The first quarter of 2016 – 2017 – 2018 and 2019 were increasingly Climate Change Winter effected. China released the WORST decline in manufacturing setting a bad news record for China. We told you. Their bond and stock market has hard landed into a Super Crash from peak values. There is WINTER coming for China which will not impact earnings upward. China is a mess this side of trade war. The math is in. The USA – the largest buyer on earth – is killing China in Trade war. Trump won and China lost and the loss is mounting as we read. Trade deal can’t come soon enough….for CHINA. Trump holding a full house keepings pushing more chips to the center.

Meanwhile the WINTER EFFECT slammed GOOGLE and their earnings were WAY WAY OFF. While the market still has Google as a BUY they must fix this issue and fast or FAANG WILL BE EFFECTED. So track that item.

Trump fights congress endless investigations into Trump WORLD a private world that congress wishes to tear into – line by line – to TRUMP UP as it “is” – implications of wrong doing – which in politics are all Joe Biden needs. Joe broke open the fight this week stating Trump was the First President who chose to represent the America for the Wealthy By the Wealthy and OF the Wealthy ( well in so many words my sound bites are always improved to their’s – Trump called him SLEEPY TIME JOE for all the nod off naps Joe is famous for in meetings – at age 76.

The markets are doing well considering the China Crash – the Google Earnings decline – Apple Bad press one after another – and FAANG IS STILL UP THERE.

Warren Buffet and Charlie are involved in their one last BIG DEAL following their own bad earnings reporting, at 10 billion into the Occidental Acquisition – and as I knew Armon Hammer I can’t watch this one to the finish line closely enough.

Violence is way way down in 2019 a trend that may not seem like it is true – that is a decline in overall violence for the past five years in a row. A great decline in fact. Cooperation is winning and competition is losing…finally. Sanity versus insanity.

The F 35 is the most advanced weapon system in the air today. Russia wants it. Today USA enemies including China and Russia get our advanced technology in two ways. In 2007 the AXIS of EVIL opened World War III a cold war into a HOT WAR with full on digital weapon attacks on our systems. These digital wars are on going, as we saw this AM with every major Airline in the US in digital down time all at once. These are DIGITAL WARFARE TESTS to turn off our transportation power seweage water and evaporate all digital records of who owes what and who owns what. The tests are harmful. The attacks are devastating. Inside these state digital war episodes is non stop hacking of all our industrial and nation’s secrets. If the enemy can’t hack the F 35 they work to have the F 35 with allies that play both sides of the fence.

MBS in Saudi has violated all his agreements with our military allowing our advanced weapon systems to fall into the hands of Iran fighters in Yemen which sends them directly to reverse engineering in Russia. Russia then makes improved technology having stolen our best. This play is now unfolding in NATO ALLY who is not really a NATO ALLY. Turkey is Russia supported and sharing F 35 secrets is not something the USA playing catch up to the digital wars and battles seeks to share anytime soon. However the supply chain to support F 35 operations world wide was key centered around the Turkey zone of flight times. Endgame today suggested the entire USA F 35 program calls apart completely as Turkey is removed from buying.

On economics the loss of orders to Boeing on the 735 Plane – is effecting GE who makes the engines. As the death was pilot error ( I’m a pilot ) – where the pilots with charts on their laps correctly took the plane OFF auto pilot which was mal functioning as one of its critical gauges was damaged fatally by a bird strike at take off the bane of all pilots. But then the pilot the youngest pilot in the fleet, put the plane back on the failing auto pilot which killed everyone minutes later. Pilot error. Should the entire fleet have been grounded in an abundance of safe cautions? No. The plane is safe to fly now. The plane is fully safe with auto pilot software updating returning more controls to live pilots. What is the economic consequence of this pilot error to the entire airline industry?

China also is flexing Navy muscle. In 25 years China has been spending 300% more than it earns by borrowing. The IMF suggests the current economy crash in China may be permanent. Meaning customers are leaving China ( Amazon just went out of China this month – why? Rip off and it can’t make a profit and times that by 1000’s of firms left and leaving ). Today one can make anything China in India or Indonesia with less red tape no theft of IP and far easier to make a buck countries. China is losing to its neighbors.

