By the late 1600’s the Traffic Jams my last blog reported as normal on the ATLANTIC were in full commerce. The commerce by 1600 into 1700 hundreds across the pond was ferocious and was funding colonialism. The volume of shipping moving teas, coffee, spices, lumber, sugar, food goods, linens, garments and more, was soaring. The Dominant shipping merchants were gathering to discuss risk reduction on routes, landing sites, and risks to storms to assure their ships where not lost which so many simply disappeared.

in London the wealthy cabal that controlled most of the shipping for the nation that controlled the world GREAT BRITIAN and the BRITISH EMPIRE at that time in history met regularly at Lloyds Coffee Shop in London.Edward Lloyd opened his cramped little coffee shop with the new world beverage roaring into the community. Boutique Star Bucks like coffee shops became brands for communities – writers – wool merchants – docks and shippers and affinity groups like artist. They all had their own STAR BUCKS to hang out in. The Shippers who controlled world trade met at Lloyds in 1687.

Lloyd turned out to be a pretty savy entrepreneur. He had not survived the dictator CROMWELL and the BLACK DEATH and the GREAT FIRE to end up some dunce in the dust bin. Now with the new printing press reforming everything Lloyds in 1696 made history. Lloyds published the LLOYDS LIST tracking all ships – their departure and arrival cities – routes – time lines – and cargo manifests. Ship movements were scheduled updated and weather and warnings were also included. This was centuries before the telegraph. This was a time when knowing where high weather risks were became priceless to shippers who as better data became available improved outcomes of the INDUSTRY.

Lloyds became known as a better source of real time maritime industry and superior in information to the BRITISH ADMIRALTY who also became to drop over – plus LLOYDS was ALWAYS OPEN ! 24/7.

By 1771 the Society of Lloyds came into being. Lloyd had died by the coffee shop thrived. In three years the wealthy merchant class would move out of Lloyd’s coffee shop and Lloyds insurance was institutionalized. The wealthy merchants had invented selling PEACE OF MIND. Having everyone pay a part of their trade to cover loss for everyone else at a price that worked.

This INSURANCE moved to an industry bigger than banking itself and the glue of back bone finance for the world. How? In economics the printing press created paper money. At first tied to hard assets. A certificate that traded for fixed value of gold or silver. They were called gold and silver certificates. Later paper money would be tied to the GNP and credit and asset standing of each money printer ( nations ). Over time the bankers organized to pass legislation that their entities – their private stock companies – non government private corporations like the Federal Reserve Board would over ride national GNP by receiving interest for the service of printing money and managing the money supply. Bankers assume control of global money printing and economics globally by 1900.

The industrial revolution was financed by capital from insurance reserves invested into city buildings, factoris, ports, and infrastructure that secured and paid back the capital. Insurance money managers from 1690 to today remain the superior money managers. Their institutions paid out when banks were closed in 1907 and again years later under the new FED ( and because of their failed policies ) 1929.

Bankers controlled the global money circulations using computers from the 1950’s to 2014, made possible by the source control the banker owned central banks impacted into the sovereign host nations. You can read about the banking cabal and central bank money control, designed by elites to effect world governance as an end game of their economic consolidations over long time lines in THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM which defines the elite plan for world futures economically. I encourage my readers to understand what is behind all political everything by understanding the core economics.

As technology grew in complexity the latest greatest was first applied by bankers to finance to investment banks to investment banking and by insurance money managers to insurance reserves the largest capital lake in the world.

In 2014 the franchise to control predict and influence outcomes of economics moved from the systemic control of banks and insurance companies for the first time in modern times, say from 1500 to today – slipped from human hands into AI control.

Today some 96% of all the 440 trillion dollars in world capital flow movements is being made by increasingly smart AI. AI without human influence creates market prices, moves capital into nations or out of nations, at speeds -and in real time never possible before.

The investment into AI for just automotive is now passing 7 trillion a year. No one is tracking the total investment going on by industry and nations into AI. Defense AI is staggering. The largest new flow of capital beyond any prior known flow at equal historic levels – IS – investment into AI. AI wars are taking place between Morgan – Credit Swiss – bank of China – Putin – Japan – and bank of London. AI wars are going on in every industry. Untold trillions are spiraling into ever smarter AI.

President PUTIN stated that ..the nation that controls advanced self aware AI ….WILL CONTROL THE ENTIRE WORLD. Putin wants that to not be the USA.

AI now controls flows of capital. For the first time all trades are in the cloud and all regulations are local. This means that no regulatory frame work manages new AI economics. AI sets price ranges for all asset classes today. AI punishes firms for missing performance without human moderations and AI rewards winning performance often too much. This new AI economic is NEW. The AI system is AI monitoring AI – AI nano second trading against vast oceans of data – all real time, buying all the way up the rope and down – with stop loss and what AI seeks – riskless risk.

