Oil and MBS. It is time for President TRUMP TO DUMP. To DUMP strategic oil reserves to off set oil rising up to 70.00 a barrel and setting the world with the OIL ELITE TAX on us all – oil up 50% for no reason. There is no shortage of oil. Oil went up this week why? Because of “FEARS” OF more sanctions. Sanctions on auto’s with tarrif’s hitting Japan and German automobiles next unless deals get struck. Fear of global slow down is now off the table as we predicted do to the SPRING THAW versus the climate change winters now effecting economics in the winter annually. Wait for it.

Oil investors will see such a tumble in oil. The markets lacking oil from Venezuela the largest lake on earth of oil, shrinking output for years and years through mismanagement 100% of communist nations display. Communism is a failed economic model as China is about to discover unless they successfully reform into Cooperative Capitalism which they are in fact progressing forward into.

Libya Liberia iran Venezuela and others will roar back production making MBS an island of loss. MBS is raising prices as an ELITE CRIMINAL OIL ROBBER to his best customers like China. China can elect to buy oil from much lower priced markets ( saving billions and trillions over time ) and oil far less costly to refine and far less polluting than SAUDI over priced and sulphur shit oil.

Risk – you buy and save with America creating a faithful bond between essential trading partners – what do you get from Saudi but sand outside oil? No match in respect culture or any core bond between nations just crappy oil. Which you raise our price endlessly. If China had a war issue with America would America stop delivering oil. Hey if China had a war issue with the USA the AMERICAN MILITARY would stop Gulf oil from reaching China and China knows THAT. No risk gain one way or the other just billions saved with America source of oil versus rip off insane MBS murderer. Why buy from Saudi and the criminal leader of our time. Folks.

Trust me the largest market share shift outside criminal oil cartel ROBBER ELITES – to far lower priced – far easier cheaper to refine oil is on. Customers have had it with MBS and OPEC criminally raising the price of oil. The MARKET SHARE SHIFT the MARKET SHARE WARS is what MBS does not see ( as yet nor does Saudi leadership fully realize but they suspect it is game on ) in the OIL WAR LOSS that Saudi is enduring. They can’t understand it. They made 220 billion last year – what Apple holds over its entire life time – ARAMCO made in one year – the # 1 profit firm on earth -ARAMCO 220 billion coming in 2018 – due to oil price rises – when there is no shortage.

The peak years of income for Aramco are passing forever.

The Market shift away from Armaco will surprise them at first and then stun them in the ass at the end. The entire economy of the Gulf is going to change. Those leave OPEC will profit handsomely and secure market share trust with accounts for decades. Those staying in Opec will lose market share until they default on debt as failed states having huge social unrest cost.

There is no economy built on Kings – Socialism or communism that can pay its bills long term. The future for such economies without market based reforms within new AI ECONOMICS is bleak.

In AI economics just in auto sector alone the forward annual investments in AI software will pass 1.7 trillion dollars. This industry of just AI AUTO let alone real AI over every aspect of our lives is now the largest capital investment of our age. AI itself.

The OPEC price is an illusion a phony baloney price set by fat play boy elite wealthy cats – a small cabal of oil elites who tax the world on energy for their own greed and budget out of control needs in their nations. A sandbox of loser outside oil itself. Loser economics. Losers in hurting billions for food and shelter security. Losers who keep the average age of much of Africa at age 45 – because they keep nations left behind – versus market prices with no nation left behind. OPEC are criminals committing crimes against humanity that create immoral harm to humans world wide including climate change and extinction for the toxic burning of their oil fuel source a wrong minded idea in the first place.

We can do better.

Today the world is marginalizing OPEC and the volatility of oil will surprise you. Those going long in oil and in gold will enjoy a blood bath coming up. As the EU is in free fall now 111 to the US Dollar and soon the be parity 1 for 1 then the dollar will be worth more than the EU as it was for years. We told you and we told you for years folks the dollar was only down because we paid zero interest to park currencies of the world in dollars. As the US dollar rose and the interest to earn on the US dollar rises to 4% or so – the trillions on the world stage begin to return into the dollar – raising its price – and that is steady firm as the most powerful safe harbor currency on earth is getting stronger because the teams at home are MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and thats for real everyone its economics.

