New flight.

New plane.

Its all going well.

When at take off BAM.

A bird hits your wing. The sensor on air attitude – nose up or down is damaged.

Your ok. You have a back up. ( you have six minutes to die off Ethiopia. )

The 29 year old youngest pilot in command on the new plane sees the auto pilot system read the now conflicting good gauge and bad guage trying to put that plane down to pick up speed. With FULL CLIMB Power this picks up speed as you are descending now …that speed exceeds safe flight parameters for that airplane.

The young 29 year old pilot had 5000 hours. I’m an old pilot and I have 5000 hours. But what hours? Mine include lots of extreme flying in storms, mountains, weathers and with quite a number of mechanical emergencies which seasons any pilot.

So this pilot NOT KNOWING his vital air attitude gauge is taken out completely by an ACCIDENTAL BIRD STRIKE – the ban of airplane take off’s – and that his critical gauge no longer functions – and conflicts with the other gauge creating a computer compensation to auto pilot the nose DOWN because the conflict in gauge tells the plane computer the airplane is reaching stall speed versus picking up excess speed – we have three minutes to death.

Manuals on laps – and telling the co pilot who is very young in his 20’s ( young crew ) to trim the airplane – but he lacks strength because at the EXCESSIVE SPEEDS the pilots allowed the plane to reach – the air surface controls – pulling the yoke back – requires massive STRENGTH just pulling the full power thrust BACK on the power controls – ( PILOT ERROR ) would have eased such control and brought the plane back into stable flight.

While the plane is purposing – the worst air flying characteristic and dangerous – the Pilot in Command age 29 – did turn off the MCA Boeing new auto control system. IT WAS TURNED OFF. But the PILOT IN COMMAND with two minutes remaining to live told his co pilot – to re-enggte the MCA System. When they turned that system back on – it read the mal functioning gauage information and concluded the nose had to go down – and forced the nose down again. ( PILOT ERROR IN RE-ENGAGING THAT SYSTEM WHICH IS AGAINST ALL MANUAL INFORMATION AND IS PURE PILOT ERROR ) after which – in two minutes – there was only speed, and declining altitude nose down slamming into the seas at almost 1000 miles an hour. PILOT ERROR not plane won’t fly properly error.

The Plane was damaged by a bird. Pilot errors killed chances of recovery. May the law suits fly over what? A human accident which happens in driving a car a truck a ship or a plane and not often. Victims want some one any one to be held absolutely responsible for deaths of their loved ones. No one IS responsible. The . Pilot and Co Pilot did not wish to die. They did the best they knew how to save their plane and passengers. They made errors. Pilot errors. They failed to:

  1. Appreciate the Bird damage to their guage
  2. They failed to bring the noise abatement sound required in take off at their location keeping power at full climb power till the end – PILOT ERROR – I as a pilot would have pulled that power back to trim the plane.
  3. They took the MCA system the auto pilot system off – good job. Pilot RIGHT.
  4. They then turned the MCA system with full power and excessive speed now – BACK ON – Pilot error.
  5. Once they turned it back on with excessive speed re-triming the plane with flaps or any model fails as the plane is gauged damaged by a BIRD STRIKE ( accident no human accountability to accidents and acts of God ) – PILOT ERROR failing to pull back on power – slow the plane – keep the MCA system OFF – all pilot errors and others are being uncovered – which IS almost 90% of fatal flight outcomes – PILOT ERROR.

Folks the manuals tell the pilots the buttons to push – the items to pull – the sequence to do it all in – and the PILOTS did the OPPOSITE. They took the auto system off ( GOOD JOB ) and then they put the auto system back on ( PILOT ERROR ) and doomed their gauge damaged by a bird flight – to fatal out comes for themselves and for everyone else. They killed themselves doing the VERY BEST THEY KNOW HOW and really not one law suite should be filed painful as THAT may be – it is the RIGHT THING for aviation and for the industry and for the moral ethical outcome truly.

It is all too sad to do anything by send white light and prayers to the loved ones families as no money or process will do anything but prolong pain with outcomes that are likely adding zero closure to those family members because the death they endure was an ACCIDENT like losing control of a bus in a raging ice storm. Humans make mistakes is all.

You have been reading about this story but we have as Pilot family been circling the data with our own FAA tribe and pilot community so you know FIRST and know FULLY the outcome of this story. We thought one or more of our 100’s of thousands of readers to this blog in more than 200 nations may be able to assure families have our prayers our intention to stand beside them in their grief and pain – and to know the truth so they have that closure as the truth shall set us all free in the end.