For 1000 years modern economics existed before Christ and through and after with the Roman Empire. Money was printed in the temple of MONETA in Rome. Coins would be brought in say a 10 Nero Gold Drachma coin and a pie wedge would be clipped out and the coin returned to circulation – still full 10 Drachma but not less gold – inflation you see. Because of the God’s at MONETA the phrase MONEY came about. MONETA = MONEY.

Some coins later in the Empire had four wedges out – big inflation effect. All those coins had to be hauled in and recirculated out under the Empire treasury supervision and appointees. Order was the layered rule of law of the empire that ruled the known world.

Then Rome fell. As Rome Fell we moved to the Dark Ages.

The Dark ages have characteristics history now hind sights all to look at:

  1. The rule of law shattered and the supervision governors and systems all disappeared in a flash for the time. Payments to them all stopped. The system was gone. The entire civilization of labor primarily serfs and royals came unglued. We call the DARK AGES the DARK – ages because we don’t know all that much in that period. Most of the population was illiterate and less writing and history came out of that period. The entire community may have adapted except for one other dark event.
  2. THE DARK PLAGUE THE BLACK DEATH – in approximately 542 AD the bubonic plague just as Rome shattered to chaos – struck on Constantinople.  Seat of Rome. This near 100% if you got it fatal disease from fleas from rats spread like wild fire through what is now the EU. Half the population of the empire would die  Now consider Rome has shattered and there is gangs law less ness – robbers stealing on all trade routes – and then 50% of all population dies off by 569 and thats quick for half the population of Rome with its technology memories and advances all dead. Now think on that economically as a double whammy to economics evolved over 1000 years. Gone. Dark Ages.

The remaining population was half starved illiterate and unskilled. Everyone spent the majority of time getting food. Most moved from the cities where the death score was total. They gave up sewage water shelters shops and civilization and went into the forests and mountains to stay alive from the BLACK DEATH. The other 50% was gone. Think of systems and reconnecting the dots of ROME from that model of declining economics to barter only. No money at all.

From then to now appreciate these facts as you ponder economics and development of todays interlinked world. A modern miracle.

Tobacco did not exist in Egypt and cocoa had never been seen in Rome. Pigs did not reside in Mexico. The plants and crops we rely on did not exist across the world in that time. Those economics did not exist. That trade did not exist. The world was Dark. For 1000 years.

What changed everything?

It was layered. The medicis invented modern banking and fractional banking in Venice and Florence and spread those trade systems world wide. Credit drove innovation which is why we call the next age enlightened. The printing press changed everything and ushered in the transition from the Feudalism system that replaced ROME with Knights and Nobles and Kings and City states who alliances became nations again. Trade between nations began to effect life styles of all.

What changed it all toward today is COLUMBUS. No really it was the tribe following the COLUMBUS published discoveries like Columbus was an ELVIS PRESLEY KING OF DISCOVERY AND ADVENTURE – A NEW WORLD GET OUT OF HERE – ROCK STAR of his time.

Before Columbus no EU person had ever eaten or tasted once say….corn.

No native American knew about or ever road a horse.

Italy did not have todays pizza because no italian had ever even seen a tomato.

No wheat fields waved like golden Grain as the song GOD BLESS AMERICA suggests was always here.

You could travel your entire life and you would never find one banana in Guatemala.

You could take your horse all over the state of Florida and you would not find one orange tree.

You could move up to Georgia and you would find not one in the entire state peach tree not one.

Cherry Blossoms in DC? I don’t think so.

You could never order FISH AND CHIPS IN LONDON ( sorry my British family ) as you had never dined on a potato.

You could get the fish alone of course.

Columbus created RUSH HOUR on the Atlantic Ocean in a human first not all that long ago really – spanning the years from ROME to the start of the NEW WORLD ORDERS from Feudalism into modern capitalism which financed those voyages and later invented modern insurance to protect the trade cargo. More on that in my next blog.  Socialism ( a failed system in fact ) was not invented for a long while yet.