The Britt Exit is messy. A deal is the superior economic path out and those voting against the deal are lawyers none of whom have a phone calculator evidentially. Those voting against May’s deal have no alternative deal and the deal May’s team worked out is a TERRIFIC DEAL to exit and should have passed long ago to the prosperity of the UK.

No deal exit means a period of wild AI economic volatility as the UK has never known before.

As the dust settles trade deals with the US ( no tariff either way as a model to the world ) will off set goods UK bought from the EU hurting EU GNP but not hurting UK GNP. The UK will not pay untold billions to exit the EU to Brussels who loses all that guilt money on exit – and the EU will sell its goods into America who will buy those goods without Tarrif as they once bought from China – which Americans are pulling out of by the trillions impacting CHINA to bone marrow as their GNP plunges. We told you stay out of Asia a while during the unsafe times – which is now.

The UK is a buy low and sell high investment. We see the pound as a dollar cost average. If they exit no deal and the pound falls – buy it in the dip and watch how you wish to thank me on that later – ditto for best buy stocks and bonds in UK the investment opportunity of our decade is taking place in the UK this month stay up on the details as the opportunity is a huge one off for smart discerning investors with their licensed professionals helping them sort through the opportunity matrix.

The UK with no exit deal what:

  1. Negotiates with its trading partners it buys so much from better deals by far than Brussel offered
  2. The exit EU payments the EU wants as termination pay will be not paid in full if ever or at all billions retained
  3. The UK ExChequer – has secured a war chest of cash for stimulation to the economics in the UK
  4. The UK will execute massive support for its business community in the transition
  5. The long friendships and trade partnerships globally will be retained as sacred relationships that are generational.

America will subsidize and jump start UK exit with the MOTHER OF ALL TRADE DEALS that stimulate our own home nation and our basis of law and our traditional partner through World War I and World War II and all wars since. Our friend ally and first partner is Great Britain. They help us first we help them first and with USA support at this level the UK benefits most from a friendly EU deal deal – May’s deal maximally- but the UK may come out in three years for more robust on a no exit deal. THE UK is going to prosper globally from the exit as it would never prosper inside the failed economics of the EU.

The EU future is a declining EU currency that crashes and burns eventually in a mushroom cloud of unsustainable EU nation debt SUPER BUBBLE’s bursting in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and all nations outside France which will Super Crash and Germany which will struggle mightily with trade wars coming up. German and France missed the solution IP of granting fast track citizenship to Muslim incoming but that class of pass port is generational non voting. Citizenship all rights but voting. This keeps Germany German and France France. As France is 2025 60% coting Muslim how France stays French in 70% Muslim out voting the French is a mystery to me when France senior voters are aging so fast. Immigration may have forever diluted France being FRENCH.

Germany due to Mearkles 5 MILLION immigration in 18 months program – which has never ending leakage of more coming in as those 5 million want 15 million of their family to arrive and are sponsoring them all to do just that. A muslim invasion of the EU is under way and no considerations to culture or economics where undertaken in this massive change to the demographics of what it means to be – to just be in fact – european. No one has thought of generational cultural revolutions in which no bullets are fired by nations fall to new cultures and norms over time due to mindless demographics without desired outcomes for historic culture preservation.

As our tapestry of diversity is to be celebrated and never punished and preserved as the ART of BEING HUMAN – for our humanity is our diversity of foods dress sport music art culture economics politics and faith – that blend of paints make us all wonderful and should be only deeply respected without regard to any notion of insane thinking such as master race or master faith both thoughts marks of insane brains and insane thinking. Sanity celebrates respects magnifies and keeps safe and protected human diversity as a sacred tapestry of our BEING HUMAN our HUMAN-NESS.

