Research and tracking the Fed is my hobby investment banker economist research love since the 1950’s and from their foundation. Our teams concluded that Janet Yellin worst Fed Chairman ever. Why? Confidence shattering is why. Consider:

  1. Janet Yellin to her credit inherited the Bernake Crises. Bernake a Depression Professor expert. Fed Charman Bernake resided in Fear Storms as to how the 2008 Digital Attack on our markets – which he well knew was a state nation economic attack on our systems. We advised his mentors on his team to stop short selling attacks which they did but way to late.Lehman was savable. Big side story there.
  2. Yellin failed to appreciate as did Bernake and Powell today – that they reside in old historic economics. Their models – their charts – their criteria including the inverted yield curve do not matter today. During Yellin’s time the economics migrated into a full on DIGITAL ALL AI CONTROLLED – AI managing 96% of all 440 trillion capital flows globally – within less than 10,000 super money pools down from 1.5 million super money pools in 2008. This consolidation of capital controls has stripped economic controls, regulations, and effective good governance out of nations and regulatory agencies like central banks – who now are relatively powerless to apply old tools and methods into a new economy.
  3. Yellin hurt the economics by trying to normalize economics and interest rates to historic norms in 18 months versus 15 years. The consequence is Powell almost created a MARKET SUPER CRASH and may yet by raising interest rates under old economics that are now toxic in new economics.
    1. The blue print for normalization is no raises in 2019 and two raies of only 1/8th points – in 2020 and three in 2021 and four in 2022 all mixed 1/4 – 1/8th points.  Fifteen years not fifteen months Fed.
    2. The Powell old economy wants transparency and more open policy. Bad bad bad in new economy. For confidence and Fed knowing ALL as impression value – a quarterly report is enough – less is more in the new AI economy. Far less sound bites. No fed leaks. No fed facture of their high priest status over money.
    3. The Repuatation of the Fed is shattered. The market no longer believes the Fed is IN CONTROL or has a clue to what is going on out there. The Market believes the Fed is toxic except when it is not. The Fed has lost trust that took decades to build. That is gone now. The Fed is a joke and the Fed has never enjoyed less trust.
    4. Who is responsible for shattering trust. Janet Yellin and Chairman Powell her pick to continue her wrong minded policy. Powell is learning fast and I believe suspect something NEW Is going on out there. GOOD JOB. Now he needs to get his team to get their arms around its an entire new economic AI landscape and the FED needs AI to manage AI. They need to phone me as their vision is antique and they need to modernize and fast.
    5. Moving forward the POLITICAL PRESSURE of the Fed – a private making stock firm owned by member banks to make profits for its shareholders ( criminal bankers ) who own the Fed in fact – all in secret – they wish to make maximum profits which occurs with 7% not 4% interest rate fully normalized. The Democrats want to trash the America Economy ( Read the Killing of Uncle Sam if your a Democrat to just get more information ). It helps the election if Trump lacks a boomin forward economy. So that political economic issue is in play as well now.



It is our teams view the FED made errors in saving the system in 2020. The fed over reacted. The Fed issued over 11 trillion new dollars – more than in 400 years of America – saddling future unborn with ungoldy debt and interest to itself – and reset debts that would have debt CASCADED into system complete melt down and all banks closed ( investment banks like Morgan Chase and the rest as well as they are all one too big to jail today ).

The sovereign nations took 400 years to grow into 2019 debts of 66 trillion. This nation debt is rising from 33 trillion in 2008 to 66 trillion in 2019 – eight years to double 400 years due to failed fed policy.

Now the fed who lent these nations the money at ten years of Bernake error in FREE MONEY for way way too long – where rolling those debts over at 500% higher interest rate in 12 months of time is not possible. Raise that roll over another 100% which Powell signals no we won’t – and yes we will – all over the place Powell and the trust confidence and belief in the Fed who telegraph we got it wrong – nope we got it wrong again – hey we got it wrong again – and pretty smart regular investment banker economists who actually know MORE about markets than fed lacking new AI smarts and emotional intelligence smarts to better manage forward SUPER CHANCE economies where nothing is the same as it was last decade nothing.

Until Policy makers at legislation at central banks learn that the economy is AI and new and bone up on new tools and tactics for a new economy the global system is at risk to utter collapse and bank failure. Why? Debt implosion we label CASCADE. Integrated contagion of debt deleveraging at AI pace levels and Market crash magnitudes in time frames impossible pre AI. This would not be a depression. This would be a WIPE OUT and start over. World war for sure.

THE FED unaware plowing ahead helter skelter in a new AI mine filed where none of the mines are marked – walk across the mine field as if there where in a Alabama meadow of wild flowers – old fields of economy they knew and loved which are so dead obsolete and buried foreve rin 2008.

The Fed created a new economy they fail to understand like a dog your trying to show – hey your shit does stink in fact but they can’t smell or see that turd in hind sight. Not mine. I didn’t do it. Its not a turd anyway.

Denials will make the market even more suspicious which they are now in extreme.

So I feel sorry for Chairman Powell. He is doing the very best job he knows how.

I would relish his being the FINAL and LAST FED CHAIRMAN as the FED merges back into US treasury – we never pay interest to print money again to bankers  – the US Secretary of Treasury – a different competency than Powell and team – is Chairman of the merged FED – and rolls over with the President. THAT RESTORES NEW ECONOMY REGULATORY FRAME WORK and works to balance the US budget.

Central banks have toxic influence or the reduction of toxic influence as we have on the GREAT PAUSE. Central banks have influence but have lost all control as AI now is in control of circulations in the world as FED’s failed to adapt to the change just like Kodak when film – the old economy of film died when they held 87% market share which sank to tiny single digit market share – because the Kodak Fed failed to see SUPER CHANGE the new AGE and failed to adapt into SUPER CHANGE. The Fed has done this with money just like Kodak has done it with film and time is running out for the FED to make the SUPER CHANGE adaptation – or the risk to system destruction by failed to understand the new AI economy rises to levels…never known by humans…in any other age. When you think of prophecy take this one to the bank.


PS: My tip to explore – remove funds from banks markets bonds stocks and the like and park money in diversified insurance investing – growth INDEX PRODUCTS – fixed income roll bonds into annuities – liquid investing high return permanent insurance just ask the licensed professionals to explain it to you as an exploration option. While AI markets display maximum volatility rolling markets around like drunker sailors you’ll be safe secure and profitable always. Insurance money managers lead in the new AI economy and the others are in full on denial for risk on investing. Its your choice – safe harbor in these times or risk on. Play in casino capitalism which AI economics is until they re-regulate the global frame works – IS…at your very sorry own greatest risk. IN my OPINION that is……