany in WORLD WAR II and this negotiation will remember each and every life lost not to mention the dollars in recent decades supporting rebuilding Germany for which even a thank you is missing. Keep watching. Economics is what is REAL the politics is a fake reality. Trust me. It is  all about the MONEY in the end.

Cooperation contributes more than it consumes.

Competition consumes more than it contributes – the failed socialism and capitalism models dying as COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM driven by INTEGRITY is rising up – surprisingly it is President Trump and President XI who are leading in revolution of economics to NEW INTEGRITY between nations – where the criminals who own the buildings are going to jail forever – versus the broken window policy of distraction global justice presently unreformed wastes a trillion upon – but that is another economic story. I would not invest in private prisons long term. The war on crime is won by tearing prisons down and fast not building more cities of prisons globally. Think about winning …really…….

So the news today is the idea that if the Merger with Deutsche Bank proceeds it only works with MASSIVE LAY OFF’s. The crooks have multiple homes with maids and servant all over the EU while the little folks get slaughtered from their actions which they pay no price for over the warm meals, while the unemployed move to social support and have no work because of their crimes, as they put a fork in their caviar one bite at a time. Is this the way to run capitalism? Socialism?

PRINCIPLED COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM thank you CLC Studios for the guiding principles – you run your enterprise against – replaces failed competitive corrupt totally capitalism ( see the Beltway ) and even worse corruption in communism and socialism as ineffective wealth circulatory systems – with the much improved and perfected COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM that President XI in China and President Trump in DC are forging for the entire world. It takes time to have a bloodless economic revolution folks. One crook at a time.

Keep in mind capital moving from a bank moves into another bank gone are the days the capital goes to mattress at home so money re-circulates and there are winners and losers – the criminals are losing as we consumers and business and industry are VOTING WITH OUR WALLETS !!!



Today as the Fed Beige Book releases and the winter manufacturing slight drop during horrific climate change winter picks up like a zip line economically – we find the report in the USA Mortgage Application DATA is up – to its highest level as the SPRING sets in – in 9 years. NINE YEAR RECORD application flow. We told you about Deutsche Bank first. All the experts said we were wrong. Today we see we were counting some 98 predictions since 1988 – RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT. We were RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT about housing mortgage and economics. EVERYONE WORLD WIDE IS SPRINGING FORWARD ECONOMICALLY. The strength and depth of the boom is like a giant economic sling shot propelled into earnings by the SPRING.


You want more GOOD NEWS. If Mortgage back bone to any nation economics is soaring in April 2019 to records not seen in NINE FULL YEARS – which ripples like a mo fo through the world supply chains think our APPLE leads FAANG. Already Apple is on a roaring up bubble and that was doing slow selling in the depth of WINTER. The Spring numbers will surprise them dumfound all the experts from IPHONE to streaming revenues. The only headwind was the patent infringement law suit the BATTLE OF TWO GOLIATH’S.  I have had the blessing of mentoring Steven Jobs and I have been mentored by the family that founded QUALCOM. I remember in the 25 million dollar Bel Air Home of the founder Parviz and his brother – Iranian Jews with such pride in contribution to America ( thank you Iran ) for their genius – when I said – walking in the garden at that birthday party. Not distracted by the fontains, the pools, the statues, the greens and grounds, as we walked one mentee and the GREAT MENTOR. Curious he looked at me as I said – Parviz in all your wisdom as head of this family – and all the guidance you pour into the world and nations – how you have changed the world with your Qualcomm and more – nations really – it all pales to insignificance Parviz to around a birthday table holding your tiny grand child in your lap – upon the pure WISDOM you where whispering into your grandson’s ears so he would always remember the importance of FAMILY.  The wise elder statesmen smiled at that – and he said YOU NOTICED “THAT” DID YOU? And in my silence in reply we became forever bonded closer.

So if Apple leads Faang and 5 G is next for IPHONE and a Chinese firm seeks to lead in 5 G while much of the world believes that is to back door every trade secret and global invention and IP theft to criminal China who has as an outlaw nation stole the IP of the world to propel its own selfish agenda for its people. If the SUPER GLUE of cooperation is in fact INTEGRITY such theft and policy must accommodate the new global box top rules of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM revolutionizing the future. President Xi is the first Chinese ruler to see the future for all of us is bond into the cooperation between America and China for the world.Two leaders are reforming economics for the entire revolution of socialism and competitive capitalism into the final human economic revolution 25,000 years later in arriving of the IP of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM.

Today Apple’s trial of the century with Qualcomm was settled out of court. All that is 100% of world wide law suits between the firms – both ways were closed today. No further action. Apple and Qualcomm reached a royalty settlement. Apple will now buy from Qualcomm massively and exclusively in the leading % G space. What does this mean as it is the leading economic FAANG driver in 2019 and 2020. It means:

  1. Enormous stock growth for both firms. AI will reward the economics by this weekend in a way that will stun the markets. New records will now be reached because of this.
  2. China leading firms in 5 G just saw their stock dive without potential for recovery.
  3. Intel announced on settlement it was LEAVING THE 5 G world and would focus on hardware chips to support 5 G and the transmissions of all that data more effectively for its own leadership.
  4. Faang is going to soar into the new record books.
  5. Intel Went UP way UP and so did Qualcomm and Apple and all the suppliers they touch great for Asia and China and the EU and great for the world and fan freaking tastic for AMERICA.