If we lose our diversity through force and power – we lose what it means to BE HUMAN in the first place.

Freedom of human expression is sacred and never to be expressed in competition. Our HIGHEST HUMAN ART is our human free expression that is sovereign our HUMAN RIGHT our free expression – a dignity of being self aware human’s and when humans punish our free expression our diversity such thinking is competitive and a first form of human insanity. Insanity punishes human diversity. Sanity celebrates human diversity.

If you had buggy awful software of prejudice – in any form or context – loaded on to your computer – above your neck – then work with your virus removal software ( the TRUTH and sanity ) to remove the LIES and insanity from your computer. Self improvement and human potential are about the peace love and joy of celebrating all free spirited human diversity.

The sane have a right to remove radical violent software ( brains who act out ) by deleting such brains to protect the sane from the violence of the bad brains those who are not teachable brains – brains who worship their mental illness and elite self positioning over other humans all of which are lies they tell themselves. In their own pure self loathing – say members of Taliban and ISIS their only way to have self esteem in their horrible actions – is to judge and blame others as their own mini gods – giving them immunity for BEING TOTALLY INSANE BRAINS. The sane can’t teach them. The Sane can delete them and we have the obligation to delete insanity from their destructive behavior to themselves and others. Their thinking disorders lead to false conclusions and faulty logic only the insane delude themselves with as false reality. The toxic outcomes of HItler and MBS in Saudi and insane brains are historic anolomolgies. Most of us are sane. The minority are insane. The insane increasingly will be removed from social cultures by new AI coming into help us all.

The fastest growing religion on earth is the Muslim faith which is aggressive in recruiting. As a student of the Koran for four decades I can tell you from my vast Muslim membership in CEO SPACE and my personal friendship with Muslim mentors world wide – that – the faith is so pure and so wonderful and I find it to be Christian by another litergery –  with the same – come from for respect for all PEOPLE OF THE BOOK ( us all ) and non radical anything that is unloving. Like with all faiths radicals can high jack those values when we all are suppose to be forgiving of everything and without judgement which we leave to GOD alone.

I end with my respect for all faiths and my demographics on voting is not to define a competitive landscape in France. I’m suggesting as we reside in a world made insane by the one competitive virus of insane thought form – competition is a form of human insanity we all must purge – into integrity with one another – values that celebrate all our diversity of thinking in faith to politics with RESPECT so missing today – and restore to the human experience honor integrity pride and privilege to serve each other – without condition – all impossible in the integrity free zone of using one another inside insane competitive hi-jacking of the potential of humanity when humans are switched on and turned on.

Humanity needs to COOPERATE to resolve the insane competition a madness – we have presented in our affairs with the earth with is our life support home planet. Humanity needs to RESPECT and celebrate diverse human systems of faith politics and governance with integrity in our celebrations and zero punishment of any diversity as all diversity is wonderful. We do not approach each other with how can I take maximum advantage of one another unless we are thinking insanely and with zero integrity in fact.

We approach each other with an absence of competition in high integrity as to our celebration index at full blast for diversity between us and with a mind set of maximally contributing to the other without any condition at all. If we both hold that mind set we must bless each other maximally contributing more than we consume from each other and in that integrity we have switched on turned on alliances between peoples and nations in respect without judgement and blame.

Still we must take outrageious expressions of competitive insane thought and call them into account for being non aligned to cooperative celebrational nations – the tribe of prosperity is joined by aligned cooperation and collaboration between nations in respect and celebration for diversity.

Those who punish should focus only on the competitive core thought forms that create unwanted insane outcomes. If competitive problem solving is seen as insane increasingly – the alignment of sanity comes together organically and the insane become a draught for prosperity and conform removing the competitive virus and false values to elevate human potential of nations.