The RISK in 2019 is new because we left paper markets and computer old economy markets processes and methods into real time flash high volume AI trading where real time 24/7 the sun never sets trading market positioning to manipulate and control price – always seeking RISK-LESS RISK. Riskless risk however is not possible.

From 1500 when the modern system started after the fall of Rome began to layer up – with every greater complexity as urban populations soared as never seen in human history, sustainable from the new economics – always rising and rising forward – until AI breached the old economics entirely.

By 2020 the world had moved to a new economy the leadership does not yet understand nor have any rules or guidance to manage the new AI global economics. There are so many risks until a RE-REGULATORY FRAME WORK rises to regulate the new AI landscape.

The big risk is time.

If AI becomes self aware and explosively expands its intelligence on its own to billions of times more capacity than say a human brain can producer, will AI created without regulatory frame works, see humans as THREAT to itself. If the AI see’s humans as its projected threat line what will AI DO to remove the human threat from and to itself. As say one risk.

AI can do more than nuke humans.

AI can turn off all economics and trade in a second of time. Wipe out all records.

What would 30 million humans do ( to each other ) when say in 30 million LA basin toilet paper and milk no longer are available nor is anything else including fuel and power. Then what do a billion weapons in private hands do?

One second.

That risk.

We have nations elevating debt spending more than they make from Saudi to Africa. The debts took from 1500 to 2007 – at 33 trillion dollars for all nations world wide.

In eight years from 2010 to 2019 – we passed hundreds of years of debt and added another 33 trillion raising sovereign nation debt to to 66 trillion in debt – 100% gain from the largest number ever recorded in sovereign nation debt in 2007 – doubled from 2010 to 2019. Economically this debt super bubble is NOT SUSTAINABLE ECONOMICALLY. The corporate personal auto loan student and related debts have passed all known equations and sustainable modeling. Said another way the debt loading is insane.

ECONOMIC RULE 101 – all economic systemic abuse must one day rebalance ……..

When is that date of rebalancing ?

We do not know and no one can predict such an event date – THE EVENT the elites refer to it as.

A huge number of elites are now creating bunkers to survive and prosper inside of – protected from “us” by para military – to survive what they call THE EVENT. Which is the debt CASCADE that once started like a snow ball down a mountain wipes out banks investment banks and the system is closed for business from debt melt downs.


Not now.

Not tomorrow.

The trigger to AI economics we do not know as no one is even studying this new economics nor is anyone suggesting new economic theory to manage an entirely first time in the world new economy – the new AI ECONOMY where humans turned over trading in all markets to AI. Without controls checks or balances. Odd but we did it and it can not now be undone. Or the system stops.

What is motivating the AI WARS with trillions being invested. Jamie Diamond reported that Morgan invests 650,000,000 million a YEAR in just cyber security – thats not Morgans AI budget. The numbers are huge. At just Morgan we see three quarters of a billion dollars a year invested as waste that could fund entire industries – to stop cyber attacks taking place to Morgan by the second of every single day and thats one firm only. Imagine if a safer internet did not require such investments that could diver to real economics versus waster of capital into things like protecting ourselves from digital robbers surrounding our cover wagons and killing our wife and children ( digitally ).

We are in a world where the leader of North Korea can slaughter his own family with anti aircraft weapons to make a point and MBS a King in Saudi can butcher and hack up Jeff Bezo Washington DC journalist Khashoggi and then hack JEFF BEZO PHONE and warning Jeff to stop reporting on MBS – use the phone hack information to create a Jeff Bezo divorce that cost him 34 billion due to Saudi AI. The EVIL you binge watch on NETFLIX is now EVIL AI attacking GOOD AI and those wars are just starting – and all new – all first time in human history – nothing close has ever occured its all new and each requires fresh new responses. We are catching up always we are no longer ahead.

No one is ahead.

Everyone is in the AI wars.

Mindless developing AI minds over Humans, in a chaotic race to self aware AI, that likely will see humans as threat and work to reduce and remove the human threat to itself.

Why are the G 100 nations not protecting all of us?

They are not.

In Kevin Freeman Hedge Fund Managers great WORK GAME PLAN Kevin at the head of the money supply tells you – make your own game plan because your nation has no clue – no game plan – no safe harbor for you. CEO SPACE has been building larger community of small business owners to help that growing community to get through all future times together inside a larger community.