Every American can grock out this equation:

China spends more than it earns by 300% and is residing on the largest DEBT SUPER BUBBLE in the history of nations and mankind. The Fed the IMF and the World Bank and my blog warn since 2015 that China is facing a hard landing, a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE CRASH, that may trigger a DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE to terminate the existing world economic order. The banks close. All of them.

Meanwhile China invests more in recent years in its Navy than any nation including the USA. America has been asleep at the wheel to the speed of China build up. Today the USA Navy dominates the oceans with almost 300 Navy vessels. Total. China this last year passed the USA with 400 war ships and submarines. Today China forces USA Caution in the largest sea lanes on earth where it claims entire oceans as its own – a fact of maritime 400 years of law – that the WORLD COURT ruled UNANIMOUSLY that China’s claims outside its own territorial ( 12 miles ) from its coast – is in fact ILLEGAL under existing laws. China flipped its finger at the world and the world court.

China is projected to pass 550 Warships by 2030 when its ambitions move to the larger oceans of the world from defense to offense. Trump is aware of the issues and has risen US Military to the occasion – a real navy arms race taxing both nations. Obama Shrank the US Navy substantially moving budget to other agenda’s. China now releases annually more ships in one year – new ships from the largest war footing non time navy war construction in human history – said another way China releases all debt financed more navy hardware in ONE YEAR – 2019 – than the entire British War Fleet in total – annually. A new British navy with more modern hacked and stolen weapon systems – every year. The missisel upgrading from our hacked systems experts conclude make China weapons superior to our own. Catching up is not instant. Will China hack our next generation weapons as they have in the past? Are we getting smart enough to protect our own inventions …yet?

The largest loss of wealth of any nation ever – is the hacking that the Axis of Evil has done all state sponsored as DIGITAL WORLD WAR III which began digitally and will escalate as it has to a shooting war the issue and trigger is economics. In the pending future down turns China is now more vulnerable than in the GREAT RECESSION it helped create. Future SUPER CRASHES will occur outside China influence, they will have zero warning, and they will not be able to survive as they slide into SUPER DEBT BUBBLE BURSTING. Communist central planners are humans. The economics are all controlled by AI today. AI will only get smarter. The effects on China in the next SUPER CRASH are so devastating China’s only option may be war with its regional neighbors and for unity of its people in crises perhaps reclaiming Taiwan. China can blockaide Taiwan. While we can introduced a Berlin Airlift approach to helping Taiwan the bigger question – will the USA go into full on war with China over Taiwan? In a SUPER CRASH period?

While this all plays out closer to 2030 than today the issues are on the table. How fast can the USA reassert Naval Dominance it still has due to weapon system superior technology? No one knows this answer as all the parties are spending more and more in the largest new peace times arms race in human history. The Arms race includes:

  1. Earth land based weapon systems
  2. Sea based navy’s and their weapon systems
  3. Space Based systems with India now launching satellite killers – and USA Space Force launching.
  4. The new digital weapons evolving rapidly
  5. Ai weapon systems representing trillions in global arms investing

President Putin stated – the nation that controls AI ( self aware self learning AI ) WILL control the entire world. 7 Trillion dollars is invested each year now in just SELF DRIVING TRANSPORTATION AI. 100 Trillion is being invested into AI with the bulk of those dollars into self learning self aware AI as the holy grail of the invention spiral. Who will control AI? As a new species the majority of experts note that AI will control AI and no human will ever control an intelligence 1 billion times greater than itself. Are they any rules of engagement in this weapon hardware arms race or the Ai aspect of the new arms race – no? The wealth of nations is diverted from economics that is sane into military destruction between nations that is insane.

Ultimately our future requires a:

  1. United Earth Federation.
  2. Only the UEF has weapons and they defend us all.
  3. All nations give up all military and weapons which transfer to the UEF.
  4. Killing each other stops as insane under UEF laws.
  5. Economic diversion of resources to sane sound economic prosperity for all nations occurs – with 100% food security 100% shelter security – no nation left behind prosperity – the end of economics of the FEW against the many elitist economics – as COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM rises in laws and precludes any nation is left behind…we all win.

We are closer than you think to those five to thrive rules and yet we are farther away than we think.

