MBS sociopathic KING of Saudi has put on hold 3 trillion dollars of capital flight out of nation – investment into nation and projects now on hold.  The Kind has put his failed oil policies into red ink borrowing a billion this year then ten billion in just months. The debt mountain for Saudi appears endless.

This failed nation state has a civil war brewing inside the Sand Castle. The stuff of movie scripts smash box office and say – well . the civil war. You know stuff like: Age 29 to today at just over 30 – the PUPPY KING:

  1. Declares OIL WAR on the USA in 2014 stating he ( himself ) will DESTROY the American oil industry. That failed. Now OPEC has failed and America controls the oil market and MBS lost control for Saudi and Opec trillions more down the MBS rat hole.
  2. Declares War on Qatar which moves oil market share away from SAUDI for ever.
  3. Declares War on Yemen. MBS has lost that war as today in Tripoli tells us so well even Tripoli says Saudi lost the Yemen and the Libyan wars. Iran won. Big.
  4. MBS betrays Trump and the USA and makes deals with Russia to RAISE OIL PRICES pausing the world recovery world wide.
  5. MBS locks up his own royals and into 2018 extorts with no due process no rule of law – just a mafia shake down with muscle – you die or you give us 100 BILLION DOLLARS – and of the 1000 plus royals arrested – they gave up over 100 billion dollars to the kid threatening them. You think in contour sheet territory they forgot this insult?
  6. MBS butchered Khashoggi and was caught in lie after life until he ordered others to lie for him. They are still.
  7. MBS hacked Jeff Bezo’s cell phone – leaked his mistress affair – cost Jeff a divorce and I ask you  – do you think the richest man on earth wealthier than the PUPPY KING could ever imagine wealth – is going to forget the slaughter of his Washington POST journalist – while the Trump family kiss the sociopaths little ass . No. MBS may well cost Trump the election unless he does something – as doing nothing or pampering MBS game plan is counter to the interest of the United States of America – while cementing the 100 year ties to the SAUD “FAMILY” sector that will over throw MBS is “in” the interest of the United States as the SAUD family returns Saudi governance to tradition history and normal – from the MBS abuse of the nation to this very date in time.

The kids love the puppy King as they lack the facts to make an informed decision that Hitler is a crazy insane brain and insane brains are terrorfying not lovable kiddies in Saudi Land… Criminal Minds and put MBS in the films.

He is the UNSUB.

I mention this all today as SHAME ON MY INVESTMENT BANKING COMMUNITY. SHAME ON YOU for over selling MBS crimes against humanity when his bonds should be shunned ….

Wealth of the world – bowing to profit and greed – SHAME ON YOU ONE AND ALL THIS WEEK !

A ten billion dollar MBS bond offering over subscribes to 100 billion of bond demand – hence my argument for Sovereign Nation debt resetting SUPER BONDS – A CEO SPACE global solution invented by CEO SPACE and former SEC Commissioner senior partner at Hughes and Hubbard Sovereign Bond authorities world wide.