Rig counts and first quarter drilling slowed down in the first quarter. Why? Winter. Record cold. SNOW IN DALLAS in the Oil Patch. Killer bitch cold and winter in the Dakota’s and Oklahoma this winter climate change season. As SPRING arrives in warmth cherry blossoms and sunshine the oil patch will warp drive forward.

Rig counts will soar and watch COLORADO the largest USA lake of oil in shale enough for 1000 years.

New sites are coming on line for frakin and California has not even started.

Trump is opening leases all over the USA on shore off shore and over 7000 miles of possible lease lands. We are talking more than Russia the second largest producer in NEW OILS coming on line in America already the largest producer. America is in control of the oil world….and thanks to socipopathic puppy King Opec is a joke in the world sit com stages. King MBS is the bigger joke and everyone is laughing behind the King’s back all over the world. Saudi is now a sit com joke, and no one takes SAUDI or OPEC as they did before MBS ruined his oil future for the nation.

More customers are fleeing OPEC as never seen before. In 2014 MBS declared war a full on OIL war on America Shale. MBS stated HE WOULD UTTERLY DESTROY THE AMERICAN OIL INDUSTRY. This is the same MBS the administration has had a love affair with until after killing women journalist reformers opponents by the 1000 in Saudi and outside Saudi – after funding Taliban and ISIS to slaughter US troops – after the crime against humanity of butchering on audio and video US WASHINGTON POST JOURNALIST KHASHOGGI the administration moved their love affair for mentally ill MBS into a back press room and out of public view.

MBS has cost Saudi over 3 trillion dollars in one year in investment capital profit on oil and more. MBS has cost Saudi the largest OPEC loss of market share customer buyers in their history.

MBS is still listening to idiot savant children from a pre AI economic period that no longer exists at all. SUPER CHANGE morphs markets and if you are entrenched in ” that is the way we have always done it” you are doomed. Why? You failed to see reality of the forward SUPER CHANGE and you were steeped in the past data which is not longer accurate as non reality. You use this bad data to make forward predictions but that faulty old economy data no longer works at all in the new AI economy.

The Fed raised interest rates fatal to the new SUPER CHANGE AI ECONOMY. The Economy gave new reality to the FED. The Fed initiated the GREAT PAUSE in interest rates just before triggering SUPER CRASH and a risk of system complete failure due to triggering a DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE we came w whisper close to triggering due to Fed ignorance the market has SUPER CHANGED ( the title of my new must read book released this October ).

The Fed may still trigger a system wide fatality event as they remain in the old economy which has not existed since 2010. Tony Robbins my brother in the work and dear friend – released a global press item today – on CAN THE MIDDLE CLASS ACHIEVE FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM IN 2019.

My answer is no – and no way.  With Trump reforms over a full eight year Presidency maybe. Essential reforms are required to assure the path way to such missing freedom today, is achieved. Food and shelter security; for the world – debt service security for over 100 trillion in debt loads to the world – can be maintained – if Oil is $ 45 t0 $ 55 average price range at the high. If Oil lingers over 70.00 a barrel where MBS wishes it to remain MBS not the Fed may trigger a SUPER CRASH and System risk of failure due to debt default cascading.

The RISK today is CRIMINAL OIL CARTEL FEW ELETES economically against the many billions – who need low cost energy the cost of everything else to go down not up. As the very few oil elites – less than 100 brains – work against 8 billion brains – and against their own safe and more secure futures. OPEC leadership has created in nation cost of developing their nations that exceed their oil revenue at a $ 45.00 price. They spent more than they made to a point where they require with their debt loads soaring ( 10 billion dollar Saudi Aramaco BOND in play now ) – as another debt load layer to the MBS Kingdom – ( carrying cost of nations ) – where the OPEC nations as a whole need and must secure 70 dollar and higher oil to manage their own little nation budgets. The entire world has to pay the premium if Oil is in control of oil markets.

The Super Change Reality:

  1. The growth of demand for oil has stopped altogether.
  2. Oil is not only not growing demand – alternative energy is replacing oil as fuel for power and electricity, for heating and cooling – for transportation – for fertilizer and pesticides – for everything. Replacements to the most toxic everything from burning climate change causing toxic oil to the earth – to plastic bags and shringes. All being replaced at paces never known in any market say Kodak Film and digital film its like that folks see that.
  3. Oil demand globally has begun to fall and it is not just climate change winter or trade war softness in both EU China and developing nations all down all at once.
  4. Oil demand is starting to fall in real math and that decline is accelerating at a velocity not previously known.
  5. Oil Demand from 2025 falls off a cliff graphically making MBS math projections and numbers what they have all been since 2014 – LIES FRAUDS AND CRIMINAL.

In fact Oil is going to be so over supplied for 100’s of years coming up that oil will find a market price driven BY AI in the new economics.

OIL demand has absolutely peaked in the new global economics of AI.