The economic and war risk remains management of the cause of all economic collapses and wars. DEBT SUPER BUBBLE SPIRALS. The world is inside one now. For the first time in human history AI controls all capital placements. While Warren Buffet is betting 10 billion with he and Charlies BIg Boy Pants on – they are aging to 100 – unable to model the future. The few human whales are dying. The future of M&A and IPO is all AI driven today. Human;s are rapidly becoming co dependant on AI and without AI they would not economically evolve well. The economics are too global too complex and require AI to present data summary to human decision makers where more and more choice is AI to AI versus AI to human. The world is SUPER CHANGING are you keeping UP?

Berny Dohrmann – The market is mixed and oil is up as MBS again flipped the bird to Trump on Oil !






USA Presidential elections represent a new American INDUSTRY. More is bet on the side as to who will win than is bet on the SUPER BOWL. The Election INDUSTRY last year went from one billion dollars in the first Obama election to 100% inflation to over 2 billion ( Democrats raising far more than republicans in both ) . The Industry rises by 100% every eight years? Will the election in 2020 be closer to 2 Billion Dollars which could cure cancer and move longevity upwards – or say – one election year on voter mind manipulations?

It will be over two billion dollars spent next year in what we call economically – the election mess.

AI rewards and punishes sound bites.  Expect 2020 volatility. Expect a Trump win to soaring markets. Expect Trump loses to SUPER CRASH in markets. So on economics one votes with their wallet or one votes on other agenda’s and the economics be damned – voters will get the outcome they deserve either way – economic ignorance or economic intelligence? Do what is right for all of us economically or do what is harmful to all of us economically. Assess the outcome you most want – prosperity or recession system risk and wars – as the economics are going to be right no matter how you vote. The facts are economic not political.

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FEAR will be sold like candy bars in the 2020 election Hatred versus respect will be sewn like seeds for November voters. BUSINESS WILL BE DRAMATICALLY EFFECTED. Our enemies will play with new toys and weapons rest assured. AI will be involved as never before in history. This blog will help you sort all that out. you will be BLOG AHEAD which is why we hope you return often and eventually go off book mark to FREE SUBSCRIBER to help out counts as we soar toward 50,000 subscribers and almost 500,000 book market readers going back to one million for a global blog now serving 200 nations.

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  1. Mean – the most cruel and savage election yet – as they all get worse as media circuses in all nations yearly
  2. Direct attack on companies – with stock moving wildly in unforseen AI volatility – we told you first on this
  3. Crises created world wide to influence America elections and test our weaker periods in election years
  4. Direct Nation beta testing AI election year manipulations beyond nations ability to control.
  5. Trump stronger by 500% into this election – will be a tsunami destroyer election machine never seen before


This will not be an election like any other ….

This will be the first AI election with AI at war with AI to win voters minds hearts and even souls using emotion versus data hearts versus heads – to scare and terrify voters into their views versus early periods where voter mind manipulation was not billions of dollars invested for mind manipulation and outcome by all sides.

America leads the world in new experiment of political manipulations like the world has never known before. The voters remain an unknown as AI adjust pathologies for what works and what does not work in each rising billions spent in AI election winning. 2020 is the first AI dominated election in which AI itself determines the outcome in the end. There will be more fake news. More fake news will be coordinated. Fake news will attack Fake news. Voters will move from informed to confused to overwhelmed. The AI holding domination will win the 2020 election. No one knows HOW the FIRST AI ELECTION in history will turn out. Whose AI is better than the other chaps AI. Who understands the new AI election game better than the other guy.

The old pundits doing business …as that is the way we have always done it…..will be unseated by the new AI that will sweep all their dollars and plans into the gutter and storm drains as the NEW AI takes over. Whats new about AI? Integration. AI is now integrated to control from voter poll to sound tie the manipulations the now  far smarter now far more aware AI “see’s ” as winning integration replies on all platforms all at once – so voters never get a breadth between the AI manipulations.

2020 will be unlike any prior election.

2020 will be the first AI election.

Monitor AI hacking.

Monitor new and disregard old.

Think. Think past fake news and manipulation sound bites. Click and read more.

Stay fully informed and it will be hard….with market values moving around like a ferris wheel at an amusement park fully UP DOWN and ALL AROUND the wheel will go. Don’t be fooled into 2021 value. Trump wins market up. Trump loses Super Crash. This is not political. this is economics based on AI programing. Our call and we’ll see …its our prediction.