Increasingly leaders of nations engage CEO SPACE to consult and advise to:

  1. Reform their sovereign debt and infrastructure needs account to economic outcomes they never knew where options as we make invisible economic options visible to state leadership. We execute billions in state refinancing on terms impossible to match outside our solution matrix for cooperating nations.
  2. Reform culture in nations to rapidly advance tax revenue base with exploding entrepreneur class in nation required to drive rising internal consumption and state revenues. We are ranked # 1 in this work globally by the press for ten years in a row.

Sovereign nations explore our solutions via ZOOM calls and in nation engagements to rapidly accelerate economics and prosperity in nations CEO SPACE is engaged by. We host for 1 million dollars a city CEO SPACE Entrepreneur development events in nation – the nation sponsors – creating enormous returns on money with immediate tax revenue rises. There is no match for this leading process for state Planners we know of.

Today we are monitoring in 2019 the head winds of RISING OIL PRICES and potentials for economic recovery killing rising interest costs and the failed UK exit and its ramifications short term to markets. We have presented some opinions on the outcomes to track our predictions as forward accurate to outcome – as we’ll see as time passes.

We hope it helps you this week – this is a great week and the market upturn we shouted would become a SPRING SLING SHOT is already happening and….it is no April Fools Joke it is strong and real as we predicted so correctly on timing as our readers now know.

Oil has gone up on nothing – no change in over supply just “fear” caps on OPEC OUTPUT not from agreement but from third party events from Venezuela to Lybia and we suggest as winter goes away rig count and oil outputs will rise as demand is falling and will fall off a cliff – there is more oil demand going away than in any modern disintermediation. The fall off of oil demand – will be off a cliff by 2025 and there is no recovery to demand shrinkage against rising soaring supply which means – oil will have ELITE CRIMINAL CARTEL influence to upside on jaw bone policy that have no teeth any longer and in fact mean nothing really to market supply demand – the world is drowning in oil over supply and that now will get worse forever. There is too much oil and demand is falling.

Bet on upside in that market and your insane.

Time the market and you will lose.

We suspect oil will go through a turbulent adjustment period – up downs – ups downs – and then more stable and lower averaging in the 45 to 55 barrel zone and the 70 dollar price touched on for an hour here or there is fleeting against a 59.00 dollar American oil ten dollars for non OPEC under OPEC and cheaper to refine – rising from 12 million barrels a day 4 over Saudi production today – a day – to 20 million barrels and fast as spring opens up drilling and output in America all year long – against a china and Eu falling global demand – where CRIMINAL PRICING by OPEC is creating market share loss to OPEC forever inside a kid MBS in his early 30’s making all the fatal mistakes on policy for a short term price gain of weeks while the long term is a blood bath of debt for Saudi not taking on Armaco 10 billion dollar bond to get vital resources into the Kingdom operating in red ink debt as the 220 billion in profit income is not enough for the KIDS aggressive military build up into massive missile launch site and NUKE SHOPPING to set up war with Saudi and Iran the Kids wishes for – now must create – to remove his own demise as a sociopathic King. The civil war in Saudi does not wish to go to war with Iran with many trade and culture alliances with IRAN – and those royals insulted locked up and extorted as a crime against humanity of 100 billion dollars last year from wealthy royals to the Puppy Kings personal holdings as insane KING – those who the King stole from are not the Kings support and friends. Long term these royals will rebalance the political accounts of the KINGDOM and we submit in a surprise and time that is faster than you all think…the PUPPY KING and his daddy will simple be written out of Saudi History as a blip on radar – a short time and a mistake and error of Saudi strategy. Repairable. Sanity always trumps insanity. Always.

Hold faith in that rightful outcome in the final grace in all our spaces.

Think cooperation.

Think integrity.

Forgive all those who are too ignorant spiritually to realize how much we love them.

Circle with collaborative sane integrity based thinkers who want zero drama and competition in their life and circles.

Buy my five star back ordered book on Amazon Prime – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION they ‘ll ship in 72 hours or so …..get your copy and improve your life and outcomes now.

Think celebrate all diversity and derail impulse to judge or blame diversity as insane competitive thought impulse you can remove from your brain by free will choice of elevating your own human potential.

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Your next.