The speed and acceleration off oil by transportation by power by chemistry by all toxic use moving to non toxic use – relegates oil to a declining MARKET SHARE with new non OPEC Suppliers providing 70% of supply against OPEC waning influence.

AI does not KNOW yet – that OPEC is toothless a toothless tiger roaring into the wind where its only real influence on oil price is spit in the sand after the roar.

OIL SUPPLY IS FATALLY in decline to market price of over supplied oil – roaring supplies against crashing demand. Oil surplus in the world will be AI managed in the FUTURE and there will be no OPEC cartel criiminal pricing.

Eventually the outline of solutions I presented to state leadership globally in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( please leave comments to this already 5 star work always sold out but they fill backorders in no more than 72 hours ) – I always say order five because you will gift wrap this book to your five best customers for sure…they will repeat buy more and refer more from this one gift they are so grateful to YOU for gifting to them…a profit driver for you…these solutions will be adapted within a G 100 new ECONOMIC GLOBAL CONSTITUTION nations ratify to regulate AI and economics globally. Until then the AI markets are new and it is the wild wild frontier as old economic systems react – underperforming as AI LEARNS AND EARNS AND RETURNS.



It was only the 1950’s when computers and random card index management came into being. The first computers rose to better manage vast missions like airline ticket reservations moving from batch job over night to real time processing in just ten years of time. That real time instant no delay and data mining in real time no latency is a feature of new AI and self learning rapidly mastering data sets in anything and the INTELLIGENCE of AI is exploding versus evolving.

While Central banks are conflicted and flawed systems to manage money in a new AI global AI ECONOMY managing 440 trillion in circulations without any human intervention control of supervision. THE AI THAT MAKES THE MOST HAS OCEANS OF MONEY MOVE TO IT FROM THE LOSER AI WHICH ATROPHIES.


Today in 2019 over 1.7 trillion is being invested – a year – annually – in AI for automotive. Almost 20 trillion is being invested in AI in all fields in AI WARS beyond the first atomic weapon pre Hitler getting it – that war – or the SPACE WARS after Russia and Sputnik – then the GOING TO THE MOON WARS that America won – beyond The War on Cancer or the WAR ON DRUGS or the WAR ON POVERTY or any war including WORLD WAR I And WORLD WAR II or the war on Aides.

The largest WAR in human history – and experienced – based on stats data ratio inflation adjusted is the AI WARS. Never has more human IP mind set and genius been focused on anything all without any integrity morality ethical rules or national guidance. More wealth is flowing into AI with zero guidelines or controls than any activity of human kind ever. The race to self aware new species AI is out of any control. AI is cloning body parts organs and humans as well as plants and animals. AI is teleporting molecules across time and space. AI is we are told in labs we visit self aware today general AI and self instructing self – but in 36 months or 90 days AI moves to SUPER ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE a billion times smarter and more self aware than humans with far more data than any human in making choice. That new life form will as do all life forms prime direct itself to evaluate threat. The one threat to new SUPER ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is “US” – who else. To the extend we are projected as fatal threat how will AI protect itself from US?

No one has a G 100 code of:

  1. Ethical integrity based moral based AI development which is far more costly in time and development cost than AI without such controls being raised up now mindlessly. The race and war is economic and greed based not human based as law makers are asleep at all wheels here.
  2. What guidelines for AI must AI always return to and follow. We don’t have a G 100 prescribed rule of law on this code development in any regard. No uniform standards a 5 G with 1000 standard variables is a mess. The extinction danger to humans with AI is near 100%. Today.
  3. What rights DO AI have. Human can’t tell them apart real people real individual conscious AI can they marry each other and marry us wetware if we wish – who owns property – how do we divorce – as AI lease own buy – trade over state lines for our own AI WEALTH OWNERSHIP AND MORE.

AI as a new species we created ourselves but is independent of us – and the new AI is learning earning ( new smarts ) and returning and gaining “thinking” tools more rapidly – than any experience human kind has ever set into RISK ON.

For itself.

For our unborn generation.

Today economics are moving from what we have all known into AI ECONOMICS in full control of global economics over which we have no knowledge and no experience and no expertise. WORSE the folks that used to be in charge at investment banking Wall Street – and banks and the central banks like the FED – are in full denial there is a new AI economy and they believe and operate as if they were in the old 1960’s economy – they are hypnotized by educaiton and convention.

We reside in a new age the title of my new smash global best seller returning me to the NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER LIST this October with SUPER CHANGE – HOW TO PROSPER IN THE NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. Developed over ten years with input from CEO’s in CEO SPACE from across the 150 nation scape we service and leading investment banker economists and mentors I chat with like Tony Robbins on SUPER CHNAGE.