Saliers, adventure seekers, wealth seekers – conquistadors – missioners – settlers and more moved back and forth now from the NEW WORLD to the OLD WORLD as it was known. Then. They carried plants animals and fauna from their home space to the NEW PLACE and in return brought their plants and animals and fauna back to the OLD WORLD. Trade wealth farms and kitchens on both sides of the pond would never be the same again from Gold to potato chips at and a burger. All impossible economics ( like Mc Donalds ) without COLUMBUS as the economic trigger event. A fluke.

The EU folks wanted to feel at HOME. So they brought home with them. Modern breaking into the industrial revolution of milling, running water, toilets, sinks, plumping, saws, plants, seeds, and the America changing event the HORSE. The Horse was adopted by the Indians as “seed” and “Plant” trading ruled the New World. From minerals wealth to industry trade to the next biggest event – swords and then guns and then cannons. Fast too. Military economics began to paradidy the rule of law and the systems and the still known modeling from the best of ROME to new modeling from GREAT BRITAIN the new Rome for 100’s of years and then AMERICA to follow. A function of economics and the ladies lied – size matters – as to whose economy was bigger and more firm than the other chaps economy.

That story is still going on is it not today?

Economics? Consider:






Horse Trading

Did not exist in the NEW WORLD until the Europeans brought them. Nor did mills and factories that began to grind grains and automate clothing as IP began to run the world.


…..leaders began to see wealth was not from the mine but from the mind – it was IP that created wealth …….

The new settlers brought crops and plenty of them from home.

The trade economics of wheat – oats barley – and so much more to the fertile plains of the NEW WORLD. Endless.

Industry of banana’s apples sugar cane rice citrus fruits and before all this there was no coffee in Brazil folks. I pee a million dollars of coffee Susie Orm says down the drain in my life time – we are all coffee millionaires thanks to Columbus.

Cucumbers, Cauliflower, cabbage, and onions all big business arrived in sailing ships folks.

Most important as I reside in the SOUTH is that ship with BLACK EYED PEAS.

Settlers brought their flowers hundreds of EU varieties – but why did they bring the dandelion…stupid weed.

Natives gave the Old World folks trade in potatoes – corn – tomatoes – and the big one tobacco. Economics 101.

But flowing to the EU economics were:

Lima Beans

sweet potato



Cranberry ( happy thanksgiving and the turkey too )

Pumpkin pie and Happy Holoween







Poinsettia’s Merry christmas world

( and oceans more both ways as economic trade goods )

All new both ways

Quinine for Malaria came from South American Cinchona Bark

Vanilla beans

Chocolate Yahoo desert trays

So now as we enter 1700’s and the full on industrial resolution – the banking system of Kings became the banking system of democracies and Kings and Rules and Dictators everywhere and credit banking and trade were all restored beyond the level of Rome from a fluke – COLUMBUS creating a commute hour traffic jam on the Atlantic. By the 1700 the Pacific came into play and the entire world from Marco Polo on the other side to China with spices and gun powder and 1000 unknown trade goods and technologies blended as we cooperate – and slowed into wars when we competed.

Now the forging of the super money pools during this period from the ROCHELLE’s the leading banking institution and later the Rockefeller ( the new world leading banking institutions ) merged into a money cabal that engineered modern stock and bond markets, trading, and investment banking systems that by today had taken over and assumed control of even banking today.

But I’m am getting ahead of myself aren’t i?

To be continued tomorrow – economics of the world in two blogs into AI economics and the final human economic revolution from failed competitive capitalism and failed socialism rule of law for economics into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM as moral integrity self correcting and modernizing itself over time by box top rules to do so.
Ah but that is another story entirely…..Capitalism is the private ownership of assets within free markets where rule of law advances and fosters entrepreneur development and trade within favoring protection respect and rule of law.


PS: Forward to your students in MBA – economics and entrepreneur studies as this supplemental information is useful to their thesis work in their future study plan. Thanks for sharing with University professors and students my readers know.