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AI which “IS” the market today, controlling some 96% of 440 trillion dollars of capital movements in all markets world wide. The Fed is seeing both a robust recovery of 3.2% USA First quarter GNP and a soaring GNP in the second quarter just adjusted to 2.6% and soon to be up to 3.5% in second quarter.

This news will break AI into the US DOLLAR soaring higher – passing parity with the EU. We told you when experts last year where trashing the US DOLLAR to go LONG in the DOLLAR and SHORT in OIL. Both Right calls last October and singe in our reporting the facts and the forward trends.

Jamie at Morgan reported earlier this month on the GREAT MELT UP in asset class values. Why? Because he reported the ocean on the side lines not YET INVESTED is under performing in CASH. That cash by 100’s of billions needs to GO BACK TO WORK IN MARKETS. This flow of a creek of capital billions moving toward a river tens of billions moving toward record Colorado River WHITE WATER of 100’s of billions will represent UNSTOPPABLE WATER returning to markets – GOING BACK TO PROFIT AND WORK – inside a likely boom into 2030 with infrastructure.

Iran’s 1.9 million barrels a day – if you count it all – truly – is flying downward under 1 million barrels a day and moving 46% of Iran revenue to down bubble – and Iran is already in serious very hard landing and deep recession. Its currency and economics look like Venezuela. Runs out of the nation have passed one trillion dollars in economic activity. Iran has not seen real pain yet. Over what as their issue?

Prosperity is a new 25 page Trump agreement to without regime change see Iran give up nukes and long range America hitting missile development, and agree to principles of leadership in region. Those are things Iran says it does – all of them together and collectively. Trump will go to war with IRAN to win the desired outcome – with regime change in war or without regime change in peace. The issue is a 25 page written document, that can be crafted very quickly and trillions in Iran prosperity as flood gates open up for Iran and her 89 million…now suffering citizens. As the next three months turn the IRAN spigot of money to pay its own military, the IRAN SHIT economically – must hit the preverbal ceiling? The failing Iran Religious Economic – as an economy – is – and will be – HAS IRAN WAITED TOO LATE in timing? How bankrupt is Iran really? For we are about to see ….

… nation can withstand income operations below its cost to conduct affairs over time such loss creates internal instability as failure to pay rises across economic sectors in a giant ripple to riots and social unrest due to the failing national economics………

Has Iran waited too long? Economics never lie. All abuses to economics must rebalance. Can a nation of 89 million support a major 1 million person in uniform with all the modern weapons Iran must supply as a military economic model versus a real economy. How low will the credit ratings for Iran go next as their borrowing cost driving the economy – using debt to make up red ink in annual budgets as the debt SUPER BUBBLE eventually bursts and overwhelmed the Iran planners. if Iran citizens run out of their own currency for black market dollars and Eu’s – the Iran economic theories all move to panic and the inflation soars just like in Venezuela and the people can not afford basics including food. Is that coming over a 25 page written item no one in Iran should even care a wit about?

Iran can negotiate next week ( for waivers on oil in good faith negotiations ) setting up their investment, duty free trading scheme, their advanced economic retooling with all the third party – utility in nation of their new wealth flowing in and unstoppable – as the 25 page document creates the leading economy of the Gulf the IRAN MIRACLE. Or likely regime change and fast due the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE BURSTING as Iran economics Super Crash in May and the people in Iran host a massive SPRING. Not desirable in fact with all that blood shed and rip tide into new directions.

Irans leaders can secure power for 100 years into the future on a 25 page document.


Meanwhile the US will have infrastructure and a INVEST UP INVEST IN INVEST OCEANS into the rising opportunity of a booming USA led by energy and fuels both internal ( Chevron and Exxon reported they would double their production in just Texas alone in five years by 2025 – which raises USA oil output from 12.6 million barrels a day to 20 million barrels a day by 2025 – and today we are contributing one million barrels each day – the sum of OPEC cut backs – to our own strategic oil reserves now passing 500,000,000 barrels in storage folks – which TRUMP CAN DUMP at say 500,000 barrels a day – half off setting Iran oil today – with others picking up the difference is cherry blossoms in the wind – Iran’s pain means nothing to the world oil markets. Even live fire exercises in Iran water ways will not spawn war or change to the IRAN PLANNERS WAITED TOO LONG. Their one and only fiscal choice is hit the negotiating table fast and make a TRUMP DEAL of the CENTURY as that 25 pages only leads to massive prosperity immediately no delays. Or not.

