In my opinion. I sent out my opinion last year and again this year in the first quarter. Now I send the IT IS TIME FOR TRUMP TO DUMP AGAIN as to my investment banker economist opinion.

This weekend Trump called for a reverse on Interest Rates. While I want a GREAT PAUSE into 2021 on interest rate rises and the fastest end to bond selling and portfolio liquidity risking Fed policy error to stop faster – really the Powell Move is to PAUSE. Stop telergraphing and withdraw from PRESS.

In AI economics Chairman Powell LESS Is more in Media. LESS IS MORE.

Let the world trade deals come on line before you tinker.

Tinker in 1/8th point rises only twice in 2021 – once in 2020 and none in 2019. That is your mantra. Normalize between 2021 and 2030 with infrastructure you have time – Chairman Powell your time clock is wrong for AI stability to the core system. Your advisers need to develop two new theories:

  1. The New Theory to manage out of control AI economics evolving more rapidly than law frame works can adapt.
  2. New AI core system liquidity and core system stability RED LINES you lack today – which is so dangerous in 2019.

The other factor noting CENTRAL BANKS are obsolete and with zero relevance. So Ask yourself these question todays:

  1. Would we the people move money printing from US TREASURY where cost is zero on interest – to a central corporation owned by criminal banks to now manage the nations money to their own profit – forever conflicted with the nation’s interest to its own greed – and no longer having the right theory data or expertise. Like a woman carrying two buckets on a pole – a buggy with a horse is a better way – like a horse and buggy an SUV from Tesla ( plug her in ) is a better way forward.
  2. Central Banks use models that no longer apply to new AI economics.
  3. Central banks are not as effecenit as State Treasury real time AI management removing the conflict of interest from greedy bankers who own the Fed and all central banks – and who profit from nations – and the cost is no longer required.
  4. AI is MORE INDEPENDANT than the bank owned Federal reserve board whose shares of stocks are owned by the banks they regulate – the banks are the boss of the FED no one else and there is zero oversight – check and balance with the Fed is a fraud – there is none – 60 Minutes reported with a prior Fed Chairman Greenspan the Chairman’s confirmation there is no power of nation that can over rule a Fed decision – which is not independant it is out of control money supply with criminals running all nations money supply.
  5. In AI economics all Central Banks must be merged back into their Treasuries – keep all their process and procedures and people – put authorit into Treasury revoke all central bank laws – the USA has done this more than once before – and MERGE THE CENTRAL BANK BACK INTO US TREASURY AS THE CONSTITUTION COMMANDS.

Trump can Dump that on Congress and TRUMP SHOULD DUMP.

Before that TRUMP should dump oil. That is right.

The USA has the largest lake of oil billions upon billions of gallons stored up for a rainy day. The USA used to import 87% of our energy from Foreign sources.  Today the US is falling below 20% to ZERO. We no longer need imports from high priced OPEC and we no longer need imports of oil AT ALL.

The USA is rapidly becoming the largest EXPORT OIL NATION in the world. Saudi sends out some 9 million barrels a day – down over 1 million as their Puppy King seeks to raise oil prices to cover his own soaring debts – 10 billion last week for one. Borrowed following a billion two weeks earlier.

Down Down Down the rabbit hole.

So Trump and America must lead a global recovery from a full on axis of evil digital warfare attack in 2007 and 2008. That first sovereign nation concerted economic warfare to soften us up before the real shooting wars start – was serious business – read KEVIN FREEMAN’S THE SECRET WEAPON and your hair will stand up on your head.

We won and working with teams working on winning it was close – very close. Again the leaders did not know the west was under attack at first although we kept telling them and telling them. Then they saw it and countered. It was so close. the entire banking system collapsing. Digitally sink holed by nations attacking us all.

That attack cost the world 20 trillion in debt borrowing to stimulate a rising recovery that restored bank and system confidence ( barely ). Are YOU MORE OR LESS confident in your system today than you were ten years back? Twenty? SEE. You answer this personally. Your like me. Everyone. All of us.

Shaken. Also we no longer believe the FED CENTRAL BANK SYSTEM has control or tools to manage the next nation full on cyber attack. They hacked our AI and make their AI better. The US is under spending South Korea on AI let alone China. The US needs to OUTSPEND EVERYONE ON AI but Congress is steering the USA into the rocky shores of economics versus into the GOLDEN GATE and Safe Harbor economics – which would be my choice. Still they do not understand – yet.

