Since the 1960’s I have operated firms that serve nations around the Globe. My Famous Father brought us up mentoring CEO’s in South Korea including Samsung, in China for Chairman Mao in the 1950’s and 1960’s – in Africa from Debeers to EU’s leading industry much of which my readers know from reading my books on Amazon. CEO SPACE is 31 years serving 150 nations. Your mind set becomes global with respect for all cultures and peoples. As we view the landscape of the world my readers must forgive American’s.

I have found a bedouin shepherd teen at twilight knows more about the WORLD than any American teen. American’s reside 30 miles around a Burger King and know GO LARGE with Ketchup please primarily. Americans think Pakistan is the size of Rhode Island – and could not find Iran on the map. American’s do not know that China does as much business as say California one of our States in total GNP. American’s do not know that Russian GNP is about as large in their nation as one of our states say NEW YORK. Leading economist know but not American GO LARGE ON THE SHAKE populations. Americans do not know that Pakistan is larger than the USA and has a larger population than our 300 million as a full on advanced NUKE SUPER POWER we spend 100’s of billions supporting PAKISTAN LEADERS so the Taliban does not get a Nuke. Something like that is our policy.


You are a psychopathic sociopathic Adolf Hitler brain ruling a rich country Saudi Arabia at age 32 friends with Nuke Ruler who is age 29. The 29 year old has massive hydrogen super bombs and missiles to send them our way.  MBS Wants what?

MBS hacking Jeff Bezo phone and paying him still with more than Khashoggi’s slaughter – how did that 39 billion dirove settlement FEEL Jeffie? MBS Asked from his Saudi State Hacked Terrorism as MBS arrests this weekend rights protestors seeking to advance more woman’s rights in Saudi. Now in jail plus two AMERICANs jailed right up with them – bad American’s thinking Woman have equal rights to a camel how silly of you all.

MBS NEEDS DISTRACTION off his Khashoggi global crimes against humanity we all get what a sick oh brain this spoiled narcissist brain is.
MBS IS A SERIAL KILLER – SEE NETFLIX CRIMINAL MINDS – THEY NEED TO DO A SEGMENT ON MBS as THE BUTCHER OF KHASHOGGI the new Media handle for psychopath MBS in the world press I should think. Yes MBS BUTCHER OF KHASHOGGI. There we go – the truth of it. April 2019 – a year to October when he had his inside 18 person top tier groomed and reporting only to the King travel with their bone saws to the wedding permit – hey you do not bring a bone saw to a wedding permit in the clerks office….do you? Answer THAT ?

So the serial killer is using his OPEC influence to get his buddy Kushner and team – who lack so much perspective on Middle East tribes culture and complex history. This rich history is deeply complicated and takes decades to even begin to appreciate the landscape from outside. Can and delete will never get YOU there. Experts can not get you there. Only the dirt – being in the sand pile and learning from the locals – can you when you are fully embraced and adopted – which is not quick I’m here to tell you from my own experience – but among my best lifetime teachers and friendships flow from the appreciation of the culture that gave us everything – inventions – culture – laws – language – math – and more.

How do we go to war with Iran?

  1. We provoke Iran – we do that by taking the IRAN SECRET SERVICE – and labeling them terrorists. That is taking place NOW.
  2. Iran has said if the USA does that the CALM in the middle east will EXPLODE and their 150,000 special force Secret Police and their Red Guard million person army will treat American military as they treat ISIS.
  3. WAR with Iran follows Iran defending themselves against our provokation versus waiting for us to slaughter them.

MBS WINS. Track this story as the commencement of all out WAR WITH IRAN sending a clear signal to North Korea. Sell Nukes and your disappear in your own mushroom clouds. Whose finger is on that Nuke Button again?


USA intervention may have stopped full out Nuke War between the two Nuke Super Powers. Two wars have been fought over the contested city of Kashmir. This weekend Pakistan reported that – and to its parliment – INDIA was going to strike their nation ( again ) . They called in Indian Ambassador and said CUT IT OUT or its doomsday. This is hours ago. Old.

The Nukes are pointed at all major cities both nations.

The Nukes complete in less than sixty minutes and both nations are gone as is their forward launch capacity. They are both stone age. All trade industry and related is gone and chaos without a central government reigns. Community states with ruling war lords make the new box top rules for almost two billion peeps. Although most of a billion will be now dead. Sixty minutes. Or less. Stay tuned it is the HOT ZONE on planet Earth.



We have told you and told you that EBOLA in major Congo city is OUT OF CONTROL. The WHO has had its workers attacked and killed too many times to count by rebels. The first peaceful power transfer and vote ever has just taken place in the largest richest Africa nation if it ever had peace it would know wealth.

Many factions laid down arms in the honey moon after the vote as Kabilia still controlling the law making body with his fan club law makers but a new leader has the top command job. If he assembles his new government and gets leading EBOLA security is job # 1.