All eyes on Iran as in May comes CEO SPACE May 18th for bonus classes and all of the winning tools – for business owners and institutional clients – in Dallas and May breeds all eyes turn to IRAN and remain on IRAN until this is over. China and Asia buy 50% of Iran oil.

Total Iran Exports were 110 billion last year with 52 billion representing oil. Turkey and China alone account for one half of Iran totals and neither nation are likely to be influenced by TRUMP USA policy that will not effect their sovereign self dealing with any nation they desire. Trump can’t do much to Turkey or to China. That is a fact.

The USA can shrink Iran oil revenue down by 50% now.

As the income crashes further for Iran keep in mind Iran consumers pay 47% more for everything a potato chip or a cup of detergent to wash clothes with – than they did one year ago. Now Iran currency hopes economically and potentials are crashing our of any Iran leadership control and nothing like last time. Make no mistake TRUMP IS READY FOR FULL OUT WAR WITH NORTH KOREA AND WITH IRAN NO PROBLEM. The Cost to Iran is total. The cost to the USA – lower today than the tomorrow cost to pay –

IRAN its a 25 printed page of paper to prosperity……why would you not seek this solution… the ideal outcome?

It is always economics – if economics leads politics all humans do better so much better….but if politics lead the economics humans do so much worse – so much worse. Sanity or insanity.

We are going to discover which coming up this quarter…….wait for it…….all of it…….Britt EXIT to Iran.


PS: Risk to US recovery – Interest rates rising – Oil price rising – Depreciating tensions with North Korea Iran and or Russia – Britt NO EXIT deal – Trade Wars with EU and Japan remain unresolved…..regional wars and terrorism.






Chevron and EXXON the world’s two largest oil firms, both had earnings down from a year ago on ever higher oil volume sales. Why? Cost related to massive upgrades and repair maintenance to refineries, lower oil prices for most of the first quarter, and massive investments in supply lines to oil. The OIL itself was UP for both firms the downstream cost to lift oil and refine oil were high due to investment one time charges. The industry is strong.

Note worth is both the leading two firms noted by 2025 they planned to DOUBLE Texas alone oil output production. This means the Texas soaring exports of oil will create a USA effect on export revenue and tax income over all. Income to treasury from Oil has grown by 1000 % Since the 1980’s. This does what?

Across the Trade WAR spectrum rising benefits over 100 billion are flowing into the USA and that Mount Everest of  Dollar benefiting GNP and Trade shifting on the teeter totter is the first tip toward the USA side in 70 years now. The USA on the ground with the tetter totter $$$ is now shifting to $$$$$$$$$ From Trump team trade war policies.

The Triple Witching Effect this Spring is:

  1. Winter ice and snow economic effects become a positive SLING SHOT as consumer buying soars in the Spring.
  2. USA economic first quarter CLIMATE WEATHER EFFECTED GNP was adjusted upward to 3.2% GNP amazing
  3. We added 7 million barrels and last week 5 million barrels to our own reserves now passing half a trillion barrels.

Trump could dump 500,000 barrels a day back into the market – making windfall profits – dropping oil to 45. to 55 dollar range and using TRUMP DUMP as the price control policy. The USA could dump for each week say 3.5 million barrels stabilizing world oil prices – yanking all powers once and forever from OPEC CRIMINAL CARTEL elites – the few against the many – and USA oil stocks would still RISE BY millions of barrels A WEEK. We do not need half a trillion barrels of oil stored up in a time when the USA is becoming the largest export broker of oil in the world. The World is drowning in oil.

Oil price rises of almost 50% is speculation and OPEC controlled by their buying up oil and storing it. Manipulation of oil price. This has made the USA dollar so strong it is about to more to parity – which means the EU will trade soon for one USA dollar. The Dollar which settles all world trade . rising – makes oil actually cheaper. In dollar terms. As oil rises. Every nation needs MORE DOLLARS. The Demand for “settlement dollars” each nation must have ENOUGH OF to pay for trade in US DOLLARS – puts demand pressure on the US DOLLAR.