The old economy of Universities – Friedman fatally flawed social capitalism – Kenysen greed moderated capitalism – and full on Marxism failed economic social communism – each morphing slowly into the final improved form of capitalism with best of all system modeling – COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM which requires a G 100 Economic Constitutional Convention outlined in the solution work on the new economy REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION a five star work I wrote for leaders passing laws and central bankers and elite money pool leadership to come together in a movement to forge new economic box top rules to govern the world globally for the very first time …ushering in prosperity with no nation left behind for three hundred years.


We elected the small number in congress to:

  1. Represent the will of the people not their will
  2. Govern for all of us – and pass laws to help our nations

Failure to do that work is a breach of duty and the rising need for a REVOLUTION occurs at least at a voter level. Vote in Merge the FED because its dead – into US TREASURY and – you have your future back for your nation.

The largest risk to system failure is fed central bank policy error – which given all fed policy is based on old economic box top rules that died and were fully retired in 2014 and the NEW AI ECONOMY is evolving so fast within the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE law makers and Fed leaders were left behind – left in the dust – they lack all perspective and are not objective to wear new reading glasses and appreciate forward economics are AI – rapidly evolving within the most accelerated wealth consolidation in human history and the CENTRAL BANKS have zero tools to manage the new AI economy which they conclude is not real and does not exist and in their denial they can and very well again may destroy us all.

THINK ABOUT THAT when you write your law makers:

  1. Vote for candidates that will answer – yes I stand for merging the FED into US TREASURY.
  2. in 2020 in all nations vote for local and national leaders who say yes to this one item.

THE FED and its failed interest and money liquidity removal policies are fatal and toxic to new AI economics. As we reported from 2015 to today so accurately. Our readers know just how precise and accurate.

The next huge risk is the COST OF EVERYTHING – outside MONEY ITSELF – is energy.

The energy price at 45.00 dollars to 55.00 dollars is priced right for a world average lifting cost of 10.80 cents to market from the source – on global average. A 500% market up is ENOUGH spread over the distribution pipe. 700% Profit Margin the puppy elites in Opec need for their DEBT NATIONS out of all control on budgets – is way to high for a global recovery.

If Oil – which we have more than enough of – continues to stay at artificial criminal CARTEL PRICES –


  1. The world is not able to sustain growth with 100% higher money cost too fast in the market space
  2. The world is not able to sustain growth with 100% higher energy cost too fast in the market space

All my readers understand these two currents underwrite all economic outcomes.


Oil producers profit from highest prices.

Oil producers are not engaged in free markets nor is the oil market a free market. OIL is manipulated. The price is manipulated. Which would take five blogs to detail out for you it is so complex around laws to manipulate legally which is just barely legal.

The Oil price guaging leadership does not care w hit about 1.7 . billion that will die this year under age 35 due to starvation and medicines we have but won’t distribute to them. Energy price and cost of money are the two items that preclude NO NATION LEFT BEHIND for food and shelter security. Can the G 100 wipe out Hunger this year? Yes? Can they wipe out shelter insecurity – hey you give me one year of budget for war from France or German or USA and I’ll personally organize one year food and shelter security for billions – oh we have the means and plenty of ways – we lack the WILL. The integrity.

It is  all economic and its all profit driven and greed driven in systems that need REFORM at the G 100 level. It is all too global for a smaller fix of nations.

MBS is setting up a huge OIL SUPER CRASH. I’ve told you the why

Today in April TRUMP SHOULD DUMP…dump the cut back total Opec is cutting back a day and export it to balance our deficit – go AMERICA. Trump DUMP and set oil to global recovery sweet spot – 45.00 dollars to 55.00 and at those price levels EXXON the leader made all time record high earnings – at that price level.

MBS is raping the world and Trump needs to show the puppy king POWER versus force like MBS used with butchering Khashoggi. American’s.


DO NOT FORGET KHASHOGGI and who is risking system failed just like the unaware Fed.

OPEC leaders are in denial. Their old economic charts are wrong.

Their bad data is wrong.

The growth of demand rising for oil products for transportation energy and 11,000 other products is now in decline.

The demand for oil is plunging off a clicc and no chart predicted the steam roller takng place in all fields as the world moves from toxic human killing fuel source to life sustaining planet renewing and replenishing alternative and low cost energy lower cost than oil and no pollution. The core economics for oil have changed as much as digital film to Kodak. What happened? Kodak was in denial. Kodak lost its domination world wide of market share in 60 months which consumed 60 years to build. BAM.