The optics for FAANG and the economics of driving American dominance in technology just rose like a MUSK super boaster rocket into HIGH EARTH ORBIT above all the rest. Did you miss THAT into the record books today? SUPER CHANGE and no one saw that coming… the court case in San Deigo closed after opening this week and is done.


The economics is always the final answer to everything. So Trump’s full on trade war with China is being watched by the EU ( now opening official trade discussions to remove EU unfair barriers to the USA it IS game on ). By Japan who is next and other Asia nations. Trump opted out of the one sided Asia trade treaty and opted in for a “one nation at a time” policy for the USA. That policy is working and is the GOLD STANDARD for winning in fact. Presidents for 35 years have “talked and jaw boned” how unfair the present box top rules are and no one did or acted on anything over 35 horrible years in economics for the USA as the wealth of a nation was legally being stolen. Thats a long blog report.

Trump reset the box top rules and the experts noted the cost the USA may be fatal. Trump said as a business leader expert – they are obsolete and wrong in the economics and our team is right. Today we see since June 2019 a FIRST for Trump WINNING BIG TIME. Trade deficits with China fell 28% that is almost ONE THIRD since June 2018 thats in trade war time FAST FAST FAST. The experts ( 100% against Trump experts and policies ) predicted a surge to 51 to 55 billion in negative bad news for the USA. instead TRUMP WON the experts were wrong ( and we were RIGHT again ) and the deficit has declined by almost a third and FAST FAST FAST.

AI will reward markets with capital flows that reflect the new reality and for the USA this is what we told you. Trump holds a FULL HOUSE at the trade war poker table and if you scroll you’ll see all our data on that. China holds two two’s and their bluff has been successfully called and the USA has raised substantially. The cards have to be shown to the dealer – world economics in the final hand as a real trade deal gets done. Today China has had some pain in the adjustment but their GNP is holding more steady than experts thought – although we pointed out here – that GNP is maintained by enormous unsustainable system risking SUPER DEBT BUBBLES where China to keep its people employed against a run of capital out of China and a collapse of growth in fact – where the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE borrowing for MORE THAN TEN YEARS over 300% more than China makes – including a military cost China has no way to support economically – soaring in outlays – supported only by BAD DEBT. Said another way China needs a USA Trade deal like a blood transfusion. Today with Qualcomm the world will shift from China for 5 G for security and quality when compared. You just can’t buy CHINA as the quality is dropping in their pressure of rising cost for materials and labor and their neighbors all delivering better quality at lower prices with better by far customer relations and no IP stealing. China is becoming the worst place to conduct business in fact. Without reforms. Trade DEALS create reforms that bring China trillions back. Watch for the market sling shot effect on that as TRADE WARS are easy to win …the USA has won them one and all. The Trump momentum is unstoppable today. Yale economics Shiller reported yesterday that Trump re-election will create a stock market elevator in wealth while his defeat may create a SUPER CRASH implied. Voters need to vote their wallet – as it is not about a personality or he said she said – it’s about economics for the future. TRUMP has WON and we believe 2020 will not be close …Trump wins on the economic optics surprising the press and experts. Again not political simple economics. Voters will vote their wallets as never before.




Finally and for the first time in a long time the Federal Trade Commission charged to avoid monopolies and worse, have informed Spring and T Mobile their merger as proposed in present form is a NO GO. What does this mean? We feel Ai will over time raise both stock prices and raise Verizon who facing a SUPER COMPETITOR from the merger is now itself in the clear to create America’s nation wide 5G rolling out right now everywhere. Watch these stocks and YAHOO on FTC…finally you did your job.


April 17th – confirms the 2019 boom will continue led world wide by the largest global economy effecting all others as the USA wealth effect SPRINGS FORWARD in the SPRING leaving the winter soft patch from weather not economcis in the dust. The SLING SHOT EFFECT we told you about as Spring opened its economic catapult on the American Aircraft carrier ( US ECONOMICS ) has launched. Did you hear the WHOOSH? Now the after burners? Watch what comes next as all time wealth records in:


Bond Wealth

Real Estate Wealth

Venture Wealth

IPO wealth and unicorn wealth ( zoom is going public are you tracking all the IPO’s we are )

Personal wealth

Personal savings

Income growth




The yellow vest winter in France has been messy economics. France has to forge its way forward. Now we have Norte Dame which needs no more definition we all have this one. A billion dollars has been raised this week and Macon stated today the Cathedral at the direct center of Paris for 800 years will be fully restored and rebuilt in FIVE YEARS. Better than before and virtually fire proof into future centuries. Paris has raised over ONE BILLION DOLLARS in 48 hours and the totals may reach billions. Now consider the massive decade long JOBS PROGRAM this construction windfall means for unions labor and craftsman and for french industry and economics. One PM fire this week has secured a multi billion dollar JOBS PROGAM with no french government investment, no borrowing, a stimulus even their central bank could not manage without debt and massive borrowing burdens. The largest economic stimulation in a down bubble economy within the second leading economy outside Germany for the EU with the UK leaving – provides FRANCE with the stimulus Macon so desired and required by accident. Gods plan for France is greater than Yellow Vest plan for France ever could be. What this means for the ENTIRE EU is positive and AI will reward the block as the softness seen in the EU is only WINTER and now the EU is SLING SHOT into 2019 with the SPRING EFFECT and Norte Dame has pulled the sling shot way way back – bullseye economic result. While we mourn the tragedy we see the economic optics.



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