The US Dollar as we predicted in 2015 and 2016 would rise into 2020. This accurate prediction is on going and the DOLLAR IS ABOUT TO BREAK OUT and we believe push the EU under the dollar – as Trade War settles in China and moves to the EU. German and French goods have already been hit hard. Their export in 2019 was plunging. The USA in Trade War is soaring its exports while contracting its imports changing weak 70 year old BALANCE OF TRADE ABUSE AND IMBALANCES economically – into the new AI Economics of rapidly rising fundamentals for the USA.

Treasury receipts are soaring to the US Treasury income …vastly ahead of expert predictions. This reduces the rate of deficit growth and creates a new demand cycle for US Dollars soaring in value next. The US Dollar is secure as both the world trade currency and the high return depository for sovereign wealth investing by the trillions. The Treasury rising strength confidence and stature provides leverage to new trade deals as well as solid grounds of leverage into infrastructure by the US CONGRESS given the higher return on infrastructure investing for nations.

The USA will lead the entire world into solid new AI ECONOMICS and forward prosperity into 2030. Look to:

  1. Oil prices over time due to demand falling and supply rising – fall fall fall. Go long on oil at your own great risk.
  2. Dollar to soar in value reaching parity with the EU than dominance over all currency.
  3. Trade War Deals to further strengthen the US ECONOMY and the US Dollar even further after volatility.
  4. New levels of market volatility will be the new normal as AI ECONOMICS shift all old economy math to retirement
  5. New cooperation alliances will create global stability for investing if Trump wins in 2020 and NOT if Trump loses.

The markets will soar into next year. All volatility is AI trading range manipulations and overall cap rates for all asset classes will rise in value to the market caps setting new records into 2020.

In 2020 the markets will be ELECTION YEAR EFFECTED. With over two billion being spent on election industries in 2020 – perhaps double that sum – the nasty effects – of the election sound bites into AI controlled economics will be turbulent and unpredictable from old economics and old charts. AI will create new history never seen before. UP and DOWN. Clear investor pathways into 2021 are election INFLUENCED and outcomes are only clear as the GREAT ELECTION FOG clears from economic markets in 2020 the election year.

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Just DO IT.

That is my encouragement to your plan for the next 12 months and my why for you.






In the early 1990s CEO SPACE retooled 3M culture from competitive systemic modeling upgrading 3M to a world class Cooperative Culture. The Head of training for 3M world wide Joan Gustafson was elevated to head of the newly formed EU for 3M which took her to the highest reward posture of any lady leader inside 3M to that point in time. Upon retirment Joan mentored on faculty AT CEO SPACE until health precluded her sharing her teaching. We remained close friends and in touch until she graduated over the last 24 months and I miss the glass ceiling BREAKER paving the WAY as a lady leader WAY SHOWER for the oceans of lady leaders who have followed Joan and my SHARON LECHTER all the way to the top.

Today we see influence making Fortune 100 Institution 3M miss its earning in what – CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER. 78% of the massive earning reporting companies this week for the first quarter – that is 78% folks in fact exceeded anylist expectation and AI rewarded those firms and the market with record 2019 market wealth highs.

Today 3M missed earnings and lost 8% of its value while AI brought the entire market down 200 points and that had nothing to do with us or regular investors from the public. We control and invest outside of AI and electronic traded funds less than 10% of the 440 TRILLION in Capital Flows now 96% controlled by AI entirely. And the ratio of AI control over capital flows is rising toward 100% or as close as a market can get to that ratio.

AI fails to appreciate IMPLICATIONS. For example 3M as an office supply store from post it to file folders is hurt on retail selling to 39 million small business owners in America and 1.7 billion small business owners world wide. Also 40% of 3M sales are from larger buyers and institutions. All of which are not brisk buyers in 28 below zero – ice and snow cold record setting climate change winter days in Jan Feb and March world wide – with 157,000 airline flights canceled. From Amazon Prime to local store outlets 3M and others were hurt by nothing more than WEATHER. Record breaking Climate Change winters of 2016 2017 and now 2018 again breaking records. Buyers bundle up by the FIRE PLACE not the car windows needing ice scrapers with more on the way.