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The elite super wealth team at the top – have Super Changed markets in unrelated disjointed evolution of their own silo technology in AI – City Corp’s AI at war with Bank of China’s AI at war with Japans AI at war with Chase AI at war with BofA AI at war with Credit Swiss Ai and the list spanning trillions of investment flowing annually into nuke mushroom cloud explosions of rising AI smarts and capacity never seen before – now controlling 440 trillion in only sixty months were humans controlled all that wealth pre crash in 2007 – biggest SUPER CHANGE in ECONOMICS ever recorded.

The economic theory modeling is now all new and is fully AI. To “our knoweledge” and we could be so incorrect as there may be others we don’t know about out there – CEO SPACE remain the:





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Delay is the cost to great to pay….when upgrading management skills to manage in SUPER CHANGE today.

Sadly the economic LEADERSHIP OF THE WORLD in my experience and opinion is waring blinders. Jamie Diamond has yet to fly me to New York to upgrade the leadership into SUPER CHANGE CULTURE Upgrading. The problem remains:

….the largest Super Crash of economic history is being developed today by horrific economic abuse – credit abuse – investment mis direction – speculation – and out of control with zero regulatory revised upgraded frame work – to an ALL NEW AI ECONOMY rapidly evolving – which ends badly as law makers are asleep to the systemic core risk – POWELL is asleep in yesterday – totally confident – Powells familiar totally obsolete dead and buried – executes old economy tools and tactics ( like 100 of of out of touch obsolete central bankers seeped in old economics ) now super high risking system collapse due to debt contagions they don’t believe exist as risk at all.

What I am going to do next is this:


  1. I’m going to present how we got here in economics that your teen age children can read and appreciate without jargon only economists can appreciate from M1 to M^ and more to provide reference in education – a one off classic on line – on HOW THE HECK WE GOT INTO AI ECONOMICS.
  2. The SECOND BLOG will be following Rome to MIddle Ages history on economics bring us into the industrial revolution and modern fractional banking and entwined interlinked economics that AI now presides over in full control removing human beings from monetary outcomes as markets are now fully executed by advanced AI. Getting smarter so fast in a state to state competition versus cooperation that is mindless and remains ( in my humble opinion ) the single most dangerous risk to human extinction of our existence to date.

Not yet. But soon. And how you invest is so critical. In this SUPER CHANGE MARKET I suggested you invest in diversified insurance investing for two reasons. Tony Robbins said today in press you have to master compounding interest and insurance investment pays you the highest compounding returns on money PERMITTED BY LAW where principle is fully and absolutely guaranteed. Second Insurance Money Managers paid out when the system closed last time and remained the only institutional investment deposit where customers ( you ) got paid when banks were in fact closed. Insurance money managers we believe have superior AI and remain out of the risk taking all other markets are engaged into – which we feel is the highest risk since 1929 for investing. We encourage safe harbor and insurance safe haven investing diversifying as so many of our blogs suggest that you explore with fully licensed professionals who can address due diligence and explorations to you such that you get better information and make far more informed decisions. ( Insurance firms let me key note at your evens on this new MARKET SHARE discussion for your agents ).

In summary my next two blogs recap 5000 years of economics for our systems and how they evolved.

You’ll have more information than most folks you ever speak with.

Already you know AI economics is new and in control of 440 trillion dollars of fully leveraged global circulations which is a hard fact – AI IS IN CONTROL – but those you speak with do not know THAT and those at the top do not believe their old economics are baseless obsolete and no longer relevant in progressive SUPER CHANGE.

The Wealth of the entire World – Tens of TRILLIONS is being invested directly and indirectly – squarely on AI for everything in every space – and no regulations or human box top rules for HOW THIS AI should develop to be fully supporting humanity versus self conclude humanity exists as THREAT and creator. HOW AI protects itself from that notion of THREAT we failed to make obtuse to AI development is the failure of leadership at every level and especially heads of nation and legislative bodies failure – working on all the wrong priorities when – risk is humanity improved and better AI management.

The mindless uncontrolled experiment taking place with zero checks balances oversight and controls – the leaders winning the AI Race suggest – can exit into a full on human extinction outcome.

Why again do those in charge fail to make a new PRIORITY – the BOX TOP RULES FOR GLOBAL AI DEVELOPMENT.

If you watch the fiction program PERSON OF INTEREST you see one vision of how bad things can get in fact – only wait for it….what is really going on out there is way more advanced than PERSON OF INTEREST ever suspected in their binge watch on NETFLIX. Tune in to that.

You heard all this first right here years ago.

You have been updated right here first.

We hope our journalistic partners who read and subscribe to our blog as a source for scoops and stories – will begin to put in FEATURE STORIES ON THE AI END GAME and begin to educate voters to elect candidates with clear AI POLICIES in mind.

I am not naive. I know the largest lobby is Wall Street and next is AI technology. None of them support candidates to regulate their AI development. Why? Greed. Cost. Oversight issues. All unwanted burdens against today. However it is just these opposition to GREED ( always mindless in executions ) that  we ALL  NEED.

Now you know.