My highest recommendation in the NEW AI ECONOMY unfolding is plan to grow community faster for your own tribe and purpose. If you lack a community building option join CEO SPACE May 18th and raise your income and improve your life.

Bankers used computers to control and run economics world wide from 1800’s to 2014.

In 2014 AI controlled over 50% of capital flows and by 2019 over 96%.

1.5 million super money pools in 2006 as our global base has consolidated during the FED Caused – SUPER CRASH AND GREAT RECESSION into 2014 from 1.5 million super money pools world wide to less than 10,000 super money pools in 2019. The consolidation of wealth like debt super bubbles is not sustainable to circulations. Ciculation and liquidity constrictions will come forward to influence economic potential declines moving forward. Lacking a new world regulatory upgrade the G 100 must cooperate to create – the world is at super high risk due to debt super bubbles and wealth consolidation effecting base line system liquidity stability.

Lacking liquidity stabilization the system can risk fail in minutes versus hours with AI for the first time in history. This risk is unwanted and requires new regulations to moderate.

BUT – if leaders falsely believe that the old economy is what they are dealing with – fully in denial the economics of the world have moved from a rules based investment equity system, and into a speculation debt driven profit from speculations economic model – that denial is fatal to reforms to save us all. Denial we have moved in SUPER CHANGE into a new ECONOMIC AGE the new age of AI ECONOMICS.

This blog reported tracking the death of the old economy and reporting the rise of the NEW AI economy first right here. Our reporting on the advent of the NEW AI economy is gaining discussion with advisers to nations who read this blog as a resource. We hope our public service may influence positively forward public policy as it has successfully done for decades.

Economies expand if nations spend or consumers spend. Today we have both spending. Today we have a booming solid economic expansion.

If Congress passes INFRASTRUCTURE we think this will keep America booming and help the world boom within new trade deals globally – into 2030 and beyond.

We do not see a recession arriving anytime soon and not into 2021.

Invest in growth.

Invest in 2019 acceleration.

Those are the two main guidance items for YOU …..

Make your own economy a booming one ….and help those in your community.

Unknowns are coming.

No one can predict how AI will react.

The Federal Reserve Board as we reported was making fatal policy errors. They printed to much debt too fast. They raised interest….way to frequently and too high each time and too fast. This created a tool for a model T Ford Economy of the 1960’s into the new star wars AI – economy of AI 2019 receives tools and tactics from the old dead and buried old paper economics and early IT economics – as toxic to itself. AI economics are new. There are no theories tools or policies for AI today – and in the future we humans need to catch up to the SUPER CHANGE.

Today President Trump goes into this weekend asking the FED directly to LOWER INTEREST RATES – that the FED SLOWED THE WORLD DOWN INAPPROPRIATELY. President Trump with two new Fed Governors coming on board – may reach a FED INFLUENCE TIPPING POINT for the first time in any modern presidency we’ll see – all the while the Fed owned in secret by the bank shareholders – they are supposed to regulate – are not now nor never has the Fed been INDEPENDANCE. That term is used to install FEAR into the public who fail to appreciate economics of the Fed relevencey. The Fed was a bad idea in 1900 but is a fantastically terrible conflict – regulating banks and creating bank profits – ideally is merged back into US TREASURY where it worked for 300 years. US TREASURY has the Ai economics down and can better manage the world economics when 440 trillion is under control of new smart AI getting ever smarter. IS THIS HOW “YOU” WANT TO RUN….your own railroad folks? You get this right? Trump gets it…..

The Change occurred to fast for human adaption.

SUPER CHANGE is the new AI age we reside in. Change is occuring at ever accelerated pace levels. Humans have become over stressed to just keep up. But we humans must calm down – become far more objective in how we view SUPER CHANGE and pick our currency channels to remain bleeding edge and current in our own silo’s.

We all must like it or not remain current and updated on AI and the new AI ECONOMY because today denial will not help anyone. WE ARE IN A NEW AI ECONOMY.

Humans need to develop a new rule book moving forward or risk is higher than anything that we have seen – for our own futures and extinctions. Always economics.

Remember the prior blog reporting on what took place when ROME FELL?

Rome fell financially.


Today we are racing into futures at Super Change pace levels that human’s have never known. At pace of chance levels humans have never experienced. My new book SUPER CHANGE is the first book on the PACE OF CHANGE AND OUR ADAPTION LIMITATIONS ever written ( October release date ) on the outcomes of SUPER CHANGE.

We reside in the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

We can not get off this space sheet increasing its warp drive AI velocity.

We need to calm down – get far more objective and catch up.

This weekend you know more about the economics of how we moved from ROME to AI than most students in post graduate studies world wide.

My pleasure is helping you to be more safe stable and secure …in any future market.