Ai can’t adjust for the CLIMATE FACTOR to the market pathology. A SLING SHOT of demand for products 3M makes has backed up – and as SPRING THAWS and Cherry Blossoms sprinkle the hearts and minds of buyers, the sling shot lets go to the profit bullseye. 3M will see record sling shot effect to earnings in all forward quarters and the AI will pop value back even now buying in the dip – AI created.

AI volatility is created.

Ai maximizes profit in volatility.

AI flashes trades up the rope and down the rope and hedges with shorts and longs and inside ranges of trading over future predictions of TIME the AI market timing is over longer time frames, within ranges AI controls and pre sets, wherein the market today is a casino and the house is AI and the AI has manipulated its own profits in legal market manipulations as AI plays casino capitalism better than human beings can play it and at velocity acceleration and momentum or VAM that human’s could never match in fact.

Today AI instantly punished 3M and positioned forward market profits with a manipulated down turn to all stocks, taking off valuations that may be a bit too high – all at once – and creating real bargains for AI to profit from next while the 4% outside AI buyers are spooked ( by AI ) and if predictions for human’s spooked hold true, AI profits as humans sell and AI buys in the dip. It works like that today. Watch you’ll see it.

Today it is no longer about TIMING THE MARKET always a fools game.

Today it is about TIMING the NEW AI economy and AI itself. That box top rule set is about learning HOW AI buys and sells and then following AI flows to profit best for yourself. For new gamblers in the AI casino capitalism – learning the new gambling play book – when to hold them and when to fold them – can make you rich. it works to make you rich. But if your rules are buggy and not complete enough as AI is evolving and rules are changing week to week – the risk is more unsettled than in past markets by a long margin. If you trade on margin the risk grows with your leverage.

RISK is impossible to remove from markets.

When markets have broken records in the longest boom expansion in reported history one must ask a basic economic question…….

….is there still a relationship of the length of the boom expansion the height of the record boom expansion the total leverage driving the global boom……and the correction depth and length of time to follow as a ratio or is that ratio broken with AI today…..? Round and round we go where we land no one can know……its all AI new folks as we have reported here to you…..

The markets have in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE morphed into a new AI ECONOMY where AI makes all the rules controlling some 440 Trillion in capital flows manipulating prices in all asset classes as never before in financial history. Worse the speed of change from human markets to AI markets was SO RAPID the Super Change of AI Economics occurs too rapidly for human’s to adapt into. The systems of regulatory reform react to deep crises and upgrade over decades. The 2014 to 2019 Super Change into new AI global economics took place too rapidly for congress and law maker adjustment to legal frame works. Legal frame works manage the depression paper management system. Today a digital fully leveraged AI over 440 trillion flow dynamics is a new economy the world has never not ever known before. Those in charge are largely in DENIAL that a) they have lost all controls and regulatory oversight and b) they no longer understand the economics or the markets and lack any influence of control over system stability in fact.

This reality is dangerous until the humans stop denial and adjust to the new reality. The economics known by humans for 5000 years are gone, dead now, and fully buried in the earth. What is alive is rapidly super changing and evolving by the quarter not the year any longer. Control over 440 trillion in capital flows is now a casino capitalism taken over entirely by new AI. AI software wars ( betwen Morgan and Bank of London and Bank of China and Bank of Japan and all 10,000 super money pools one against the others AI ) is investing 100 trillion in evolving ever smarter AI over money and markets.

No regulatory frame work exists to regulate the NEW AI now in control and leaving nations and central banks in the dust. Why?

Because humans dance around the old economy and may pole – singing “THAT “IS” THE “WAY” WE HAVE “ALWAYS” DONE “IT” …..with smiles on their faces never seeing a 3M one off winter earnings miss sink the entire world market by over 250 points due to AI new economics. Worse we sell into that AI volatility while AI buys into our selling. We are on MDA drinking the kool aid with ecstasy in the kolaide while we dance and sing all loving one another in an old economy that is buried, is never returning, not ever, and we have zero understanding University theory or teachings or model for rapidly unfolding hugely leveraged AI economics controlling 440 trillion circulation dollars or 96% of everything in all asset classes fully outside any nations regulatory frame work.

