MBS Has COST Saudi Arabia and the great Saud and Faud Families over 3 TRILLION DOLLARS SINCE 2014:

  1. Oil wars – lost a trillion and rising
  2. New investment put on hold – over one trillion more and rising
  3. New investment capital into Saudi has flown out of Saudi by more than 1 trillion

MBS has no life preserver after failed oil wars and real wars with Iran by proxy, in Lybia by Proxy in Yemen by proxy and Qatar. MBS has lost trillions and rising no end in sight and only debt is keeping the Kingdom from a contraction that would riot into an unwanted SAUDI SPRING. Its close.




As if above all global laws the slaughter of Khashoggi was not enough. In 2019 Crazy MBS is now a pure criminal cartel robber baron trying to get his royal barons around the world to raise the price of oil. The king is just a kid however and thinks like a child. MBS is playing checkers just like a child. The World is playing CHESS with AI and the Kid can’t keep up. Not with the many moves.

So the KID does every card thing in the book to raise oil illegally to over 70.00 a barrel so he can pay his bills locally, paid by charging a trillion to the most poor on earth. Oil touches 70.00 dollars in 2019. All the expert say Oil is going to 80 but for one expert – right here on your blog.

Our team reported that Oil would plunge into 45 to 55 dollars a barrel and stay in that range as NEW NORMAL and NEW MARKET RATE not cartel rate. Our team reported the news on oil is fake news. We reported the world is drowning in oil.

Last week in the cold of BOMB CYCLONE over 50% of the USA – with higher use of Spring factories to driving – the USA added over 7 million barrels to the strategic stock pile – when we don’t need any of those stock piles any longer. TRUMP SHOULD DUMP to kick MBS right in his wallet and send a powerful message man to puppy.


Without it though Oil is moving to test 60 dollars. This is CRITICAL OIL support for MBS. This next week oil wars are full on. MBS will:

  1. Deliver fake news stats to ramp price above 60 bucks
  2. Oil firms that know the truth favor MBS because they make windfall profits at OPEC desired prices
  3. Enormous PR on oil rising this week I suspect
  4. Every possible supply interruption or short
  5. Magnifications of potentials for supply interruptions – raising prices on FEAR versus truth

Oil may cycle around the 60 dollar mark with MBS becoming exhausted to keep up the pace to sustain that level against overwhelming supply gains. SUPPLY OF OIL IS SOARING DEMAND FOR OIL IS FALLING OFF A CLIFF.

That is the truth about oil markets. Go long in oil you in our opinion will get killed. For those in the market that trusted out team ( given the track record ) and went short – you not only avoided loss you made great gains. Your welcome.

The drain …the flow of that water flowing in a circle going down the drain we all know so well – that is the market price for oil.

MBS LOSES and the loss we believe in the civil war inside the Sand Castle will kill MBS in fact.

Off with his head. 101 Arabian nights in Saudi the revenge is never served hot nor is it served like fast food.

1,000 Royals with untold influence and wealth locked up and without due process made to give up 100 billion dollars in 2017 and 2018. Do you think these families have forgotten and forgiven the insult and theft by a fork in their own family tree? It took me over 50 years in Saudi Sand to appreciate the complex history which I so respect. The SAUD family who have mentored me will set things right as the pendulum crazy BRAIN KIng ( used loose with greatest disrespect to the murder psychopathic ruler ) swung in his bat shit crazy vision – also swings BACK. THE PENDULUM IN SAUDI ALWAYS SWINGS BACK.  THE SAUD FAMILY WILL MAKE THIS ALL RIGHT IN THEIR OWN TIME.

Time may speed up.

Market forces will pierce the 60.00 insane price level MBS artificially set. Market forces will return oil to its fair market price of $ 45. to $ 55.00 peak to valley use annually. Keep in mind Demand is falling off a cliff.

MBS fake news has also presented – wow expect higher prices up to 80 dollars this summer. Why? Based on use and patterns not seen in a decade. This summer the fall off of any and all demand growth we once saw as normal to crashing new normals will surprise everyone residing in the OLD ECONOMY. The NEW AI economy crushes all fake news as AI has 100% of the statistics and makes ITS OWN DECISIONS without manipulation or influence. Increasingly AI ways data on raw source at a scale level and a DNS ADDRESS FOR FAKE NEWS as disregarded. The AI economy is the New Economy that Saudi its advisers and planners have zero clue about but are not fully hostage too. Eventually they will fire their teams and replace them with new AI ECONOMIC ADVISERS who can help them prepare.

How does MBS run Saudi at below 60.00 dollars a barrel?

Answer. Economics – MBS CAN’T.

What happens. The massive 40% gulf youth unemployment underwritten by state income subsidies begin to moderate. Subsidies on fuel to pay checks begin to wither and go to zero as the state runs out of bull shit and options. MBS failed to resolve state economics early and being late the pain that is coming is well, historic.

The Saudi instability may become a revolution that ended the THRONE OF KINGS. Game over. Why? MBS. The sooner MBS leaves the stage the faster the oil nations can adopt into the new OIL Surplus economy that will remain in surplus forever as 80% of oil use disappears in less than 50 years – or more than 10% a year. The market is not adjusting today residing in old economic models that are dead buried and degrading in obsolescence.

The NEW AI ECONOMIC LEADERSHIP that saw and rightly defined the NEW AI economics is surrounding this blog and growing rapidly. University’s late to the party are catching the truth of the NEW AI ECONOMICS.

OIL is now testing 60.00 a barrel oil just as we told you it would. MBS is hysterical now in fear not only for his future dreams ( nightmares economically ) but for his life if oil free falls to 50.00 dollar price levels.

All the Kings Horses and all the Kings men….simply could NEVER not EVER put Humpty Dumpty back together – again.!!!!

Alice in Wonderland is NEVER wrong… Alice related to future oil prices.