As EBOLA begins to leak out of the kill zone in Congo the epidemic the second largest will over night become the largest EBOLA outbreak known to man.

We have over and over encouraged the G 100 to right this with a resource SWAT TEAM which is what was required last time. It so much more effective and lower cost to contain EBOLA early. Now coming on a full year with no control of any kind the RISK to global trade and economics is as large as NUKES in India to the world at large. Track this story as media just does not report it – out of sight all these deaths – out of mind. NO ONE HAS CONTROL OF EBOLA SPREADING IN CONGO NO ONE.


If Britt exists with no deal – and exists – the USA and BRITISH trade deal will improve the UK economic within 180 days versus harm it.

Britain may not exit at all which may create massive voter back lash and a new parliament rolls in and who knows.

The Queen has said – SHAME ON YOU.

We agree. Based on economics. Why?

The EU has been hit by trade wars with China depreciating trade to the EU from America and China. This down bubble is picking up steam. Trade with Germany the largest EU economy and France the second largest are about to fall under tarifs the world has not experienced since WORLD WAR II. The EU is close to a recession.

The Central banks like our Fed – reversed tightening money as the FED killed the global economic expansion by raising rates way to fast way to rapidly which a third grader knowns by Chairman Powell just wants more profits for more banks at any cost to say US. So the EU is crashing and thats a fact.

Their biggest customer the UK is pulling out. They refuse to make that exit more polite econoimcally and wish a maximum penalty to exit financially. An EU reward premium. UK Lawmakers feel the premium is too high as the UK is the largest EU customer. Trade is already shifting to America so fast and by so much OPEC and the EU are feeling the shift from the UK. Brussels made a mistake perhaps fatal by not accommodating minor changes the UK required as absolutes. The EU wished to divide Scotland and Ireland from the UK – that failed competitive versus cooperative policy lacked INTEGRITY as nothing competitive is sane of has integrity – and the group is now tighter than ever. Against the EU.

Now consider economics and markets and price. All AI controlled as my readers uniquely appreciate and know.

As the largest customers swings its needle from EU customers to AMERICA customers for agriculture – better quality lower prices – fuel and energy – manufactured goods from clothing to electronics – does anyone see a fall of a cliff in Germany and France voting to punish the UK for leaving the EU? Does anyone hear the giant sucking sound as the EU crashing – now has a potential for a debt default cascade from Italian banks then Spain then Greece then Portugal – then the WORLD.

The RISK is so high to the entire system due to EU dependency within competitie policies which always lack integrity and fail. Cooperative policies suggested by the UK have been fully rebuffed so – the EU gets what it GIVES. Shit out Shit back.


Seems stupid and very short sighted. We feel the POUND will with the YEN remain the top three curencies on earth as the EU becomes worthless and the EU falls apart. Not today. Not tomorrow. But in time for economic systems the EU demise will be a finger SNAP in time. We told you on the formation of the EU in the middle and near the end the EU is an economic building in Brussels fully on fire in a huge fire storm – consuming the entire buiding where the AIA of the EU failed to build in appropriate and required ECONOMIC FIRE ESCAPES AND SPRINKLERS.


Today in economics there is no escape.

The UK is saving its great people oceans of pain in rising tsunami of EU unsustainable debt ( the fire ) that can not be put out ( by printing money ) and in the end the only solution is SUPER BONDS – call me Italy and I’ll give you France and Germany the magic silver bullet to slay your debt vampires in the night with a full moon.




MBS recently gave 20 billion dollars of business to Pakistan before he went to Modi in India and gave them 100 BILLION dollars folks. All of which MBS himself is borrowing. To stay afloat with lower than he wishes oil prices. Did he buy a NUKE? How much did he give NORTH KOREA or SOUTH AFRICA with their nukes for sale? Anyone selling nukes to finance their nations against sanctions?

IRAN can’t let crazy hitler brain MBS in Saudi the butcher of Khashoggi – get a nuke. MBS has secret missile fields with the most advanced missiles pointed at IRAN major cities all MBS needs is his NUKES.

If your Iran seeing your SECRET POLICE labeled TERRORIST over this weekend and MBS is the PR labeling your nation with FAKE NEWS and spin what do YOU DO? Do you buy your nukes from Russia or have Russia nuke your nation under their own protection? Do you trade with buddy in North Korea as he would sell nukes to both sides but so would India and Pakistan. Secret NUKE deals are now a risk too high to imagine and this is GAME ON right now this weekend. Who is front page news on this headline? Who is reporting and tracking this HEADLINE?

Ah…no one. You heard it first here and your tracking it here and as time goes by and it is in the headlines you will know – again – that the press reads this blog and verified the accuracy and bam the world begins to know even if its late to the party you lead because you READ. Thank you for sharing my blog – officially now one of the fastest growing subscriber news sites on line – with our sincere appreciation to our readers in 200 nations today.

BERNY DOHRMANN – Your Sunday April 7th Weekend Report on SUPER RISKS effecting world markets today