Our book so well researched presents for decision makers a SOLUTION the one and only solution we have read or seen even discussing the actual PROBLEM. We also wrote the best seller releasing this October SUPER CHANGE – the tools and tactics to win and remain successful in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. We wrote the book on this new age because everyone else is in denial and has no clue what has taken place.

The old economy policy makers were educated in and remain expert in is in 2019 a thing of the past. An antique like the Model T Ford in a Tesla self driving new age for transportation outside OIL and horses. The leaders wear glasses that blinds them. They do not see the new AI ECONOMY they do not understand the new AI economy and they only know an old economy of paper and computers a first digital IT economy now replaced by more advanced AI. Nations and military reside upon the technology that is next not the technology of yesterday. Failure to adapt to SUPER CHANGE is fatal for nations and fatal for systems.

The Old Economic system is not dying – it is fully dead.

The NEW ECONOMIC system was first identified by our teams and this blog in 2013. We have reported ever since with accuracy on WHAT “IS” GOING ON OUT THERE that is not matched by media and owners who operate with obsolete out-dated say DOS 1.0 Version Software of their brains. They failed to upgrade their brain software and so see only with rules they learned at university – all wrong and all gone today – as to old economic theory fully dead buried and no longer operational. The swift change of economics from 1930’s paper trading rule based economics into fully IT traded facilitated economics with human assisted trading – into 2013 and 2014 AI evolved economics retiring IT and human assisted traded like auto driving to fully AI self learning and rule self changing economics the world has never seen experienced or known before. Expertise in the new AI economy is largely held by future thought leaders such as our team and reported by our own investment banker expertise having run public global investment banking institutions for decades. Our teams unique experience in Wall Street and Global Underwriting markets, and our teams expertise running the worlds largest oldest and top ranked by third party press for ten years – LEADING ENTREPRENEUR CEO SUPPORT INSTITUTION – CEO SPACE also serving professionals in practice in 150 nations for 31 years of time. Unique leadership to educate 100’s of thousands of business OWNER CEO’s world wide, on systemic changes upgrades and trends effecting your planning and outcomes.

Generally new AI trading range economics – suggests:

  1. Punish missed earnings and market over value fast and furious.
  2. Buy short and protect positions as value rises back up the rope in days following the AI strike on value.
  3. Profit all the way down.
  4. Profit all the way back up.
  5. Create volatility when lacking to tweak profits maximally.

Today those investing need to hold and think 60 months not 60 hours.

Today those day trading need to think like AI ( see 1 to 5 above ) and time to AI never against AI.

New rules for new economics.

Today in 2019 we consult to sovereign nations on:

  1. Resetting their Sovereign Nation Debt
  2. Attracting capital for new infrastructure on unmatched terms for sovereign growth into the future
  3. Rapid in nation entrepreneur class development by policy – to secure sustained long term economic growth.
  4. Integrated economic planning now lacking from most major consulting firms advising nations in old economics.
  5. Re-tooling nations into the new AI economy for maximum core stability for that nation – better info better outcomeOur readers are often Sovereign officials who reach out and explore retaining our teams to assist in advanced economic planning with in nation teams, for superior stability and outcomes moving forward in time.

We have told you in recent years PATIENCE. The AI value hit is a new abby normal item. The charts confirm this is all new economic history. Ai is new. Ai economics is new. We are writing new economic history even while old brains try and put old economic explanations to the WHY when the truth is… is all just new. It is new AI economics unfolding for you to learn form….or not learn from. Humans that fail to learn get eaten – financially or really depending on the jungle you are playing inside of – Siegfried and Roy stage show – technology kept changing but the show did not keep up so the show host got eaten by their lions tigers and bears. In markets billions are lost or made based on old human brain software – dealing with an older economy now dead buried and no longer here at all – failing to understand say a new Star Ship Enterprise Economy – AI ECONOMICS – is built – operating – evolving and here today all controlling everything.

CEO SPACE is a choice to be brought more CURRENT in the AI SUPER CHANGE or be left behind and eaten. May 22nd in Dallas is a great idea for leadership wishing to upgrade currency in super change. Smart? You decide.