Oil needs the largest RE-THINK of its game plan to market of its entire existence to prosper. Oil needs to massively invest in alternative energy to sustain its core economiic model – we deliver cheapest energy to market for everyone faster and lower cost – which is not the case with OIL.

Oil is the FEW AGAINST THE MANY in old economics – shattered by over supply fallng demand – excess abundant renewing sources of oil – massive new lakes coming on line now – against shrinking demand and today  only criminal FEW ELITES can raise prices on 8 billion illegally via criminal price cartels they set up OPEC to manipulate world prices for their own maximum gain – the FEW ELITES AGAINST THE BILLIONS OF ALL OF US.

All systems that foster the FEW AGAINST THE MANY are dying. These systems are human failed competitie organization theory and systems which lack any sense of integrity. The crises in integrity ahs now crossed over to nations which in competitive corruption cultures will never resolved until core systems change.

Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION defines the two powers at work in system change rule dynamics at nation levels:


The Few Against the many is competitive capitalism or socialism – where human management theory is a huge chain of command structure of push down management – using FEAR PUNISHMENT AND EXPLOITATION to get the most for the least from human capital.

This system model is competitive socialism and capitalism. The core driver for this system model is to make maximum profits for shareholders in the least time at any cost to effect the desired greed freny reporting this system requires.

The Cooperative Capital New System Gates Zuckenburg Larry Paige and Jezz Bezo led by Steve Jobs are fostering is a new Integrity based cooperative economic frame work taking over the core systems of the world.

COOPERATIVE ECONOMICS drives maximum value to society in product and service while making a profit.

Huge difference in system modeling reward and incentive within systems.

Cooperative Economics reward GOV for downsizing and effeciency competigie systems reward government for endless growth without effeciency rewards just the opposite. One system is economic insanity. The other is sanity.

The world is shedding like a SNAKE SKIN Insanity.

MBS and OPEC are the old insane FEW CRIMINAL GREEDY against the entire world who are needy.


  1. Trump DUMP
  2. Trump foster congressional windfall profit tax on oil at Congress level.

It is time to remove OPEC as a criminal institution creating hidden illegal systemic risk to utter collapse if Interest in the GREAT PAUSE is now off set with KILLER OIL PRICE RISES which MBS the kid with zero economic appreciation outside his own endless greed need for POWER AND ENDLESS MONEY – fails to fiduciary manage for the world – because MBS is a sociopath controlling Oil Price flipping a huge FINGER at President TRUMP as he arrests two Americans advancing lady leader rights in Saudi – now in Prison as of this weekend – from our enemy SAUDI.

Saudi is tryiing to foster a phony war with Iran. While MBS shops for NUKES and bleeds our weapons into Russia and Iran against our agreements with MBS. Our enemy today. In every possible way.

PROTECT OUR BASE AND SAUDI RELATIONSHIPS for when the SAUD family has had enough of MBS and they will.

  1. DUMP TRUMP oil falls to 45.00 and keep it there
  2. Take over Venezuela and roar their economy back with American protection if the new President falls to violence
  3. Open up new America fields rapidly
  4. Advance American OIL WEALTH the largest OIL PRODUCER ON EARTH at the lowest oil prices on earth
  5. America THE FEW FOR THE MANY not the FEW AGAINST THE MANY – not as much as other nations not as much – but we have a long way to go yet

SO the new AI ECONOMICS runs the world without theory or regulations of any kind. A cyber wild wild west moving 440 trillion with AI without laws controls and frame works required by the entire G 100 as today regulations in an old paper economy are layered decades obsolete and too old to advance into the digital economics of today. We need a FRESH START.


Share my blog with decision makers who can begin to asset the truth – THE NEW AI ECONOMICS REQUIRE A NEW REGULATORY FRAME WORK…DUH.

Risk to the system melting down completely is higher than any prior non digital age and time – and far more global than 1929. The RISK IS FANTASTIC while Rome ( the global rip tide of the old paper system just not working and no new rules to guide the entirely NEW AI ECONOMICS evolving faster than law makers can adapt faster then their denial economists in the old paper economy can in denial advise them ). While you all have this information and watch with far better tools for yourself.

Spring roars economics back as you are seeing already.

ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH is my 2019 mantra for you. Invest in success and momentum and invest this spring. Your best decision is to register in Dallas CEO SPACE but that is up to you….decision makers win when they work together in cooperation. Miracles occur.



Note to President Trump – Son IT IS TIME For our President Trump to DUMP – DUMP SIR ! IT IS TIME NOW …..